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Michelle Wolff Polls Live Audience33s

Michelle Wolff Polls Live Audience

Irrational hatred for President Donald Trump runs deep among the left. So deep, in fact, that a majority of unfunny comedian Michelle Wolf's audience hopes the president fails to achieve peace with North Korea, even if that means living with the risk of a nuclear war.

Published: June 17, 201830 views
Los domingos son de salsa en Cartagena1m08s

Los domingos son de salsa en Cartagena

Una dañada cancha de softbol del Campestre se convierte en la pista de baile perfecta para centenares de fanáticos de la salsa y de la música afroantillana. Han llegado al lugar, convocados por el popular voz a voz, o por los coloridos carteles del ‘Runner’. Lo hacen el día de la semana en el que la mayoría de gente estaría en su casa descansando pero ellos no, prefieren bailar.

A very special Popaholic Couple15m44s

A very special Popaholic Couple

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When You Don’t Want To Share Food Because The Carbs Are Life28s

When You Don’t Want To Share Food Because The Carbs Are Life

Since childhood, I had a weight issue problem. I always loved to eat and I was using every possible opportunity to snack. I loved pastry the most and my mom used to say I'm her little croissant. That’s why seeing this little girl hugging bread is so adorable. As the video begins, we see an adorable little girl holding massive pieces of bread in her hand. She’s squeezing it so tight as if she’s afraid not to lose it. Hilarious! She even refuses to share it with her dog! This is what happens when carbs are life. LOL! I can understand how is she feeling.

Riding on a wave! Man rides his motorbike across water33s

Riding on a wave! Man rides his motorbike across water

By Curtis Mitchell A keen biker takes his motor skills to water as he performs what some would consider to be the impossible – literally riding on the crest of a wave! Building his first waterbike back in 2015, Lauri Keranen from Finland began riding on water in the winter of 2016, when the rivers […]

Putting hell! Trickster tees off with range of holes in one 1m11s

Putting hell! Trickster tees off with range of holes in one 

By Ben Walley A golf coach from Newbury has performed a compilation of impressive trick shots that have gone viral, turning him into an internet sensation. Simon Anthony Smith started playing golf with his friends around eight years ago but has been performing tricks since before he was actually any good at the sport.  Simon […]

17 Incredible Moments When Dad Saved the Day2m35s

17 Incredible Moments When Dad Saved the Day

Here comes dad to the rescue! Father's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to honor the man who we all know and love -- dad! These are just a few of the incredible moments when "dad reflex" kicks in and dad saves the day! This just proves that dads are actually superheroes. That's right, these are 17 incredible moments when dad saved the day. Kids may find themselves in a pickle from time to time, but we can always count on dad to make it all better!

Published: June 15, 201816 views