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Adamant baby elephant insists sleepy brother wakes up32s

Adamant baby elephant insists sleepy brother wakes up

Watching a herd of elephants while on safari is mostly a memorable and very entertaining experience. In and among the herd there is always something happening, especially when it comes to the playful young elephants in such a herd. These breeding herds consists of mainly females and their offspring and all the related females will stay together for life. Young males eventually gets kicked out at around age thirteen. While those young males remain in the breeding herd, they are extremely playful and very entertaining to watch. This video was recorded in the Kruger National Park, South Africa and shows a male baby elephant very adamantly attempting to wake up his sleepy brother. To see elephants lie down flat on their sides is a rare sight and mostly it will be the youngsters that do enjoy a rest on their sides. Elephants do not have too much time to relax and sleep as they need to feed at least twenty out of twenty four hours of a day. The playful baby elephant was not going to let his bigger brother enjoy his morning nap in the sun. He wanted to play and he wanted his sleepy brother to get up. The little elephant proceeds to climb on top of his brother with his front legs. The sleepy brother still does not get up and looks a little annoyed with his younger brother bothering him. The little elephant then starts pushing and shoving his brother more impatiently hoping he will get up. Suddenly the sleepy brother decides that this is enough and quickly jumps up, looking all confused with the situation. The baby elephant then left his brother to go and annoy other members of the herd. This funny behavior had everyone in laughter and made for great entertainment on the safari.

Mysterious philanthropist leads supercar rally through radar speed trap1m25s

Mysterious philanthropist leads supercar rally through radar speed trap

Ghostrider is a mysterious philanthropist who keeps his identity a secret. He is one of the central figures in the North Face Rally, group of very big-hearted supercar owners. They have fun with their beautiful machines and get together for rallies and car shows. There is always a lot of excitement in the crowd when they roll in with their Lamborghinis, Ferraris, a Koenig and a Pagani, among others. But they are known as much for their generosity and their community spirit as they are for their gorgeous whips. They quietly use their cars and notoriety to do a lot of good for deserving people, making dreams come true and granting wishes for those who would not have an experience in cars like these otherwise. Here, we see the North Face Rally on a recent ride from Toronto to Montreal, part of a three day trip through Canada, Boston and Washington. News of their rides travel fast and of course, local law enforcement is likely to show up and ensure that safety is kept as a high priority. This officer with the Quebec Provincial Police is out working hard on a hot day to make sure traffic keeps running smoothly and safely. The club drives through at the speed limit without any incident and they none of them received any personal attention. The officer seems to be appreciative of the fine machines as she turns her head while they roll past. At Montreal, their first destination, the North Face Rally took in the night life and lit up the clubs with their machines and their exuberance. Excitement and adventure follows them everywhere. Ghostrider regularly posts his adventures and experiences on social media. You can follow him on Instagram (@ghostriderto), Rumble (Ghostriderto), YouTube (ghostriderto), and Twitter (#ghostriderto).

Fearless Puppies Engage In Cute Wrestling Match With A Larger Dog3m03s

Fearless Puppies Engage In Cute Wrestling Match With A Larger Dog

An adorable moment is captured on camera when two Bichon Frise puppies try to put up with a big Central Asian Shepherd dog, engaging in a cute wrestling match in the yard. The big puppy is having a blast torturing this litter of little puppies. However, these small guys pack a punch every time they're cornered and refuse to back down. What an adorable playtime caught on camera! It is always refreshing to witness a vigorous play-fight session between dogs. We’re sure they'll be best friends in no time, they’ll just first have to set their boundaries! Footage shows two playful little puppies having a close encounter with a larger dog. Immediately upon befriending the little guys, the larger pooch started a wrestling match which the little balls of fur found both inviting and intimidating. However, the brave Bichon Frise pup is confident that it will manage to make a friend out of the larger doggy over playtime. Watching these two different dog breeds fighting, we fear that the little pups might be defeated and easily conquered by the larged dog. However, since they are only play-fighting, we are certain that the wrestling game will finish with a friendly truce! Eager to play, the big Central Asian Shepherd dog is seen jumping all around the tiny pups, inviting it to play and have some fun, which the pup mistakenly confused with a hostile warning over yard territory. Will it take the invite? Its eagerness might have been a little too much for the fearless ball of fur, so the scared pooch decides to pick up a fight, trying to defend itself from the energetic dog. However, it seems that when a Shepherd dog wants to play, there’s nowhere to hide! This heartwarming video presents the curious friendship-in-the-making between two different dog breeds via one vigorous wrestling match! Featuring their future friendship in action, this hilarious video shows the adorable dog feud in its finest! This foxy little game is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and give you the chance to pick a side. It is hilarious how the intimidated pup engages in fierce play just to defend its territory. Of course, this is just a mock wrestling game, and nobody got hurt! It is hilarious how the energetic little pup gets annoyed when approached by the large dog, and bravely decides to confront it, by putting up a fight. Apparently, when owners brought these two dog breeds together and suggested they play along, they didn’t calculate the fight that might come out of the encounter. Nonetheless, the little pups stood up for themselves and knew how to react. We bet their awkward encounter will develop into a strong and loving friendship! If you too want to bring two different animals together, the best way to do this is to pair them at a very young age. Just like human babies, this is when they develop their cognitive skills as well as their communication skills, so when they learn that this other animal is a friend, they will accept it as such. No more clichés! Footage shows a dominant large dog going full attack mode on two playful little pups, engaging into play mode in the yard, much to owners’ amusement! Since there are no amusement parks for pups, they took the amusement from the park into their own home. These three adorable canines seem to be enjoying endless wrestling sessions in their yard so much that they made it their fun little activity. Watch as the two little pooches struggle keep up with their big friend, putting so much effort into winning dominance over the yard. Cuteness overload!

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Playful wild dog puppy loves to chew his brother's ear37s

Playful wild dog puppy loves to chew his brother's ear

During a safari in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, these people came across a pack of African wild dogs resting in the early morning sun. These dog-like predators are one of Africa's most endangered carnivores, second only to the Ethiopian wolf. They are covered in blotches of yellow, black and white with each individual having its own unique pattern by which they are identified. To see wild dogs on a safari in Africa is a rare occasion and always a highlight on a safari should you be so lucky to see them. Finding them with a whole lot of puppies is just priceless and really special. Wild dog puppies are extremely playful and make for entertaining viewing. These puppies are the cutest little creatures, filled with energy and very playful. The video shows how these wild dog puppies particularly enjoy chewing absolutely everything they can find. While one of the young males chewed on a piece of bone, his younger brother suddenly climbed on top of him. The next thing the youngster starts chewing his brother’s ear like it is a piece of rubber and it looks painful. Amazingly the puppy at the bottom didn’t seem bothered or in pain and continued chewing his bone. This rarely seen behavior had everyone amazed. The playing around and chewing on everything helps them to develop their muscles as well as the lifestyle skills they will require as adults. They grow up in an extremely hostile environment, filled with danger and many challenges. The mortality rate of these wild dog puppies is incredibly high and life in the African bush is about the survival of the fittest. So while they are young, they must play and chew as much as they can, because they will definitely need those skills to stay alive as adults.