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Dad Of The Year Parades Around As Unicorn For His Daughter13s

Dad Of The Year Parades Around As Unicorn For His Daughter

When it comes to dads subjecting themselves to potentially uncomfortable situations, like rocking a (very awesome...) bizarre Halloween costume for their kids; this dad just stepped up in the best way possible. Can't even lie, he's totally rocking it too.

Published: October 12, 2017Updated: October 17, 20171,246 views
When your German Shepherd thinks he's a lapdog!1m11s

When your German Shepherd thinks he's a lapdog!

This German Shepherd is so cheeky he jumps straight onto his owners lap! Unfortunately for her though, he is no longer a puppy! That doesn't stop him from jumping up though. Watch how he jumps up to sit on her lap and thinks nothing of it while she is getting crushed underneath him ..... OUCH!

Published: October 11, 2017Updated: October 18, 20171,213 views
Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs35s

Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

Crispy bacon crumbles and fiery jalapeño peppers make classic deviled eggs even more devilish.

Published: October 16, 2017Updated: October 19, 20171,182 views
Shop employees run for cover as mobile phone explodes35s

Shop employees run for cover as mobile phone explodes

Employees of a mobile phone shop in India were forced to run for cover on Tuesday when a customer's handset exploded into a ball of fire. The incident occurred at Batala, Punjab, India, on October 10. The customer had come to buy a new phone. A CCTV camera at the shop shows the customer trying to remove the sim card from his old phone with a sharp instrument. Suddenly sparks fly and smoke rises from the handset, prompting shop employees to run for cover. The phone explodes into flames and starts burning till one of the shop employees musters courage to push it away from the counter.

Published: October 14, 2017Updated: October 17, 20171,119 viewsVirality: 23%
Wagner Moura pede resistência contra crueldade de Temer no trabalho escravo1m19s

Wagner Moura pede resistência contra crueldade de Temer no trabalho escravo

O ator e Wagner Moura divulgou vídeo em que pede resistência contra a portaria do Ministério do Trabalho que permite a volta do trabalho escravo no Brasil, como contrapartida de Michel Temer à bancada ruralista para se salvar da denúncia de organização criminosa e obstrução da Justiça que tramita na Câmara; "Nós tínhamos a definição de trabalho escravo das mais modernas do mundo e isso está sendo destruído pelo governo Temer, sob pressão da bancada ruralista", disse Moura; "A situação é muito, muito grave e nos resta resistir e trabalhar para que esta portaria covarde, cruel e absurda seja revogada"

Published: October 18, 2017Updated: October 19, 20171,108 views
Newborn Orphan Kitty Explores Its Surroundings10s

Newborn Orphan Kitty Explores Its Surroundings

When you’re growing up, you learn everything from your parents. Subconsciously and consciously, you adapt to life based on the way they tell you to, show you to, and teach you to. Everything about your future can depend on how well you’ve learned to take care of yourself in any situation that may arise. Without parents, sometimes life can become difficult and confusing. And the same goes for animals like this adorable little kitten. When you have kittens, puppies or any newborn animals that don’t get to grow up with their biological mother, it’s important to know and understand all that they’ll need to grow up fully functioning and aware of what’s expected of them. It’s important to make sure they always feel comforted. Even though you’re not their real mother, you’re their caretaker. This owner found an abandoned newborn kitten and decided to bring it home and try to raise it on his own. So, this is what the beginning of life looks like through the closed eyes of this newborn kitten. Take a look at his helpless struggle while his human is trying to comfort him. This video is incredibly heartwarming, it shows how helpless newborns are and why cat-lovers treat kittens like the babies they are. Watch this newborn little orange kitten trying to walk. It’s hard to imagine all of the food he will steal, carpets he will ruin, and curtains he will pull down in his likely future. But for now, this tiny ball of innocence is sweet and harmless.

Published: October 6, 2017Updated: October 13, 20171,053 viewsVirality: 4%
Baby Laughs At Mommy Hitting Daddy59s

Baby Laughs At Mommy Hitting Daddy

Parents often come up with new tricks to entertain their baby. They crawl on the floor, they make strange noises, they make funny body movements, but these two took parenting to the next level. Watch how baby Bruce is amazed by the method mommy gives daddy for being a naughty boy! She slaps him with the notebook and the baby starts laughing out loud. Of course, after knowing that this innocent act of violence made their baby laugh so adorably, they repeated the hitting act a couple of dozen times at least! Baby Bruce may be laughing now because he doesn't understand a thing about hitting and slapping, but he might pick up this bad habit and go on slapping people when he grows up, only because he witnessed it at very young age and though it was very amusing and worth laughing about. Parents should be very careful and seriously think about the things they do in front of their children. Baby's brain is like a little sponge, he does what he sees. This may be Bryce's first belly laugh and apparently he likes seeing his dad get hurt. It is very adorable to hear him laugh he will instantly make you laugh as well. However, these parents should change their ways of entertaining their baby, because who laughs last, laughs best!

Published: October 9, 2017Updated: October 17, 2017958 views
Colorblind Dad Gets The Perfect Gift For Father's Day2m04s

Colorblind Dad Gets The Perfect Gift For Father's Day

We are so lucky to have so much in our lives, that we take some things for granted, albeit unknowingly. One of those things is the ability to see and enjoy the colors of the world. But there are people out there who have never seen colors in all of their existence. They can’t see the glory of green spring or the golden beauty that comes in fall. These people have learned to function like this, something that will never compute in our minds. Luckily for them, technology has evolved so much that now it is as simple as wearing a pair of stylish spectacles. This young dad can't recognize the colors around him, so for Father's Day this year his family bought him a pair of Enchroma sunglasses and gave him the biggest surprise of his life! The moment he puts on those eyeglasses, which look very dashing on him might we add, he realizes that the grass is a gorgeous green and his mom’s shirt is an amazing tie-dye rainbow of bright colors. The bouquet of balloons that Enchroma sent was just the icing on the cake that this dad had the pleasure of tasting on this day and we couldn’t be happier for him!

Published: October 10, 2017Updated: October 17, 2017924 viewsVirality: 11%
Nonchalant Kitty Loves To Go On Skateboarding Adventures8s

Nonchalant Kitty Loves To Go On Skateboarding Adventures

Playing fetch or taking a leisurely walk in the park doesn't seem to be enough for clever pets. Often they enjoy activities that are normally reserved for humans, such as skateboarding. You won't be able to resist laughing as you watch this adorable cat take on the task of its owner. It is a wonderful sunny day so Trixie, the cat, decided to take a ride on his skateboard. You heard well, Trixie, the Tuxedo cat, loves his skateboard adventures. He just hops on the skateboard and enjoys the joyous ride while constantly preserving his poker face attitude. Come and join Trixie the Tuxedo Skate Cat in his little catventures! This video of Trixie the skateboarding cat shows that cats are smart and teachable. She is enjoying the ride and has a nonchalant face expression like she doesn't have a care in the world, which she doesn't because she is a cats, and cats only live their best nine lives. If you're sick of all the bad news in the media and looking for a dose of inspiration, Trixie will give you a reason to smile today! If you liked watching Trixie ride, you should see this vocal cat chat with its owner or this funny cat-minion who cannot stop playing with his banana.

Published: October 7, 2017Updated: October 13, 2017839 viewsVirality: 12%
Dog Got A Reward For Fetching A Stick, So This Clydesdale Decided To Do The Same30s

Dog Got A Reward For Fetching A Stick, So This Clydesdale Decided To Do The Same

Pets can do anything for a treat. Actually, this is their drive for food that helped our ancestors to make animals domesticated. Their passion for treats is so huge that you can easily train them with help of these tasty rewards. Dogs are easily trained with treats but as it turned out the it works for horses as well. They are also ready to do something for a treat. If human wants a stick, no problem. The horse will fetch the biggest one to please him! Budweiser has always presented very creative commercials with Clydesdale horses, so you can enjoy one of them!

Published: October 16, 2017Updated: October 17, 2017834 views
Two Monkeys Hitch A Ride To Town On The Back Of A Motorcycle30s

Two Monkeys Hitch A Ride To Town On The Back Of A Motorcycle

It looks like these two monkeys have had enough walking for the day and decided to snatch a free ride to town. Their nonchalant behavior will warm your hearts! This footage shows two adorable monkeys hitching their ride back to town on the back of a man's motorcycle. They are very playful and seem to be enjoying the ride. The man is driving his motorbike down the street while two monkeys are playing on the back of his seat. The man is very calm and unalarmed by monkeys' game. First they snuggle and kiss and then they chase each other around the man, who is still driving his bike with complete ease, not minding his cheeky friends on the back. How adorable is to see these two monkeys act like children in the back of the car, while they are constantly hanging onto man's shirt, gripping it around with their tiny fingers. These fellows are intact by the surrounding, they are not afraid of driving in the open, they don't mind the speed or the traffic, they are just having fun and minding their own business, while having a great time. They are chasing tails on the motorcycle like they are in the circus. It is very pleasing to watch!

You’ll be amazed to see the afternoon ritual of this horse. It was spotted at unusual place!1m02s

You’ll be amazed to see the afternoon ritual of this horse. It was spotted at unusual place!

The actions of some animals leave us speechless. They can be so unexpected. For instance, this man was very surprised to see the unusual ritual of the horse. She swam in his swimming pool and enjoyed life. He could not believe his eyes. It looked so unreal! But this was not a dream. The horse cautiously evaluated where to step to get out when she it was time to leave the pool, and this is the hardest thing. Most horses would not be able to do it. But this one made it without particular problem. That means that it’s not the first time she does it and it was a usual thing for the horse. The animal should have done it many times. The scene looks surreal but it’s true. It happened in Mallorca.

Published: October 18, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017819 views
Ratings Desperate CNN Brings On Grieving Family In This Video9m44s

Ratings Desperate CNN Brings On Grieving Family In This Video

“No, I haven’t. I haven’t, but it’s okay. It doesn’t matter if I hear from the White House or not because it’s not really about…it’s not about a call or letter. I just want people to remember my son and all the other gold star moms, Mrs. Johnson, all those who are grieving. Trust me, none of us want to be in the position, and the worst thing I ever have been called is a gold star mom.” Camerota needs to resign. Shame on her for doing this story. If she had a soul this story had to have creeped the hell out of her.

Girl Keeps Trying To Climb A Tall Horse. Now Watch What The Considerate Animal Does To Help35s

Girl Keeps Trying To Climb A Tall Horse. Now Watch What The Considerate Animal Does To Help

Girl Keeps Trying To Climb A Tall Horse. Now Watch What The Considerate Animal Does To Help Sponsored links Who knew climbing a horse could prove to be such a difficult task!? In this video, a girl is trying to climb a very tall horse unsuccessfully. The animal was just standing there, looking at her, probably thinking, “What the hell is she trying to do? Is she trying to jump over me? Is she trying to kick me? I don’t get it! Why is she jumping like crazy!?” and then finally, “Ohhhh! I get it! She wants to climb and ride me! Why didn’t she just say so?” And then the horse decided to help her. Just watch.

Published: October 18, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017784 views