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Reckless Driver Dangerously Cuts Lanes On A Busy Road1m00s

Reckless Driver Dangerously Cuts Lanes On A Busy Road

Everybody hates reckless drivers because they risk their lives and the lives of others just for the sake of adrenaline and thrill. Sometimes they do it because they are in a hurry, but aren’t we all? Therefore it comes as no surprise when we rejoice in those moments of fast-working karma. Bad drivers are often the cause of road traffic accidents and dangerous collisions. Sometimes they are caught on camera performing illegal manoeuvres on the road. One driver was caught on video dangerously cutting lanes on the main road, and was immediately hit by instant karma. One driver was caught on video dangerously cutting lanes on the main road, and was immediately hit by instant karma. There are a lot of cars minding their way and driving properly by following and respecting road signs. However, a journey is not a journey if nothing out of the ordinary happens. They say that each trip brings a new experience either positive or negative which sticks to our memory. When driving on a busy road like this one, you are not only responsible for your own safety but the safety of the other passengers, too. That’s part of the collective responsibility and it should be well etched into the memory of every driver no matter how conscientious or not they are. Because karma’s arms are very long and sooner or later, she will find those who have wronged her. In this case of instant justice, the driver got stopped over by a police vehicle after illegally passing another car on the highway. Thankfully, nobody got hurt and hopefully the reckless driver learnt its lesson! It only took a few seconds for the police vehicle to spot the dangerous driver and serve him with instant karma for his actions. There’s nothing like witnessing someone suffer instant karma for his bad actions! This video features the case when dash camera footage captures such moment on camera. A car was driving alongside a police car down a motorway when suddenly, another car decided to rush in and cut the lane of the car driving on the highway. Luckily nobody got hurt, but karma worked its magic! There are tons of videos with reckless drivers and here we will suggest you to watch the one where a dash cam footage shows the moment when a reckless driver decides to violently switch lanes while speeding, nearly causing a highway pileup. This video filmed in Australia shows the moment when a reckless driver tries to avoid traffic by violently switching lanes on a busy highway, avoiding a close call with incoming traffic and almost causing massive highway pileup! Luckily, the driver from the incoming car had some serious reflexes and knew how to handle insane drivers, so he made a swift movement and avoided multiple-vehicle collision! Drive safe and remember, better late than never. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Parents Freak Out After Learning Daughter Is Having Triplets1m05s

Parents Freak Out After Learning Daughter Is Having Triplets

Baby announcements and gender reveals have become such a huge thing these past few years, the trend gave birth to a whole new industry! Lavish and elaborate parties, pink and blue everything, tons of guests - all of that just to tell the world that you are expecting an addition to the family. We are not saying that it is spoiled and wasteful thing, but we hope you will agree with us that it can be refreshing to see expecting parents keep it nice and simple. They visit the soon-to-be-grandparents and either tell them the news or throw a simple surprise, just to catch the expressions on their faces. This young couple did exactly that. They took their first ultrasound photo and went to see the expecting mother’s parents to tell them the good news. But the grandparents knew she was expecting; they just didn’t know HOW MANY she is expecting. So they showed them the photo, with each of the three babies marked with a different letter. Grandma didn’t seem to catch up on the hint right away, so the expecting mom lent her a bit of help. When the news that there will be three babies in the family dawned on everyone, the reactions were priceless! The best one has to be the brother’s: ”How did you do that?!” We send our congrats to the happy parents and hope that their lives didn’t change too much!

 3D Body Art Makeup Illusion Is Mesmerizing To Watch 1m54s

3D Body Art Makeup Illusion Is Mesmerizing To Watch

Some of us may not be the best when it comes to having artistic skills, some of our artistic skills may only go as far as drawing stick people. This is not the case for makeup artist Kika. She has so much talent when it comes to showing off her art skills. They are very impressive! She is able to pull off some incredible body art illusion that leaves you scratching your head. The 3D effect makes it look so real! She must have a lot of fun showing people her passion, she puts smiles on peoples faces every day! At first, it is hard to tell what she is going to be doing. She mesmerizes us, we can't take our eyes off the screen! As she continues to outline and colour in her body, we start to guess what she is painting. We have a huge twist at the end of the video! Once she puts the black paint on her face, the 3D effect is shown perfectly! She looks like a person with a hanger as a head. What a crazy surprise! She definitely pulled this off perfectly! Bodypainting is a form of body art. Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and can last several hours or many weeks (in the case of mehndi or "henna tattoos") about two weeks. Many artists nowadays work professionally as body painters for TV commercials, but also frequently work in the film industry, especially in science fiction with an increasing number of elaborate alien creations being body painted. Do you have a passion for the arts? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Big Sister And Baby Brother Share A Precious Moment 39s

Big Sister And Baby Brother Share A Precious Moment

An extremely heartwarming moment was captured on camera as a little girl plays with her baby brother. The little girl we all know and love around her is named Gabi and she just recently got a new best friend in the form of her baby brother! The toddler-baby combo is a winning combination however you put it. Gabi animates her brother with silly faces the the adorable boy leans in for an Eskimo kiss! She then turns back, to which the boy starts hopping on his butt to get closer to her, reaching with his arms for a hug. Aawww! She lets him go, but then he reaches back for another hug. So young, yet he already knows how powerful a hug is and how strong is it’s healing power. That’s sibling love to you! Such a precious moment! Mom Kristin says: “I was trying to catch a moment of these two "talking" to each other. Instead, I got this on video. As their mother, there couldn't be anything more heartwarming than this moment." If you think this little girl looks familiar to you, then you are certainly not wrong! We saw Gabi a few months back in a massively viral video, where she reprimands her mom. Why? Because mommy wouldn’t let Gabi pick up rocks from the ground and put them in her mouth! That rock must be very delicious and be worth arguing and bargaining for. Credit to 'kristinmoya'.

Baby Scares Himself By Touching Toy10s

Baby Scares Himself By Touching Toy

This has to be one of those super-hilarious videos we can't stop talking about on! This baby is sitting in his high chair, strung up on a dining room table and there is weird looking, blue jelly thing in front of him. What is that? Looks so alien. The kid, naturally, is curious about the item and wants to touch it, but for some reason he just can't lower his tiny baby hands to grab it. We all know what that reason is and it will be the main reason for a good giggle at the end of the video. Should he touch it? Shouldn't he touch it? Baby seems to be changing his mind from one second to the next. It looks cool, it's a nice blue color, but it looks...prickly. What if those things that come out of the jelly don't feel so good? The baby eventually decides to take a chance on the weird toy and lays his tiny fingers on the jelly, but as soon as he grabs it, the toy wiggles and throws baby off the rails, making him throw the toy instead! That is just terrible, who would do that? The toy's “reaction” makes baby burst into tears, but no matter how awkward it looked, it really gave us a good laugh. He will surely laugh about it one day!

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Baby Flower Girl Makes Unforgettable Wedding Entrance29s

Baby Flower Girl Makes Unforgettable Wedding Entrance

As a guest at a wedding, you wouldn’t want to outshine the bride, but one tiny little guest sure has made an entrance no one will forget – the bride included! This little flower girl knows how to make quite an entrance! The adorable baby makes her grand entrance into the wedding chapel on a kiddie car that is being pushed by the tux clad ring bearer! You don't want to miss out on this adorable wedding ceremony or the great reaction that it got from everyone! Her giggles and baby screams got the entire chapel in a fit of laughter. We sure had our daily dose of belly laugh. Flower girls have been present at wedding processions centuries ago. Back when marriages were arranged by the parents of the couple for procreation purposes, flower girls were carrying sheaves of wheat and bouquets of herbs, to symbolize fertility. During the Renaissance, flower girls would carry strands of garlic, because it was believed to repel evil spirits (back off, Count Dracula!) The symbolism of a flower girl is leading the bride forward, from childhood innocence to her adult roles as wife and mother. Today, they may still be tossing flower petals down the aisle, but more often they can be seen carrying wrapped candies, confetti of just a bouquet instead.

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Black Labrador Cannot Get Enough Of Body Sliding In The Snow2m45s

Black Labrador Cannot Get Enough Of Body Sliding In The Snow

There’s something entrancing about sliding down a hill of snow, and this black Lab agrees wholeheartedly. Winter is coming, but that is not a problem for Rafi, who absolutely loves diving and sliding across the packed snow. Watch as this adorable dog named Rafi body slides down a snow covered hill. Looks like the little guy knows how to have fun! Many dogs often enjoy snow even more than kids, and there are lots of things that you can do with your dog on a snowy day. Rafi here, has mastered his body sliding technique! It is very pleasing to watch this black Lab’s utter delight in the slippery snow on this hill. He quickly realized that when he flops on his side and wiggles his legs a bit, he slides and goes down the hill. That is so much fun, so Rafi decides to do it again and again and again. Rafi doesn’t need a sledge, he is his own sledding machine, he uses his own body to go sledding with ease, because the snow is compact and a bit icy on top. It isn't just humans that enjoy sliding down hills in the snow, Rafi shows that dogs can join in on the fun too. Rafi's owners cannot contain themselves as they watch their dog slide down the hill and then run back up to do it again. He goes sliding down the hill over a dozen times. Owners tease him "do it again Raf" and he accepts the challenge.

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Dog Protects Baby From 'Angry' Mother During Training1m22s

Dog Protects Baby From 'Angry' Mother During Training

Our pets are our companions, but you can definitely train your pet to also be yours and your close one's guardian as well. This woman puts her dog to the test in this controlled training exercise and records his reaction after he witnesses her baby in potential "danger". The woman appears to be angry and acting like trying to hit the child by smacking on the crib with rolled paper and a stick. The dogs barks at her after each hit then jumps and tries to take what ever is in her hands away. After each successful attempt, she praises him for his good job. The clip has been all over the Internet, with people commenting that what the mother is doing is insane and the child should be taken away from her. If you pay closer attention to the baby, you will notice that the child is undisturbed and unhurt. Although not all dogs can be protective of their owner's younglings, training can be crucial if you want to teach your dog to pay special close attention to the safety of your child. Training a dog requires a test in a simulated and controlled environment, so what this mother is doing as actually pretty safe. If you are still uncertain of the method, consult a specialist trainer.

365 Days Of Growing A Beard Captured On Time-Lapse Video3m37s

365 Days Of Growing A Beard Captured On Time-Lapse Video

Facial hair is still a fascinating characteristic that humans possess. People take such pride in their beards, and they have been growing in popularity over the years. Check out this epic beard transformation from Justin Basl, taken over a period of 365 days! He managed to snap a selfie each day and compiled the images into an incredible time-lapse video. Amazing! The Las Vegas man invited the whole internet to join him on his unique journey - an entire year without shaving his facial hair. On June 22, 2014, Justin began growing out his stubble, with a goal of letting it get as long as it could for following year. He would go on to post videos of himself on youTube, documenting his progress. He had two things in mind with his beard - to compete in the 3rd Annual Beard and Mustache Competition in LA, then donate the hair to Locks of Love. Sadly, both fell through, what with bad timing and the beard not being long enough. Still, Justin was very satisfied with the result at the end of his successfully hairy year. Don't you think that the beard is pretty impressive considering that Justin grew it over the course of one year? It is impressive to see the day-by-day beard transformation and process of hair growing into this amazing time-lapse video taken over the course of a year. Justin Basl managed to capture the entire process of facial hair growth in precisely one year. Wow! A time-lapse video has emerged showing the transformation of Justin Basl over 365 days. Justin Basl decided to take a photo of himself everyday for a year without shaving, in an attempt to grow a beard for charity. Everyday he photographed himself and added the photo to the time-lapse video. Starting in June 2014 he decided to grow his beard for a whole year and after the year is complete, he decided to compete in the 3rd Annual Beard and Mustache Competition in Los Angeles. After the contest, he will donate his beard hair to charity called 'Locks of Love.' What a nice gesture! Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. The initiative for Locks of Love began in the mind of Madonna Coffman, a retired cardiac nurse with extensive volunteer experience under her belt working for non-profits in the Palm Beach area. When she developed alopecia in her 20’s after a hepatitis vaccination, she recovered with medications. Fifteen years later, her 4-year-old daughter developed alopecia herself and lost all of her hair. The mother would later say that even though she had a hard time coping with her own hair loss, her daughter’s was ten times harder. That is when she gave up on her charity work and spearheaded Locks of Love. Mrs. Coffman’s garage was brimming with bins of mail and hair donations, before finally securing some donated office space at a local hospital and locating a high quality prosthetics manufacturer. Since then, Locks for Love has been up and running with utmost success, receiving support from both the media and volunteers all over the country.

Groom Moves Bride To Tears With His Song11m18s

Groom Moves Bride To Tears With His Song

Every groom has his own special way of telling his bride how he feels about her choice. But this one went a step further and his viral performance has left us all in a helpless heap of tears and tissues! They say love knows no language and it is pretty safe to say that the same can be said for music. This groom gave a perfect and beautiful example of these statements when he prepared a heartfelt surprise for his Indian bride. Frank is a Canadian national, but according to reports, he dedicated six weeks of his life prior to his wedding to Simran to learn “Tum Hi Ho” to woo her all over again. Everyone present at their wedding was reduced to tears, before giving him a thunderous applause! Franks’ gorgeous bride is over the moon with her beloved’s performance. The video, shot by AVP Studios Canada, became a viral sensation practically overnight! Simran said in an interview: "My heart sank when I first heard him sing in Hindi. It was a feeling I had never felt before. The only thing I was thinking was, 'How did he manage to do this?' I was the only one at the reception who knows how hard he truly works." The newlyweds came out on YouTube with a video of their own, wanting to say thank you to everyone who gushed over Frank’s performance and incredible vocal talents. They also wanted to give everyone the opportunity to express their love to a special someone by creating a challenge called #ShowYourLove, challenging everyone to express their love openly. Call it the new Ice Bucket Challenge, only without water or ice.

Homemade jet engine that's actually a working model!2m33s

Homemade jet engine that's actually a working model!

This model is built to simulate a real jet engine, even though is electric. Is very basic so everybody can build it. The way I designed and built my jet engine model is not the best way to do it. I can imagine a million ways to build a better model, more realistic, more reliable and even easier to build. But for now this is what I got.This is a model of a jet engine with a scale 1:90. It was made with an electric motor that moves with a set of gears and with a flywheel that spins in 16:1 ratio, which was taken from a flywheel-driven toy car. It's cool to see where these parts are originating from. The best part about the flywheel is that it makes the jet engine model sound like a real full-size jet engine! That's pretty awesome. It's always impressive when you can replicate the real life sounds of an object. This is one cool contraption, you have to be very intelligent to create something this impressive. Be careful, it sounds so realistic, you might think you're taking off! The parts that make up the inside consists of the motor, magnets, the gearbox with flywheel and the electromagnet to generate current for the N1 gauge. There are many other parts apart from these, but mostly it boils down to them. When everything is put together, you get a running model of an electric jet engine and one may think you are at an airport. Amazing!

Awesome Teacher Trolls Students With Epic Bottle Flipping Trick Shots3m49s

Awesome Teacher Trolls Students With Epic Bottle Flipping Trick Shots

Coolest teacher in Canada has been found. On December 6, 2016, Mr. Marshall officially banned bottle flipping in class 6A. On December 7, he started making this video. On June 29, 2017, he showed it to his students. This video is one that Mr. Marshall and his students will truly remember for a long time! It really is epic! The teacher is so cool, he even bombs his students by saying that bottle flipping isn't all that impressive to begin with. "Just little air, little water, get the right ratio, the center of gravity low and the rest is just physics," says Mr. Marshall. He then proceeds to flip a water bottle in every place of his house, in corners, in cups, while eating a banana, on top of a projector, in his shoes, on the toilet...really, why is that such a big deal? Don't you wish that you had a teacher such as Mr. Marshall? He seems so cool and awesome, especially since he made this video for his students to watch. It is really funny how he banned water bottle flipping in his class, only to make this video to show his students. His calm, cool attitude during the whole video really does show how unimpressed he is about this whole water bottle flipping trend. Also, did you see how cute that baby he is holding is?! She didn't seem all that impressed though! Mr.Marshall's class probably will not attempt water bottle flipping in his class least until next year! They could always get more school supplies from Amazon to prepare them for next year, or even more water bottles! Do you remember and teacher from school that was wacky and fun? Let us know in the comment section!

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Crew Tears Apart And Rebuilds Jeep In Minutes3m54s

Crew Tears Apart And Rebuilds Jeep In Minutes

If you think that NASCAR pit crews are awesome, being able to change four tires and gas up a car in 13 seconds, wait till you see what a team of six soldiers from a base in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada can do to a military Jeep! They strip the UV down to its lug nuts and then, just as they took it apart, they rebuild it in right about 4 minutes! The Jeep is the military's favorite off road vehicle, because of it's incredible stability on most terrains. Every active service member of the military is required to be thoroughly prepared with knowledge and skills in war and combat. This amazing footage shows the team of six from the 3 Area Support Group Technical Services Division come to a full stop in the middle of a Halifax street and at the cue of their commanding officer, completely disassemble and reassemble a Jeep in four minutes! We are not quite sure if this qualifies as a combat skill, but if was sure amazing to watch! Naysayers will say that the Jeep isn't some high-tech luxury vehicle with a gazillion buttons and whatnots, but we say that this takes some serious engineering and fine-tuned choreography to pull off. Not to mention the team spirit! Let's see you disassemble and reassemble a race car in four minutes with two men short, NASCAR pit crews!

Kitten excited to see baby deer on the front porch2m52s

Kitten excited to see baby deer on the front porch

How incredible is this? A kitten named Miro was amazed to see a new born deer (doe) at the front door. Watch him try to figure out what's going on! Adorable! Notice: This deer was a baby, less than 48 hours old. It was NOT hurt nor injured, but it was not able to walk quite yet. It was happily re-united with its mother by the people who found this fawn shortly after this video was taken. UPDATE: Here is proof that the baby deer is not hurt at all. Watch the fawn walk away here:

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Surprise Marriage Proposal One Day After Having Baby2m45s

Surprise Marriage Proposal One Day After Having Baby

When it comes for a marriage proposal, the desires are as varied as the girls. Some like them big and pompous, with loads of attention on just them, others like to keep it on the down low, quiet and intimate. Then there are those who just want to be surprised, because at the end of the day, it is just about them and the man they will soon accept to be their companion for life. To each their own, they say. Having a baby is a precious moment that you will remember for the rest of your life. Babies bring so much joy and love that being a parent and raising them is all worth it. Just having the baby can be one emotional experience. Do you know what makes it even more emotional? How about being proposed on the same day as having a newborn baby! This couple's newborn baby helps her dad deliver the ultimate surprise marriage proposal just one day after being born. Check out this priceless moment that will definitely bring a smile to your face! Filmed in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. This has to be one of the most unique ways to purpose to someone. There is so much love and thought put into this that this really does make for one heartwarming moment! We can only wish this new family a long and happy life together! What did you think of this clip? Have you seen any unique marriage proposals? We would love to hear your opinion down in the comments section so please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will sure make them smile!

Adalia Rose Presents Humorous Birthday Skit8m17s

Adalia Rose Presents Humorous Birthday Skit

This video is about a skit where everyone pretends to forget Adalia Rose's birthday! Very funny! Adalia tries to look in her friends’ phones for clues, but finds nothing and feels ignored and abandoned by her friends. However, she is up for a big surprise! All of her friends show up for her birthday and present her a sweet surprise! Adalia Rose is the hero every one of us wishes they had. Adalia Rose is the social media star that people can’t stop buzzing about. The petite girl is literally one in four million, Adalia Rose has Progeria, a rare genetic condition that causes a child's body to age fast. Adalia knows she is different, she sees that her little brother is way bigger than she is, she sees that she is bald. But what she doesn’t know is that her condition doesn’t promise much, the average life expectancy of a person born with Progeria is 13 years. Still, this doesn’t prevent the precious girl from following her dreams of becoming a makeup artist. With mom her faithful model, Adalia Rose dips her makeup applicators and brushes in all her favorite eyeshadows and applies them on mom’s face effortlessly. In this clip, the sweet star bubbles with life starring in a birthday skit with her friends. The 11-year-old girl is a budding actress and she loves performing stuff with her family and friends, showing off her creative side. Two boys intrude into girl’s bedroom but Adalia reminds them that they should always knock on celebrities door! She hangs out with two of her friends but after a while she feels ignored and is made believe that everyone forgot about her birthday! In the end, she is surprised by her friends and everyone has a great time, singing and dancing at the birthday party in Adalia’s room.

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Life hack: Clever way to keep bathroom tiles clean44s

Life hack: Clever way to keep bathroom tiles clean

Out of all the tedious chores you have to do around the house, cleaning wise, cleaning the bathroom tiles has to be the most tedious of them all! When crisp white grout starts to turn moldy green or just change color from all the cleaning solutions you use in your bathroom, the first thing that might come in mind is the regrout the tiles. It is a tedious procedure, you have to pass every line of grout all over and still make sure not to damage the tiles. Grout may be waterproof, but it is not stain proof just yet. If only there were a way to impregnate the grout to repel the dirt and mold and save you some time and energy during cleaning? It turns out that there just might be a way to do just this. All you will need is a candle, or several. How, you might ask? You should rub the way off the candle onto the lines of ground around the tiles. Simple as that! Just make sure that there is a generous amount of wax on the grouting and repeat the process every once in a while to keep your bathroom mold- and stain-free! Don't forget to share with your friends to help them keep their bathroom tiles crisp white too!

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Groom Surprises Wedding Guests With Awesome Dance3m47s

Groom Surprises Wedding Guests With Awesome Dance

A bride dreams about her wedding from childhood. She pictures the groom, the people, the festivities, the colors, everything that has to do with a wedding has been going through her head since she was a child. And the groom just wants to have some fun. That is why this couple decided to add a little bit of a surprise into the mix that they knew everyone would love. The symbolic of the first dance is the beginning of the couple’s life together. They start with love and fun, to mark the launch of their union. Most of the times it is a slow dance along a song that means the world to the bride and groom, but every now and again, a couple surprises everyone with something that send the crowd cheering for more! The bride Roisin is the dancer in the relationship... but James the groom surprised everyone with his new dance moves! You can tell that James is a quick learner! He surprised everyone present with his awesome dance! What an awesome wedding moment for all of the guests to witness. What other wedding surprises have you seen before? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share, maybe it will be the spark of inspiration for some happy couple!

Carpenter Made A Picnic Table That Folds Into A Box35s

Carpenter Made A Picnic Table That Folds Into A Box

Every day there is some sort of innovation going around the world. From advancements in technology, to solving our day to day struggles, someone is out there trying come up with idea to make something better, awesome! That is exactly what is going on in the video. Izzy Swan created this genius table which is able to unfold from a 20x20x30 inch box into a full-size four person picnic table! This is incredible, the table can be moved to anywhere you want without any struggle. Not only is it functional, but it also looks very nice too! What a great addition to the back yard ! Would you ever use this fold-able table? It is perfect for a nice barbecue with family and friends! It is even great for a picnic ! It can be used for whatever you want, so great! With it being so easy to move around, having one in your garage can do no harm at all! It doesn't take a lot of time to open up and it also doesn't take up a lot of room, best of both worlds! If you happen to find your self with some free time on your hands, this video might be just for you! Watch this awesome fold-able table! Maybe it's time to get one of these tables for yourself! Check out 'Thinkwoodworks' for more!

POV Footage Shows Reckless Motorcyclist Crash While Splitting Lanes30s

POV Footage Shows Reckless Motorcyclist Crash While Splitting Lanes

Owning a motorcycle can be pretty awesome. Insane speed, wind in your face and the freedom of parking pretty much anywhere. But it also means that you have to be twice as responsible and careful in traffic, so you can avoid situations like the one in the video. A motorcycle rider in Georgia, USA pays the price and ends up crashing into a vehicle after recklessly lane splitting through freeway traffic. The bright red Honda sedan was giving the right turn signal and switching lanes, so they had no time to correct before the cyclist crashes into their rear. Luckily, the only major injury he suffered was a broken wrist. The rules in traffic are there for everybody, to protect us all from incidents such as this one. Motorcycle riders all over the world are frowned upon, because they never respect the lanes on the roads; they would much rather ride between the cars, because, hey, I fits! The driver learned his lesson and next time we hope he'll drive responsibly and not so fast, knowing that by speeding he puts not only his life, but other lives in danger as well. Remember, just because you can fit between the cars in traffic, doesn't mean that you should split lanes.

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Husky tries waking owner, ends up snuggling him37s

Husky tries waking owner, ends up snuggling him

We all know the phrase "if you can't beat em', join 'em!" Max the husky follows this motto when he tries to wake up his owner. At first, Max goes directly to his owner's face, making sounds and licking him all over the place. The owner is not having it, he is quite happy laying in bed so he pushes Max off of him. Max tries again by walking over him but he isn't going to get up! As Max jumps back on the bed, he looks closely at his owners face and decides that nothing he will do, will wake up his owner. He is enjoying his sleep and doesn't want to be woken up. Sorry Max! Max finally comes to terms with it and decides that he is going to join him and also lay down. Max has a lot of energy but eventually he gives in, isn't it nice to relax? I think Max is ready to take a nap as well. These two look like they have such a close bond, adorable! Such a priceless moment! I think Max deserves some treats after letting his owner sleep! Do you want to give your dog some delicious treats? Check out some of these yummy snacks! Has your dog tried to wake you up from your sleep? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Drone Captures A Weird Wild Animal Running Through A Forest 2m23s

Drone Captures A Weird Wild Animal Running Through A Forest

Nature is absolutely unpredictable. You can never be too sure what a single tiny movement might do to cause a shift in the whole ecosystem. You can’t predict an earthquake similar as to how you can not predict the weather. You can guess that it’s going to rain based on the ominous dark clouds, but you may never know if a wind sweeps in and blows them all away. Although we would like to believe so, there is no real boundary from where the wilderness ends and our concrete jungle begins. The ecosystems don’t work that way. The constant expansion of our ecosystem is barging in on the millions of other ecosystems governed by wild animals, and we are bound to cross paths one way or another. There are also a lot of mysterious occurrences in nature. There are a lot of species we haven’t yet encountered and a lot of species that just look plain right bizarre. Sometimes it’s just our imagination running wild, but we think that we’ve seen something surreal, when in fact, it was nothing more than a reindeer or a bunny traipsing around our backyard. Our made up beasts have long been the villains in folklore ever since the beginning of time. From cyclops to minotaurs, blood-sucking creatures of the night, goblins and evil fairies, if you search through the various collections of epic stories, you will find everything. Amazingly enough, the fiction we come up with is incredibly impressive. It is captivating and sounds so real that you can easily mistake it for a real life occurrence. It can even make you wonder whether your perception of the world is correct. This footage seems very mysterious! According to user Hardpack101, this video shows an unknown creature running towards the trees, vanishing into the woods. It was first spotted around the 25 second mark and was filmed in Idaho. It is very hard to define what the creature is, the drone is so high up in the air so it looks like a little speck on the ground. Do you think it could be a Bigfoot sighting? What do you see? We all have different opinions, not everyone may believe it, but we can see something. What was really trying to scurry into the woods? Once the creature is in the woods, it doesn't look like its coming back out. It has probably run far into the woods by now. Whether or not Bigfoot was spotted, this is an incredible view we get to see with the drone! This area looks very beautiful with all the trees and land everywhere. Nature is so beautiful! Do you want to capture beautiful moments like these? Check out these best selling drones and get ready to capture some amazing views! Do you believe you have seen BigFoot before? What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Husband Pulls Off Surprise Bedroom Makeover 2m48s

Husband Pulls Off Surprise Bedroom Makeover

While Mom was out of town for the weekend, this father of 3 managed to rip out the hideous carpet, paint the walls, install new hardwood floors, and make a DIY upholstered headboard - all while taking care of the 3 kids! Her reaction when she returned home made it worth all the hard work. Miles Boyer’s wife Kate went out of town and this is what happened while she was away. First he removed everything from the bedroom and removed their old, wrinkly carpet. After dad scrubbed the floor clean, their son Lawson really liked the acoustics of the empty room, but that was all for a very short while. After putting the kiddoes to bed at night, the crafty dad repainted the walls of the bedroom into a lovely, warm ecru color. The next day he placed laminate flooring with his own two hands and the kids loved the new dance studio. Miles installed new wall sockets, new curtains to go with the new wall color and returned everything back in its rightful place. A nice fresh start for the old bedroom. The reveal went as you would expect. Kate came running to the bedroom door to find a refreshed sleeping area, without the dusty old carpet on the bottom and everything smelling fresh. It was the makeover that she needed.

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He Shaves His Beard And Can't Believe The Reactions He Gets 3m35s

He Shaves His Beard And Can't Believe The Reactions He Gets

After growing out his beard for a very long time, this father decides to shave it all off - much to the shock of everyone in his life! Their reactions are priceless. Once everyone is sleeping, this father records himself shaving his beard off, he looks so different without a huge beard. When he wakes up his wife in the morning, she is completely shocked, she thinks she is still dreaming, so funny! This transformation will probably take a lot of time to get used to! His wife had never seen him without a beard. What a hilarious moment to get on camera! It is crazy to see how much a beard changes someone's face, you might not even recognize the person! The beard trend has been very popular for these last few years, and almost every guy is rocking it, but sometimes all you need is a clean-shaved baby face. Or at least a stubble, but not a huge beard that covers your whole face. This dad's transformation is truly incredible and he looks like a totally different man in the end. That's 1.5 years of growing a beard gone in just 1.5 minutes of shaving. Awesome! When he slips into bed next to his wife, she is too sleepy to notice something is off about him...he seems lighter! But reality strikes her when she sees something odd in the camera and then turns to face his freshly shaven profile. It is like love at first sight all over again! Have someone you know ever cut off their long beard? Did they look completely different? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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