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NBC26 Storm Shield Weather Forecast3m15s

NBC26 Storm Shield Weather Forecast

High pressure will continue to slowly build into Wisconsin tonight & Thursday. Tonight the winds will become light with mostly clear skies. Lows will be around 20. Plenty of sunshine makes a return for Thursday with highs popping back into the low/mid 40s. Thursday night will also be quiet with lows in the low 20s. Friday looks fairly decent as well with highs once again near average with highs in the low 40s. As of right now, the weekend is looking dry as we're just getting missed by a system to our southwest. Temperatures will be okay as well with readings around 40°. The next chance of precipitation will be late Monday & Tuesday. With temps in the 40s most of it should fall in the form of rain with possibly a few flakes(NW) on Monday night if it gets cold enough.

Published: March 21, 2018
Zuckerberg promises changes after data scandal1m31s

Zuckerberg promises changes after data scandal

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence on Wednesday, acknowledging his company made mistakes in handling data belonging to 50 million of its users and promising tougher steps to restrict developers access to data. Jane Lanhee Lee reports.

KU, K-State fans gearing up to rep teams in Sweet 161m39s

KU, K-State fans gearing up to rep teams in Sweet 16

Kansas State and Kansas basketball fans are ready to support their teams this week in the Sweet 16, but they can't do it without the proper gear. Rally House in Mission, Kansas, had Sweet 16 shirts for both teams hot off the presses.

Published: March 21, 2018
Man Uses Speedboat To Put Out Fire37s

Man Uses Speedboat To Put Out Fire

A man in a small motorboat calls out to a group of people around a campfire on the shore. He revs his small motor, causing water to spray towards the campers, but not getting any of them wet. He revs the motor again, and this time a large spray of water shoots towards the group, extinguishing their campfire! The people on the boat laugh, then quickly flee the scene. It’s not clear whether the boat people and land people know each other, but hopefully there wasn’t any trouble between them after that stunt!

Published: March 21, 2018
Boy Tries To Race With Shirt Attached To Gate27s

Boy Tries To Race With Shirt Attached To Gate

Two young boys stand in front of a chain link gate on their driveway. One of them announces that they’re going to have an epic race, which his mom will film. They take their starting positions. “Ready… steady… GO!” They both take off as fast as they can. One of them doesn’t get too far, though, as his shirt is caught on a bungee cord attached to the gate! The gate whips forward and (thankfully) just misses the boy. Everyone laughs, even the kid with a brand-new hole in his shirt. The race was inconclusive, but it seems unlikely that the boy in sandals would beat the one in sneakers.

Published: March 21, 2018
Two Bulldogs Eat A Slice Of Pizza Together26s

Two Bulldogs Eat A Slice Of Pizza Together

Bulldogs are the best. They’re so calm, reliable and wrinkly, just thinking about them put smiles on our faces, right?! Today’s video proves that point, as an adult bulldog receives a slice of pizza from the person behind the camera. As our bulldog hero chomps away, a bulldog puppy appears on the other side of the slice and eats it from the other end. Think of this as a retelling of that scene from lady and tramp, except instead of two dogs finding love over a bowl of pasta, these two adorable pups really just show their love for the slice of pizza.

Published: March 21, 2018
Spring snowstorm slams East Coast1m07s

Spring snowstorm slams East Coast

A spring snowstorm slammed the East Coast on March 21, bringing frigid weather to Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia. “The storm also unloaded snow on Virginia and West Virginia as it pushed into the Northeast,” The Associated Press reported. In the video, a filmer in Manassas, Virginia, captured the heavy snowfall at an empty train station.

Chinese baby born with three legs recovering after surgery38s

Chinese baby born with three legs recovering after surgery

A baby born with three legs has had his extra limb successfully removed at the age of 11 months after 10 hours of surgery. The video, filmed in Shanghai on March 19, shows the boy - nicknamed Xiao Fei - with a third limb protruding from his groin area, in between his two other legs. According to reports, the extra leg belonged to a parasitic twin. Since Xiao Fei's mum did not attend regular pregnancy check-ups, the parasitic twin had not been detected before his birth. Surgeons removed his extra leg and corrected his deformed right leg successfully in the operation. Parasitic twins are rare and only occur in around one in a million live births, reports said.