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Baby Has Adorable Reaction To Dad's Kiss10s

Baby Has Adorable Reaction To Dad's Kiss

A baby is a gift that keeps on giving. Just when a parent thinks things can not get any better than this very moment, their child does something incredible, raising the bar! Many babies come to this world far too early, due to unforeseen complications and need special love and attention. They need to feel their parents around them constantly, to feel their scent and heartbeat. It is really sad to see one’s child attached to a machine that keep it alive, but with a lot of love and energy from mom and dad, these babes grow up to live rich lives. They say that while they are still fairly newborn, babies rarely distinguish things in the world around them, other than the voice and scent of their mother. But in this remarkable video, a prematurely born baby felt his dad’s loving peck on his forehead and shined a bright, albeit toothless smile for him. Such warm and fuzzy feelings washed over us as we watched this amazing family moment unfold before our very eyes! Don’t let the title fool you - premie babies are no different from regular babies. What they do need is some extra love and affection from mommy and daddy. They will have plenty of challenges to face in their young lives, but with some TLC like this baby gets, every baby will grow up to be a healthy adult with an amazing life.

 Camera Provides Closeup Of Baby Phoebes In Their Nest47s

Camera Provides Closeup Of Baby Phoebes In Their Nest

Phoebes are small, agile birds that feed on flying insects and an occasional berry or seed. Here, the male and female can be seen bringing flies, wasps, and even a berry to feed their tiny young. A camera stationed beside this nest gives us a close look at the freshly hatched babies as they eagerly wait for food from their parents. The feeding continues almost non stop throughout the day. The babies appear as small balls of downy fluff that awaken from sleep to hold their beaks open expectantly. Once fed, they close their eyes for a few minutes as if they are sleeping once more. There is no rest for the parents though and they are off again to get more insects. Phoebes are known for their distinctive call that sounds like the name "Phoebe". These phoebes have built their nests on a light fixture outside a home in the country where they nest each year and have 2 to 3 young families per season. When the young become ready to leave the nest, they are particularly vulnerable in the brief time that they are on the ground, unable to fly. On the day the babies fledged, a weasel was seen emerging from the nearby hedge moments after the last baby bird dropped to the garden below the nest. Luckily, a member of the family who watched them grow saw what was about to happen and stepped out the door, giving the weasel enough of a fright that it ran off. The baby bird was helped to the safety of a low branch where the parents kept a watchful eye and brought it more food. Eventually, it found its wings and joined the others in higher branches. Phoebes return to the same nests year after year and these ones have become accustomed to the family that lives where they nest. It's always a delight to see them in the spring and know that they have made it through one more winter.

Goodlatte: Both Republicans, Democrats Should Be Concerned of FBI Actions in 201612m10s

Goodlatte: Both Republicans, Democrats Should Be Concerned of FBI Actions in 2016

America can and has survived crooked and corrupt politicians. However, we can't survive when those entrusted to uphold and enforce the laws abuse their power for political purposes. This is why it was imperative that McCabe was fired and we root out the deep state to save our Republic.  We shouldn't expect any help from the Democrats on this because they don't want to know anything, or they would have let the FBI examine the DNC servers that were supposedly hacked by the Russians. They already know their party is as corrupt as it can get, and they already know the FBI was in on the fix.

Judge Jeanine: Andy, Complain All You Want; You Should Have Been Taken Out In Cuffs5m01s

Judge Jeanine: Andy, Complain All You Want; You Should Have Been Taken Out In Cuffs

McCabe thinks the fix is in. He thinks he will get his pension. He believes that nothing he did on the job was wrong. The fact that those peers in the FBI found his lies and lack of candor chose to fire him. I believe he was sabotaging investigations along with a cabal of others and it was exposed. I hope he loses his law license and is forced to pay for damages caused to investigations screwed up by his malpractice. I hope more are brought to justice. His was first blood and a warning shot to others planning on a coup. McCabe is calling this a political witch hunt but our question to him is how is it political when an internal investigation from his own Department recommended his firing? His own IG says he should be fired, but he goes “Full Weinstein” and blames everybody but himself. I'm sure McCabe's notes are as accurate and thorough as his testimony. And, I'm sure they are believable now that he has been proven to be a liar.

Parkland Student Takes Piers Morgan To School On 2nd Amendment1m13s

Parkland Student Takes Piers Morgan To School On 2nd Amendment

During the television appearance, Morgan called into question some of Kashuv's views that differ from his classmates. “Really the only thing that he [President Trump] put forward was extended background checks – which is fine – but it doesn't, in my view, go nearly far enough,” said Morgan. “Do you not feel it's weird that in Florida for example you can't buy a beer until you are 21, but you can buy an AR-15 gun?” Kashuv responded that Morgan's arguing point didn't make sense and explained his position. “That's not the argument at all,” said Kashuv. “Why shouldn't a mother – a single mother of two be able to defend her children in her own home – who's 20? Why can't a 20-year-old single mother be able to defend her children? Raising the age from 18 to 21 won't solve the problem. It simply like a reactionary statement to what happened in Parkland.”

Kids Feed Koi Fish In Thailand With Baby Bottles 1m34s

Kids Feed Koi Fish In Thailand With Baby Bottles

Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia and for a good reason! You can find anything you want there, green jungle, crystal blue waters and food for everyone’s tastes. It is wild, but yet a safe place to visit. Floating markets is what tourists are very attracted to. Take a look at his footage of kids feeding fish with baby bottles! Unbelievable and yet adorable! At a floating market in Thailand, tourists from around the world flock to the water’s edge to give the fish food from baby bottles. What a bizarre fashion! A baby’s milk bottle is filled with fish food and put on the end of a stick. Some people even hold the bottles with their bare hands. This may sound unusual to some, but once you put the baby bottle in the water, fish gather around the bottle for lunch time. The hungry fish aren’t shy to reach for their food, they even compete with each other. Koi carp fish comes in variety of colors and patterns. Collecting these attractive creatures is a serious business though. The biggest price paid by a UK collector was £100,000 for ‘Jessica Rose’ Koi carp. The fish prices go from £5 for a tiddler to £2000 for a three-footer that can be decades old. Healthy Koi carps can grow up to 4 feet. There are 13 basic varieties, but the Kohaku type is the most popular. This ornamental fish has a very unique physical appearance with red patterns. Watch these Koi fish in Thailand enjoying their meals from a bottle just like babies! Incredible view!

Beach Football Toss and Tackle30s

Beach Football Toss and Tackle

Occurred on March 16, 2018 / South Padre Island, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: "What started out as a friendly game of catch ended in a rowdy session of Oklahoma drills! Initiated by Jessica Nguyen and the other girl in the video, more matchups followed after the girls went. All of this was a result of mixing alcohol, athletes and a football all on one beach!"

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Rumble delivers more revenue for content creators than YouTube ever could2m57s

Rumble delivers more revenue for content creators than YouTube ever could

Video uploading has become easier and more lucrative in the past few years. And content creators have more choice than ever for delivering their videos to the world. YouTube was once the brand name for uploading videos and earning money. But there is a much better platform for reaching an unlimited audience and earning revenue that far surpasses what content creators could ever earn with platforms like YouTube. It's called Rumble. Rumble has emerged as the best choice for uploaders for many reasons. As a video viewing platform, its user friendly presentation and organized setup allows video consumers to find entertaining content more easily. Rumble is gaining momentum with viewers and with advertisers who are looking for more streamlined, quality videos that better enable them to reach their intended audience through ad placement. Advertising has changed dramatically and product suppliers are willing to pay much greater revenue for targeted marketing through videos. What's important is that this all benefits the content creator, or video uploader in a number of ways. Simply put, creators can earn many times what they ever could on YouTube. David McNab is a content creator who discovered Rumble and the potential to earn money almost by accident. In this video, he explains why Rumble is easily the best choice for content creators. He explains that he earns more than $1,000 every month. What he doesn't say though, is that with Rumble, he has earned more than 300 times what he earned on YouTube. David explains that Rumble demands higher ad revenue, shares 60% of that revenue with the content creator (compared with the 10-15% that YouTube pays), and Rumble promotes your videos on Platforms that greatly increase exposure, views and revenue. David is happy to share all that he has learned and will guide you through the process of setting up an account for free. He will teach you everything he has learned in two years so that you can build a channel that earns you money 24 hours a day. He will teach you how to do basic editing, how to add copyright free music, how to create content that increases your chances of approval and how to promote your videos even further on social media. Another incredible thing about Rumble is that the support team is accessible to the content creator to help them learn and grow their business. David has learned a great deal of what he now knows because the support team constantly provided him with support and feedback as he grew his own channel. With 60% of the ad revenue, streamlined content for advertisers, unparalleled promotion, and ongoing personal support for creators, there is no platform that compares to Rumble. Are you ready to start making money with videos? If so, you can register at and start earning right away. Better yet, contact David at and let him coach you and help you earn even more, much faster.

Man Finds an Artistic Use for Pasta Maker44s

Man Finds an Artistic Use for Pasta Maker

Kensuke Koike is a visual artist from Japan who likes to experiment with images and collages. In this video, Kensuke can be seen putting a picture of a dog through a humble pasta cutter three times, creating a beautiful pixilated collage. The process is incredibly satisfying to watch. Credit: Kensuke Koike via Storyful

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The Most Adorable Elderly Couple Dances In The Rain42s

The Most Adorable Elderly Couple Dances In The Rain

There is something about rain that makes us behave differently. It seems like it’s heightening all of our senses and makes us reevaluate life and become even more grateful for it. The tiny droplets of magic serve as a cleanser for all of our bad days, wiping the grime clean off of our souls and patching up broken relationships and strengthening existing ones. The rain has been worshiped ever since ancient times. Rain means fertile soils and clean homes, it means food and it means wealth. There are records of rituals done in the honor of rain, to assure that it would nourish the crops and provide food, but this footage isn’t such a custom. This footage shows a different kind of ritual where two elderly people dance in the rain to show that age won’t ever slow them down. This couple might show signs of aging on their skin, but they have remained young on the inside. It is very important to maintain the innocence you had as a child as intact as possible. It’s what makes us alive, not just living. A precious moment is caught on film during a rainy day at The Village in Meridian, Idaho. An elderly couple proves they're young at heart as they dance in the rain. They won’t let a few drops of water tarnish their good mood. We should all be more like them!

Girl Helps Friend Cross The Finish Line After Falling At The Last Hurdle1m21s

Girl Helps Friend Cross The Finish Line After Falling At The Last Hurdle

Some play sports to win, other to be part of the team. Whatever the case, when you are among peers, it is important to remember that you are all the same - human beings brought in the same place with the same goal. While there are individual sports, where your outcome relies on your own performance, when athletes see an opponent struggling, they may choose to hinder their own result in order to help someone not feel left out. Just like this teenager did and we can’t help but feel proud of her! A 14-year-old girl from Kermit, Texas, took part in a 300 meter hurdles event with other girls, most of who she has never met before. Marissa won the race by a long shot and her mom Sadie was beaming with pride herself, watching her daughter from the bleachers. Marissa was in a tight race with one of the girls she did not know, but at the last hurdle, the girl was taken over by fatigue and she missed the hurdle, falling to the ground. Marissa finished the race and felt victorious in her result, but while the other girls crossed the finish line, she turned back to see her opponent struggling to get off the ground. So she did something we hardly ever see at big event - she went back to help the girl in the green jersey get up and finish the race. Marissa later said: “I heard her fall but I thought she got back up like other hurdlers do but I turned around I saw her crying and hurt. So I went to go help her she said thank you.” Everyone attending the event went wild at the stadium, clapping their hands and shouting with encouragement. Who said hurdles are in individual sport?

Talented Pooch Goes On Surfboard Adventure With Owner2m07s

Talented Pooch Goes On Surfboard Adventure With Owner

Maggie, a nine-year-old shelter mix of a Bichon Poodle, and her owner Nicole hit the waves to bond and paddle board together. Maggie is a movie dog who knows over 100 tricks and also visits hospitals and nursing homes every week. In this video, watch as this obedient dog goes on a surfing adventure together with her owner. Footage shows the talented pooch, hopping on owner’s surfboard and tackling the waves with ease. It's not very often you get to witness a surfing dog! This tiny pooch loves surfing big waves with her surfer colleague Nicole. Here we can see her comfortably enjoying a bumpy ride, while performing some incredible stunts with her human. Long live the surf-dog Maggie! This is a video that any pet owner shouldn't miss! Don't you wish that you could surf the waves just like this dog? Isn't this just awesome? There have been skateboarding dogs, dogs that walk on their back legs and dogs that speak, but have you ever seen a dog that could surf? This dog seems to love being in the water and looks like she is a having a great time! Most dogs try to catch squirrels or their own tails, but this dog seems like she just wants to catch waves! Surfing looks like a lot of fun to do, especially when you see a dog do it! Surely, Maggie practiced a lot in order to get this good. The pup must have gotten some of the best surfboards to practice on, and her owner is very proud of her skills! Maybe you can be as good as Maggie some day if you practice too! Have you ever seen anything of this proportion before? Would you want to engage in a surfing adventure with your canine companion too? Let us know in the comments!

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Talented 6-year-old enjoys fun and sun on the slopes1m03s

Talented 6-year-old enjoys fun and sun on the slopes

A proud father at Bigwhite Ski Resort watches his 6-year-old daughter on the final day of her freeride classes skiing an advanced blue run. Dressed as a unicorn and racing through the flags on a beautiful sunny and light, fluffy powder day! She has completed training of her 4th year skiing and graduated to the next level for the following year.

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Doctor Doesn't Think Blacks Should Marry Outside Their Race2m21s

Doctor Doesn't Think Blacks Should Marry Outside Their Race

This type of activism in depth and why it is dangerous to our community’s advancement in society. Umar is insistent upon creating a hierarchal structure within our community, by which we either assimilate to or center our existence around the Black cishet male which sits at the top of all of Umar’s pyramid schemes.

Dog Is Amazed And Upset By Man's Magic Trick18s

Dog Is Amazed And Upset By Man's Magic Trick

Magic tricks are an age-old font for amusement, amazement and, in some cases, anger. They bring a little joy and enchantment to the world even when you know that you are being tricked. This dog just wanted a treat from his owner, but his owner decided to have some fun first… The trick the man pulls off is fairly simple, and we believe you can probably see what he does fairly easily if you look at his right hand during the trick. He shows his dog the treat in his hand and the dog gets super excited. He wants that treat so badly! The dog is bouncing around the bed they are on trying to get the treat in the man’s hand. Being responsible, the man gets the excited pup to sit down and politely wait for his treat. He shows the dog the treat and then “puts” the treat in his left hand, closing his fingers into a fist. The dog reaches out a paw and taps the hand so he can be rewarded. Instead, the man opens his hand and there is no treat!

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