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NC Man Parks Car On Porch To Escape Flood36s

NC Man Parks Car On Porch To Escape Flood

To prepare for Hurricane Florence, one North Carolina family decided to try to drive their Volkswagen Jetta up two supremely sketchy makeshift ramps, and onto the front porch. It’s not to save the car from the storm like we saw with last year’s hurricanes, either—it’s for a very different reason. This all happened in Lumberton, North Carolina yesterday. I called up LaSha Ross, who shot much of the video, and she actually told me it was her husband, Devin, who came up with the idea of driving the car onto the porch, but it wasn’t for the obvious reason. “It wasn’t actually to save the car... it was to get the car on the porch for electricity,” she told me over the phone. She said the family plans to use the car as a generator, plugging household appliances into a 1000W power inverter connected to the 12-volt battery. The other reason for moving the car, LaSha told me, was that her husband wanted to show that it could be done after his friend voiced some doubts. “He was pretty adamant about proving his point that he could do anything,” she told me.

Silverback gorilla shows off his daily workout routine1m48s

Silverback gorilla shows off his daily workout routine

Oumbi the male gorilla from the Twycross Zoo is the most active just before lunchtime. Like everybody else, he's getting all excited for the food. They are waiting for the doors to close so the keepers can scatter the food outside. Apart from a few outburst that he has to keep his family in check, he is quite happy being mostly just sitting, eating, relaxing and sleeping, which does make you wonder how he gets all those muscles. Well now you'll find out. He's doing his daily routine of pull-ups! Just look how he manages to do them with so much ease! When he does his first pull up you’ll see his mate Ozala in the background running with baby Shufai. After he had his pull-ups he’s running through the enclosure to let everybody know he’s the boss and everybody moves quickly out of his way. Asante is resting up the top and you can see Oumbi having a little dig at her. He continues with some more gym exercise, before he has another go at the others. Oumbi is normally the first one out after lunch, that is if Lope his cheeky son doesn’t get there first! Than it’s Ozala with baby Shufai. Asante the aunt and grandma Bidi are always the last ones to go out and giving all the others the chance of feeding first, until they are getting there share.

Super jealous dog demands cat's full attention43s

Super jealous dog demands cat's full attention

Philo the Golden Retriever is so jealous over Chilli the cat who is cuddled up next to Nandi the other Golden Retriever. Philo is licking Chilli, wanting him to get up for him to take his place! Chilli doesn't move and wins the battle!

Published: September 19, 201853 views
Coast Guard Member Uses "OK" Symbol10s

Coast Guard Member Uses "OK" Symbol

A Coast Guard member has reportedly been disciplined for flashing an allegedly controversial hand symbol  that's previously also been displayed by former President Barack Hussein Obama, late night comedian Jimmy Fallon and Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx, among others.

Published: September 15, 201844 views
Pet chicken performs variety of impressive tricks1m13s

Pet chicken performs variety of impressive tricks

A new study says chicken intelligence is underestimated and they are in fact more intelligent and complex than previously thought. A lot smarter than most people think. Chickens are intelligent birds capable of learning a variety of tricks. They can be trained! They have keen eyesight and are extremely motivated by their desire to eat.

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Concerned Husky Buries Raw Bone In Chair For Rainy Days 1m00s

Concerned Husky Buries Raw Bone In Chair For Rainy Days

Shelby the husky wasn't as excited as expected when her owners gave her a nice raw bone. Instead of chewing on it, she wanted to bury it for rainy days in the living room chair! Hilarious! Husky's are known for digging holes and burying their food. It is not uncommon for a husky to dig holes all around the backyard and wait for food, whether they find it, or are given it by their owners they can immediately bury it in the dirt. So when we see this hilarious dog take a brand new bone from her owner and make an attempt to bury it in the leather reclining chair, we figure it must be a husky thing to do! Right at the beginning of the video, you hear the owner say "you are going to bury it in the chair, again?". This obviously isn't the first time this has happened. Watch as she uses her nose to bury the bone as deep inside the chair as possible, trying to get it deep inside the cushions so no one can find it! Cuteness overload! Shelby the Husky seems to make a habit out of burning bones in the chair on a regular basis. You can hear her owner laughing at her saying "not again Shelby, don't make me wash the chair again". This looks like dog’s favorite thing to do every time she gets a new bone, heading to the nice tan leather chair to stash it away for a rainy day! One might think that the husky doesn't like the bone and that is why she is burying it deep into the cushions. However, it is quite the opposite. Husky's will bury only their most prized possessions and the food or items that they cherish the most. They do this to keep it safely stashed away for later. When a husky buries their food, it doesn't mean that they are starving or that that they are trying to hide it from their owners or other animals. It is a natural instinct for this breed to bury their food since they come from areas with cold and frigid weather and food is not always readily available to them. When they get food, they instinctively bury it in the ground as a way of preserving it for a time when food is not available due to extreme cold weather. Clever, right? Burying items comes from a time when wild dogs had to have extreme survival skills to get through life. These canine ancestors such as wolves, coyotes and fox never knew when their next meal would be and if they had any food left over after a kill, they would bury it deep in the group to keep it safe and cool. The soil also helps to break down hard bones that the canines might not be able to chew, making them more brittle and chewable after a couple months buried deep in the dirt. At the end of the video, you see Shelby with a smile on her face. She is obviously proud of her accomplishment and happy with her bone placement. Once she has gotten it deep inside the cushions, she jumps off the chair and confidently walks away like no one’s watching. What a silly puppy!