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Mom has comical reaction to riding in full speed Lamborghini1m09s

Mom has comical reaction to riding in full speed Lamborghini

At a recent charity event, exotic super car owners opened their car doors to the crowd, offering a full throttle thrill ride on a closed track for a donation to Cops for Cancer. This generous lady made a donation for both her and her son to experience the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, one of the fastest road legal automobiles in the world. A camera was installed in the car to record the enthusiasm and the reactions of the passengers. As we can see by the smile and the shock, this was more than she bargained for as she shouts with excitement and holds on for dear life. There were many beautiful machines available for this event, including Ferraris, Audis, Mercedes, Nissan GTRs, and a few Lamborghinis. This particular ride was provided by Ghostrider, an anonymous and mysterious figure who is a legend in the car scene. He's a known philanthropist and driving force behind many charity events, although very few people know his true identity. His car is a lime green Lamborghini with a V10 engine that boasts an incredible horsepower. It will accelerate from 0-60mph in a mere 2.9 seconds, which is less time than all but the most powerful street motorcycles.

Fog swallows entire valley from top of volcano45s

Fog swallows entire valley from top of volcano

The Pululahua Volcano is situated at the equator near Quito Ecuador. One of the country's largest and most spectacular volcano's. Now dormant, the volcano is home to the world's only inhabited volcanic crater. It is five kilometres (3 miles) across and is 3,000 metres (9,000 feet) ab-ve sea level. Pululahua means "cloud of water" and it's wonder and mystery draw huge crowds each year to experience the beauty. The crater holds lush vegetation which is often covered by dense and mystical fog. The view can be enjoyed by walking down trails, or riding horses, or simply by looking out over the vista from the top of the volcano. Famous for it's rolling fog, the volcano and crater are a spectacular sight, especially in the late morning. A camera set up as the fog started to roll in captured the scene as the mountains and fields below disappeared under a blanket of eerily drifting fog. Within 20 minutes, the entire valley was swallowed and only a dense cloud could be seen. The wind and updraft even carried some of the water vapor up the side of the volcano where the camera was stationed. Speeding up the film creates a dramatic and breath taking effect as the valley and low mountains disappear in under one minute. The crater below is home to numerous farms and it provides a perfect location for agriculture with excellent soil for crops. This is a surprising thing, considering hot lava once flowed over these grounds, many years ago. This is a highly ranked tourist site, with hotels, hostels, restaurants and a few shops to provide visitors with all that they need for an extended stay. Of course, the view from the available rooms is stunning. Descending from the top of the volcano to the valley below is challenging, as the trail is steep and treacherous. Those who dare to take the trip down will be challenged even more with the long, steep climb back up.

Divers swim alongside critically endangered animal1m20s

Divers swim alongside critically endangered animal

“Come here, swim over here to me!” Brent was thinking as he hovered over the beautiful coral reef 55 feet below the surface. Remaining as motionless as possible, Brent and his dive buddy wife Elsa watched as the Hawksbill turtle swam up to the surface for air. Hoping the Hawksbill turtle would descend close enough for them to get a nice look and take some photos and video, they watched in anticipation. Hawksbill turtles are critically endangered and are of limited numbers so seeing them is a treat. Located 40 miles off the northern coast of Honduras, Roatan is a small Caribbean Island that is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. Being 40 miles long and 5 miles wide Roatan is definitely a fairly small island. After approximately 2 minutes, the Hawksbill Turtle began its descent into a valley of coral searching out his next meal of sponge. Searching the cracks and crevices of the reef that flowed towards the sandy bottom, the Hawksbill Turtle finally turned towards Brent. Elsa also was recording some footage of the turtle as he swam right in front of her heading towards Brent. Actually having to back away as the turtle approached her, Elsa back paddled while avoiding to touch the reef with her hands. Touching live coral with bare skin can cause it to die in certain circumstances so this is avoided. Heading directly at Brent as though he had called it to come like we do with our pet dogs, he was exhilarated as the Hawksbill began closing in on him. Having to back paddle as well, it was quite a chore keeping from impacting the reef as well as keeping the turtle in the view finder of the camera. “This is the first time I have ever had a sea turtle come this close to me on its own. To have him swim within inches of my face was amazing” Brent explained. As the Hawksbill closed in, the light from Brent’s camera setup illuminated the turtles shell showing off how gorgeous it was. At 55 feet below the surface the natural light from the sun is depleted so colors are greatly reduced making a lot of corals, fish and other creatures appear grey and faded. Hit all these mentioned beautiful creatures of the sea with a source of light and it is as though a painting has just been converted from black and white to color. It is amazing to see this change Brent mentioned. Running low on air, Brent and Elsa had to surface and were they ever excited to tell the others back at the scuba shop what they had seen. Not everyone gets this kind of close encounter. The animals are all wild so it is just “luck of the draw” as to what divers see on each dive. On this day, it was definitely an amazing dive during their short visit to Roatan. Back on shore it was time for Brent and Elsa to head back to the cruise ship. Onward they went to visit other stops on their Caribbean cruise.

Sea Lion straight up bites dude on boat3s

Sea Lion straight up bites dude on boat

Poncho, a wild sea lion from Cabo San Lucas, decided that he did not want to take any photos. Since this guy ran out of fish, he decided to take a nip at his arm instead. So spoiled!

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Philanthropist interrupts media interview for 8-year-old Lamborghini fan48s

Philanthropist interrupts media interview for 8-year-old Lamborghini fan

Ghostrider is an anonymous philanthropist who keeps his identity hidden behind a mask and a veil of secrecy. A legend in the car scene, he belongs to a car club called North Face Rally, based out of the Toronto area. This car club has 300 members, all with high powered cars. They use their cars for more than just their own enjoyment, making dreams come true for deserving individuals. They also work hard to support charity and community events. They are often referred to as “The Fast and the Generous”. At a Christmas toy drive recently, Ghostrider saw an opportunity to make a young fan very happy. In the middle of an interview with the media, he noticed that 8 year old Parker was interested in his brand new, lime green Lamborghini. It’s a Huracan Performante, and to car enthusiasts like this young fellow, it’s one of the most beautiful exotic cars in the world. Ghostrider opened the door and invited Parker to have a seat, start the car and rev the engine. Parker was absolutely thrilled. The media loved the moment as well and their reaction only increased the excitement for Parker. Watching the interaction between Ghostrider and Parker was heart warming. Ghostrider may now be an extremely successful business man and entrepreneur, but he started from nothing and he remembers very well the thrill of his first super car experience. He simply can’t resist taking a moment to give this fan an experience of his own. Parker has a huge smile on his face, and if the mask didn’t block our view, we would see an even bigger smile on Ghostrider’s face. After this moment, Ghostrider ensured that Parker received a ride in his Lamborghini and his bright red Ferrari. Ever so humble, Ghostrider will speak to anyone and invite anyone to sit in his cars, take pictures, or video, and he sincerely enjoys each opportunity to brighten somebody’s day. He has loaned his cars out to make dreams come true for cancer survivors and other deserving people who have impressed or inspired him with their courage. This event was a toy rally for Sick Kids hospital and various shelters in the Toronto and Peterborough area. Having struggled to fit all of the toys in their tiny super cars, they enlisted the help of a very generous Brinks guard, named Wes Patterson, who runs his own Christmas toy drive, Toys for Joy. Wes and a partner roll out their biggest Brinks armored car each year, and escorted by a convoy of exotic cars, they make their way to a Toys R Us store for the biggest toy shopping spree of the season. Safely guarded, these toys are distributed that day to children who might not have a reason to smile at Christmas. The car club members are like kids themselves as they fill their carts full of gifts. Speaking from the heart, they tell us that most of them remember the time when they, themselves were not as fortunate, and they want to help the community and the children in the best way they know how. These big-hearted people have also been seen rocketing people around a closed track at full throttle, in exchange for donations to Cops for Cancer. They’ve gotten together to take people for rides after surgery, donated car experiences for a Down Syndrome fundraiser, and made donations to countless other charities. Ghostrider and his car club are perfect examples of people who understand the importance of giving back. Parker will never forget his meeting with Ghostrider and the experience with the cars, and Ghostrider will not forget meeting Parker. Follow @Ghostriderto on Instagram or Twitter #Ghostriderto