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Tiny Frog Takes Bath In Bottle Cap25s

Tiny Frog Takes Bath In Bottle Cap

If there is one skill that is of the utmost importance in life, it’s to be able to take the bad times with the brightest smile you’ve ever had.A tiny frog taking a bath in a bottle cap broke the internet. Sally Weir and her daughter Lori DeBerry were out on a walk in Bristow, Oklahoma, USA, on July 19 when they spotted the adorable amphibian sitting on a lamppost. Aware that temperatures were set to reach a swelter 110 Fahrenheit, the pair of them offered the frog a drink of water from a bottle cap. However, what they didn’t imagine in their wildest dreams is that this frog might use the bottle cap for something other than a cup of water. The tiny amphibian simply jumped from the lamppost and landed smack dab in the middle of the bottle cap, wiggling its little body this way and that to make itself comfortable in this small diy pond. The smarts and the adorableness of this little critter were responsible for the virality of this video on social media. You have to admit it, it is quite precious. There are many sceptics out there that don’t want to believe in global warming. They might say that it’s all a scam, that it’s a ll created by a select few to keep the world living in the ultimate paranoia, but the truth is that global warming is here, and unless we man up and change our behavior from the roots upwards, we will be responsible for killing our planet. There is no second or third planet. It might take us years to find a good substitute, or we might never make it, but the problem isn’t in the availability or the stage of development of our space programs, but rather of the time we have left here on this ticking bomb we call home. It is true, governments can do a whole lot more to stop the process. From bans of single use plastics, to eradicating non renewable sources of electricity they can regulate each sphere of our society to help the world battle against the ever present pollution. It might not happen overnight, but it will pay off in the long run. Unfortunately, it’s not only their actions that should matter. The Earth citizens need to be taught a good lesson in ecology. It’s not okay to whine about government officials and their inactivity in ecology matters and then turn around and buy a plastic bottle of water. It’s important to rethink our own ways because in the end, it’s all 7 billion of us that are responsible for the state that we are living in. There are visible changes in the Earth’s behavioral patterns. There are less and less seasons in the world. It seems that we only experience scorching hot summers and freezing winters. Places where there used to be a lot of sun throughout the year are now drowning in monsoon-like flash floods. Hurricanes appear in the most unusual places and high temperatures are breaking the norm in places where it’s continuously chilly throughout the summer. The heat waves are responsible for numerous deaths throughout the northern parts of Europe and North America where average summer temperatures are in the 60-70 °F. Just think about it all before you grab your car keys or pay for the next bottled drink. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Wirehaired Pointer Makes Ridiculous Faces On Glass Door30s

Wirehaired Pointer Makes Ridiculous Faces On Glass Door

We all probably have a footage or two of us goofing off when we were young. It is shown on every occasion, be it a birthday or a family reunion. And the main culprits are your parents, of course. That is the case with this adorable doggo. This sweet dog named Walter seems to love licking the door glass and making his owner laugh. He is so focused on what he’s doing, he doesn’t even notice his human turning on the camera and sealing his fate for years to come. To be honest, we don’t think that Walter cares that much. He’s too content with making faces, he’s probably having the time of his life . Who cares if his owner is already planning on using this footage as a video that everybody laughs with? He will happily continue doing it. How many times have you heard someone saying that a baby is so cute that it hurts? It’s one of the funniest expression people use when they want to emphasize how adorable a baby is, but we wonder could we say the same for dogs? Well, we’re not entirely sure, but after watching this video, it does make some sense, at least from this dog’s perspective! LOL! Just take a look at this clip, and you’ll see what we mean. It shows the adorable dog Walter who stands on one side of the window glass and sniffs something on the floor, but when he raises his head and realizes that there is a glass in front of him, he begins with his antics at the exact moment when his owner stars filming him. He has a knack for being entertaining. When his owner switches on the camera, he shows his hilarious side as he starts licking this glass window from the inside and making funny faces at his human! OMG, just look at this dog! Probably, that is the most important thing, letting your dog enjoys life to the foolest. Licking the glass, eating dirt or just simply taking belly laughs to the next level. It’s important that they have fun by doing odd things no one understands, but they make perfect sense in their minds. And the most important thing to remember is to always carry a camera around. Just in case. Children just like animals never cease to amaze us. They can take the most ordinary thing ever, and create the best toy ever! For example, the adorable baby boy in this face is playing with a glass door, too. How do you do that? Well, you are about to find that out! If there were no toys in the house, this adorable baby boy would not have a problem with that! He is so creative, and of course, hilarious! On this particular day, he decided to play with a glass door. The baby boy presses his face against the glass and licks it fervently. You absolutely have to check out the funny faces he is making. They are hilarious! The baby boy is not alone though. He has his canine friend with him. But, the doggo is standing a little bit further away so he could see the comical performance.

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Funny Squirrel Is Eating A Very Delicious Nut13s

Funny Squirrel Is Eating A Very Delicious Nut

Can we begin an article with a hearty belly laugh? Is this squirrel trained? Is it performing from a script? We’ve all eaten that special confection that makes us float on clouds, but have you ever seen a human being actually keel over with pleasure? Granted, a wide gulf separates the culinary proclivities of the human species from the rodents, but many of us just love nuts. We don’t know what kind of nut this squirrel is eating, and we probably don’t have to know. In the wild, squirrels will find walnuts, butternuts, and especially acorns. Could it be the homeowner has treated this little friend to a gourmet macadamia, which go for, like 85 cents a nut? Ah, heaven…a chewy, tender, buttery, already shelled macadamia, imported from Hawaii. If you can’t afford to buy a plane ticket to Hawaii, and if American Airlines won’t let you on, anyway, because you’re a squirrel, then a macadamia is certainly the next best thing to actually begin there. Aloha! We see dried leaves and brown grass, so fall is coming. The squirrel is going to have to put on some weight to survive winter. But for now, let us rejoice in the euphoria of a fattening nut. Dessert if you’re a squirrel! She’s really hamming it up for the corporate “trust fall” stunt. Thankfully, the ground is soft, and she is light. Squirrels can fall off a second story building and not suffer injury, so landing on her back is no big deal. But it sure is funny! Considering how close the camera person is to the little gal, we get the sense these two have been previously acquainted. She is straight out of Peter Cottontail or The Wind in the Willows, or even Winnie the Pooh. It’s understandable how we can anthropomorphize mammals when they engage in such human-like behavior. See how her eyes narrow just before she falls back, the carefree spreading of the legs, and not even bothering to get back up after falling over. What wonderful fortune to be able to capture such extraordinarily droll demonstrations in nature. Most of us would be content to get close enough to hand feed a wild animal, much less to have one perform for us so comically. This video is another example of just how “human” our animal friends can be, and it serves to bring us closer, more sympathetic to the natural world we are part of, instead of apart from. It hasn’t been until the modern age of personal cameras that such personality is captured. In previous centuries, squirrels would have taken wooden, impersonal imagery, something to be killed and eaten. A whole new understanding emerges because of our ability to reach out to the animal kingdom. Everything from gorillas protecting fallen human children at zoos, to elephants stepping carefully over the tortoise in its path, to playing chimpanzees and examples of inter-species bonding, like the hippopotamus and the giant tortoise, a new era is in the offing which brings the circle of life a little more closely knit family.

German Shepherd Finds Her Owner Wherever She Might Hide40s

German Shepherd Finds Her Owner Wherever She Might Hide

In ancient times, dogs helped our ancestors hunt for mammoth and toothed tigers. Dog teams bare the credit naturalists, geologists and other adventure-seekers ventured into expeditions and conquest of the Arctic and Antarctic. In the world of today, many dogs live a comfortable couch life next to their beloved owners and we are grateful to them for the company. And what a company it is! Watch how a German Shepard dog follows her owner wherever she may go! It is not following in the literal sense, she manages to find her using her scent and her magnificent hearing regardless of how hard she tries to hide from him. Watch the video at the top of the page! Among other things, people love to show off their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of the top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. Gracie is a young German Shepherd(ess) who loves to be in the company of her lady. Part from the regular stroll around the neighborhood Gracie and her owner love to play the oldest children’s game in the world: hide and seek. This talented German Shepherd always indulges her owner giving her enough time and space to hide, but, let us be realistic, wit the breed properties in this canines CV the poor lady stands no chance! Weather the owner hides under the bed, or behind the sofa, Gracie finds her in a jiffy! Good girl, Gracie! The German Shepherd has over the past few decades become perhaps the most famous dog breed in the world due to its universal application in many spheres of human life, as well as numerous films and film series in which this breed participates. The dog is the man's best friend, everyone knows this for many years. However, there are not just friends, but real rescuers of human lives. Some breeds, the German Shepherd especially, are better than others to be trained for first aid in any extreme situations. They use their seeker instinct, hearing and smell to find people entrapped under snow or collapsed buildings and rescue them. The German Shepherd is a work breed and primarily a service dog, who must have a balanced mind, a restrained character and a quick reaction to outside stimuli. Representatives of the breed adequately react to strangers and typically do not start fights with other dogs. They are able to quickly assess the situation, listen carefully to their master and only then react. German Shepherds show friendliness and attention to all members of the family, they are renowned for their patience with smaller children. German Shepherds are very attached to their masters and are ready to protect his or her life, even if they need to sacrifice their own in return. They have instinctive grasp of their perimeter and their watch-dog instinct compels them to take immediate action should someone trespasses in order to eliminate the threat. If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

Rottweiler Purrs And Gives Kisses During Cuddling Time With Owner17s

Rottweiler Purrs And Gives Kisses During Cuddling Time With Owner

A heartwarming video has emerged of a massive Rottweiler pooch purring and giving kisses during cuddle time with owner. Their night time routine is guaranteed to melt your heart. Judging by the excitement blinking from dog’s eyes it is obvious that he loves his owner so much, that he can't spend a minute without him! Adorable footage shows Max sleeping on owner’s chests, thoroughly enjoying his nighttime cuddles as he growls with excitement. Reportedly, this is his number one hobby and he is absolutely obsessed with it. Judging by the blissful reactions to owner scratching his belly, this dog is having the time of his life! Maybe, the belly is Max’s sweet spot, but nonetheless, this needy pooch is definitely crazy for his buddy! Do you have a sweet spot ? You know, that one spot on your entire body which, when touched or scratched, sends shivers down your spine and makes you melt down into a puddle on the floor? Of course, you do, we all have them. It is just that we don’t actually meltdown and splatter on the ground, unlike this affectionate pooch! Cuteness overload! With dogs, it is an entirely different story. If you ever had the honor to give a dog a nice, loving scratch on the chin or behind the ears, you probably know what we are talking about. Some dogs thump their hind legs in the air when you scratch their bellies and it is the most hilarious thing to watch. In reality, it isn’t so much a signal of enjoyment, but rather an involuntary reflex; their brains register these belly scratches as if they are irritants or bugs. There is no harm there though. Max here, has a sweet spot right on the belly and naturally, he loves having it scratched. Whenever his owner lies down on the couch for some down time, Max makes a pillow out of owner’s body and hopes for some relaxation time for himself. The moment the belly-scratching begins, Max starts purring and growling in the sweetest manner. He is simply so excited that his owner is being so generous with the scratches, that he gets the tingling sensation travel all over his body that makes him lose his cool, so he starts making weird noises and starts pulling out his tongue, covering owner’s face with endless wet kisses . It’s a fair share! Who can resist those wet kisses? With an arm outstretched, the man pets his dog and Max is loving every moment of it. Watch as he squints his eyes with pleasure and swoons his face a bit towards owner’s face, sticking out his tongue to insert wet kisses on man’s cheeks. Oh, this is good! That’s the spot! Keep scratching! I’m loving it! So good, in fact, that she finally gives into the temptation and just splatters herself on the floor, perpendicular to the couch that holds the hand that gives such delightful scratches and waits for the treatments to continue. She even makes sure the hand doesn’t go away, so she places one paw on top, securing the scratcher in place. Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever? Every dog has a sweet spot which sends them into fits of nirvana, giving them a vibrating sensation all over their entire body, making them shiver. Usually, it is right on the belly and when scratched, they stomp their foot in the air or twitch their tails. It is both adorable and hilarious to witness, forcing us to keep scratching that spot. What a bonding activity that is, owner and pet, scratching their worries away. However, this dog’s reaction to owner hitting his sweet spot is much more different than with other dogs. He makes the most adorable growling sounds when scratched on the belly. Just check this sweet pooch who was sent into the sweetest nirvana when owner hit the spot! Incredible! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Stick-Loving Dog Won't Leave Without Entire Fallen Tree Trunk54s

Stick-Loving Dog Won't Leave Without Entire Fallen Tree Trunk

We all know that dogs like the simple pleasures in life. All they need to be happy is a bowl of kibble, the walks down the street, those frequent trips to the dog park and of course, their favorite toys! Just like kids, dogs have their own favorite toys and they all differ. Some like a ball, other a good leather shoe. But if someone were to ask this pooch what his favorite toy was, you would be amazed at his megalomaniac response! Do you want to go out for a little while and play with your dog? All you need is any toy you can get, a stick, or a rope. You hold the plaything at one end, and the dog - at another, and each party pulls to their side. Just do not forget that this is a game, and your efforts should be aimed at having fun. If you are not much into the tug-of-war thing, why not take your dog out for a walk in the woods? There are so many interesting and luring things out there a dog can find interesting: animal scents, squirrels, dry leaves to frolic in and sticks, oh, so many sticks to play fetch with. However, not all sticks are “in the mood” for playing with your canine, some of them, do what you may - they just won’t budge! Watch the video to find out more! Instead of a favorite doggy toy, Zion LOVES sticks. This walk in the woods with his owners has earned this German Shepherd the ultimate prize, but he can't seem to get it! Hilarious! Dog sees stick – dog takes a stick and what a stick it is! Encouraged by his owner, Zion tries to take an entire trunk of a fallen tree into his mouth and play fetch! The urge is so great that you can hear him squealing, begging his owner for a helping hand, and truth be told, she is not helping poor Zion to dispel the illusion. After many, many futile attempts poor zealous stick lover must go. C'est la vie! If you are into dogs playing fetch, tug-of-war and other dogged thingies, take a look of another video where Golden Retriever reluctantly shares a stick with German Shepherd puppy . A patient and gentle English cream Golden Retriever shares his stick with a playful German shepherd puppy. The puppy loves to chew, crunch and munch on the stick while the Golden Retriever holds it for him! Pets are love and pets are life. Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny the fact that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, figuratively speaking. All pets are wonderful, but if there is one species that is able to turn up the party, then it’s definitely our canine friends. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Restaurant Manager Feeds Homeless Man Rather Than Giving Him The Boot1m09s

Restaurant Manager Feeds Homeless Man Rather Than Giving Him The Boot

A society is healthy and good all until most individuals in it uphold the values of the entire society, like this kindhearted fast food restaurant manager who provides a homeless man with a meal rather than giving him the boot. This the heartwarming moment when a fast food manager shows the world it can be a better a place. A kindhearted fast food restaurant manager has chosen to befriend and feed a homeless man rather than move him along – much to the approval of the scores of people who since witnessed footage of the loving moment. Christopher James, 32, captured the footage as restaurant manager Meredith kneeled down, eye-to-eye with the gentleman, before shaking his hand and providing him with a complimentary meal and drink. With the homeless man setting up to sell CD’s outside her store and a line of cars in the drive-through, the Chick-Fil-A restaurant manager took the time to show compassion. The manageress in Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, Kentucky, could have called police or got a security guard to move him along. She could have just ignored him and got on with her day. Good Samaritan Meredith, however, who is favored by her frequent diners due to her consistent courteous and kindhearted nature, decided to forgo these rules, helping the man for what would become a wildly viral clip. Comments also soon came flooding in, claiming that this was not out of character for the fast food restaurant manager. Random acts of kindness are mindful of attempts to beautify somebody else’s day by doing something nice, good and showing your concern. Kindness is a way to show others that they can count on you and that even when the world around has turned a deaf ear you are willing to stand in defense of good. In this line, take a look of how police officer buys meal for homeless man after being called to fast food restaurant . An encounter between a South Carolina police officer and a homeless man in a fast food restaurant ended in the most heartwarming way after the officer bought the homeless man a meal on Saturday, May 26. Officers from the Horry County Police Department responded to a call from a customer complaining about a homeless man asking for scraps of food at Hardee’s restaurant in Surfside Beach. When an officer showed up, he asked the homeless man if he was hungry and bought the man two cheeseburgers. Hardee’s employee Victoria Paige Summer shared a clip of the encounter to Facebook on May 26. Speaking to local media, she said the man had been “sticking around” the restaurant and employees had been buying him food and letting him spend time inside the restaurant. The clip had earned over 118,000 views at the time of writing. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Young singer with rare disease sings for cancer patients while hospitalized4m37s

Young singer with rare disease sings for cancer patients while hospitalized

A hospital can seem like a sterile and sometimes gloomy place, but one patient is lifting the mood at Duke Hospital with his own music. Music has taken the place of food for Dustin Chapman, 21, of Whiteville, because he hasn't been able to eat or drink normally for months. Chapman has a rare disease called Achalasia, where the esophagus muscles basically quit functioning. To cope, Chapman is using his talent to encourage himself and countless others who listen. A video shared on Facebook of Chapman singing and playing his original song "Lead the Way" on the piano at Duke inspired more than 3,300 shares within a few days. Three years ago, Chapman's condition required surgery on his esophagus. For 18 months, he could eat anything he wanted, but now Duke doctors are trying different things to enable him to be able to swallow food and liquids. "In 2017, all my problems started coming back," said Chapman. While he and his family wait for answers, Chapman found his best therapy was at one of the few pianos in the hospital. Chapman's performance at the Duke Cancer Center this month got rave reviews. "I had cancer patients coming up to me, and they were just crying, and they were like, 'That was probably therapeutic for you, but we needed that just as much as you did,'" said Chapman. "It was very rewarding." Chapman is a music major student at Catawba College. He says he enjoys writing and performing his own gospel and country songs.

The Kingdom Choir Performing ‘Stand By Me’ Has Never Sounded Better47s

The Kingdom Choir Performing ‘Stand By Me’ Has Never Sounded Better

The Royal Wedding was one of the biggest events of the year and a host of musical performances helped make the big day a memorable one.The marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was a powerful moment in the British history. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot at St George’s Chapel, in Windsor Castle and while the monarchy and its traditions have never been a place of progressiveness, Meghan and Harry's wedding included some surprising and powerful moments. One was the sermon from Michael Curry, the bishop of the Episcopal Church, who referenced Martin Luther King Jr. and slavery in his words to the British royalty, and the other was one unique group of men and women who had the honor of performing at their wedding. Who can forget their stunning rendition of "Stand By Me" at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding in May? They are called the Kingdom Choir and they are a Christian gospel group who mixes choral discipline with the raw Gospel spiritual sound. The choir is made up of a group of British artists dedicated to creating a sound that demonstrates the community they share, and has been performing both nationally and internationally for over 20 years. At the Royal Wedding the choir performed the classic “Stand By Me”. The Kingdom Choir performed this evergreen song in front of an estimated global TV audience of 1.9 billion people at the royal wedding. There is no doubt the singers were truly honored to be invited to sing at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It must have been an exciting experience to be taking part in such a historic moment - a moment that it will be always treasured. The gospel ensemble performed the classic track Stand By Me, which Harry and Meghan had requested. Then the royal couple gave their feedback, leading to at least 10 different versions before they arrived at the perfect arrangement which means that Harry does know his music. Getting that original feel was obviously very important to him. The Royal Wedding featured a black preacher and the esteemed Kingdom Choir. We are in awe of the black girl magic and Wakanda realness that went on at the wedding. Their performance later topped the US gospel chart, while the YouTube video has been watched three million times. The London-based choir, which features 30 singers, was formed in 1994 by award-winning conductor Karen Gibson who is the founder of the choir. She is a gospel conductor herself and directs The kingdom Choir. Karen has previously provided backing vocals for acts such as Grace Kennedy and The Beautiful South. The choir’s debut recording is set to be released on 2 November and will include Stand By Me, the song that catapulted them to fame. Who would have expected a mega record deal with Sony… and they had thought that they would only have a lovely time at the wedding and maybe have a bit of a platform, but then the deal happened. They would never have thought it in a million years.

Hair Dryer Nearly Puts Bunny To Sleep After Bath29s

Hair Dryer Nearly Puts Bunny To Sleep After Bath

This cuddly bunny is about as relaxed as it can get! This amusing video was captured as a rabbit was given a quick blow-dry by its owner. The bunny named Holly is all stretched out and flat on her back as she enjoys the warmth of the hair dryer after its bath. This rabbit almost looks like she is having a relaxing spa day. Even the loud sound of the hair dryer doesn't seem to faze her. This rabbit appears to be a very calm animal and it's absolutely adorable. What most people don't realize is that the rabbits behavior is an instinctive coping mechanism that it uses to deal with a predatory attack. When you place a rabbit on its back, it will often go into an almost a trance-like state. This state is referred to as tonic immobility. In more simple terms, when a rabbit is in a stressful situation it will often "play dead" By appearing limp and motionless, the rabbit can sometimes fool the predator into believing that it's already dead. This could give the bunny a good chance to escape. The physical process is amazing because the rabbit will even lower its breathing rate to appear as still as possible. The blood pressure will also drop during this time. How amazing that nature has given the rabbit this unique ability to save itself when in peril. Some pet owners have used this natural reaction to make it easier to clip their bunny's nails. You must be careful when placing a rabbit in this position, as the animal could injure it's back when it attempts to turn itself over. Rabbits make terrific pets and they should never be purchased as a novelty pet at Easter. People need to understand that owning a rabbit is quite a commitment as rabbits can live 7 to 10 years. You will be responsible for their care and health just like any other pet. They should be examined by a vet on occasion and when they encounter any ailments. Rabbits can coexist with other pets in the family. It's important that you supervise their playtime when they are out of their cages or rabbit hutches. They are generally a very calm animal and quite friendly and affectionate. They are even used as therapy animals in some hospitals and nursing homes. To keep your rabbit healthy it's important to maintain a good diet and you should also allow for some daily exercise if at all possible. Some pet owners have even trained their rabbits to walk on a harness just like a dog. Maybe you would be able to walk your bunny through the local park? That would certainly be an amazing sight. When it comes to dental care, rabbits have teeth that are open-rooted which means they grow constantly during their lives. You should always try to provide a high fiber diet for your bunny. It often helps to give them branches and fibrous twigs to gnaw on. Certainly this particular bunny is well looked after and quite pampered, just as it should be. Do you also own a cute pet rabbit? Feel free to leave your comments below and please share this video with your friends.

Maids of honor sing Justin Bieber parody toast2m58s

Maids of honor sing Justin Bieber parody toast

When these two maids of honor finished their speech and raised a glass, everyone thought they were done. Then... this happened. And everybody went nuts! A few pieces of relevant background info to understand the song better: These newlyweds dated for 11 years, starting when the bride was 15 years old. Her brother, Bryce, hated the idea because they were (and still are) best friends. And "Layla" is their dog!

Adorable 2-Year-Old Preciously Says Her ABC's1m07s

Adorable 2-Year-Old Preciously Says Her ABC's

This cute little girl reciting her ABC's is the absolute cutest video you will see today. Enjoy! The parent-child relationship is a figure eight that feeds the other side that feeds the other side that feeds the other side, and on it goes, forever. The child tries so hard to please her father, and the bond, it might be observed, is especially immutable in the father-daughter relationship. Though we may not know exactly what it means, we have heard in popular wisdom that we can tell the success of a marriage if we know what kind of relationship the daughter had with her father. A strongly positive experience means the daughter will know her own mind and seek healthy, rather than abusive relationships throughout life. A daughter whose affections weren’t rewarded early in life will grow into a woman who attaches to abusive men. Whether that is a proven law of developmental psychology, don’t you think that a healthy adulthood is predicated on a healthy father-child dynamic? Of course! For one thing, there is an extra burden on humans to learn more than just love . We have to learn complex communication skills. We’re not talking grunts, but symbolic reasoning. It’s a fact that a great part of the human brain is distinctive for its ability to learn a language in the form of speaking, reading, and writing. Yes, we may begin life by simply repeating language elements, but even the babbling pre-verbal child will string sounds together in novel combinations just for its intrinsic reward, for reasons as much biological as they are social. Even the hand-signing gorilla Koko, who passed away this past June was significant for learning a skill atypical of all hairy apes, whether gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan , etc. There is even a fair amount of skepticism as to Koko’s abilities. For one thing, Koko’s signing had to be interpreted through a trainer, Francine Patterson. The language Koko learned was modified from American Sign Language (ASL), but not true ASL. Koko was reported to be able to sign about 1,000 words, but in every case, it was Koko’s handler who did the interpreting. People will very quickly learn to communicate without the intercession of our parents. Most school children would prefer it if their parents stayed out of their school life. Can you imagine a parent saying “What he really means is…” at your job interview? We can’t tell just from this video if the little girl is a prodigy (although most parents attribute special intelligence to their own children), but she’s definitely getting the hang of the basics. Observe how her father rewards her successes. The fortunate little girl doesn’t have to be perfect to receive praise from her proud daddy. It is enough that she tries. She is well on her way. We can be assured that this time next year, the girl will be reading Shakespearean sonnets and performing integral calculations. Ok, so we’re overestimating the typical child’s abilities just a wee bit. But it’s probably safe to reason that this tot is a cute kid with a bright future ahead of her.

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Farming Machines Work In Harmony To Harvest Crops1m27s

Farming Machines Work In Harmony To Harvest Crops

Almost everything we eat started out on a farm somewhere. Whether it's the bread for our sandwich, the milk in our glass, the vegetables in our salad, or the steak on the BBQ, almost all food gets to our plates because farmers somewhere put in the hard work to grow it. We often forget the beginning when we look at the end result. We wander the aisles in our favorite grocery stores as we fill our carts with packaged food, as well as fresh produce. But, if we really understood the expertise and the effort it takes to produce it, would we appreciate it more? Would we be less likely to complain about the price? If we remembered that many countries don't have the rich soil and ideal growing conditions that we enjoy in North America, would we grasp that it's not a serious problem when our favorite fruit is out of season? A team of farmers works together to harvest a crop of wheat in this video. One of them drives the combine with the rotary thresher on the front, while another drives the tractor with a grain bin pulled behind. Off to the side and out of sight, a third farmer drives a truck with a storage bin on the back that takes the harvested grain to where it will be sold. Yet another assists with the transitions and provides mechanical assistance as the machines are partially dismantled so they can be moved from one field to another. This team of hard working men will repeat this process as they move across the Township from one property to another, collecting their crops. The farmers are under time pressures to get the harvest done as quickly as possible. They are at the mercy of the weather and bad timing could mean that their harvest gets rained on and potentially spoiled. A drone, launched in the air over this Ontario farm, captures the beauty of the harvest from above and shows how two farmers work precisely alongside each other in a very impressive fashion. They are as smooth as a highly tuned machine. The combine continues along the row, threshing the wheat but the farmer has moved his grain chute out and a second farmer pulls up alongside, pulling a grain bin. Experience has taught him exactly where to position his tractor and how fast to pull it. The combine to his right spills the grain into his bin without slowing down. When the row is finished, the tractor returns to the edge of the field to offload the crop. The combine operator doesn't miss a beat and he spins to his right, beginning another row of wheat. Time is money and their living hangs in the balance as they work fluidly to get the job done. If we all had to try our hand at growing food, we would have a new and deeper appreciation for the men and women who produce it for us. Hats off to the people that work so hard to feed our country!

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Bears Take Over Family’s Backyard For 10 Years1m35s

Bears Take Over Family’s Backyard For 10 Years

Every summer for the past ten Christine Downs and her family have had summer guests. And not any guests: 400 pound, hairy, hungry, brazen summer guests. They do not have great manners. They make huge mess. And each year they bring more and more friends and family. Christine and her family have gotten used to watching their bear visitors each day during the summer. The bears have been seen frolicking in the hot tub, cooling off in the sprinklers, and teasing the family dogs. Bears are extraordinarily intelligent animals. They have far superior navigation skills to humans; excellent memories; large brain to body ratio; and use tools in various contexts from play to hunting. Bears were often honored in the cultures of many early civilizations. They were seen as a symbol of power, strength, and love. “It is one thing when you go out of town and your kids have a party, it is a different thing when you go out of town and your bears have a party,” says Christine. The family always keeps safe distance, never forgetting that their guests are wild animals. If you love bears as much as we do, you would just love the next video of bear taking a pleasure dip in the backyard pool . It is not every day you see a brown bear casually dipping into the perfectly cleaned and ready to use the swimming pool in the backyard. But, well, here we are! This big guy just wanted to take a chilling dip in one of your expensive household amenities just because it was on the map of the deforested part of his former neighborhood. From what we can see in the video, this bear seems to enjoy and marvel at the invention of fake clean ponds. Why haven’t bears think of swimming pools first? But, there is a completely different psychological profile of a bear featuring in this video> a true bon viveur! A brown bear is caught on camera wandering into the backyard of a manor in Pasadena. The dog, Jackson, started barking as he did when someone or some animal comes into the immaculately kept backyard! The owner went to the balcony outside of the bedroom and saw the bear wandering around the pool. He climbed in the pool and swam for a few minutes. He then climbed over the back fence into the neighbor's yard and climbed into a tree and hung out there for about 30 minutes. Who wouldn’t after such a chilling dip! Bears are known even historically to approach remote houses surrounded by forests and steal food. They are depicted in children’s books as cute fluffy chubby creatures typically sitting next to a beehive and having dipped one front paw in the sweet substance while the bees around are protesting. There are examples of black bears caught on camera targeting bird feeder. There are other sightings of black bears frequenting in civilization. And this mustn’t be considered unusual because we the people share our habitat with bears, especially in forested areas where black bears live. They have no other place to call home, with the exception of places like zoos and circuses which are not and cannot ever be called home to any wildlife species.

German Shepherd Has A Lot Of Fun In A Water Park55s

German Shepherd Has A Lot Of Fun In A Water Park

Our favorite season of the year is summer because of the warm weather, the vacation, and the endless fun. We really enjoy the warm weather because it's the perfect atmosphere to do outdoor activities. ... When summertime starts, you can wear lighter clothes, which are much more comfortable. Summer is awesome! The days are longer, drinks with umbrellas, add a maraschino cherry or a slice of pineapple, and you’re practically in the tropics. There is ice cream, outdoors films, and festivals, don’t forget about traveling and the best for the last beaches, lakes and water parks! It is the time of year when outdoor pools and water parks roll up the welcome mat and take a few months off. But there is always one last chance for your dogs to get in on the fun. Submerging your body completely in water to the point of weightlessness feels remedial. Plus, regardless of whether your pleasure is the sea, a stream or the city pool, there's nothing very like chilling in a substantial waterway on a hot day. Just like this playful German Shepard knows how to enjoy a hot summer day! This happy pup goes crazy when there’s water around. Anything to stay cool! He loves playing with the water and he is having so much fun! This is one summer day well spent! Pets are love and pets are life. Regardless of whether you like them or not, you can't deny the way that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, metaphorically. All pets are brilliant, however in the event that there are one animal groups that can turn up the gathering, at that point, it's certainly our canine companions. Does your dog loves having fun in a water park ? This dog has so much fun! He goes over and over again under the water in circles! The German Shepherd Dog is a characteristic defender thus versatile and astute that he has performed pretty much every occupation known to canine. In the event that he had opposable thumbs, he would be relentless. The abilities of this breed go far beyond its origin as a herding dog. The German Shepherd requires an active lifestyle and makes for an ideal companion and protector. The German Shepherd is extremely defensive and gave to its family and home, keeping up a suspicious and unapproachable disposition around outsiders. It can be overwhelming and decisive towards pooches, however, it is typically amicable with different pets in the home. The German Shepherd is a colossally adaptable canine, showing a sharp knowledge while obediently playing out its undertakings. They are one of the best breeds to have around family and babies! They are protective, fun and lovable! Let’s give you some proof of just how adorable they are! This amazing and adorable German Shepard takes a selfie with owner on her command ! As you can see in this video, this lovely owner has taught their German Shepard to actually take selfies with her. On her command, the lovely puppy puts her front two feet on her owners back and even gives the camera a tiny smile as she gets ready for the photo. So adorable!

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Rescue Bears Find Love At First Sight At Sanctuary 1m42s

Rescue Bears Find Love At First Sight At Sanctuary

Remember Tomi, Pashuk and Gijna, the bears that swiped the Internet deemed as “Europe’s saddest”? Well, Riku is one of those lucky reused wild animals recuperating in the sanctuaries across Europe. His life story turns out to be a happy one in the end. He has lately fallen in love with the first bear he had seen ever in his entire life, at the rescue sanctuary, after spending the first couple of years alone, literally bound to a pole with a rusty iron chain. When the animal rescue teams arrived at a village located high in the mountains of south-east Albania in search for a young bear that was believed to be in “immediate danger”, they were struck by a heart-breaking sight. A two-year-old bear cub was fettered to the embankment of a derelict windowless shed with little more than a meter of metal chain to maneuver with, visibly distressed and in an unvarying panic to free itself. The cub had never seen another bear before. The animal rescue team transported the bear – later named Riku – to the “Dancing Bears Animal Rescue Park”, in Belishta, Bulgaria, for urgent rehabilitation. Riku arrived at the park on May 5, 2017, and was slowly introduced to his natural surroundings, but he had to stay a bit isolated until he was grown enough to be introduced to the older bears. Just over a year later, after several months of “touching noses” through the fence of their separate enclosures, Riku was introduced to Gabriella, a 22-year-old three-pawed bear, rescued from the Bulgarian circus. Once acquainted with one another, the couple has “not stopped playing with each other since”, often touching one another tenderly and spending all of their time together. The animal rescue team from the shelter were very excited and proud to have acted as the agent of a new romantic relationship just before the end of the bear mating season in July. The bears are reported to spend all time together and from their first encounter. Even though introducing two bears for the first time can be really nerve-wracking, Riku’s and Gabriella’s meeting was magical. Both of the bears wanted to spend time with each other and all the time, from their very meeting, as if they had been old acquaintances. Riku and Gabriella never stop touching one another or playing together, they were and are totally inseparable. If Riku wants to swim in the pond, Gabriella would follow; if Gabriella feels like having a quick snack Riku is the one to immediately offer his company. Soon, they will be moved together into a bigger enclosure where they will likely live with more of the bears . “The Dancing Bear Park” is a harbor after wreck for many different kinds of afflicted bears: blind, deaf, injured, and the rescue team are very particular about which bears they choose to introduce. Afflicted bears coming from thirteen different countries and the entire project depends on the political climate for animal welfare in order to prevent animal suffering in the future. This is a large project that receives no government funding – it’s only with the help of kind donors and supporter that they can continue to help animals.

Man in T-Rex costume helps catch massive catfish1m18s

Man in T-Rex costume helps catch massive catfish

While out noodling in Kansas, this guy attempts to catch a catfish with the help of the River Bottom Brothers. They knew of a spot that usually has pretty good sized catfish under big slabs of rocks. Check it out as he's able to catch a 35 lb flathead catfish while wearing a T-Rex costume!

Yoga Instructing Parrot Demonstrates Relaxing Poses2m34s

Yoga Instructing Parrot Demonstrates Relaxing Poses

Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking, doing animal sound imitations and acting silly. He also enjoys singing and dancing in some of his video compilations. With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot’s videos will keep you entertained for hours! At first glance, it is obvious that Einstein is actually stretching and not doing actual yoga moves. However, he is as skilled and as graceful as any Yogi. Parrots stretch for the same reasons people do. It lubricates the joints, it releases tension, and it feels good! Parrots spend 24 hours a day on their feet. They never sit down like a chicken or a duck. Don't worry, their anatomy is designed for this, however, stretching is essential. If you own a parrot, or even if you don't, you can enjoy yoga together! Both beginner and advanced students of yoga will enjoy a good stretch. New to yoga? No worries! Einstein will guide you! These exercises are designed to give yourself some quality time, make you more flexible and calm. Yoga workouts are unique as they connect movements of the body to our mind and the rhythm of our breath. Join Einstein and become a student of yoga! During the course of this yoga session, Einstein offers encouragement and says, “God bless you” and “There you go!”. Concluding, he offers “Funny chicken” and a substitute for the traditional greeting, “Namaste”. If you enjoyed watching this video of Einstein doing yoga, then you’ll enjoy this video too, “ Flexible parrot demonstrates birdie yoga moves .” Einstein will have you turning towards Zen to help relax, become more peaceful and relieve the stress in your life. Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: “To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship.” Einstein's website is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. As previously mentioned, Einstein is popular on many social media sites such as YouTube @einsteinparrot, Instagram @einsteinparrot, Twitter @einsteinparrot, and Facebook @einsteintexanparrot. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. A parrot such as Einstein can live to be 50 or 60 years old. Many larger parrots like Macaws can live to be 100 years old. They all require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive, a large cage is an investment and plenty of play perches to spend their out of cage time. Specialized veterinarian care is also required. Most of all they require your companionship and a forever home. Many people decide after the first few years of parrot ownership that the responsibility is too great and the parrots become neglected and sometimes abandoned. When that happens they are sent to parrot rescue facilities to be adopted by a new family or some spend their lives in sanctuaries. It is often said, “Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!” Music: “Fresh_Fallen_Snow” from YouTube Audio Library.

Golden Retriever Chills Out During Head Massage12s

Golden Retriever Chills Out During Head Massage

People have loved and pampered their pets since time immemorial, but the first written records of animal massage appear in ancient Greece. The philosopher Arrhenius claimed that the animal becomes much healthier and more enduring to the development of various diseases. Nowadays, many animal stores offer this service for pets. And this should not come as a surprise, because for many health conditions the massage administered as a supplement or the main therapeutic with ample positive effects. And the dogs simply love it and get addicted to it, like humans would, because, as people say that, over time, dogs start to resemble their owners, both in looks and in behavior. Whether it’s the animals that start imitating their humans, or the humans start to identify themselves with their dogs, it doesn’t matter, there are so many similarities between us it is simply a fact that cannot be neglected. Take a look, for example, at the video on the top of the page showing a dog enormously enjoying the head massage administered by her owner. Massage has a preventive and curative effect on the human body. But, it is not only people who experience the positive effects of a properly executed massage. There is such a thing as massage for animals and it also has a beneficial effect on the animal organism and the well-being of the animal’s internal organs. Today, we will see a short video of a massage administered on a dog. This procedure can either be medical - an excellent supplement to the main treatment, which contributes to a more rapid recovery of a weakened organism or purely relaxing and addictive , just like the one given to the hero in our video on the top of the page. This is Cruize, the Golden Retriever who enjoys receiving relaxing head massages. Look at the faces it makes; it clearly loves to have its fluffy head massaged. You see a dog in heaven! We cannot decide if Cruize is super cute or super funny, having seen that golden butterfly spread in a close up on the camera, but one thing is for certain: we do wish we were in Cruize’s place receiving a good head massage. this goldie’s owner clearly knows what he is doing, does it very skillfully and obviously on a regular basis, otherwise, the pooch wouldn’t have been so hooked. Who wouldn’t be hooked by such a good massage administered with such tenderness and care? If you have any pets in your household, and if you want them to enjoy themselves as much as Ginger here does, you might think of trying this yourself. Here are some additional benefits of the massage: it helps the muscular and skeletal system, it accelerates the metabolic processes in the body and increases blood circulation, which better nourishes the muscles with oxygen, the vigorous grinding releases histamine which dilates the blood capillaries, it decreases fear in anxious dogs and calms down hyperactive dogs. If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

Dad scares daughter to tears with Grim Reaper prank1m29s

Dad scares daughter to tears with Grim Reaper prank

Wait patiently while the anticipation leads to what will be an epic scream and fright of a ten-year-old daughter and her giggling father. Not to worry, this young girl (now 12-years-old) thinks it's funny and isn't scarred at all by this encounter!

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