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How To Easily Make Delicious Apple Fritters1m19s

How To Easily Make Delicious Apple Fritters

Learn how to make this divine treat in this super simple recipe tutorial. This is one of the simplest recipes out there as the recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes. Check it out! Apple fritters are bread flavored and fried dessert. They can be made in large sizes and small bite-sizes. One thing is for sure though people love them but they are very difficult to make. They are moist in the center sometimes added apples inside too. The edges of the apple fritters are sometimes crunchy but with a soft center. Most people will sprinkle a little bit of powdered sugar on top of them which adds a level of sweetness to the apple fritters . The first thing you did to make this recipe is decide which apples you would like to use such as green apples or red apples. Most of the time people use green apples because of the tartness. You want to cut the apples in a smaller julienne size and place them in a medium to large bowl depending on how many apple fritters you intend on making. Then crack one full egg over the apples. At one teaspoon of vanilla extract to the bowl. At this time you want to add one cup of flour to the bowl. Then you want to add a third cup of sugar to the bowl and the rest of the ingredients. After all ingredients are in the bowl you want to mix the items. Some people use a spoon or fork to help with mixing the ingredients. You can have a pot of oil for cooking or frying the apple fritters. In order to get the fritters into a mold two spoons are utilized to create a oval or round apple fritter. Slide the apple fritter into the hot oil. Expect that some of the oil Splash out of the pot and make the necessary safety adjustments if so. Once the apple fritters are a golden brown scoop them out with a slotted spoon. The apple fritters need to drain or be placed in a container that will absorb some of the outer oil that is attached to the apple fritters. In this case the person is folding a newspaper cone to put the apple fritters into. Once you have your container place your apple fritters in there and sprinkle powdered sugar on them. They are best served hot as they will be the most flavorful at that time. However, they can most certainly be enjoyed anytime of the day and are not bad to eat when they are cold especially if you were going to put something on top of them or dip them into rather than simply powdered sugar. Some people decide to create a dipping sauce to go with the apple fritters. While there are a variety of different things that you can dip the apple fritters into a majority of people choose syrup or homemade jellies and jams. These apple fritters are low in calorie and fat unless you decide to create a sauce for them to go into then you want to be careful about the added sugar to such a snack.

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Emotional Newfoundland Gives Tolerant Cat A Tongue Bath1m00s

Emotional Newfoundland Gives Tolerant Cat A Tongue Bath

Are dogs and cats mortal enemies by instinct or by nature? The answer to this question is crystal clear with how this Newfoundland and this kitty treat each other, interacting in a symbiotic way. While watching this video, one can’t help relating it to a scene in the movie, Shrek. In one of the sequels of Shrek, at the scene where Fiona, Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots fell into a river and they were totally soaked, you will get reminded of what Puss said to Donkey: “May I borrow your tongue?” Puss in boots was clever – Donkey’s tongue will do the work quickly as compared to him licking his coat by himself. In this video, one may wonder – did the kitty ask the same request as Puss in Boots did? Or, is the kitty a tolerant feline just giving way to the desires of the Newfoundland who took pleasure in kissing the cat? There is no enough clue to conclude whether the kitty is annoyed but stayed patient and tolerant. The kitty’s eyes were closed so it is difficult to spot an indication that she is irritated or at least uncomfortable. In addition, the kitty also did not move which could have given a hint of whether she is irked or upset. On the other hand, there is neither a conclusive act of the kitty to show that what is going on is something it enjoys. Talk about wet kisses ! Nonetheless, it is better to take the scene in tune with the second possibility – the cat wished to be groomed and the Newfoundland granted kitty’s wishes with zest. Perhaps, the cat told the dog: “Can you please groom my head because my tongue cannot reach this part of my body? We would appreciate it much if you will.” Then the friendly dog replied: “At your service, my dear. After all, I enjoy giving my tongue muscular exercises so it will stay strong.” Look, for the entire duration of the video, the dog was licking on the cat’s head while the cat stayed motionless. This scene is one of those pieces of evidence that dogs and cats are not by nature enemies. They can deal with each other well – they can live together promoting symbiosis. After watching this video, what lingers in the mind of the watcher is the reflection that mortal enemies do not exist because of their natural tendencies or by instinct. If someone irks you by just a glance of his or her face or simply by hearing this person’s name and you do not know the reason why, then it is time to make a deeper reflection. Enemies are created or produced by certain circumstances surrounding the concerned individuals – there is a reason behind such hate that is burning within. Whether that reason is reasonable is a vital question to ask. If a dog and a cat that are stereotyped to be enemies can be friends, then it is not far from possibility that you too can be friends with someone you now consider as your enemy. Put off that burning flame of hate and release free yourself from negative energies attached with having an enemy.

New Zealand Police Released A New Epic Recruitment Video3m11s

New Zealand Police Released A New Epic Recruitment Video

The video of today is a recruitment video, it was made by the official police of New Zealand. When the video starts we are not told that this a video from the official police or that it is for a recruitment, unless you read the description before watching. The video is actually really well done so we can clearly tell that they had a production team behind it and a professional equipment and actors to back that up. Watch and decide for yourselves! The message of this video is quite clear, it regards a police recruitment process , as footage starts in a dead end residential area and we can see three police officers outside a house, with a mic ready to give a speech. You can also see a lot of media vans, paparazzis, and interviewers ready to hear what the police has to say. As they start talking, they just announce to the public that they are looking for people to join the police and the interviewers starts asking questions. After the first or the second question the clip really starts with its idea and take us in a different scene at each question. The scene always portraying someone asking a question about the requirements of being a cop. All the most common question are being asked in the clip and in a funny way too. The person asking about the stamina is totally out of breath. The guy asking if it is mandatory to be able to swim in a swimsuit and he is in the water looking at a cop out of the water. The best gag that they used with this kind of things is when they asked if any body size is accepted. But they made it that dogs were talking to each other. A police dog was answering a chihuahua. They had put subtitles when the dogs are barking for us to understand. Well, we don’t know about you but we don’t speak a dog language! They even reused the same scene in the credits and used the moments were the dogs are barking at each other as a compilation of failed recordings, were the dogs forgot their lines. How weird! Things like this are what makes the video fast pace, informative and diverting. We actually learned new things about the requirements about applying for a cop. They are less strict than we thought. Especially for tattoos, because as long as they are not on your hands or on your face they are allowed. That’s an interesting one! The point of the video is tell people that the police is hiring, they also said that they need a lot of people and that there is around 30 specialisation inside the job of a policeman, each with their own status. New Zealand is looking for new police agent , rewatch the video to know if you qualify and be sure to call them if you are interested! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Hygienic Parrot Uses A Towel To Clean Its Beak13s

Hygienic Parrot Uses A Towel To Clean Its Beak

If you are someone who wants to have an incredible pet at home or you are a lover of exotic animals, you can not miss this video and you will get to know Baby and his hidden talent for cleaning. You can not believe it! You will probably feel a little envious and want to have a pet like this, then you can enjoy this very hygienic Macaw that is able to clean his own beak with a cloth towel. How great is that? This intelligent bird is the dream of all pet lovers, since having a beautiful and faithful companion at home that is not only part of the family but also can clean itself is something really great. Who would not like to have a bird that can clean its own beak? Surely many would love it. The skill and intelligence of this beautiful and exotic bird is undoubtedly a talent worthy of admiration and in addition to cleaning the beak itself, this parrot is also able to catch the towel brilliantly. This only proves that Baby the macaw is definitely trained very well which only makes us question ourselves what our hidden talents are? Surely this precious parrot is the pride of his owners and being so "hygienic" should avoid many minutes of cleaning at home. What is more, not only his skills are amazing but he can also be a huge entertainer for family and friends. He is such a great mascot! The proud owner of Baby praises the abilities of her wonderful bird and congratulates him every time he catches the towel and cleans his beak, and even when asked if he is ready to make the catch, the bird nods with his head. Amazing! Definitely, the love and support are the key in the training process of this macaw. So if after seeing this clip you were so surprised with the fascinating skills of Baby and you want to have a pet such as one of these beautiful parrots, cheer up and just do it! Surely, it will be a great experience and you will realize how smart and skilled they can be, and who knows - if you train them well not only they can clean their own beak, but they can also help with cleaning their cage. Would not that be even more cool? Maybe with a bit of luck and hard training that is possible. Well, if you were fascinated and surprised with this video and you fell in love with the incredible skills of Baby the macaw and you want more people to be enchanted by the hygienic habits of this exotic bird, do not hesitate to share it with your loved ones, so that it can be seen many times and of course give a thumbs up to this fabulous pet. Also, if you already have a pet macaw at home, please share your experience with us below or tell us something about it. Do not forget to leave your comments below!

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Talented Doberman Performs Magic Tricks With His Owner2m33s

Talented Doberman Performs Magic Tricks With His Owner

Magic tricks are so fun to witness. They often leave you wondering what just happened, and you often don’t believe it. You can spend hours watching magic trick videos online and still be wondering how they did it. Pair that with a dog assistant magician and it might be one of the best videos you have ever seen. Dogs videos are so amazing, often cute and people love animals. If you combine a dog with a magic trick video, you are sure to have an amazing video. That’s exactly what this video does, this owner gets his dog involved with his magic tricks ! Kruz is a 5 year old Doberman Pinscher and is going to be helping out his owner for these tricks! Kruz has all the incentive he needs, as he will be rewarded with trearts! What dog doesn’t love treats? Dobermans are very smart dogs, so it is no surprise this owner was able to teach his dogs some of these tricks! Now obviously, this is supposed to be a funny satirical video of an owner and his pet dog. The two are having lots of fun with their “magic tricks”! The owner begins sitting with dog and pulls out a chainsaw. He asks Kruz if he wants to get cut in half today like the popular trick of sawing someone in half. Obviously a joke, but the duos first trick is making Kruz disappear! The owner stands next to Kruz while he is sitting down and lifts up a blanket to cover Kruz. Once the dog is behind the blanket, and out view, he removes the blanket to show you that Kruz is still there. He begins to countdown and when he reaches zero, he removes the blanket and Kruz has vanished. This was definitely done with some clever camera work, as you can hear the man’s voice but no movement from his mouth! They are some tricksters! For their next trick, the owner places a treat on Kruz’s nose and has him wait before he can eat it. Once he gives the go ahead, Kruz flips it off his nose. After the treat, the same treat is performed with a plastic cup, then a wooden guitar! Again with the use of clever filmwork, they make it look like the guitar is sitting on Kruz’s head! After these tricks, the owner says that they had some trouble with their tricks and he begins showing some of the funny bloopers. When he was holding up the blanket for Kruz to disappear, the dog would constantly jump up over the blanket and reappear! Kruz is definitely a funny and energetic dog! He would take the blanket sometime and run off with it and start chewing on it. He also would run for the disappearing act, but not leave the camera frame! He owner says he just wanted to have some fun and make a nice funny video with his friend Kruz. He seems like such a playful dog, and the perfect magician!