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Plaza Academy receives new studio for hip hop production class2m25s

Plaza Academy receives new studio for hip hop production class

What was once a bare room inside Plaza Academy is now the place The Beat Academy calls home. The Beat Academy is a hip hop production class created by Justin Gillespie, who's been a professional musician for more than 15 years. Last May, the school was looking to raise funds to build a studio for the students to practice their music. Now, the new studio is up and running.

Published: March 26, 2019
Michael Fish's NBC26 Storm Shield weather forecast2m35s

Michael Fish's NBC26 Storm Shield weather forecast

Today will be milder with less wind than yesterday. Temperatures should moderate to near 50 under mostly sunny skies. Tonight will be mostly clear and quiet with just a few clouds sneaking in overnight. Lows will be in the upper-20s. Highs pop back into the mid/upper-50s on Wednesday under partly cloudy skies. A weak cool front may produce a few sprinkles or a light showers Wednesday night or Thursday. On Thursday, temperatures will be once again in the 50s. The next chance of precipitation after Thursday will be late Friday into Saturday. We will need to keep on eye on this will have the potential to produce a wintry mix or snow depending on the track. Weekend temps look to be in the lower 40s.

Published: March 26, 2019
ReesE's vs. Reese's1m13s

ReesE's vs. Reese's

There are new Reese's Cups on the market which begs the question: is it ReesE's or Reese's?

Published: March 26, 2019