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Puppies Come Barrelling Through The Kitchen For Lunch42s

Puppies Come Barrelling Through The Kitchen For Lunch

Puppies are warm little creatures and an adorable sight to behold. Owning a puppy is a rewarding experience and whenever you are under the weather, one look at the soft eyes of your puppy will do wonders and make the rest of your day sunny. ‘Rise and shine’ is a puppy attitude to life and its zest for life is unparalleled with anything else. Having said that, consider keeping 14 puppies in your household. Can you even imagine that?! It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, the family living in the house in this video has exactly 14 puppies to look after and they are all of the Entlebucher breed. What is interesting about them is that whenever they hear the kibble bag being opened in another room, they stampede happily in a bunch of adorable balls of fluff. It is called a puppy pandemonium! These active and intelligent dogs love their food, so they make sure that all of them appear at dinner time. They don’t waste a minute but run excitedly to their kitchen and they take feeding time very seriously. What makes this sight impressive is that they don’t come all at once, but in small groups of a few puppies. Whoever heard the bag being opened first, pulls off the rest to the crowd. As they come from the hallway, we have the impression that there are more and more to come - they strike the room like flood - until we see the last one dragging his bottom in the most curious way ever, sniffing everything along the way and playfully wagging its tail. We are very eager to find out whether they will be inseparable like this when they grow up. Who knows!

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Motorist Films Newborn Calf's Wobbly First Moments1m29s

Motorist Films Newborn Calf's Wobbly First Moments

We've all seen newborn calves prancing around in meadows at the side of the road. Few things are as heart warming as a new baby exploring the world and drinking milk from its mother as she grazes. We've come to associate these sights with spring, new life, hope, and joy. A passing motorist was looking at the cows in the field as he drove by and he could see a dozen or more new baby calves enjoying the sunshine with their mothers. What caught his eye next was the sight of a calf that had just been born a few minutes before, lying on the grass at the edge of the meadow. The mother was licking the calf and it was obvious with its glistening, wet coat that it was only a few minutes old. The mother began nudging the calf, insisting that it get to its feet. The birth is so recent that the umbilical cord is still visible on the calf and the afterbirth is still attached to the cow. Cows and horses are among the few animals that are so mobile within the first few minutes of life. Their legs are almost full grown in length when they are born, allowing them to use the only defense that they have; to flee from danger. These skinny legs have yet to fill out and grow thick muscles and the calf is adorably clumsy as it struggles to stand and stay upright. This calf was filmed getting to its feet for the first time. The only understanding it has is that its mother is telling it to get up, like her. It struggles first to balance on its knees, then eventually gets its feet under it. But it has not yet learned to balance and to coordinate the movement of its four legs to keep it upright. It wobbles as if drunk while the protective mother stands guard beside it. She will not leave this baby alone for even a moment until it is fully able to run back to her for protection. Within moments of the calf being on its feet, another mother wanders over to inspect the baby with a long sniff and an approving look. As she wanders off, she lets out a moo that seems to be a congratulatory message for the new mom. As the calf gains its balance, it faces another challenge. It is already hungry and nature has provided it with the instinct to seek food and to suckle. Somehow it knows to look to mom for a meal and it makes its way around her in search of the right end. Mom even helps by moving into position and offering an occasional nudge toward her udder. It's almost worth cheering as the calf finally finds the udder and begins to nurse. Mom stands happily as the calf gets that first, crucial dose of milk and colostrum for antibodies. As if remembering that she has a cheering section still watching, this proud mother turns to her audience and lets out a contented moo.

Massive Crocodile Holds Up Traffic To Cross Road1m13s

Massive Crocodile Holds Up Traffic To Cross Road

Check out this huge crocodile in the Kakadu National Park (NT Australia). When something like that is crossing the road, you stop and wait! The footage shows a giant crocodile slowly making its way across an elevated river road blocking the cars. As the scaly critter makes contact with the road across the lake a small car approaches, hoping to cross this road. The huge beast is just peacefully making its way and it is not interested in any cars. He appears to have no goal in mind other than crossing the road - a feat that he achieves at a painfully slow rate. Barely indistinguishable among the rocks jutting out of the water, the large reptile's head nudges closer to the slightly submerged path. However, seemingly alarmed by the presence of the snapper the driver grinds to a halt as the crocodile hauls itself up onto dry land and begins its journey to the other side. But, unfortunately for the waiting car, the the reptile comes to a stop right in the middle of the road - the crossing proving just too exhausting. Luckily, it is just a brief stop, even crocodiles have to take a breath while performing such an incredible tasks. This is not something we see every day, it is astonishingly unbelievable sight! Slowly but surely the croc reaches the other side, splashing back into the water allowing the cars to go on with their journey. Did you know that the largest crocodile in captivity was 20 ft 3 in (6.17 m), and weighed 2,370 lbs (1,075 kg)? It was called Lolong and he was also the biggest crocodile ever measured from snout-to-tail.

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What does a Princess Cruise really cost?9m49s

What does a Princess Cruise really cost?

What does it really cost to cruise with Princess Cruises? In this video you will learn about the 6 things your fare covers, and the 9 most important things that it does not. Some are unavoidable or hard to avoid and will increase the cost of your cruise by quite a lot of money. So knowing this in advance will ensure you know the real and total cost of your cruise. Every cruise line is different on what their fare includes or excludes. Find out what the situation is on Princess Cruises.

Extremely rare and intelligent animal communication: Eel and grouper hunt together1m18s

Extremely rare and intelligent animal communication: Eel and grouper hunt together

Nassau Groupers are plentiful in the Caribbean and they are one of the biggest and most successful hunters on the reef. Highly intelligent, agile and powerful, they seek out and capture their prey by inhaling rapidly, sucking the smaller fish into their mouth. But smaller fish know that their best chance to avoid being eaten is to seek shelter among the crevices in the coral and sponges on the reef. Groupers know they can't fit their large heads into small holes, so they have learned to enlist the help of a creature who can. The Moray Eel is a long, slender fish that is also a top predator. It hunts mainly at night when its poor vision is less of a disadvantage. It has a keen sense of smell and a body that is designed for stealth. It glides along the coral, slithering in and out of hiding places with ease. Any fish that it encounters will have only a brief chance for escape by fleeing out into the open before it is grabbed by the eel's powerful jaws. Both of these creatures are formidable on their own, but they have learned to team up for a greatly improved hunting technique. Cooperation between two species is rare, and communication between different species is even more rare. There are many mutually beneficial relationships in the wild, but only a few examples of when it is intentional and when it is based on an understanding and communication. The grouper begins this process by finding an eel and facing it head on while it shakes its head rapidly and performs an obvious movement or "dance". The eel has long ago learned what this means and it will venture from its lair in the daytime to join the grouper. The grouper understands that it has superior eyesight and will signal the eel where the food is hiding. It uses a similar, but much slower head shaking, along with posture and an intent stare at the location where the eel needs to go. The eel will enter the crevice after the prey, which is now forced to face the eel or to venture out in the open and take its chances with the hungry grouper. The grouper may also simply follow the eel and remain ready to ambush unwary prey. This technique is at least five times as effective as either of them hunting on their own. One of the most interesting parts of this arrangement is that it is not complicated by competition for food. Both the eel and the grouper swallow their food whole, so one of them quickly gets the meal and there are no scraps left to fight for. It works out roughly equally for both so there is enough positive reward in the method to make it worth repeating. This is another demonstration of the fact that we are only starting to learn how complicated the animal kingdom really is and how intelligent animals can be. Groupers will also use this technique to signal scuba divers with spears to the fact that a lion fish is hiding in the coral. They can understand which divers are hunting and even which species they need to find. Incredibly, Nassau Groupers can even recognize a particular scuba diver who has fed them on past dives and they will greet and follow people they know.

Compilation of Slovenia's stunning waterfalls in 4K1m06s

Compilation of Slovenia's stunning waterfalls in 4K

This is a compilation of waterfalls and cascades from Slovenia. The Slap Pericnik is a two stepped waterfall within the glacial Vrata Valley, Triglav National Park, Slovenia. In winter months both waterfalls freeze completely and the water droplets sprayed against the rock face form incredible, glacier blue stalactites and stalagmites. An incredible site. The glacial water cascading over the rocks at the snowy Vintgar Gorge, Soteska Vintgar in Slovenia with its turquoise fast flowing river. Unfortunately the gorge is closed over the winter month, but you still have a great view from the entrance. A couple of cascades towards the mighty Waterfall the Slap Kozjak and then the majestic fifteen metres high Waterfall hidden away in an almost cave like setting. The lavish green Soča River Gorge, the narrow valley with steep and rocky walls nature's beauty. The turquoise water of the Soca river running through the valley. Next up the Slap Sopota and Slap Krampež not far away from the Slap Kozjak in Kobraid. Both are close together with only a 5 minute walk from each other. Located near the village of Drežnica. The so called Glijun (Izvir Glijuna) stream shows a multi-stranded waterfall called Slap Virje, near the town of Bovec in Slovenia that is more than 11 meters in height and about 19 m in width. Below, there is a stunning emerald green pool. When you get to the Log pod Mangartom road towards the mighty Mangart saddle, you can view the steep waterfall from the bridge. A view of the Tolmin Gorge from above. A fast flowing river with its footbridge going across. The Gorge is closed over the winter month, but it still gives you this great view from above. The cascading river at the village of Zelezniki in Slovenia with its colorful houses in the background.

Guy 1m43s

Guy "discovers" amazing TV life hack

As the title implies, new discoveries about Smart devices are being made every day and this one in particular will blow your mind! No remote controls or smart phones are necessary. Just follow the extremely easy how-to tutorial layout steps to the letter. With just a few everyday household items, you too can magically shut off any television without having to leave the comfort of your cozy couch. Amazing!

Unsuspecting Dude Gets Pranked During Wooden Spoon Game3m27s

Unsuspecting Dude Gets Pranked During Wooden Spoon Game

A group of friends decided to prank a member of their crew by cheating in one of their favorite games. The aim of the game is to hold a wooden spoon in your mouth and use it to smack the opponent with it without using your hands. With a little help, this prank is pulled off flawlessly. Watch the video and see for yourselves! This is the hilarious moment when an unsuspecting man is losing at a game of wooden spoon smacking, and cannot believe how the other opponent has so much strength to pull from his mouth and teeth. Adorable! Footage shows, two men sitting at the table each holding a wooden spoon in their mouths. The aim of the game is to smack the opponent with the wooden spoon on its head the harder you can without using your arms. When the game starts, everything enrolls smoothly and competitors start using their mouths to maneuver the wooden spoon and smack the opponent the harder they can. However, one of the men has agreed with a third party to help him get a head start in the game, by using a third wooden spoon to hit the unsuspecting opponent from the side, but make it look like the competitor did it. Once the third wooden spoon is unleashed, it makes a loud noise, bouncing off the head of the unsuspecting man, who jumps with pain and disbelief for what had just happened! Apparently, he cannot believe that the other competitor used his mouth and teeth to the extreme, much to inflict him that much pain that is only plausible if a hand is involved. However, the honest man continues to play, without noticing that the whole crew is on this prank and he still doesn’t have a clue on what is happening! After a long game of wooden spoon smacking, the unsuspecting man uses his own wooden spoon to inflict a little bit more pain to the opponent, given he is in so much pain, from all the previous attempts the prankster pulled. In the end, the third man lays the pranking wooden spoon on the table, and the look the unsuspecting competitor has on his face after realizing he has been pranked is priceless! Have a good laugh!

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Dogs With Great Sense Of Smell Win At Hide And Seek Game51s

Dogs With Great Sense Of Smell Win At Hide And Seek Game

They say dogs have an amazing sense of smell, which by default makes them excellent seekers. In this video we see two dogs playing the game of hide and seek with their owner, witnessing their impressive detective abilities on camera. Check it out as these two buddies engage in an epic game of hide and seek with owner! So much fun! Footage shows owner addressing dogs that they are about to play the game of hide and seek, and immediately after tricks them that he’s about to hide in the kitchen, but instead he returns in the living room and hides on the couch, after which he covers his smell with a blanket. The excited pooches can be seen searching for their owner around the house and quickly realizing that their owner is indeed in the living room. They might not see him, but they definitely smell him. It is adorable how the excellent seekers surround owner’s body, covered in red blanket, and obsessively wag their tails and produce victory noises, informing the audience that they know his hiding spot! These dogs love to play the game of hide and seek with their owner and they have mastered their seeking skills to perfection. They rely on their nose and quickly find their human, even if he is nowhere to be seen, they sense him from under the covers. Well done buddies! Are you ready to be super impressed? Are you prepared for total cuteness? It is pretty crazy that these two dogs might have the best nose in the world and manage to find their owner’s hiding spot with flying colors in no time! Cuteness overload!

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Compassionate Girl Asks Best Friend With Down Syndrome To Prom1m33s

Compassionate Girl Asks Best Friend With Down Syndrome To Prom

This is the heartwarming moment when a kind-hearted student pulls a unique offer that her best friend couldn’t refuse. A teenage boy with Down Syndrome is up for a big surprise when he stumbles upon a banner and a prom proposal. Prepare your tissues, this one is a tear-jerker! Rachel Newberry, a senior at Mountain Heritage High School in Burnsville, North Carolina, showed the world what real friendship looks like. She and fellow senior Ben Robinson, have been best friends since they were four years old. With prom just around the corner, Rachel decided to surprise Ben with the sweetest ‘promposal’ ever recorded. Check it out! Footage starts with Ben entering the audience hall in school, only to find numerous people handing him flowers as he walks down the room towards the stage. Dazzled and confused, the puzzled boy doesn’t know what’s going on, but he continues to walk and collect the flowers given to him. Moments later, the curtains are opening and a banner reading ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ appears on stage, from where Ben’s best friend Rachel approaches and pops the question to the merely confused teen. In a room full of mixed emotions, Ben becomes ecstatic and cannot believe his eyes and ears. He falls to the ground and bursts into tears. Prom proposals are the trial version of marriage proposals one would say. Boys started to come up with unique and creative ways of asking girls out to prom. Partners that go to prom together are not necessarily a couple, but might end up together by the end of the evening. In this case, it is the other way around, a compassionate girl prepares the sweetest prom proposal for her best friend, and leaves everyone in awe! What a precious way to brighten someone’s life!

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Puppy's Precious First Encounter With Mirror Reflection21s

Puppy's Precious First Encounter With Mirror Reflection

Many people are puzzled by the fact that dogs seem to ignore images of themselves reflected in a mirror. Young puppies encountering mirrors for the first time may treat the image as if it is another dog. They may bark at it, or give a little bow and an invitation to play as if they are encountering a real dog and engaging in a social interaction. However, after a short while they lose interest. This cute clip shows the moment a Golden Retriever puppy comes face to face with itself after looking into a mirror for the first time and getting slightly confused. Is this Golden Retriever puppy trying to make a new friend in the mirror? The video shows the dog staring at his reflection and letting little low cries before taking a step forward and touching the glass. He is totally confused that he even tries to sniff at the mirror. He then backs away because he obviously didn’t like the cold, hard touch and rather adorably starts moving his head sideways, entirely unsure as to how to behave in the situation. The pooch then bravely takes another step forward and touches the mirror once again while letting short barks all along. It seems like this dog can’t come to terms with his reflection and looks around the room calmly while taking a quick break. When your dog looks in the mirror, what does he see? A playmate, maybe. An adversary, sometimes. But could he possibly recognize himself? For that matter — does a dog have a sense of "self"? Leo the Golden Retriever puppy sees himself in the mirror for the first time. His reaction is both hilarious and extremely cute! What a cute little flower !

Musically Inclined Dog Loves Showing His Singing Talent35s

Musically Inclined Dog Loves Showing His Singing Talent

A dog and his girl owner are caught on camera putting on a classical performance that is hard to ignore. The video begins with the girl sitting at the piano, while Freddie the Dalmatian is perched on the piano keys with his front paws. As soon as the chords are struck, the dog lifts his head up to signalize that he is all in for the singing concert. He starts crooning at the beginning and a handful of chords later, Freddie lets loose an emotional whine, turning his head a little on the left towards the camera. As the girl continues throwing down the classical chords, the dog alternates between perfectly harmonized and synchronized howls and whines, puffing his cheeks out with his effort. And when the high notes are hit with a distinctive staccato movements, the dog follows suit and gives the most original vocal shred to blend in with the melody. The dog caps off his performance by raising his head up to the ceiling and letting rip a heartfelt howl. Freddie loves to sing along with his human friend. We believe that he is going to capture the heart of many music fans around the world web in a very short time. He just loves entertaining his family and fans! This canine has an incredible sense of pitch. He feels like he is engaging in the most important concert of all times. We are wondering what would Pavarotti think of the dog’s singing if he were alive?

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Paralyzed Dog Lives Life To The Fullest By Chasing Pigeons2m13s

Paralyzed Dog Lives Life To The Fullest By Chasing Pigeons

Have you ever seen a dog rolling around on a wheelchair or dragging their legs behind them on the ground? That’s paralysis and to a pet owner, it is perhaps the scariest thing that can happen to their dog. A loss of mobility could mean the end for your furry friend, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Just because a dog is paralyzed doesn’t mean their life is over. Many paralyzed dogs live full and happy lives thanks to dedicated owners. There is plenty you can do to care for your dog if he should suffer from partial or full paralysis. Take this high-energy sausage dog for instance who loves to chase pigeons on his cool cart. That is brave and awesome. It only proves that dogs will be dogs no matter what. His strong will to show his owner that his lust for life is as big as his warm heart, is what keeps their relationship on a piedestal. Only because he is crippled, it doesn’t mean he is going to stay home and sulk his life away. Sometimes, there is beauty in the breakdown and this odg has found the thing what makes him happy. Moreover, he can race like crazy chasing the silly pigeons away because we know that no matter how vigorously one chases pigeons, they will keep on standing on one’s way. This is a great opportunity for this pup to fill his time with joy and happiness and vent off some steam. As long as the pigeons are omitting his way, he is a lucky one. While paralysis in dogs is most often seen in the hind legs, it can also occur in the front legs if the nerve roots in the neck, shoulder, or front legs are injured. For the right owner, however, caring for a paralyzed dog can be a truly rewarding experience and one that brings you and your dog closer together.

Puppy Is Totally Obsessed With A White Box15s

Puppy Is Totally Obsessed With A White Box

Sergeant the puppy’s life is filled with simple pleasures. There's his owners. There's treats. There's toys. And there's always a little more room for his owners. But sometimes, he gets an attachment to a toy that is not a toy - an object that may be unusual because he wants to keep it even more simple - it is his favorite box. For the most part, Sergeant’s obsession with the box is his own sweet mystery. Is it the smell? The texture? The shape? Color? Size? We do know that dogs can get really attached to an object that reminds them of a puppy. Do dogs ever grow out of toys? This puppy seems to be very enthusiastic about this box. His mission is to carry, move, drag and transport this box around the house by all means. Sergeant is an eternal toddler. There is no point to replace the box that he is really attached to with something else. It’s part of his repertoire of his comfort things that make up his world. Much like a child who can’t sleep without their cuddling toy besides, Sergeant just can’t seem to get enough of his box. What makes him so attached to it and what is it about that unique box? Without question, he lives for the thrill, and the box he carries around with him wherever he goes only reminds him of those special moments. We can hardly expect him to grow out of his love for his box for now. And it’s not something we should be concerned about. In reality, dogs may become attached to an object that may be all kinds of inappropriate, such as the toilet cleaner or a pair of your dirty undies. Why break the habit? Sooner or later, he’ll grow out of it.