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Girl Has Christmas Meltdown After Wisdom Teeth Removal3m36s

Girl Has Christmas Meltdown After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Although formally known as third molars, their common name is wisdom teeth because they appear so late, at an age where people are presumably "wiser" than as a child. Having your wisdom teeth removed is not an easy experience. It hurts like hell, but it also can cause a laughing fit. Doctors give you a shot of anaesthetic, so that removing your teeth can pass smoothly without you feeling any pain. Well, at least during the whole procedure, because after the anaesthetic’s effects wear off and in most cases, they produce tons of funny videos of people coming out of their slumber in complete confusion! Addie had her wisdom teeth removed. Her mom had bought her a shake for her to drink, while she recovers completely from the removal surgery. Unfortunately for Addie, she now has to drink that shake that is made of blended reindeers, or at least that is what her imagination is telling her. There is no way you can convince her that it is an ordinary shake bought from McDonald’s the place where she and her friends usually go out. The Maraschino cherry that was put on top of the shake is not what her mother tells her it is, it is Rudolph’s nose! Poor Rudolph! What have they done to him… His friend Rooter has also suffered. “All this is happening and Rooter is getting slaughtered and they took his nose off and put it in my shake… And I am not pretty… and I am eating reindeer guts. And Liza did not pick up her phone…” mumbles Addie. She plans on going to the beach with her two friends Liza and Heather because there are no reindeers and they will not have to worry because reindeer do not come out unless it is Christmas and they eat carrots and she eats reindeer noses. Come on, man. It is awful! You must understand how she feels. Boy, this girl has a lot of problems to solve. It is not easy for her, no one can understand her and no one knows how she feels. Thanks to Addie’s mom for the subtitles! A must watch video! It will bring you to tears, but from laughing.

Published: December 6, 2017Updated: December 7, 2017603 viewsVirality: 6%
Dude Pulls Off Epic Invisible Box Challenge10s

Dude Pulls Off Epic Invisible Box Challenge

The internet is the place where lots of tricks and challenges go viral. Although this seems entirely pointless to some people, however it attracts lots of interest and as it seems, it also attracts tons of followers on the Internet. Teenagers seem to be the “ challenge factory, as they come up with silly challenges on a regular basis. The latest viral challenge involves an invisible box, and it requires a certain amount of skills. If you have two feet and a fair amount of coordination, then you may try joining this army of invisible box performers. Much like planking and other viral challenges, there's no real point to it other than having fun, and it doesn't matter if you succeed or fail. The main point of this challenge that teenagers have invented is to create an invisible box about a foot or two off the ground by hovering one of your feet in the air, tap it with the other foot, and film yourself stepping over it. In other words, playing the role of a magician and creating the illusion that there is actually a box and you are stepping over. At first glimpse it seems deceptively simple, but if you try to do it, that is when you realize that it is actually really hard. Unless you are super fit and strong and have developed hip flexors to be able to hold your leg in position. So, if you lack hand-eye coordination, leg strength, and what ever else that is required for a successful performance of this move, and you decide to have a go at it, then good luck to yah! It sounds super simple until you actually attempt it yourself. Watch this guy, maybe you will succeed in copying some of his moves!

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Heroic Firefighters Save Dog After Falling Into Icy River1m59s

Heroic Firefighters Save Dog After Falling Into Icy River

A dog got itself into serious trouble when it ran onto thin ice while walking on a frozen creek in Canada and fell through the icy waters.The owner reportedly let the dog off the leash while on a walk when the dog ventured onto the frozen creek. The thin ice quickly cracked causing the pooch to fall into the icy waters. The concerned owner immediately informed the fire department and their team rushed to the spot and lent a helping hand. This footage was posted by the chief of the Swift Current Fire Department in Saskatchewan, shows the dramatic rescue mission set to save the dog from drowning. We can see one brave firefighter sliding on the frozen creek towards the dog while being tethered to a rope in case the ice breaks. This firefighter risked his life to save the dog and is a true hero, together with the team that was helping him in the mission. As the man reaches the dog, the thin ice breaks under his weight but the firefighter grabs the dog and manages to balance. Next, the other firefighters pull the rope, slowly bringing the man and the dog to shore. Crew members on ground can be heard cheering and keeping the morale high with chants of "come on". Eventually, both of them are rescued back to safely. Fortunately, the dog didn’t suffer any severe injuries despite of being drenched and visibly weak. The pooch is soon reunited with its humans and given a big hug and a warm blanket. Credit to 'Denis Pilon/Swift Current Fire Department'.

Published: December 5, 2017Updated: December 6, 20172,312 viewsVirality: 6%
Husky puppy caught cuddling baby clothes16s

Husky puppy caught cuddling baby clothes

These people recently had a baby and received too much clothing from family and friends. They went through everything and had multiple bags for donation. KoKo is obsessed with their tiny human and was caught cuddling the clothes!

Third Time’s A Charm For This Expecting Father1m51s

Third Time’s A Charm For This Expecting Father

Gender reveal parties are very common these days and have become the new baby showers, with expecting parents throwing such elaborate schemes to show everyone present if they are expecting a boy or a girl! Usually they use colored balloons or colored cake or cupcakes, to reveal the gender. Well, this gender reveal didn’t exactly go according to plan. A simple task of hitting the baseball took a few extra swings! These expecting parents decided to stage a unique gender reveal party. Friends and family are gathered in the yard, comfortably seated in their places while mother and father try out one neat experiment. They arranged for the soon-to-be-mother to throw a baseball at the soon-to-be-father to hit and reveal the gender of their baby. The baseballs contain blue or pink powder inside and the plan is to hit the baseball with a bat, causing the ball to explode with either pink or blue smoke and announce the gender of the baby. First, the expecting woman hits a trial ball at the expecting father to see if the ball would explode, but the father hits the ball and sends it off to space, without exploding! Next, it is the time for the real gender-revealing ball. To everyone’s surprise, the man misses and the ball falls on the ground. He then throws the ball in the air and takes a third strike at the ball! Three time’s a charm, as the baseball explodes and blue powder is scattered all around! It's a boy!

Published: December 6, 20171,211 viewsVirality: 13%
Meet Jelly Belly Jack, the 34 pound cat!14s

Meet Jelly Belly Jack, the 34 pound cat!

Jack is a 9 year old, 34lb fabulous feline. He is on a strict diet and his health is closely monitored. Yes, Jack has medical issues pertaining to his weight, but his owners have done everything to try to help with this problem. They love Jack and would never intentionally overfeed him.

Published: December 5, 2017Updated: December 6, 2017432 views
Otter Babies Party In Rehabilitation Facility1m38s

Otter Babies Party In Rehabilitation Facility

Тhe rehabilitation center ARC for Wildlife where orphaned river otters are taken care of is located in East Texas. This orphanage gives little unprotected otters safe place to eat, sleep and grow up enough to be released back into the wild when they reach their adulthood. An autumn wind storm blew through this part of Texas leaving the tree leaves on the ground. Most of the otters in this center see fallen tree leaves for the first time in their lives. How did the orphaned river otters react to the piles of leaves they saw in the park? Well, like every other child... Making an otter invasion all over the rehabilitation center yard. Hooray! The leaves party started and you could see otters jumping and running all over the place. The 7-9 moths old otters Screamer, Chubby, Chubby Girl, Sweet Little Girl, Mean Little Girl, Slasher and Bruce the Shark made a real western movie chase. “Hello there, human. How are you today?” and suddenly an otter is seen standing over the cameraman’s foot. Some of them even tried to fit themselves into the pipes that are placed there for them to play. “I want to try and go trough that thin pipe… Nope, it does not fit me. Maybe next autumn when I will loose my belly.” Others were just laying around and enjoying maybe the last warm autumn days. What a fun day they had!

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Cat displays special bond with rodent friends18s

Cat displays special bond with rodent friends

Cheetoh the F4 Savannah Cat is best friends with his two degu (rodents from Chile) pals, Diego and Jorge. He headbutts them every time he sees them in a display of affection. They grew up with each other and he loves to spend time with them inside their cage. So cool!

Published: December 5, 2017Updated: December 6, 2017988 views
Toddler's priceless reaction to ice cream1m13s

Toddler's priceless reaction to ice cream

Ty is 19 months old. His uncle gives him some chocolate ice cream, but he didn't expect it to be so cold, so his facial reaction are priceless! Ty then hits his head to exhibit brain freeze. Instead of calling it quits, he gives the sign for "more". The second and third bites are full of giggles! Video credit: Karin Fullington

Published: December 6, 20172,233 views
Two-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Knows How To Swing A Club37s

Two-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Knows How To Swing A Club

If you have the talents, then the job is half done. Not everybody gets that much luck in their life. Once you have, hold onto it and improve on it. A two-year-old boy from Glendale, Arizona can easily become the new Tiger Woods. Owen Earl has been swinging a golf club since he started to walk, and if this video is any proof, t looks like it will pay off big time for him! He and his dad, Brad Earl, were playing some golf in their backyard in Arizona. Mom saw it as a good chance to filming her son while playing the game and make it a good memory for the years that follow. First the little boy swung right into his father’s arms. Then he tries a second time. It goes too low. A bet the starting point was on the wrong place. Then comes the third try. It was a nice swing, daddy got the ball. Now comes the important one… or not. The next one is this boy’s finest swing. Aaaaand we have a winner. What a swing! It went so high that it ended right into the neighbor’s yard. So small, but with that much strength in him. At his age, he is much better that most adults. A real golf prodigy. I would say he is destined for big things. Just keep on practicing kiddo. When you grow up, you will become a real golf champion. Credit to @owensgolfvideos

Published: December 5, 2017Updated: December 6, 2017357 views
She Thinks She's Part Of The Act, But There's A Homecoming Surprise Waiting For Her3m45s

She Thinks She's Part Of The Act, But There's A Homecoming Surprise Waiting For Her

One big “hooray” for the inventive guys that never stop surprising their girlfriends. It seems like proposal ideas never stop. Just when you thought you have seen all the proposals in the world, something new comes up. U.S. Marine Captain Alex Grubbs and his girlfriend Brina Saldivar, an electrical engineer, have chosen to visit The Science Museum in Oklahoma for their first date. It happened on October 31, 2015. Two years later, on Oct. 31, 2017, Brina came back at the museum. A “science” magician was performing a show in which she took place as a volunteer. Lots of sounds and smells spread all over the room. Interesting bubbles and a palm full of foam, but she did not realize that few minutes later something else is going to adorn her hand. Her marine boyfriend Alex was on deployment and was supposed to come back in a week. She didn’t know that plans have changed and that this guy is hiding behind the stage, waiting for the right moment to appear. As the act has concluded, the magician asks Brina how it felt having bubbles lighted on her hand. He then started to look for something he needed for the next act. While looking for it, he told Brina that something was there waiting for her. That’s when Alex appeared. First she was confused seeing him there in the first place, but then another surprise for her. A proposal ring standing in front of her, waiting for her answer... The place where their story began became the place where the next chapter of their life had begun.

Alaskan Malamutes Sing In 26s

Alaskan Malamutes Sing In "Perfect" Harmony During Car Ride!

These three Alaskan Malamutes (from right to left - Travis, Leila and Zoe) are on their way to get groomed. During the ride they hilariously decide to sing the song of their people in the backseat of the car. Their singing is a twice-daily occurrence!

Published: December 6, 201731,403 viewsVirality: 13%
5 interesting facts about Hailie Jade Mathers3m04s

5 interesting facts about Hailie Jade Mathers

If you're familiar with Eminem's music, you know that some of his greatest tracks over the last 10 years have been inspired by his love of daughter Hailie Jade. Despite her undeniably huge role in pop culture history, not much is known about what became of Slim's little girl... Until now!