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Angry hummingbird headbutts other hummingbird at feeder9s

Angry hummingbird headbutts other hummingbird at feeder

It's a tough world for competing hummingbirds. They are often seen chasing each other like fighter jets through yards. While they chase each other a lot, it's rare to actually see them make contact. Watch these two come to blows after spending the morning chasing the other away from the feeder. Thankfully, they are both unharmed and continued to chase each other throughout the day. Amazing!

This miracle chimp youngster has survived against all odds!18s

This miracle chimp youngster has survived against all odds!

Limbani, which means “be strong” in Chewa, is a 2-year-old chimpanzee that was born on August 24th, 2016. He was a miracle baby being born to an older chimpanzee in captivity that broke three of her ribs while giving birth and did not produce milk to feed him. He was also born with pneumonia and needed medical attention, being treated with aerosol for the first four months of his life. He now resides at ZWF Miami where he happily lives!

Man Proposes To Single Mom And Her Daughter With Matching Ring56s

Man Proposes To Single Mom And Her Daughter With Matching Ring

Every girl dreams of the way she will get proposed to by the man of her dreams. Some like pomp and circumstance, hearts and flowers, people to see that they were finally chosen to be someone’s mate for life. Others would like nothing more than for it to happen in a private setting, just them and their beloved, because it is the most romantic thing in the world. Bryce decided that he was ready to ask Amanda to take their relationship to the next level while on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. But there was one other special lady he wanted to ask as well! Amanda had been a single mom before Bryce came into her life to 7-year-old Mckaylin. He wanted to ensure that his soon-to-be stepdaughter felt comfortable with this new phase of their lives, so he came up with an adorable idea. Bryce’s mom was on one of the floats in the Mardi Gras parade, so the whole gang headed down there to watch. Amanda assumed that all the fanfare was for his mom’s awesome appearance on the float, but then she took a closer look at what the woman was holding. It was a sign that read, “Amanda, will you marry me ?” She was totally stunned! “Everyone knew this was going on,” she said. “His brother filmed it, his dad waved down the float driver so he would know where to stop. I was the only one who was clueless!” Amazingly, even little Mckaylin was in on the secret! She and Bryce had gone on a daddy-daughter date to pick out the rings. Of course, Amanda said yes. While she was taking it all in, Bryce got down on one knee again, this time, though, to ask Mckaylin if she would give him the honor of being her daddy. Needless to say, everyone was moved by the sweet gesture. Marriage is a commitment for life, to the best that two people can find and bring out in each other. It offers opportunities for sharing and growth that no other human relationship can equal; a joining that is promised for a lifetime. Within the circle of its love, marriage encompasses all of life’s most important relationships. A wife and a husband are each other’s best friend, confidant, lover, teacher, listener, and critic. There may come times when one partner is heartbroken or ailing, and the love of the other may resemble the tender caring of a parent for a child. Marriage deepens and enriches every facet of life. Happiness is fuller; memories are fresher; commitment is stronger; even anger is felt more strongly, and passes away more quickly. Marriage understands and forgives the mistakes life is unable to avoid. It encourages and nurtures new life, new experiences, and new ways of expressing love through the seasons of life. When two people pledge to love and care for each other in marriage, they create a spirit unique to themselves, which binds them closer than any spoken or written words. Marriage is a promise, a potential, made in the hearts of two people who love, which takes a lifetime to fulfill. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Rottweiler Purrs And Gives Kisses During Cuddling Time With Owner17s

Rottweiler Purrs And Gives Kisses During Cuddling Time With Owner

A heartwarming video has emerged of a massive Rottweiler pooch purring and giving kisses during cuddle time with owner. Their night time routine is guaranteed to melt your heart. Judging by the excitement blinking from dog’s eyes it is obvious that he loves his owner so much, that he can't spend a minute without him! Adorable footage shows Max sleeping on owner’s chests, thoroughly enjoying his nighttime cuddles as he growls with excitement. Reportedly, this is his number one hobby and he is absolutely obsessed with it. Judging by the blissful reactions to owner scratching his belly, this dog is having the time of his life! Maybe, the belly is Max’s sweet spot, but nonetheless, this needy pooch is definitely crazy for his buddy! Do you have a sweet spot ? You know, that one spot on your entire body which, when touched or scratched, sends shivers down your spine and makes you melt down into a puddle on the floor? Of course, you do, we all have them. It is just that we don’t actually meltdown and splatter on the ground, unlike this affectionate pooch! Cuteness overload! With dogs, it is an entirely different story. If you ever had the honor to give a dog a nice, loving scratch on the chin or behind the ears, you probably know what we are talking about. Some dogs thump their hind legs in the air when you scratch their bellies and it is the most hilarious thing to watch. In reality, it isn’t so much a signal of enjoyment, but rather an involuntary reflex; their brains register these belly scratches as if they are irritants or bugs. There is no harm there though. Max here, has a sweet spot right on the belly and naturally, he loves having it scratched. Whenever his owner lies down on the couch for some down time, Max makes a pillow out of owner’s body and hopes for some relaxation time for himself. The moment the belly-scratching begins, Max starts purring and growling in the sweetest manner. He is simply so excited that his owner is being so generous with the scratches, that he gets the tingling sensation travel all over his body that makes him lose his cool, so he starts making weird noises and starts pulling out his tongue, covering owner’s face with endless wet kisses . It’s a fair share! Who can resist those wet kisses? With an arm outstretched, the man pets his dog and Max is loving every moment of it. Watch as he squints his eyes with pleasure and swoons his face a bit towards owner’s face, sticking out his tongue to insert wet kisses on man’s cheeks. Oh, this is good! That’s the spot! Keep scratching! I’m loving it! So good, in fact, that she finally gives into the temptation and just splatters herself on the floor, perpendicular to the couch that holds the hand that gives such delightful scratches and waits for the treatments to continue. She even makes sure the hand doesn’t go away, so she places one paw on top, securing the scratcher in place. Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever? Every dog has a sweet spot which sends them into fits of nirvana, giving them a vibrating sensation all over their entire body, making them shiver. Usually, it is right on the belly and when scratched, they stomp their foot in the air or twitch their tails. It is both adorable and hilarious to witness, forcing us to keep scratching that spot. What a bonding activity that is, owner and pet, scratching their worries away. However, this dog’s reaction to owner hitting his sweet spot is much more different than with other dogs. He makes the most adorable growling sounds when scratched on the belly. Just check this sweet pooch who was sent into the sweetest nirvana when owner hit the spot! Incredible! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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