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Sleeping Cat Quacks When His Owner Coughs40s

Sleeping Cat Quacks When His Owner Coughs

Have we told you how much we love cat videos?! What are we saying, we know you do too! Since the time that the internet has been around, cat videos have dominated it as they are just so funny and adorable! Watch as this adorable cat reacts to his owner's cough! The creator of this video said "This happens almost every time the cat sleeps or rests. He also responds in the same way to sneezing. No, I do not pull his tail behind the scenes!" Anything from cats playing, being naughty, to just watching them sleep, cat videos are the best way to unwind. Things have gone so far, that there are studies that claim watching cat videos at work helps reduce stress and boosts energy and positive emotions. What did you think of this clip? Does you cat do anything like this? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile and laugh almost as much as it made you! This is one funny clip that no pet owner should ever miss!

Lion Cub Delivers His Best Roar53s

Lion Cub Delivers His Best Roar

Watch as this adorable, little lion delivers his best roar that he can! It is so cute that your heart is going to melt! This cub's sister died shortly after their birth. He was a part of the third pair of cubs born to the pride that year. The cubs are routinely separated from their mother after birth in order to get them acclimated to their handlers and also to keep a better eye on their growth and development. The cubs were part of an educational program at the facility geared towards school kids. He was eventually reunited with his mother and the rest of the lions. So cute! This tiny lion looks like a plush toy and may sound terrifically adorable when it tries to growl, but when he grows up, his growl will be the sound of fear and respect in a 5 mile radius on a wind still day. If you stand at a meter's distance from a full grown lion, their roar can clock at 114 decibels. For comparison, a jackhammer at work clocks at about 100 decibels at the same distance. Although they are called “Kings of the jungle”, lions actually cannot be found in the rain forests of Central Africa. Their natural habitat are actually the grasslands in Sub-Saharan Africa. Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile as much as it made you!

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It's Amazing How Gently This Husky Plays With This Baby3m05s

It's Amazing How Gently This Husky Plays With This Baby

There are amazing combinations that go great together in this world; sweet and salty, Batman and Robin, summer and barbecues, and even dogs and babies! This video is exactly that as a caring Siberian Husky gently plays with an adorable seven-month-old baby. These two seem to be the best of friends as they continue to play together creating a precious family moment! This is one video that you do not want to miss as you will remember it for a long time! This video is amazing! It really does show that dogs can be amazing companions that you will remember for the rest of your life! This video was already adorable enough with the dog alone, but then when you add the baby playing with the dog, it creates something even more cute! Talk about a cuteness overload! Do we have to mention how adorable the baby is? They seem like they are having the time of their life playing with their best friend! These two really do make an adorable duo. Surely the baby loves to play with their buddy a whole lot. Maybe the dog even shares its dog toys with the baby too! It sure seemed that way in this clip!

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Bride and brother pull off epic wedding dance routine5m30s

Bride and brother pull off epic wedding dance routine

The gorgeous bride and her brother perform a Bollywood medley at the Sangeet, an Indian ceremony full of song and dance that is organized the night before the wedding. Even the groom makes a surprise cameo appearance!

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Dad Breaks Down When Son Returns Home Early From Afghanistan2m15s

Dad Breaks Down When Son Returns Home Early From Afghanistan

After being deployed in Afghanistan for a mobilization/demobilization tour for the past year, it was finally time for Mason to come home. Like every good soldier out there, Mason didn’t just up and tell his folks he was coming; instead, he asked his neighbor and fellow Veteran to set up a surprise for each of his family members, one by one. The first stop on this tour of surprise was to see his dad at work. With the cameras rolling, Mason walked into his office and knocked on his door. The unsuspecting father was in the middle of a meeting, but once he sees his son standing before him it’s clear to see that the today’s list of schedules has gone right out the window. It’s beautiful and by far one of the proudest father moments ever caught on video and one that is guaranteed to make you cry! Although it’s not shown in the video below, the soldier later surprises his sister and his mother while they were at work. Their reactions, obviously, are amazing! These videos showing soldiers returning home can melt even the coldest of hearts. AFV made the sweetest compilation of soldier homecomings - grandparents, parents, offspring and pets, everyone screams with excitement when they finally lay their eyes on a loved one coming home.

Drivers navigate chaotic intersection in Ethiopia1m54s

Drivers navigate chaotic intersection in Ethiopia

We all hate the morning commute. People rushing all over the place, cars honk everywhere and you just want to keep on sleeping. But no matter what you think about your morning travels to the office, we bet it doesn't even compare to what you are about to see in this video! This CCTV footage in located in the center of Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa, on Meskel Square. The intersection sees thousands upon thousands of all sorts of vehicles everyday, yet it is known as one the most chaotic crossroads on the planet. The footage of the cars crossing the nerve center of the capital is mesmerizing to watch, because the massive intersection is a free-for-all for the drivers, having no traffic lights and no lines painted on the road. Meskel Square is often the site chosen for the festival and celebrations in Ethiopia, but during the day, it is the most nerve wracking point to drive through. Yes, ladies and gents, this is just another normal day on the streets of Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa is the largest city of Ethiopia. It has a population of 3,384,569 according to the 2007 population census, with annual growth rate of 3.8%. This number has been increased from the originally published 2,738,248 figure and appears to be still largely underestimated.

Strange Unexplained Noises  Heard In Plaidt, Germany 34s

Strange Unexplained Noises Heard In Plaidt, Germany

It seems like just a regular day in this German neighbourhood, there is even a kid outside on the street enjoying the day of school. Out of nowhere, you hear some strange and unfamiliar noises coming from the distance. The strange noises start to get louder at times as well, almost as if the noise is coming closer to the neighbourhood. Even the kid has stopped in their tracks now, the sound isn't very pleasant and seems quite scary. It doesn't look like there is anything near this neighbourhood either, it is very weird. I don't think anyone knows what this sound is. The only thing they know is that is sounds like it is coming from the sky, but there isn't a lot of evidence to what it actually is. Hopefully, this isn't a consistent sound, this isn't something you hear everyday. I'm sure many people were frightened to go outside after hearing this odd sound. Residents of Plaidt, Germany recently captured footage featuring bizarre unexplained sounds coming from the sky. Do you have any theories on what this could possibly be? Have you ever heard a strange noise like this before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Music Students Pull Off Flash Mob During Wedding Ceremony4m17s

Music Students Pull Off Flash Mob During Wedding Ceremony

In Niagara Falls, Ontario, 15 Music Depot students flash mob Shannon and Rick's wedding ceremony. They surprised the groom, the wedding party and 130 guests! Special thanks to the students and parents at The Music Depot, Shannon for inviting them to be a part of her special day and the minister at St. John's Church who was more than accommodating! Wedding ceremonies are all about celebrating love and happiness with your friends and family. This one is no exception, but wait to see the amazing twist just a few seconds into the video! The heroes of the day are the guests themselves, and you'll soon find out why! Namely, these music students were just regular guests at first, patiently waiting in line to congratulate to the happy couple, when all of a sudden, when everyone took their seats, the surprise started, much to the awe of the entire crowd, including the bride and the groom! Part of the students started singing, while the other part took the instruments and started playing, while the other guests are standing there in disbelief! And we were no exception to this, we stared in amazement through the entire video! For more on the Music Depot go to "Chapel of Love is the copyrighted property of it's owner(s). This video cover is purely for recreation and educational purposes only. No Copyright infringement intended."

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Tiger escapes caretaker's car, roams down crowded highway1m27s

Tiger escapes caretaker's car, roams down crowded highway

While waiting in line at the border crossing between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, a rogue tiger is spotted running down the busy highway. Luckily its owner catches up to it before anything bad could happen. Crazy!

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The moment these twin girls realize they look exactly the same!4m25s

The moment these twin girls realize they look exactly the same!

These little girls are adorable! They are identical twins and are starting to learn what that means. They both look like each other! When they are asked what the word twins means, Alexis says it means adorable, so funny! Almost Alexis, but not quite! They know they have the same birthday and as they look at each other, they are realizing they have the same physical features on their face, so cute! These little girls are hilarious, they continue to look each other taking in everything about the other twins face, so precious! Alexis starts to have a meltdown when she learns Ava is one minute older. Poor girl, she is sad because she thinks her sister Ava is bigger than she is, don't worry Alexis, you are growing just like your sister. It is so sweet when Ava tells her to stop crying and gives her a big hug comforting her, they love each other so much! It's not over yet, a few moments later, Ava starts to cry because she finds out her sister is a half inch bigger than her, she doesn't think she is growing. Now it is her sisters turn to give her a big hug. These little girls share such a special bond! What a great video! Are you looking for some cute clothes for your kids? Check out some of these adorable outfits they will love to walk around in! Do you have any funny twin stories? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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This Is Why You Never Steal A Jeep's Parking Spot1m00s

This Is Why You Never Steal A Jeep's Parking Spot

This is what you get when you show how much you have been paying attention in class about manners and common courtesy! That yellow Jeep was waiting patiently in line for a car to come out of a parking spot, when another zoomed right it and took the spot instead! Pissed off, the driver of the Jeep seems to be parking right behind that red sedan, as if to box him in. Then he gets out and starts jumbling with something at the front bumper. What is he doing? That driver did what most of us who have found ourselves in a similar situation have wanted to do! He puts a tow hook on the sedan's rear bumper and hauls him out of there! We think we have found out new hero! It looks like there were plenty of other available parking spot on that lot, but this isn't just about finding a spot anymore. This should be a lesson! Thankfully, security cameras from the lot caught the whole thing on tape, otherwise we never would have believed our ears if someone tried to retell us this as an anecdote! Some viewers question the authenticity of the footage, others the legality. We will never find out what the driver of the sedan did when he saw his car in the middle of the road, but serves him right!

Responsible Older Brother Breaks Up A Playful Puppy Fight 53s

Responsible Older Brother Breaks Up A Playful Puppy Fight

It looks like these two playful pooches are getting a little out of hand! There is way too much barking going on back and fourth! Even though they have no bad intentions, their older brother comes to the rescue to separate them and teach them a lesson about love and respect. What a good dog! He is the perfect clever pooch, and is so good at calming every one down. He preciously scolds and calms down both puppies. We can all learn a thing or two from this responsible dog! Watch as this little guy breaks up a fight on the living room couch, then scolds those involved. He isn't going to let them get away with anything! They need to learn how to be nice to one another! After their older brother talked to them, these puppies learned a valuable lesson. The pooch got his peaceful afternoon and we definitely got an instant mood booster after watching this adorable situation occur. It doesn't hurt that these dogs are absolutely the cutest as well! This is too funny! No one is going to mess with this dog anytime soon, especially after seeing how fast these playful pooches stopped barking, hilarious! Check out this awesome video of this responsible dog breaking up a puppy fight!

Incredible footage of approaching storm in Belgium1m37s

Incredible footage of approaching storm in Belgium

This is not what you want to see as you're laying on the beach. The sky suddenly gets dark as a massive storm starts to approach you. The clouds look like they are multiplying by the second, and lightening is striking every few seconds. A this moment, the last place you want to be is outside. With the amount of wind in the area, the waves will start to get rough and much more dangerous, it's probably not the best time to be in the ocean! The sky is a mixture of black and purple and it looks like the rain is going to come down any minute. Everyone is taking shelter, this is probably the best idea, you don't want to get stuck in this storm! Being dry in your house is probably the better option. No one is sticking around for this storm, it is going to hit any minute! Time to get inside! Sometimes, we have no other options but to walk through these storms, check out some of these umbrellas so you can stay dry even when you're outside! Have you ever captured crazy footage before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Ghostbusters recreated in LEGO short for 30th anniversary3m35s

Ghostbusters recreated in LEGO short for 30th anniversary

MonsieurCaron paid homage to the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie by creating and producing an incredible brickfilm short using everyone's favorite toy, LEGO bricks! According to 'MonsieurCaron', "With the LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108 set which came out this year, I had to do a brickfilm to make the Ecto-1 shine again. Of course I had to also add a lot of ghosts as well, so I added some famous movie "ghosts" in addition to a new one. Thanks to Kevin Hinkle (not Inkle) for the minfig." Credit to 'MonsieurCaron'.

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Precious Little Girl Plays With 14 German Shepherds1m01s

Precious Little Girl Plays With 14 German Shepherds

No matter where you are in the world, the love between humans and dogs is the same everywhere. Dogs are best friends to every human in every corner of this big world! We shouldn’t be calling this proof, because we all know that dogs are man’s best friend everywhere, but the footage you are about to see is like a story out of a children’s book! A group of German Shepherds - 14 of them, to be exact - are all best friends to one tiny human. Pernille from Norway is only 5 years old and she is never too far from her 14 furry best friends! They look like an army around her, following her every step and never being more than a few feet away from her. Watching that ground run and play with the grass that little Pernille throws in the air is truly mesmerizing. Like a photoshoot about the good life in the prairie, waiting to happen! With the girl’s blond hair and bright pink top, she is easily spotted in the mass of brown and black fur. German Shepherd dogs might be big a sort of menacing looking, given that we know them from police movies, but this footage of further proof that this dog breed can be very playful and caring towards their owners. Watching all those dogs run on the meadow with Pernille, not one of them pushing her on the ground or doing anything to harm her, really instills confidence into our minds. Now would be a good idea to look for a breeder, or better yet, a shelter that has a German Shepherd to adopt!

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The incredible bond between human and horse2m38s

The incredible bond between human and horse

The bond and mutual trust between horses and humans is absolutely amazing! Here's a great example showing how special it can really be. With their 1000 pounds, who knew that a horse could prove to be gentle giants? The two brown beasts can be seen frolicking with their owner right there in the dirt, hugging and kissing with her like she is one of their own. Horses have been part of human life since the beginning of time, either as workers or as athletes, but most recently they have been introduced as therapists as well. Equestrian therapy was first introduced in 1946 in Scandinavia during the vast outbreak of poliomyelitis, a neuromuscular debilitating disease. Since then, horses have been used for emotional and physical therapy to reinforce the rider’s muscle tone, socialization and communication skills development, building trust, and to improve a person’s fine motor skills, gait and balance, as well as hand-eye coordination. When this video surfaced on the Internet, people have been both touched by the deep bond between this woman and her animals, while others have found themselves thoroughly disgusted by the way they share kisses. Since the woman is living with them, we are sure that she has all the necessary support she needs to live the life she chooses, but no matter the circumstances, we here sure envy her on her friends. Credit to 'Showisi'. Search 'Showisi' for more!

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How to catch and prepare Pacific razor clams6m29s

How to catch and prepare Pacific razor clams

At Sunset Beach State Park on the Northern Oregon coast, 'yakf15h' digs out the limit for 4 persons withing 90 minutes. Here's some footage of the digging and cleaning of razor clams. Check out how they dig themselves back into the sand!

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Loving father's inspiring dance with special needs daughter4m04s

Loving father's inspiring dance with special needs daughter

Mike Carney lifts his 12-year-old daughter McKenzie from her wheelchair and performs a heartwarming dance set to Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' during a summer pageant. She has been diagnosed with a type of mitochondrial disease, which is life threatening, and the family travels more than 500 miles to Florida from Georgia for specialized treatments, which she has been responding to well. Unfortunately her insurance doesn't cover those treatments, and if you'd like to help out, check out 'mckenzieshope' on Go Fund Me.

Lion gets head stuck in feeding barrel at zoo2m20s

Lion gets head stuck in feeding barrel at zoo

To keep feeding time interesting, the Dierenrijk Zoo in the Netherlands puts meat inside of a barrel as a way to help stimulate the three young lions. Unfortunately one of them experienced a bit of bad luck during this instance after getting the barrel stuck right on his head! Luckily a zookeeper eventually managed to cut it off, with no harm done. We've all been there before at one point or another. Who hasn't gotten their hand stuck in something before? It could've been the container for chips, or even the gaps in the railing. The point is that we can all relate to this poor guy that was just trying to get something to eat. Check out this lion getting his head stuck in a feeding barrel.

Incredibly Emotional Moment Captured Between Dog And Man With Alzheimer's1m29s

Incredibly Emotional Moment Captured Between Dog And Man With Alzheimer's

What an emotional moment caught on tape. This man spends some bonding time with his daughter's dog. He has Alzheimer's and has almost lost of his speech, but this doesn't stop him from showing all his love for this adorable dog. It seems like no matter what, this dog brightens up the mans day. What a great companion to spend time with. The dog brings him something in his mouth and the man gets very excited, so precious. He tells the dog, that he will take care of dog and the dog will take care of him. What an amazing bond these two have. Alzheimer's isn't going to stop him from showing love and compassion to this dog. The dog lays down on the ground near the man, and he starts to pet him. The dog loves every moment of this and wants to spend as much time as he can with him. What an incredible friendship. This is so powerful. Make every moment in your life count, every second is precious. After watching this video, do you feel emotional? It's okay, this definitely pulls at our heart strings. If you are interested in learning more about Alzheimers and how it affects the body, take a look at some of these best selling books. Have you ever witnessed a precious moment between a person and their dog, let us know in the comment section down below.

Grumpy Dog Sounds Hilarious When Being Woken Up!52s

Grumpy Dog Sounds Hilarious When Being Woken Up!

Waking up with your dog is something that all dog lovers can appreciate. The best way to start your day is to do so with your four legged furry friend. We'll this dog provided its owners with a little laugh in the morning when he is woken up! Buddha the Bulldog has a lot to say in the morning when he doesn't get his coffee. It's safe to say that he's definitely not a morning person! How hilarious is this doggo? What a treat it would be to wake up with hum everyday, wouldn't it be? Have you ever caught your pet doing something like this before? Do they have any unusual sleeping routines or habits? Let us know in the comment section! Pets are amazing creatures that bring joy into our lives and make the world much better! They should be treated with the utmost respect and care because they are a valuable member of your family! They may be hard to raise, but the memories that they bring heavily out way the challenges! Please share this amazing and funny clip with your friends and family as it will surely make them smile! Check out this adorable and grumpy dog!

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Stunning Choir Sings In Perfect Harmony At Bar Mitzvah4m58s

Stunning Choir Sings In Perfect Harmony At Bar Mitzvah

Music has a magical power to uplift, to heal, and to project a wholesome promise. At a recent event Shira Choir skillfully employed their vocal talents to pull all these strings together. The audience was mesmerized and swept away by this striking display that lifted the spirits and gladdened the hearts. ​Inspiring joy and happiness with beautiful, stirring sounds, the renowned Shira Choir performs a stunning acappela rendition of "Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis" during a Bar Mitzvah of the son of Shira Choir Founder and Leader Shraga Gold in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA. The original piece was composed by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz. Shira Choir is composed of a number of truly talented voices who have harmoniously entertained many crowds across the globe. They are known to flawlessly recreate some of the most intricate melodies of time-honored classics and you can't help but be in awe as they sing in unison. According to the group, they've pulled off over 4,000 performances over the past 13 years! Aside from a capella , they're also known to feature lead and backup performances, and even original scores. It is amazing to see how well-synchronized they are when they sing, and how their voices overlap with perfection as they sit around the table and give a great performance. This video was filmed by Motty Jay with video by Neumann Media Studios.

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