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Del Monte recalls vegetable trays6m01s

Del Monte recalls vegetable trays

Del Monte Fresh Produce is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of vegetable trays containing fresh broccoli, cauliflower, celery sticks, carrots and dill dip.

Published: June 19, 2018
Young Boy’s Hilarious Baseball Fail In Slow Motion26s

Young Boy’s Hilarious Baseball Fail In Slow Motion

Baseball is such a cool sport! If you are a fan of this amazing sport, you have to check out this hilarious video! It shows a classic baseball fail, and it’ll make you laugh until your stomach hurts! As the clip begins, you can see that a group of kids is having the best time ever playing baseball on the street. It all seems to be going pretty fine from the beginning, but then the clip slows down and turns into a slow-motion video. And if the video is made is super slow motion, that can mean only one thing - there’s a fail coming up, and it’s going to be a good one! One of the boys holds out his baseball glove to catch the ball. The ball is coming his way, but just when you think that he’s gonna catch it, hilarity ensues! The young boy misses the ball, and it hits him in the face! LOL!

A Tot Boy Struggles To Balance As He Plays Catch With His Uncle31s

A Tot Boy Struggles To Balance As He Plays Catch With His Uncle

Playing catch is definitely the most popular game in our country! We all used to play it when we were kids, and even now as adults we play it with our kids or our little cousins and nephews! Just like a man in this video. He and his little nephew are having fun in a backyard together with the rest of the family. Lots of other boys are running around all over that place, but the two of them are playing their favorite game of catch. This adorable tot boy is so little that he hardly keeps his balance, but he already knows how to throw a ball! But when he tries to catch it, he struggles to balance and ends up on his bum each time! OMG, just look at him! He is so cute and funny that you really have to check this video out! It is such an amazing mood lifter, and you’re going to love it, I’m sure!

Fishing Trip Freak Out35s

Fishing Trip Freak Out

Fishing is such a cool outdoor activity! It brings so much fun to the whole family. And this hilarious video is here to exemplify that perfectly! As the clip begins, you can see a man as he holds up a fish in a pond after his wife has caught it, but the woman is too scared to hold it up. She tries to do it, but the fish moves and the woman freaks out completely! LOL! She screams in such a hilarious way! Even though her husband tells her that she has to hold the fish because that’s the biggest one she has ever caught, she still doesn't have the guts to do it. But don’t you worry because someone else is not afraid to do it. A young girl, the woman’s daughter, volunteers to hold the fish! OMG! How cool is that? She’s so brave! She’s definitely got her dad’s genes when it comes to fishing! LOL!

Tot Boy Tries To Ride His Toy Truck As A Monster Truck28s

Tot Boy Tries To Ride His Toy Truck As A Monster Truck

All kids have their own dreams of what they want to become when they grow up! Most of the kids in my family want to become doctors, just like their grandpa, but there is only one tot boy who dreams a different dream. He wants to be a monster truck driver! I have no idea how he made this choice, but I’m sure he is going to love this video! But, if you give it a try, I bet you will too! It shows an adorable tot boy who is having loads of fun with his toy truck on a field with a pile of dirt in the middle! This cute little boy is trying to ride his truck up that pile, just like the monster truck drivers do, but fails repeatedly and each time he slides back he says "oh my God!" LOL! But that doesn’t stop him from trying over and over again! LOL!

Huge Fish Escapes From Woman’s Hands35s

Huge Fish Escapes From Woman’s Hands

Fishing trips are the best! If you have never been on a fishing trip, first of all, you are missing out big time, and second of all, you have to go! Going on fishing trips is such an unforgettable experience! And the guys from this video definitely can agree with me! If you are up for a good laugh, just check out their hilarious fishing adventures! As the clip starts, you can see a man and a woman standing on a boat on a lake. They have just caught a huge fish, and you can tell that they are both really proud of themselves and excited about it. The man has just pulled the fish out of the net and he wants to hand it to the woman. She doesn't really want to hold it so she pulls the sleeves on her jacket up to cover her hand, but as she does that, hilarity ensues! The fish slips out and jumps into the water! OMG! So hilarious!

English Bulldog VS Lawn Mower35s

English Bulldog VS Lawn Mower

Dogs are such funny beings! They never cease to make us laugh out loud with their silly reactions. And the adorable dog from this video is not an exception! If you have ever wondered what happens if you put a dog and a lawn mower together, you are about to find out. You are in for a treat! At the beginning of this funny clip, you can see an adorable English Bulldog playing around a backyard. But if take a closer look, you’ll see that this cute pup is actually really upset. And what is the reason for that, you may wonder? Well, his arch enemy is also out and about in the backyard. And his enemy is a push lawn mower! LOL! This cute English Bulldog can’t help but jump around and bark at the lawn mower to scare it off, but it doesn't seem to work! So hilarious!

Funny Dog Loves To Mow The Lawn31s

Funny Dog Loves To Mow The Lawn

We all know how our dogs love to be outside and run around! Some of them could go on playing fetch all day long and do all sorts of funny stuff, but who would have ever thought that mowing a lawn could be one of them? Well, check out this video and see it for yourself! It shows an adorable dog who loves to play with the lawn mower so much that his owner had to get him a toy lawn mower, so this pup would stop playing with the real one! LOL! And now this beautiful, cheerful dog can run around as long as he wants pushing and pulling his favorite toy across the backyard lawn. OMG, what a brilliant idea that is! Next time I go shopping I definitely have to find something like this for my pup. I’m sure he will be thrilled as much as the dog in this video! LOL!