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Toddler's mother talks about driveway tragedy1m14s

Toddler's mother talks about driveway tragedy

"I wish I had it to do all over again," said Danielle McDonald-Culbertson about the moment her 20-month-old daughter, Eliana, wandered off and was run over by a neighbor backing out of their driveway.

Published: July 20, 2018
Cherry Creek Mortgage - 7/20/183m00s

Cherry Creek Mortgage - 7/20/18

Wayne Lacy, Branch Manager, talks about the first steps to the home buying process.  For more information, please visit or by calling 517-580-5050.

Published: July 20, 2018
MSUFCU - 7/20/182m59s

MSUFCU - 7/20/18

Whitney Anderson-Harrell, Chief Community Development Officer, talks about planning for retirement.  For more information, please visit

Published: July 20, 2018
AQC - 7/20/183m00s

AQC - 7/20/18

Jeff Rostoni, Owner/Operator, talks about mold in homes.  For more information, please visit or by calling 517-490-1304.

Published: July 20, 2018
Zoo Offers Snake Massages3m11s

Zoo Offers Snake Massages

A massage after a day of sightseeing might sound like a great deal - but what if it was delivered by a 60kg Python? That’s the incredible experience on offer at a Philippine zoo, who are giving away the slithery ‘relaxation’ sessions to tourists brave enough to try one. The main masseuse is an albino Burmese Python. Slowly slithering over the body, the cold blooded snakes make for a cool, refreshing massage due to their hefty weight and low body temperature. But it isn’t for the feint hearted. VideoID: TT-4132 Rights Cleared & Verified: 07/07/2018 ---- T&T Creative Media is a user generated video licensing company. We unearth, verify, package and deliver newsworthy clips to major news organizations and brands worldwide. To license this video clip for media or brand usage, contact

Cute Dog Spinning In The Living Room12s

Cute Dog Spinning In The Living Room

Dogs are just amazing. They are our devoted friends and helpers and they can make us laugh too. A day becomes better when you see somebody waiting for you to come home. And it's comforting when you see a pair of puppy eyes that are looking at you with love. Precious!\nThis dog knows what the real fun is! LOL! As the video begins, we see a cute dog spinning on his back in the living room. LOL! It seems like he's having a real fun! LOL! His parents are spinning him round and round and he just can't say it's enough! LOL! I really envy him! LOL! Somebody should tell him he should give advice on how to have more fun and how to enjoy the day more. Because we all know that someone who’s too anxious to do stuff!

A Chicken Sits On A Horse's Head In A Barn22s

A Chicken Sits On A Horse's Head In A Barn

As a real funny videos’ fan, I have seen lots of videos showing all sorts of unusual friendships in the animal worlds, but the one we have here is probably the funniest and silliest one I have ever seen! Plus, it’s so adorable you simply have to check it out! This video shows a beautiful horse and his best two-legged friend chilling in a barn. The horse is standing in his box relaxing while his best two-legged feathered friend is taking a walk on his back! OMG, just look at them?! Aren’t they the loveliest and funniest friends like ever?! LOL! I mean, who would have ever thought that a horse and a chicken can befriend? So, if you are looking for something really funny to cheer you up and make you all feel good for the rest of the day, this video is a must see! It’s that brilliant!

Storm Shield Forecast morning update 7/20/181m38s

Storm Shield Forecast morning update 7/20/18

Today looks to drop to a high of 103 degrees in Bakersfield, still five degrees above our seasonal average of 98, but better thank yesterday's 108! The air quality forecast has improved to the moderate range for today, but there's still an Air Quality Alert in effect for the Central California counties north of Kern County due to wildfire smoke from the Ferguson fire.

Published: July 20, 2018
Pet of the week: 7-year-old Olivia is eager to please but prefers not to share her treats1m30s

Pet of the week: 7-year-old Olivia is eager to please but prefers not to share her treats

The ABC Action News Pet of the Week segment airing on Friday mornings tries to help find homes for dogs in Tampa Bay area animal shelters. This week you have an opportunity to bring home an affectionate girl that's extremely eager to please. Olivia is a 7-year-old Terrier mix who would make for a loving, loyal companion. According to the American Kennel Club, terriers are intelligent, good-natured dogs who are excellent guardians. Shelter workers say Olivia loves sharing tons of kisses. She walks well on a leash, knows her basic commands and enjoys outings to the beach or dog park. Olivia has grown up with both dogs and cats, but she prefers not to share her food or treats. DNA tests revealed Olivia is 75% Staffordshire Terrier with a little Akita and Boston Terrier in the mix. Thanks to the Pit Project and Guardian Angel sponsor, Jill Curren, Olivia's adoption fee is only $75. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. You must own your own home to adopt her. For more information about how to adopt Olivia or other animals currently at Pet Pal Animal Shelter, you can call them (727) 328-7738 or go online to

Published: July 20, 2018
'Meow Luau' adoption special all this week48s

'Meow Luau' adoption special all this week

Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter will be hosting an all-cat adoption event the week of July 16th through the 22nd. Due to the high number of cats at the shelter, and those waiting to return from foster homes, the shelter is at full capacity and wants to encourage adoptions by running a special.

Published: July 20, 2018