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Celebrate the Holiday Season at the Jones Market5m42s

Celebrate the Holiday Season at the Jones Market

With the holidays right around the corner, Jones Dairy Farm, along with the Jones Market, are gearing up for one of their favorite times of the year by promoting their special naturally smoked hams, the perfect addition to any holiday meal, as well as a fantastic holiday gift. Carving a ham properly is also critical to the overall success of your holiday meal, and Philip Jones is just the man to show you how to do it the right way. Mariah Hadler also shares the different options Jones offers for your holiday dinner tables. Holiday hams are available at the Jones Market or can be purchased online at All retail hams at the Jones Market are 20% off throughout the months of November and December. Smaller boneless hams (like the dainty and family hams) are available at many retailers throughout the Milwaukee area.

Controversial class photo2m06s

Controversial class photo

The Baraboo School District is discussing next steps after a photo went viral showing junior students, with many appearing to be giving the Nazi salute.

Published: November 13, 2018
Top 10 Worst Accents on TV9m12s

Top 10 Worst Accents on TV

Really? That's what you're gonna go with? Ok.... Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Accents on TV. For this list, we'll be ranking actors who put on an accent for their television roles with hilariously bad results. For the record, we know that acting is hard, and establishing a credible accent is even more challenging, but we just couldn't resist having a little fun pointing out these embarrassing examples.

A Wisconsin Tradition for Nearly 130 Years4m36s

A Wisconsin Tradition for Nearly 130 Years

Jones Dairy Farm is a six-generation family owned and operated business located in Fort Atkinson. For 129 years, Jones has created quality breakfast meats starting with their signature all natural breakfast sausage. Tiffany took a trip out to Fort Atkinson to learn about this historic company and chat with 6th generation president Philip Jones. For more information on Jones Dairy Farm, their history and their products, visit

Republican Claims He's Disgusted By Trump Mocking GOP Candidates Who Lost; Claims It Was POTUS Fault1m16s

Republican Claims He's Disgusted By Trump Mocking GOP Candidates Who Lost; Claims It Was POTUS Fault

Rep. Adam Kinzinger said he was “disgusted” by President Donald Trump‘s comments mocking GOP candidates that lost their races in the midterms — and the Illinois Republican even suggested the commander in chief may be to blame for those defeats. At his post midterm press conference, Trump took aim at Utah Republican Rep. Mia Love — amongst others — saying, “Mia Love gave me no love. And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that Mia.” “I was disgusted when I heard it happened,” Kinzinger said on CNN’s New Day when asked about the comments. “I mean, these are members that in their districts are reflecting their district. Some of them lost because people were frankly voting against the president, and I think if the president would have shown a little more grace in that and said ‘We are going to miss them but thank you for your service.’ Instead of ‘It’s because you didn’t back me.'” “I can tell you a lot of these folks — Mia Love backed the president a lot and that may have cost her if she ends up losing,” Kinzinger said. “A little more grace would have been a lot better. I was very disgusted when I heard that. Let’s go forward and look at how we’re going to do better in 2020.”