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Dr. Urshan4m47s

Dr. Urshan

We discuss how following a proper plan will help you lose weight.

Published: February 20, 2018
Could Kris Jenner STOP Travis Scott from Seeing Kylie and Baby Stormi!!?2m38s

Could Kris Jenner STOP Travis Scott from Seeing Kylie and Baby Stormi!!?

Things seem to be going pretty well for Kylie and Travis, but we’ve just learned that the new dad is setting some strict regulations that might put a strain on his relationship with his baby-mama. A source revealed to Star, “He won’t tolerate the KUWTK cameras being anywhere near him, and Kylie’s been warned to keep her mom, Kris, and meddling sisters far away as well.” Could this keep him from seeing Stormi on a regular basis?

Queen Elizabeth II attends London Fashion Week35s

Queen Elizabeth II attends London Fashion Week

Queen Elizabeth II made her first-ever visit to London Fashion Week today (February 20). The video shows the 91-year-old monarch arriving for a catwalk show during a surprise visit. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Bottle Fed Kitten55s

Bottle Fed Kitten

Occurred on January 16, 2018 / Rondonopolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil Info from Licensor: "I was bottle-feeding my little hungry kitten."

Hockey Kid Bowls Over Other Kids After Falling31s

Hockey Kid Bowls Over Other Kids After Falling

As an adult who grew up in Southwest states I'm easily impressed by anyone who can competently skate on ice. Let me tell you, as someone who roller blades, it does not translate as easily as you'd think. So, despite the wobbly start that this kid has going around cones and hopping over hockey sticks, we were impressed because we doubt we could do it much better. Of course, that won't stop us from giggling when this kid finally does fall hard. While he's pretty good at hopping and going forward, he hasn't quite figured out the brakes. Thus he finds himself bowling over a group of teammates and managing to knock the whole group over.

Published: February 20, 2018
Avoiding Food Waste: Tips to Save Yourself Money3m23s

Avoiding Food Waste: Tips to Save Yourself Money

Around 60 million tons of produce is wasted every year in America (roughly $160 billion worth). Some of that waste is due to lack of meal planning and improper storage. That’s around $2,200 of waste per family.

Published: February 20, 2018
Husband Rates My Hilarious Outfits16m21s

Husband Rates My Hilarious Outfits

Today, my husband Cory rates my outfits. We went thrifting and I got some random outfits to show Cory. None of the clothes were pregnancy clothes, and his commentary ended up pretty hilarious. SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss anything (plus it's free): ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------- THINGS WE TALKED ABOUT: Today's Maternity Shirt - ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------- CONNECT WITH US: Facebook • Kristen's Twitter • Cory's Instagram • Kristen’s Instagram • ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------- SOME OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS: Baby Gear: Vlogging Gear: ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------- SEND US A LETTER: LiveEachDay PO BOX 33432 Tulsa, OK 74153 ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------- WANT TO RE-UPLOAD THIS VIDEO OFF YOUTUBE? Email us and we may give you permission to post for free! ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­---------------------------- • Business | Licensing | Sponsorship | Collaboration • ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­----------------------------

Go Dog Go24s

Go Dog Go

Occurred on February 14, 2018 / New York Info from Licensor: "My little pup just dominates the bench all day. The other pups can never catch him, and he winds them up so much!"

Dead X Fest4m18s

Dead X Fest

We talk about an awesome event coming to the Bay area.

Published: February 20, 2018