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Comedians Give Woman Money At Gas Station1m00s

Comedians Give Woman Money At Gas Station

The lovely scene of the comedians give the woman money to spend in daily life while she got a difficult time since her husband is dead. This video touching very much people Also, I have seen another scene - A Substitute Teacher Paid for a Man's Gas Station Snacks Because He Was Short on Cash. She Didn't Realize It Was Keith Urban - A New Jersey woman who thought she was helping a down-and-out man pay for his gas station food ended up footing the bill for country music star Keith Urban. Ruth Reed says she met Urban at a Medford Wawa ahead of his concert Friday night in Camden.Substitute teacher Reed says she had made a resolution to help Wawa customers and jumped at the chance when the man ahead of her was short a few dollars.Reed says he thanked her and said his name was Keith. When she remarked that he looked like Keith Urban, he said he was.Not believing him, Reed asked his body guard to confirm she was talking to the musician.She says, “It was then I realized what an idiot I was.”

Leafcutter ants hard at work in Amazon rainforest2m15s

Leafcutter ants hard at work in Amazon rainforest

These leafcutter ants from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador dissect a leaf with their strong mandibles and carry the pieces to their colony's fungus garden under ground. They cannot digest the leaves themselves but cultivate a special fungus on which they feed. The wingless worker ants are females. Each ant can carry up to 50 times its own body weight. This is equivalent to a man carrying a van over his head!

Wrestling Dogs Make Owner's Workout Hilariously Difficult15s

Wrestling Dogs Make Owner's Workout Hilariously Difficult

During today’s clip we have the pleasure to see two cute dogs having a blast playing together. The only awkward thing is the place they decided to get friendly and play catch. Their owner was doing her workout on what we could call a balcony, because it seems to be outside and there’s a barrier on the right side of the screen. The camera is placed right in front of the woman doing the workout in order for us to be able to see what’s going on with this trio.. She also put a blanket on the floor as she probably will be exercising for a little while. The owner of these dogs was doing the plank exercise as the dogs came to fight. She started the recording after the dogs started to fight but nevertheless she stayed still and did not even flinch once. She is smiling at the start of the video, probably she started smiling when she realised that she will have to exercise with them between her legs. She decided to go with it and continue to record the scene. It is an amusing video to see. We would like to highlight that she is really strong, not only she can do this exercise quite well but at the same time she is being tickled and pushed by the two dogs. One of the dogs is a husky and he seems to be pushing her quite a lot during the clip. The dog didn’t mean it in a bad way of course, he just shares a playful moment with the second dog owned by this woman. She is strong enough not to move or fall down on her stomach during the plank exercise, considering the fact that the husky is pushing her, we think it’s worth mentioning since this exercise is not an easy to make. The last difficulty she could have been facing is the smaller dog that hides from the husky, under her stomach. As she is doing a plank, the other little dog, that seems to be a pug, went under his owner to be away from the grip of the husky. The woman is wearing a crop top and you can only imagine the feeling of a short haired pug moving frantically under your belly. It would tickle us quite a lot! For those two additional factors this morning workout routine must be challenging, we can only imagine what other exercise she did while the dogs made it harder for her. Having your pets around you while doing your daily exercise can be really beneficial for you and for the pets, too. Just like humans, they need exercise, and like we mentioned above, this video was probably recorded on a balcony, even if the space is limited there’s always a way to get to exercise a little. No matter the size or the age of the dogs, we are glad to see two dogs like these in the clip being friendly with each other and sympathizing with their owner, a bond that can be created during an activity such as this one is really important and healthy.

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Guests at traditional Amazon village eat monster grubs2m16s

Guests at traditional Amazon village eat monster grubs

Chontacuro grubs are enormous larvae of a weevil that burrows into palma trees in the Amazon basin, in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. They get their name from the Kichwa words “Chonta” for the palma tree that they inhabit and feast on, and the word “curo” which means worm. Several indigenous tribes along the rivers consider them a staple part of their diet, and even a delicacy. They are valued for their nutritional properties, adding a generous portion of protein and fat to a diet that is high in vegetables and fruits. Aboriginal peoples believe that chontacuro have healing properties, curing infections, asthma, gastritis, and arthritis. Ecotourists on a visit to a traditional village were given a rare and educational insight into the culture of the indigenous people. Margot and Erika demonstrated methods of farming, fabrication, and food preparation, including the famous chontacuro grub. They explained how the palma trees are farmed to yield fruit, chontaduro until the trees reach four years of age. The fruit is less edible at this point and the trees are cut down. The trunks are left on the ground, an invitation for the enormous black chontacuro beetles to come and lay their eggs inside. After four months, the trunks are hollow inside. They are cut open to harvest more than 40 grubs each which will have grown to 5-8cm in length (3 inches). The hollowed trunks are then used for construction of huts and other structures. Margot and Erika offered the raw grubs to the Canadian tourists and gave them a close look at the wriggling insects. Not surprisingly, the Canadians politely requested the cooked version, choosing grilled grubs from wooden skewers that had been cooking on the fire in the hut. The cooked grubs resemble pale shrimp kebabs. The grubs have a tough rubbery exterior that requires serious chewing. The inside holds a greasier texture with a taste similar to shrimp basted with bacon fat. The heads are crunchy and unremarkable in taste. While the overall taste wasn’t as bad as imagined, none of our Canadian friends requested second helpings. Plantains, boiled yucca, and fish were served with the grubs, along with ahi, a spicy salsa type dish that has a very pleasant taste and an impressive level of heat. Villages like this one welcome tourists for an opportunity to share their culture and learn their ways of sustainable harvest. The villagers also offer the opportunity to purchase unique and beautiful crafts made of locally sourced materials. This mutually beneficial arrangement offers a chance to understand the people and it provides an alternative to the lucrative, but destructive oil mining that would otherwise be necessary. Ecotourism provides a positive and sustainable means of income without displacing indigenous tribes, changing landscapes and destroying habitat. If you ever get a chance to try a food as unique as the chontacuro grub, why not close your eyes and give it a try?

Dog suffering from Megaesophagus sits in special chair18s

Dog suffering from Megaesophagus sits in special chair

Doris Sausage is one year old and has canine Megaesophagus. She has to eat in a Bailey chair to help her food move into her tummy. She sure likes to tell her owners when it’s tea time rather than them letting her know!

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Pit Bull Lets Out An Impressively Long Howl15s

Pit Bull Lets Out An Impressively Long Howl

You might think that you already know all dog breeds in the world. If that is so, then you might want to think again. Of course, there are so many breeds of dogs around the globe. However, one thing is for sure, and this is the fact that there are still several dog breeds out there in which you are not well-acquainted with. One of these dog breeds is the Pit Bull; not the famous American rapper and a singer, alright? All throughout the world, there are thousands of individuals who are raising Pit Bull . Well, there is no one to blame here since this dog is extremely cute and adorable. You might just end up hugging its body and pinching its face when you have this lovable canine. For your own information, the Pit Bull has several breed types and these are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Bulldog, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier. It goes without saying that you can have a number of options if you decide to raise a Pit Bull dog. If you want to witness the extreme cuteness and adorability of a Pit Bull, then take time to watch this particular video. In this footage, you will certainly do nothing but laugh and be amazed. Yes, you will laugh because the Pit Bull is seemingly having its singing moment. Yes, you will be amazed because of the time this dog spends howling while the video was being recorded. This dog is like a human singer singing his own hit song. For sure, a lot of people out there will be envious of him because of his singing prowess, which which they don't have. By the way, this dog has a very interesting name, and that is Butterscotch. If you were the owner of this dog, you would certainly love watching him howling for a long time. Furthermore, it is said that Pit Bull originates in several countries, namely the United States, Ireland, Scotland, and England. One interesting fact about the Pit Bull that you should pay attention to is that it had rough moments in the past years. Yes, historically speaking, this particular cute canine was engaged into blood sports in the past in the United Kingdom. Some good examples of these blood sports were bear-baiting as well as bull-baiting. What is even worst, Pit Bulls, along with some other breeds of dogs, were horribly used in dogfights. Isn't that too harsh for you to imagine? Even so, Pit Bull thankfully became well-protected as time went by. It's simply because of the introduction of the animal welfare laws way back in the year 1835 in the United Kingdom. From then on, as the this dog became more and more popular in the world, international animal welfare laws had been created and strictly followed. If you are thinking of having an adorable pet with a rich history, then a Pit Bull is definitely the answer. There is no way you will not love having it in your life since it will easily become your best buddy.

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Domesticated Cougar Gently Tries To Wake Up Owner42s

Domesticated Cougar Gently Tries To Wake Up Owner

You should see how adorable this domesticated puma looks when it tries to wake its owner, it is like the puma knows it is time to wake up and for that reason he tries to make his owner get out of bed. It is quite common for pets to try to wake their owners, but not every day you can see a cougar so adorable and intelligent, it is likely that this cougar feels a lot of love for its owner and tries to wake him up because it is time to get up and go to work. This cougar is great! A cougar named Messi loves his owner so much that he does everything possible to wake him up gently, maybe it's time to go to work and Messi does not want his owner to be late for work. At first, Messi tries to wake up his owner by making gentle movements in the arms of his owner and trying to give him a hug. Apparently, the result is positive, as the owner tries to wake up, but Messi's effort was not enough, so Messi starts thinking about a new plan that gives a better result. Cuteness overload! Messi is a cougar who does not give up, so after seeing that his first attempt to awaken his owner was a failure, Messi managed to come up with a new plan. Messi's next attempt to wake up his owner was to lie down very close to the top of his owner and try to surround him and collide with his head with that of his owner with the intention of hugging him, but it was not enough either. Later, Messi begins to lick at the head of his owner as the last attempt to wake him up, but it seems that the owner of Messi does not want to wake up today. However, Messi does not give up and goes to the owner's legs to devise a new plan. It's time to wake up! Many people today break the routine of having only dogs as pets, the fact is that it is increasingly common to find that people have a variety of different animals as pets in their homes. Having a cougar as a pet is something that is seen more frequently every day, and in this video we can clearly see that pumas are animals that can be domesticated and feel love towards their owners. The cougars are incredible animals that are characterized mainly by being one of the largest and strongest cats that exist, and can also have a very good physical appearance that allows them to be elegant and stand out from the crowd. It is proven that pumas can eat a wide variety of foods, pumas can be insectivores, herbivores or carnivores, which makes it very easy to feed and domesticate them. We have to break customs and routines to experience new things, we must always bear in mind that friendships can come from any place and species, which means that any animal, no matter how big or small, can become a faithful pet. In the video we can see how a cougar named Messi was able to become a faithful pet and capable of feeling love towards its owners. Any animal can be tamed!

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 Talking Parrot Adorably Makes Kissing Noises44s

Talking Parrot Adorably Makes Kissing Noises

Jade the Alexandrine parrot is giving her foot some long overdue attention. And along the way her Indian ringneck parakeet companion treats her to some reassuring pecks on the cheek. When asked about it, Jade answers with squeaks, squeals, and kissing sounds all her own. Jade is an endearing little gal. She loves her mistress and her smaller parakeet friend. Though they look so different, the Alexandrine parakeet (or parrot) and the Indian ringneck come from similar parts of the world. The Alexandrine is becoming fewer in nature, but because of their social nature and great personality, the Alexandrine is popular throughout the world. It's scenes like this that make us want a parrot of our own. Colorful, fragile, intelligent and emotional, all wrapped up in a feathery package.To most of us in the northern hemisphere any parrot is seen as an exotic accessory. Those of us who aren't lucky enough to own a parrot look forward to our next visit without friends or relatives who do. We don't know why Jade happens to be fixated on her foot. Is it sore? Maybe she just wants to give it a good cleaning or a scratch with her sharp beak. Parrots certainly do a lot of standing, so the foot is an important and well used feature. Besides the kissing sounds, what else is Jade trying to tell us? Even if we don't understand every word, we get the intent well enough. This is an exchange of endearment, an intimate klatch of a woman and her two loves. Not all parrot vocalizations are equal. Jade's are particularly high pitched, even effeminate. She is so bright that she understands her mistress, even replying when spoken to. Does Jade understand everything said to her, and in return understand her own words? It's hard to tell the depth of her understanding, but parrots are thought to at least understand the emotion behind the conversation. For instance, Jade probably at least knows this exchange has something to do with her, personally, and perhaps even knows the woman is asking about her own foot. Even more, words and gestures repeated often enough, like kisses and kissing sounds become rewarding enough. We wouldn't be wrong to assume Jade and her partner understand affection very much as people do. Such glimpses into the mind of the animal kingdom, through empathy of behaviors that correspond to our own, strengthen our sense of the oneness of nature. We delight when our animal friends respond so lovingly to our attempts to make them a part of our lives. Animals aren't just an accessory; they are a necessity. Will Jade return to the Internet with a new repertoire? We are sure she will. Parrots are natural hams, living it up in front of the camera. How can we resistance such charm and beauty? It's not possible. Every fiber of our being wants to reach out through the screen and touch, or even kiss Jade the parrot. As for her smaller friend off to the side, hey! Come out and play with us some more!

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How To Easily Make Delicious Apple Fritters1m19s

How To Easily Make Delicious Apple Fritters

Learn how to make this divine treat in this super simple recipe tutorial. This is one of the simplest recipes out there as the recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes. Check it out! Apple fritters are bread flavored and fried dessert. They can be made in large sizes and small bite-sizes. One thing is for sure though people love them but they are very difficult to make. They are moist in the center sometimes added apples inside too. The edges of the apple fritters are sometimes crunchy but with a soft center. Most people will sprinkle a little bit of powdered sugar on top of them which adds a level of sweetness to the apple fritters . The first thing you did to make this recipe is decide which apples you would like to use such as green apples or red apples. Most of the time people use green apples because of the tartness. You want to cut the apples in a smaller julienne size and place them in a medium to large bowl depending on how many apple fritters you intend on making. Then crack one full egg over the apples. At one teaspoon of vanilla extract to the bowl. At this time you want to add one cup of flour to the bowl. Then you want to add a third cup of sugar to the bowl and the rest of the ingredients. After all ingredients are in the bowl you want to mix the items. Some people use a spoon or fork to help with mixing the ingredients. You can have a pot of oil for cooking or frying the apple fritters. In order to get the fritters into a mold two spoons are utilized to create a oval or round apple fritter. Slide the apple fritter into the hot oil. Expect that some of the oil Splash out of the pot and make the necessary safety adjustments if so. Once the apple fritters are a golden brown scoop them out with a slotted spoon. The apple fritters need to drain or be placed in a container that will absorb some of the outer oil that is attached to the apple fritters. In this case the person is folding a newspaper cone to put the apple fritters into. Once you have your container place your apple fritters in there and sprinkle powdered sugar on them. They are best served hot as they will be the most flavorful at that time. However, they can most certainly be enjoyed anytime of the day and are not bad to eat when they are cold especially if you were going to put something on top of them or dip them into rather than simply powdered sugar. Some people decide to create a dipping sauce to go with the apple fritters. While there are a variety of different things that you can dip the apple fritters into a majority of people choose syrup or homemade jellies and jams. These apple fritters are low in calorie and fat unless you decide to create a sauce for them to go into then you want to be careful about the added sugar to such a snack.

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Russians dress as 1m37s

Russians dress as "human bus" in attempt to get across vehicle-only bridge

Local security in Vladivostok, Russia, caught four people disguised as a bus in an attempt to cross the city's Zolotoy Bridge, which is closed to pedestrians in 2015 for safety reasons. The existing walkway on the bridge is too narrow and there have been attempts to jump off the bridge. Many locals have protested the decision to ban pedestrians from accessing the bridge. The bridge opened in 2012 is the fastest way to get to the downtown on foot than going through traffic and potentially getting stuck in congestion. The four ingenious Russians came up with a technically feasible solution to overcome the walkthrough ban by dressing up as "human bus" to cross the bridge. However their happy journey came to an unfortunate end when a suspicious patrol agent decided to pull them over and asked for license and registration.

New Zealand Police Released A New Epic Recruitment Video3m11s

New Zealand Police Released A New Epic Recruitment Video

The video of today is a recruitment video, it was made by the official police of New Zealand. When the video starts we are not told that this a video from the official police or that it is for a recruitment, unless you read the description before watching. The video is actually really well done so we can clearly tell that they had a production team behind it and a professional equipment and actors to back that up. Watch and decide for yourselves! The message of this video is quite clear, it regards a police recruitment process , as footage starts in a dead end residential area and we can see three police officers outside a house, with a mic ready to give a speech. You can also see a lot of media vans, paparazzis, and interviewers ready to hear what the police has to say. As they start talking, they just announce to the public that they are looking for people to join the police and the interviewers starts asking questions. After the first or the second question the clip really starts with its idea and take us in a different scene at each question. The scene always portraying someone asking a question about the requirements of being a cop. All the most common question are being asked in the clip and in a funny way too. The person asking about the stamina is totally out of breath. The guy asking if it is mandatory to be able to swim in a swimsuit and he is in the water looking at a cop out of the water. The best gag that they used with this kind of things is when they asked if any body size is accepted. But they made it that dogs were talking to each other. A police dog was answering a chihuahua. They had put subtitles when the dogs are barking for us to understand. Well, we don’t know about you but we don’t speak a dog language! They even reused the same scene in the credits and used the moments were the dogs are barking at each other as a compilation of failed recordings, were the dogs forgot their lines. How weird! Things like this are what makes the video fast pace, informative and diverting. We actually learned new things about the requirements about applying for a cop. They are less strict than we thought. Especially for tattoos, because as long as they are not on your hands or on your face they are allowed. That’s an interesting one! The point of the video is tell people that the police is hiring, they also said that they need a lot of people and that there is around 30 specialisation inside the job of a policeman, each with their own status. New Zealand is looking for new police agent , rewatch the video to know if you qualify and be sure to call them if you are interested! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!