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Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky1m35s

Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky

Real friendships do not just exist in the world of humans, animals enjoy them too. And not just some same-breed animals in the forest or the zoo or the jungle, but cats and dogs, my friends. You did not think that cats and dogs can be friends, did you? Not just ordinary friends but best friends for life? Then, reconsider your thoughts and think twice before you watch this video. It proves that not only cats and dogs can hang out together but like in every friendship, friends are real record-breakers in getting on each other’ nerves. A baby walker is a real hideout for this cat. Not only the cat knows how to annoy the husky, she also knows the perfect timing to stop the torment. With the first jump off she lands on the husky’s back without any success into engaging him into her mischievous play. The second time, the cat slowly approaches the husky, wrapping around his neck, but this husky is so polite and meek, a real friend, he does not want to harm her in any way possible. The husky just bites her gently so to show her his affection. Oh dear, this cat will never give up. What a pain in the neck, the dog must think. For this dog obviously, the cat is an unavoidable nuisance but chasing his own tail is so exciting, does he actually thinks he would catch it? And the cat again finds the perfect opportunity to be a real trouble and no sooner the husky calms down, we see her persistently giving her best in her play until she gets what she wants – a game of bite and release.

Affectionate Cat Is Completely Obsessed With Doggy Best Friend4m17s

Affectionate Cat Is Completely Obsessed With Doggy Best Friend

This is the adorable moment when one overly-affectionate cat cuddles with her Malamute best friend and engages in a long, friendly hug! It is hilarious how the kitty refuses to let go of the dog for even a second! What a special bond these two share. Amazing! We know that you might not find this video anything out of the ordinary, but it is still very adorable to see. Check out this overly-affectionate cat throwing herself at a very patient dog. Footage shows a cat and a dog who are definitely best friends and share a special bond. Watch how the needy cat acts like a tick and won’t let go of the dog. The cat has her paws wrapped around dog’s fur, hugging her best friend from behind! What a loving bond these two share, it is simply incredible! These interspecies friendships is what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of videos with all sorts of different animals cuddling and playing in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such pets around. Seeing how even sworn natural enemies can learn to love and respect each other really makes you put a finger to your forehead and think some things through. If you were ever fortunate to witness the friendship between two animals of different species, you should consider yourself lucky. Those relationships prove that anything is possible if you are taught that there are no differences among us. You've seen dogs living peacefully with cats, cats with birds, even more unusual combinations, like puppies and emus. If you too want to bring two different animals together, the best way to do this is to pair them at a very young age. Just like human babies, this is when they develop their cognitive skills as well as their communication skills, so when they learn that this other animal is a friend, they will accept it as such!

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Pug gets loving massage from much larger dog14s

Pug gets loving massage from much larger dog

Enkei the Pug has an unusual best friend, Maya the Japanese Akita. These two have loved each other from day 1! Enkei at first was slightly wary of Maya, but now they love each other and spend hours chasing each other and grooming each other. They really are the oddest couple!

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Best cruise ship cabins for 11 different traveler types10m22s

Best cruise ship cabins for 11 different traveler types

Discover the 11 best cruise ship cabins for 11 different types of cruise travelers. Learn which is the best cabin for your cruising vacation if you are seeking a quiet trip, are a party animal, looking for the lowest cost, worry about seasickness, are a solo traveler, family with young kids, family with older kids, looking for luxury, travelling with friends, need a quiet space to retreat to or use a wheelchair or have limited mobility.

Husky conversation translated into English22s

Husky conversation translated into English

If dogs could talk this is how it would go. This husky is trying to get his owner to chase after him. It's safe to say there's rarely a time of peace and quiet in this household!

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Intruding Squirrel Jumps After Being Caught Stealing From Bird Feeder24s

Intruding Squirrel Jumps After Being Caught Stealing From Bird Feeder

Generally speaking, squirrels are known for their acrobatic skills but also for their wily habit of stealing seeds from all sorts of bird feeders, and this funny little thief proves both of these claims! This sneaky squirrel took a risk getting close to this home's bird feeder and munching on its delights, but when the homeowner caught her red-handed she immediately made an acrobatic jump to get out of her predicament! Hilarious! Footage shows the incredible moment when this sleazy squirrel is caught in the act of stealing seeds from the bird feeder and immediately tries to get away with it by performing a backflip jump on the roof and disappearing in the distance! However, her inglorious deed was caught on camera and this notorious thief will sure be remembered! The squirrel was snitching snacks, munching on delicious treats when homeowner busted her act of stealing, making her dare to take a sudden jumps on the roof and escape the crime scene with no regrets! Homeowners who took this video got surprised by this performance, but luckily managed to capture the whole event on camera and share the laughter with us. If you are wondering what keeps emptying the bird feeder at your home, maybe you should attach an action camera to see what is going on. Who knows, maybe you will stumble upon a footage that shows a beautiful squirrel helping herself to the bird feeder. What a rare sight being able to watch the sneaky intruder up close and personal while she grabs a snack, while not having to worry if the fast animal will disappear in a split second, should she hear a sound!

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Musically Talented Basset Hound Accompanies Owner's Cello Practice43s

Musically Talented Basset Hound Accompanies Owner's Cello Practice

This is the heartwarming moment when a talented Basset Hound pooch decides to accompany owner’s cello practice by joining in the fun and howling along to the rhythm! Listen closely as Bodzio the Basset Hound sings along to his owner's cello performance. What a dynamic duo! This music-loving dog just can't resist the urge to join in when owner begins to play his cello. Bodzio the Basset Hound pooch hilariously breaks out into song as soon as his human beings to play the instrument. This dog is very musically talented! Watch him howl in excitement while his owner plays the powerful string instrument. Pets are amazing creatures that bring so much joy and love into our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, some might say it is almost like raising a child, but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the the positives. Often times, dog owners like to put the musical talent of their loved canines to the test by singing a song or playing an instrument. You would not have imagined that such a tough looking dog would even consider singing along. However, as soon as owner starts playing, he immediately starts howling. Some say canines have an ear for music, others will rebuke that notion, saying that the sheer sound of a musical instrument confuses the dogs, making them ‘complain’ about it. What is the truth about this behavior? Research confirms that dogs have musical preferences and react differently to particular types of music. Usually, when exposed to heavy metal music dogs become quite agitated and start barking. Classical music, on the other hand, seems to have a calming effect on dogs for that matter. Don't necessarily assume that your dog's howling has anything to do with the music you're playing. It may be just a mere coincidence. If the yowling continues well after you've turned off the classical music, it's time to investigate any and all of the other potential triggers for your dog's vocalization, whether nerves due to loneliness or physical pain.

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Helpful bird eagerly styles zebra's mane36s

Helpful bird eagerly styles zebra's mane

This video was recorded in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. It shows the interesting interaction and friendship between a zebra and a bird. These birds are known as oxpeckers and share a very unique relationship with African mammals like the zebra. We noticed this juvenile oxpecker eagerly fiddling around on the mane of a zebra. It literally looked like the bird was working on the zebra's hairstyle. The bird even took a few steps back to have a better overall look at his work. He would then get back to providing his hair styling service and again went back a little to admire his styling work. Amazingly enough, the zebra was standing dead still the whole time and tolerated the bird that was busy all over his head and face. Even though they are two totally different species, these two animals are great friends in many ways and very helpful and caring to one another. The oxpecker works his beak through the mane of the zebra looking for food like ticks and parasites. While the bird enjoys a tasty meal, the zebra in return is saved from tick and parasite infestation. Infestation will normally lead to a loss of blood and energy at the same time. When mammals lose their condition they become the weakest links. In a hostile wilderness where the survival of the fittest really does matter, it is important to stay in top condition. At the same time his mane gets straightened out and the zebra maintains a clean and healthy look. This win-win relationship is known as mutualistic symbiosis. Both species involved gain several advantages from their relationship. We can happily confirm that after the oxpecker bird was done styling the zebra's mane, they both moved off, looking like very happy individuals. The zebra was looking in top condition and the bird left with a full tummy. Amazing to see how Mother Nature has a plan and reason for absolutely everything.

Good Samaritans Rescue A Cow Stuck In Muddy Ground2m26s

Good Samaritans Rescue A Cow Stuck In Muddy Ground

When we see animals in trouble, we instinctively want to help and save them. But, not every animal lets you do your Good Samaritan job. It’s pretty hard to do it, especially if the animal is bigger than you. A heroic act was caught on camera when compassionate men decided to help free a bulky cow stuck in the muddy ground, doomed to die. Faith in humanity is restored! When these construction workers discovered the cow stuck in the mud, extremely exhausted as she had been trying to get out of the troublesome predicament, they immediately decided to lend a helping hand to the trapped animal. A group of Good Samaritans literally pulled together to rescue the stranded cow stuck in mud using a dirt digger. The bulky animal must have plodded into the slushy mud and got quickly sucked in, making it unable to move a muscle and free itself from the doomed situation. These men immediately abandoned their work and went to help, as from experience they know that when animals get stuck in slushy mud they may not survive. So, they got themselves into a sticky situation and tried to rescue the unfortunate cow from the mud. The cow was sinking fast so dozen of men joined forces and tied ropes around its body and legs, before looping them around a digger and lifting the animal to freedom. Upon discovering the trapped animal stuck up to its neck in a muddy puddle, these men decided to turn their hand to conservation. The first thing they did was attaching a rope to the dirt digger and wrapped it around animal’s body and started pulling slowly. At the end the persistent men managed to pull the cow out of the mud with the help of the heavy machine. After hauling it to its feet and belly to the ground with the help of a rope, the lucky animal seems to be relieved and thankful for being out of the scary predicament. Fortunately the rescuers were able to get the entire rescue mission on camera so that we be inspired to lend a helping hand to animals in need!

Motherly Dog Immediately Falls In Love With Ducklings Upon Introduction 2m15s

Motherly Dog Immediately Falls In Love With Ducklings Upon Introduction

The first ducks have hatched in this home and motherly German Shepherd has been waiting patiently to meet them. Check out their first encounter! This is the adorable moment when a gentle dog meets little ducklings for the first time. Watch the German Shepherd by the name of Thorin preciously watching over four little ducklings in this heartwarming clip. What an unusual animal friendship! Unfortunately these newborn quails don't have their mother around. But it looks like they don't have to worry about any enemies with Thorin the German Shepherd looking after them! These cute little guys have grown quite fond of Thorin, as he has to them. Watch how motherly Thorin watches over them! These unlikely friends are enjoying their glorious time with one another. So cute! You can only imagine what could happen when these little newborn quails grow up. Picture a bunch of full born quails just playing and following Thorin around the house. Now that would be something! Pets tend to form an amazing bond with not just their owner, but the other pets in the family as well. Here is the proof of that. What a cute pairing. You can tell that they're all going to be best friends forever. Check out this motherly dog lovingly embracing the new members of the family. Cuteness overload! Thorin the German Shepherd has been introduced to several different species of baby birds, and has formed instant friendships with all of them. This bird-loving dog has warmed our hearts! Thorin is actually very well versed with little baby birds. On this channel you will find videos of Thorin taking care of several different species of birds, like ducklings, chicks, even goslings! It is like he’s the Mary Poppins of baby birds! Good boy!

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UPS Driver Stops By To Give Treats To Waiting Dogs40s

UPS Driver Stops By To Give Treats To Waiting Dogs

Snacking is serious business, and you should never be expected to share or allow another to take a snack from you without permission. Check out as Sandy, the three legged dog, and her buddy, Clancy, patiently wait for treats from Pam their favorite UPS driver. Adorable! Footage shows two sweet looking canines sitting quietly on the pavement, but clearly in expectation of something. Moments later, they start barking with joy and wagging their tails at a car that drives by and pulls over on the pavement. They patiently wait for the human to get out of the vehicle, and we soon find out why. The lady from the UPS truck has stopped by just to give them a treat. These two very well-behaved doggies got a special surprise when the woman rewarded them for their obedience in the form of the delicious doggie treat. Dogs are so smart and obedient. If trained well, they can do just about anything! Footage shows two doggies patiently waiting on the pavement for the UPS driver to present them with fine treats. It is adorable how these two obedient pooches patiently wait for van’s car to open while barking for joy and wagging their tails with excitement. When the woman from the UPS van finally gets out of the vehicle and approaches the dogs with treats in her hands, the cuties go nuts and rejoice to the delight! What a precious moment! This simple kind of kindness from a passing stranger has brightened our day!

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Bubbly Baby Fascinated By Her Own Chipmunk Cheeks34s

Bubbly Baby Fascinated By Her Own Chipmunk Cheeks

This is the adorable moment when a newborn baby plays with her chipmunk cheeks in this heartwarming clip. Cuteness overload! Footage shows a baby with adorable chipmunk cheeks preciously touching its bubbly face. It is as if the baby is fascinated by their plump shape, making this clip even more heart-melting. We cannot resist the temptation of kissing and pinching these cheeks. Amazingly, chipmunk cheeks are actually formed by breastfeeding, when the baby slowly start to fill out the cheek cavities and strengthen the muscles with sucking. Of course, these plump pockets on baby’s face are completely normal, and are actually a symbol of good health. With the nursing, the muscles bulk up and achieve that pinchable round shape as fat stores in the baby’s cheeks. Fortunately, cheeks remain plump throughout breastfeeding, but when breast milk is reduced and solids foods are introduced, baby’s cheeks start to deflate. In fact, fat pads in the cheeks allow the baby’s tongue to remain in place while sucking, and prevent the cheeks from sinking in. It is adorable how this makes babies cute and soft, and their adorable bubbly cheeks often look like they are swollen. Actually, baby's cheeks are plump because they contain muscles which continue to develop as long as baby’s need for milk is present. However, once the baby starts chewing food, the muscles change shape and become less plump and more smooth looking, which makes baby's face change from round to elongated. Watching this healthy baby, playing with its bubbly cheeks we get the urge to shower her with kisses and feel the strength of those strong baby muscles formed by breastfeeding!

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Overly Excited Elderly Man Is Deep Into The Arcade Game21s

Overly Excited Elderly Man Is Deep Into The Arcade Game

If you have ever tried playing a round on the arcade machine you would know it is way harder than it looks and can become completely addictive after some time! An enthusiastic elderly man is fully involved in this Little Caesar's arcade game and he is going for the high score! This clip of an elderly man having the time of his life while playing the arcade game is going viral because of the pure skills he is exhibiting. In addition, he gets deeper into the game and has developed an obsessive-compulsive behavior over it, resulting in quirky behavioral patterns and habits. Footage shows the unnamed man repeatedly pressing the side buttons of the arcade machine, putting a lot of effort into hitting a higher score. He stands to show that you are only as old as you feel! If you are a fan of arcade games, you would know that they can be quite addictive, urging the player to want to play more and more, spending endless hours in front of the machine. This elderly man seems to have mastered the skill of what it takes to win this round, and decided to dig deeper into the game and put all of his senses into it. A video of him playing with pure excitement is a living proof that age is only a number, and the real kid is always inside of us, waiting for the right moment to shine in the spotlight. Little Caesars Fractions Pizza is an educational game designed to teach children about fractions using pizza slices. Its learning action begins in a futuristic, time-traveling pizza delivery operation run by dinosaurs and the player needs to identify which pizza out of a selection represents a particular fraction. Although it's not clear how he managed to master the skills, he is sure killing the game!

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Colorful Caterpillar Has Amazing Skills In Its Defense 52s

Colorful Caterpillar Has Amazing Skills In Its Defense

Lonomia obliqua (or Giant Silkworm Moth) is a species of Saturniid moths from South America. It is famous for its larval form, rather than the adult moth, primarily because of the caterpillar's defense mechanism, articulating bristles that inject a potentially deadly venom. Its venom has also been the subject of numerous medical studies. This is a video of a caterpillar of a Saturniid Moth filmed in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador showing us it’s unique defense mechanism. Its body is covered with venomous spines for self-defense. The adult moth is covered in long fur in colors ranging from dull orange to lemon yellow, with hairy legs and fuzzy black feet. The caterpillar has these brightly colored (aposematic coloration) to warn potential predators that it is unpalatable.Exposure to the caterpillar's fur-like spines will lead to an immediate skin irritation characterized by a grid-like hemorrhagic papular eruption with severe radiating pain.The caterpillar is one bad insect you don’t want to mess with! Want to hear another fun fact? The Amazon Rainforest, also known as the Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is the largest rainforest on earth and is home to 427 mammals (e.g. the jaguar, sloth, and river dolphin), 1,300 birds (like the macaw), 378 reptiles (e.g. anaconda or the Jesus lizard), and more than 400 amphibians (e.g. glass frog and poison dart frog). It covers 40% of the South American continent. Amazing day to learn new stuff about the Amazon Rainforest!