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You Can Still Use These 100-Year-Old Kitchen Hacks Today6m40s

You Can Still Use These 100-Year-Old Kitchen Hacks Today

These Life Hacks are over 100 years old but still work great today! So, if you ever find yourself rummaging through the garage or basement, be sure to check for any hidden treasures. The Household Hacker has selected his favorite kitchen hacks from a collection of a century-old printed cards with all sorts of hacks to make life easier. Let’s go thought them all: Ever found yourself with a couple of cracked eggs that you really like to boil? Stop their insides from spilling into the boiling water by adding a good dose of white wine vinegar. Boil and cool as usual and they won’t taste like pickled. Do you have a priceless heirloom vase that you keep safely tucked away from fear of knocking it over? Find nice looking gravel or sand from the hardware store and fill the vase a few inches. It will actually make it even more decorative! However, if you do drop a glass vessel and it shatters into a million pieces, carefully pick up the large chunks of broken glass, then use a wet towel to pick up the crumbs. You will have to discard that rag altogether, but at least the cleanup is faster! Ever had a couple of glasses completely stuck together? If you tug on the they might eventually break! The cars suggest you will the glass on top with cold water and place the bottom one in hot water. Cold will make the top one shrink and heat will make the lower one expand just enough for them to come away. Simple physics. One hack that keeps sneaking through in these videos is something that can always come in handy, and that is how to cool down a bottle of beverage without ice of a cooler. Just wrap the bottle tight with a towel, put it into a bowl under the tap and run cold water over it. That is it! If you need to clean a glass bottle and you don’t have a bottle cleaning brush, all you need to do is put some rice, water and a few drops of dish soap into your dirty vessel and swish everything inside, up and down. Then dump the insides into a strainer, rinse the bottle and it is as good as new. Be sure to subscribe to Household Hacker’s channel for a myriad of useful tips and tricks that will make living a breeze! Be sure to click the link below to explore Maytag appliances and check out some awesome savings this November! -=Our Playlists=- Quick & Simple Life Hacks: https://g

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North Sea Oil Rig Rocks Like A Hurricane In Big Waves1m15s

North Sea Oil Rig Rocks Like A Hurricane In Big Waves

It is believed that storms in the North Sea make living aboard the Borgholm Dolphin very challenging. In extremely rough weather conditions, huge waves crash against the Borgholm Dolphin installation in the North Sea, making it look very fragile. Filmed by James Eaton, an offshore worker on the nearby Lomond Platform, the storm began on January 10, but had been known about for some time. Offshore worker James Eaton captured a footage of the severe storm that swept across parts of Scotland. When a gale blew through the North Sea recently kicking up a huge sea state, the Aker H3-design accommodation platform Borgholm Dolphin was caught right in the middle of it. The rig is located adjacent to BG Group’s Lomond platform in the central North Sea. Watch this terrifying footage as giant waves crash into a swaying oil rig. The petrifying footage shows North Sea oil rig battered by waves when a massive storm swells off coast of Scotland. This footage alone is enough to make you seasick. Luckily, this nearby worker managed to catch the phenomenon on camera. The Borgholm Dolphin is currently on contract to BG Group according to Dolphin Drilling’s most recent fleet contract status. The oil rig is stationed in the North Sea, about 145 miles east of Aberdeen. The weather system was so strong that power was cut to approximately 140,000 properties in Northern Scotland at its worst. The storm lasted about two days with big seas. There are a lot of storms in this part of the Scotland, but there is usually no one to witness and capture it this near, so this is an unusual footage. Built in 1975, the Borgholm Dolphin is a platform that measures 108m × 61m. A massive structure weighing almost 15,000 gross tonnes and is part of the larger Dolphin Drilling fleet, which also includes rigs off the coast of Norway.

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Dalmatian pup entertains playful foster kitten1m52s

Dalmatian pup entertains playful foster kitten

All three of these Dalmatians love it when their owners foster kittens for the local Humane Society. Sometimes the adults just need a nap though! Watch as Zoey gently plays with and watches over her feline friends.

Published: December 8, 2017Updated: December 11, 20173,410 views
Bulldog won't listen to owner in any language1m32s

Bulldog won't listen to owner in any language

The ultimate lesson for any bulldog owner is that if the dog does not want to listen to you....they will not listen to you, period! They are amazing, funny and infuriating little creatures, but they definitely have a mind of their own. These owners decided to try a new approach to addressing their bulldog, just in case he's not really English!

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Shooting Boiling Water From Water Gun In Extreme Cold25s

Shooting Boiling Water From Water Gun In Extreme Cold

Watch what happens when you shoot off boiling water from a Super Soaker in -15F (-26C) weather! Dangerously cold temperatures from a polar vortex have recently gripped most of North America, breaking decade long records in the process.

Published: January 6, 2014Updated: December 13, 20172,833 views
French Bulldog Tries To Chase Mini Quadcopter54s

French Bulldog Tries To Chase Mini Quadcopter

Having something alien-like flying around your house and chasing after it is not an easy feat. Especially if it is moving around your living room and the Christmas tree that you have just put there. Ok, maybe not you, but your owner… And he has put so much effort in arranging that tree. “Nobody is messing with my humans and I will surely not let you, flying thing, cause any harm or damage to them.” The only problem is that this dog does not know that the "flying thing" is called a mini quadcopter and her owner is the one remotely controlling it. Daisy the French Bulldog was just laying around when she heard a strange noise. After a while, she noticed something odd was flying around her living room, something she has never seen before. And it produces a very disturbing sound. She decides to go for it and chase him down. That’s when the fun part of this video begins. As she is running after the mini quadcopter and barks at it, thinking that she can scare it away, the silly pooch slips all over the floor, not being able to catch it. Maybe a few dozen laps around the room and jumping at the annoying thing might work out. What an adorable dog she is! The sound effects added in this video are so appropriate to the chase, making the whole footage ripe for an Oscar nomination. Will Daisy manage to get the "enemy" that is flying around her house? Check out for yourself!

Published: December 8, 20172,459 views