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The Lion King4m30s

The Lion King

Get your tickets now for Disney;s the Lion King musical at the Hippodrome through December 10!

Published: November 22, 2017
Thanksgiving Travel1m16s

Thanksgiving Travel

This Thanksgiving, more people are flying to visit their family. This year was predicted to have the highest numbers of people traveling for the holiday in twelve years.

Heavy rain wreaks havoc in Cumbria's Kendal55s

Heavy rain wreaks havoc in Cumbria's Kendal

Video filmed this afternoon of high water levels in Kendal, Cumbria after prolonged heavy rain. According to the filmer, many areas are experiencing flooding and dangerous driving conditions, with schools and roads closed across the county.

Overturned caravan on Cumbria's A66 after strong winds1m06s

Overturned caravan on Cumbria's A66 after strong winds

Very strong winds and heavy rain caused chaos on roads in Cumbria today. Video filmed this afternoon (November 22) on the A66 near Stainmore in the Pennines shows appalling driving conditions. Hazards from large roadwork signs have been blown into the carriageway and a large caravan had overturned. According to the filmer, five police cars were in attendance as well as one ambulance.

New Zealand quake-generation seal pups thrive one year on54s

New Zealand quake-generation seal pups thrive one year on

Video of the first generation of seal pups born after the huge earthquake that destroyed most of their colony in Kaikoura, New Zealand. In the video, filmed on November 2, the delightful seal pups can be seen jumping into a rock pool, swimming on their backs in the water, scratching their chins and eyeing up the camera. The filmer writes: "The population has survived with the help of conservation staff and a dedicated seal team that keeps them safe from the surrounding rebuild of the state highway and rail." According to a local reports, more than 100 seals have died since the 7.8-magnitude quake.

Quadriplegic woman knits with her mouth1m22s

Quadriplegic woman knits with her mouth

This uplifting video captures the incredible skill of a quadriplegic who has learned to knit with her mouth. Alicia Jones, 33, has been paralysed from the neck down since being hit by a car when she was two. But she has not allowed her disability to be an obstacle to her creative talents and taught herself how to draw and paint with her mouth as a teenager. Now Alicia, from Cardiff, uses her oral dexterity to knit complex designs and has even made a "wishing tree" out of metal wire.

Car knocks down horse running red light35s

Car knocks down horse running red light

Footage has emerged from China of a man on a horse running a red light being knocked down by a car. The CCTV video, captured in Xinxiang City in central Henan Province on November 17, shows a man riding a horse but being knocked down when he collides with a car. The horse was able to get back on its feet. The injured man was sent to hospital but is not thought to be seriously injured.

Bull born with extra leg on his back35s

Bull born with extra leg on his back

Footage has emerged of a bull born with five legs in Mudanjiang City in northern China. In the video, captured on November 17, the 40-day-old calf runs around and looks to lead a normal life despite an extra leg growing from his back. The animal was born in the Heilongjiang Province, North China.

Toddler Floats Like a Butterfly and Dad Joins in1m14s

Toddler Floats Like a Butterfly and Dad Joins in

When little Mavy’s dad arrived home from work to find him dressed as a butterfly there was only one thing he could do… and that was join in! “I never know what I will find when I come home from work. One day I came home to find my 2-year-old son wearing pink wings and a tutu, and he looked adorable. Life is too short to allow outdated gender roles to get in the way of fun. Besides, I look pretty cute in fairy wings too,” said Clint, a father of three. Credit: Adventures in Dadhood via Storyful