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Signs that your cat definitely owns you46s

Signs that your cat definitely owns you

Anyone who owns a cat knows one thing for sure: you do NOT own that cat. You are just a host who is ensuring that the cat enjoys living at your home. Your cat actually owns you and you are her servant!

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Competitive Parrot Takes Up Screaming Challenge Against Human1m07s

Competitive Parrot Takes Up Screaming Challenge Against Human

This is the hilarious moment when one very competitive parrot tries to outspeak its human by loud screaming. Charley likes to scream and she likes her screaming contests. She starts off softly and as you get louder she gets louder. Charley is definitely the winner! Footage shows a parrot sitting on the leg of her human, enjoying a quiet time in the living room. Moments later, we hear a screaming noise in the distance and realize that owner is trying to tease its pet, by mimicking her screams. The overly-competitive parrot quickly takes up the challenge and tries to outspeak her human by screaming from the top of her lungs. How adorable! Family feud in the making! It is hilarious how quickly this parrot accepted the screaming challenge and engages in a long, fierce discussion with owner. Every time the owner makes a noise, the parrot uses high-pitched voice to outspeak her loving human! This might be the most adorable fight we have ever seen! There is no doubt that Charley likes to scream and always likes to win at her screaming contests. She starts off softly and as you get louder she gets louder. You won’t win a battle with this overly-competitive bird! Hilarious! Animals lovers prepare to have your heart melted as this priceless moment will warm up your hearts! In this video we are introduced to the pet parrot Charley who is captured screaming at her owner as part of a family challenge. Don't you wish that you had a pet bird like Charley at home to scream with?

Ambitious Shiba Inu Pooch Fetches Massive Tree Branch For Owner32s

Ambitious Shiba Inu Pooch Fetches Massive Tree Branch For Owner

A hilarious footage has emerged of an obedient Shiba Inu superdog fetching a huge stick on command. Apparently this tough dog decided to level up and replace old boring sticks with a branch. While Loki was playing in the park, his owner tried to trick him by throwing a huge stick which he thought was too big for little Loki to fetch. However, to everyone's surprise, Loki dragged the branch all the way back and passed the test with flying colors! Footage shows an adorable dog frolicking in the snow, playing fetch with owner. To dog’s surprise, owner decided to put her skills to the test, and threw a huge tree branch for her to catch and fetch. Loki was quick to act and easily found the branch, after which she heroically dragged it back to please owner. Owner found this behaviour hilarious, so she decided to capture her dog’s heroic moment on camera, much to our amusement. Owner explains that this curious pooch likes sticks, logs, tree stumps, i.e. anything that is wood-related. We now understand Loki’s obsession to find and conquer this branch! Of course, the tree branch is heavier than the sticks Loki is used to fetching, therefore, when bringing it back to owner, her head was slightly tilted backwards. How adorable! Can you imagine carrying around a tree branch and playing fetch with it? This superdog doesn’t mind the load and is open for new challenges. The bigger and heavier, the better! Have you ever witnessed anything like this? A superdog obeying owner’s commands and carrying a massive tree branch around in its mouth in order to play fetch with owner! Playing fetch is such great way to spend some quality time with your dog. You go outside, get some fresh air, your dog gets his daily dose of exercise, and everyone is happy! Just like in this funny video featuring a cheerful dog playing fetch with owner. For many dogs the routine of tossing and retrieving is the highlight of their day. Fetch is a game owners usually played with their dogs, when they toss an object, usually a stick or a ball, and it is dog’s objective to grab it and retrieve it to owner.

Determined Bulldog Steals Toy From Little Girl40s

Determined Bulldog Steals Toy From Little Girl

There is nothing better to brighten up your day like an energetic ball of fur, crashing through all of your gloom. Puppies have so much power over our emotions, even the most cruel of men couldn’t stand a chance against their adorableness. Their goofy antics and kind child eyes are what gets to us every single time. They can barge in our lives, one bark and one lopsided smile at a time and that’s it, they are the best friend we never knew we needed, just like that! We find them in the most unusual of places, the most inconvenient times and the weirdest situations, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Bulldogs slobber, snort, snore, and get gassy at times. It’s part of the adorable factor. They are one of the most popular breeds of pooches in the US and many celebrities have them. It's easy to understand why – who can resist that level of cuteness? These goofballs can make anyone’s gloomy day turn bright without even trying. However, it seems like this pupper isn’t playing the same tune as his brothers in arms because he is hellbent on taking his toy from his little owner. It was previously his, but she has staked her claim on it, and it’s hard to get separated from it. Check out the lengths Moose will go to get his toys back. Unfortunately for this little girl, she was just not meant to play with it, but rest assured he will turn the pupper charm on her and she will forgive him in 3, 2, 1...

Octopuses are from space because of alien DNA?2m38s

Octopuses are from space because of alien DNA?

Are we all aliens? According to scientists the DNA of octopuses proves that they have not evolved on Earth. "A plausible explanation is that the new genes are imported to the earth in the form of frozen octopus-eggs," said the scientists. Source Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology