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Cute kitty adorably licks ice pop13s

Cute kitty adorably licks ice pop

Leo is a two-year-old Persian that will steal your heart (and your ice cream). He has an unbelievable personality and you may mistaken him for a dog by some of his unusual behavior. He loves to socialize, share your food, play fetch, take baths and beg for attention. Even if you're not a cat person, Leo will be the exception to change your mind. Along with his unique personality traits, he's extremely photogenic and is used to being in front of the camera. He loves getting pampered and is one spoiled kitty!

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Check out this crazy UFO footage over Kiawah Island in Charleston!5m21s

Check out this crazy UFO footage over Kiawah Island in Charleston!

Here is the information provided by Debra Thomson: "It was about 9:33pm EST of the coast of Charleston SC. I have an unobstructed view in all directions. Earlier in the evening I put a light up Christmas tree on outside light up. I went outside to unplug it when I noticed this beautiful red sphere in the sky. I knew it was not Venus, it was in the North West Sky. It was moving toward my direction and also seemed intelligently in control. I felt as if it knew I was film it. It moved around a bit and disappeared into a pin hole, then it reappeared back to its same size in a few minutes. With the naked eye it was much more brilliant to see. I called the local airport they saw nothing on radar plus in case you think this, No, no weather balloons. Plus it's Christmas Eve. It was dead silent. It disappeared again. As if it shrunk to a pinhole. then I saw it a bit later into a head wind that was going North west. But it was very far away at this point."

Divers explore mysterious underwater world by night in the Galapagos Islands1m10s

Divers explore mysterious underwater world by night in the Galapagos Islands

Scuba diving is a thrilling experience for those adventurous enough to strap on tanks of air and slip beneath the waves. The underwater world is mysterious and beautiful, fascinating and intimidating, and those who experience it by day are often compelled to explore the same depths by night. This is a vastly different experience, as the reef is a completely different world in the dark. Some of the creatures of the ocean become more active, emerging from hiding spots to hunt for food. Other creatures that are seen by day will go into hiding at night, hoping to survive until daylight. Divers see with the aid of powerful lights but their vision is limited to what is in the beam of their lights. This creates an even greater sense of vulnerability as much of the water around them is a dark void. Animals with greater vision and perception swim all around, moving silently past, and often very close to the divers. These scuba divers in the Galapagos Islands first encountered a Moorish idol, a beautiful black and white fish with long and graceful fins. They came across a spotted eel, slithering between the rocks on a nightly hunt. These eels have poor vision, but an excellent sense of smell, and they move stealthily through narrow gaps and under rocks to ambush fish and octopus seeking shelter. A beautiful and graceful Pacific green turtle swam among the divers, possibly curious about their lights. It appeared out of complete darkness, startling the diver with the camera before bumping into him. After a moment’s inspection, it slowly swam off into the darkness as gracefully as it had come. A hermit crab with a shell covered in barnacles blends in perfectly with the rocks over which it climbs. These scavengers feast on decaying plants and animals, leaving the oceans and reefs cleaner in their wake. They will retreat into the shell that they carry at the slightest threat of danger. A spotted puffer fish drifts clumsily over the rocks. It’s a beautiful fish with a unique adaptation that allows it to inhale water and increase its size by many times, making it difficult to swallow. A long trumpet fish drifted past, within inches of the scuba diver. These fish can blend in with plants and sea fans by tilting their bodies vertically to hide among the stems. To explore this mysterious underwater world is a rare privilege by day, or by night.

Pygmy Marmoset eats meal in front of spectators1m03s

Pygmy Marmoset eats meal in front of spectators

This pygmy marmoset is looking from side to side, being nosy of what is behind the glass. He then continues to eat with some passion, revealing his needle sharp teeth. Have you ever seen them this close? The new world monkey is one of the smallest primate. These are from the the Dudley Zoo in England. They're always at the window and are very curious.