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French Bulldog Uses Bathtub To Hide From Annoying Puppy 15s

French Bulldog Uses Bathtub To Hide From Annoying Puppy

A hilarious moment is caught on camera when a fed-up Frenchie jumps into the bathtub in order to get away from its pestering puppy. How funny is that? We have all had those moments when we would do anything to get away from our siblings. Every little brother or sister seems to have a natural ability to pester their older siblings, and this seems true of all species. Take this pair of French Bulldog siblings for example. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the younger puppy just wants to play with his brother, but there is only so much playing to be done and the older dog wants nothing to do with it any longer! In an attempt to get away from the playing, the older Frenchie climbs into the bathtub to seek solitude. Hilarious! This may be regarded as a fun game of hide and seek by the younger puppy, or it may just seem like a new game of how to climb into the bathtub , either way, the younger dog wants to play! Watch as she jumps and barks at the edge of the tub, begging her brother to come on out and play! At first glance, we think maybe the older French Bulldog is sleeping in the tub, or maybe just patiently waiting to take a bath. But after a while watching the younger dog barking and standing on its hind legs at the edge of the tub, the older pup starts huffing and puffing as in to say ‘please just leave me alone, I am done playing with you!’. His grumbling resembles an old man who cannot stand the youth of today and just sits on his front porch all day complaining about kids and weather. He even starts getting extremely irritated by the young pooch barking and starts scratching in the tub. He would do anything to get away from the annoying puppy that won’t stop barking at him, continuously begging him to play. French Bulldogs are a popular small breed of dogs, bred by combining various breeds of Bulldog ancestors from England in the 1800's. Their popularity has exploded over the years, ranking at 6th as the most popular registered dog breeds in the US in 2015. They were originally bred as a sporting dog until the 1800's, but since blood sports became outlawed in the UK around 1835, French Bulldogs are now bred as a companion breed instead of a blood sport dog. The French Bulldogs get their stocky, small figures from being cross bred with terriers and sometimes, pugs. They were very popular in France, obtaining their name of "French" Bulldogs. Because they are bred as companion dogs, they need constant contact and attention and are very prone to separation anxiety. Whether it be from their human owners, or their doggie siblings, they need to be in constant company. This is especially the case with the young and adolescent Frenchies. This personality trait is definitely shown to be true in this video as the younger dog begs the older dog for their complete attention. She sure doesn't like being left alone on the other side of the bathtub! Poor thing!

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 Pet Owl Comes When Called By Owner15s

Pet Owl Comes When Called By Owner

This baby owl loves its owner and runs over from the other room when called. How cool is that? The love of pets towards their owners is something very pleasant and unexplainable. In this video, you can see how a beautiful owl hears the call of its owner and flies towards it. There is no doubt that owls are very intelligent and expressive birds, they can understand their owners and accompany them in their days of adventures. Anyone who loves birds will be fascinated to see how an owl flies towards its owner's call and looks very happy while doing it. It is very nice to see how an owl can feel strong emotions towards its owners, can perceive mutual love. The owl recognizes the owner call while flying since it even sees himself running very fast to respond as soon as possible to the call of its owner, maybe it knows there is a comfy hug awaiting. Owls are nocturnal birds, that is why they have a very well-developed sense of hearing, they can hear sounds that people can not, in addition to doing it at very long distances and in unexpected situations. The good ears of the owls allow them to hunt animals and insects at night, some claim that their houses are kept much cleaner from the moment they acquired an owl as a pet, maybe it is a possible solution for such problems. Besides that, they are extremely faithful to their owners. THere is something curious about owls: that they are birds that can be found almost anywhere in the world. They are also birds that can survive different types of climates due to the protection provided by their feathers, besides having very striking colors and having a heart-shaped face. Something very different from other birds is that owls can have different sizes according to their gender, they also have a very slow reproductive cycle compared to other birds, but they are always able to remember where they live and where they left their eggs. Owls return home no matter how far they have flown. This characteristic of good memory allows them to remember who their owners are, regardless of the time they have spent without seeing them, you could say they are animals capable of remembering anything, maybe that is why they appear in many movies as very wise birds and that has lasted for many years. The films and animated series are responsible for making people feel a great attraction for birds, especially those that have an unusual appearance, as is the case of owls, the taste for birds is something that has been happening for many years. years. years. years. From another point of view, now you can acquire more knowledge and attraction towards them thanks to television and the Internet. Maybe we should all have an owl in our homes to keep it clean from some intruders that we find unpleasant, have a pet to care for and give love is something that would give us great satisfaction every day.

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Talented Dog Paints Masterpieces For Charity 3m48s

Talented Dog Paints Masterpieces For Charity

By David Aspinall This talented Australian Shepherd is a real Paw-casso with all the proceeds from her doggy masterpieces going to charity. Painting pooch Ivy loves nothing more than sitting down in front of an easel at home in Charlotte, North Carolina, with owner Lisa Kite. With direction from Lisa and some chicken breast treats on offer, the five-year-old animal artist can finish a painting within a month as she only paints once a week. She has become incredibly famous on social media and her artwork has sold up to £150 ($200). Ivy’s owner gives away all the money to animal welfare charities across the USA. Upon finishing her first artwork, Lisa got very emotional and she almost cried when she saw Ivy’s painting. She couldn’t be feeling nothing but pride. When people hear that the paintings are done by Ivy, they think that Ivy is Lisa’s daughter because they find it hard to believe that a dog can paint such a masterpiece. They are impressed and surprised. It’s a great hobby for a dog and it’s really fun. Ivy has been painting for the last three years after Lisa followed a friend’s challenge to see if dogs could paint. At any given time, Ivy will have four pieces of art on the go as Lisa was told to allow the paint to dry between applying different strokes. Lisa doesn’t forget to reward her dog by giving her poached chicken breast pieces as a treat. So far, Ivy’s artwork has been sent to the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Canada. Teaching a dog new tricks can be a bit of a challenge. For this adorable dog , her new trick gives back to those who need it the most. Ivy has an incredible talent that many aspire to. She is a real master with the brush and has a creative eye. Ivy creates inspiring paintings. For Ivy, painting is a favorite pastime as she loves to sit in front of the easel and create beautiful works of art. Ivy holds special brushes in her mouth and stroke by stroke she does the painting. Before she moves to another color, she has to wait for the previous color to get dry and she learned this successfully. Ivy can complete a masterpiece within a month. She only paints once per week. Ivy has been creating masterpieces for the last three years and she paints four pieces of art at a time. This gives the paintings time to dry before a new color or stroke is applied. It all started with a challenge from a friend. Kite then bought Ivy an easel for Christmas, and the rest you could say was history. Ivy is a real one-of-kind-kind dog that has a real penchant for art. Keep up the good work Ivy! There are many more masterpieces to create. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Spray Paint Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Artwork In Minutes6m28s

Spray Paint Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Artwork In Minutes

This talented artist creates a breathtaking portrait on demand in mere minutes using cans of spray paint. Check out the end result! Have you ever just sat in awe of someone’s work? If you could choose any job in the world other than what you are already doing, wouldn't you just love to make a living as an artist? Their ability to envision masterpieces from nothing amazes people since the beginning of time. This one particular artist is giving us all of the feels. Look at the crowd gathered around him while he creates beautiful pieces of artwork from just a few spray cans and pot lids. Creating art or watching it being created has tons of mental health benefits. Some studies even say that no matter how skilled your art, making art helps reduce stress. If being creative can help reduce stress, we should definitely consider opening our hearts enough to give it a try! Whether you are thinking about getting into your artsy side or not, watching these pieces from start to finish will for sure blow your mind and let your mind escape the troubles of the day. When looking at the final product at the end of the video, the viewer would think that the artist responsible for creating this beautiful piece of art had to have spent hours, days, or even weeks to end up with the final product. How wrong would you be to believe that? What’s even more unbelievable is that not only did it not take the artist hours, days or weeks to complete the painting, it took him less than five minutes. Also, who would have ever believed that the artist used the tools that he used to create the parts of the scene? Who knew that a newspaper could create a marbled look, which could be used to create planets in the atmosphere. When you think of all the things that have a marbled look to them, the possibilities are endless. When he got to the part of the painting where he created the skyscrapers in the foreground, we were literally sitting in shock and amazement. He created them so quickly, and we would have guessed that those took forever. They did not take forever though. Instead, they took just a few seconds. We hope this video of this artist inspires you all to go and create art of your own. You don’t have to be as talented as this amazing man in this video. You can create your own masterpiece . There are also so many types of art you can create. You can paint on canvas like this young man. You can create art using clay, metal, or just about any other material that you have at your fingertips. So, what are you waiting for? Begin today and create your own masterpiece. The benefits are definitely worth it. While you are relaxing from the stresses of the day, you will also be challenging your creativity and increase your brain capacity. Who knows? Maybe you will learn to create art like this man who probably makes a decent living providing for his family. You can certainly tell from the crowd surrounding him that he definitely knows how to draw a crowd. So, here is your challenge for the day: challenge yourself to be creative!

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Stingless bees tend to treehoppers for honeydew1m53s

Stingless bees tend to treehoppers for honeydew

These stingless bees are tending two treehoppers in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Treehoppers feed upon sugar containing sap of the plant. Excess sap is excreted as honeydew which is more commonly collected by ants. The ants, or in this case bees, feed upon the sugar and, in return, protect the treehoppers from predators. This is an example of mutualism, a form of symbiosis where both species benefit. The treehopper mother on the right hand side is guarding her froth-covered egg mass and receives special attention from the bees. At 1:30 of the video the bees even ventilate mother and eggs with their wings, presumably to avoid that they overheat in the sun. Amazing!

Precious Baby Owl Loves To Get Head Scratches22s

Precious Baby Owl Loves To Get Head Scratches

Check out how adorable this little baby owl is as it enjoys some relaxing head scratches. Cuteness overload! Do not miss the most tender and adorable moment of the day, seeing the moment where this little owl shows how they love it and lets itself succumb to some delicious and relaxing massages in her little head. How cute! As you may notice this beautiful little animal is a lover of relaxation and good treatment, see how it is so quiet to receive scratches full of love in his little head, you can see that they fascinate him, right? And is that if something can not hide this beautiful specimen is the tranquility and pleasure that feels to receive a pampering, even seemed to feel a little sleepy. He is so cute! This beautiful owl is so gentle and docile that it seems to be very accustomed to being caressed, but it is not like that, simply that receiving so much affection makes her feel so placid and comfortable, that she simply cannot resist and even stays motionless to be able to enjoy her message better. This fascinating and peculiar species, generates a feeling of instantaneous tenderness just by looking at it since being so small and delicate it causes to take it between the hands to fill it with a lot of love and caresses; Fortunately, it is evident that it is something that he likes a lot. This little one is an exotic bird belonging to the family of "micrathene whitneyi" and is known in a more common slang as Duende Owl, at first glance what can be seen in the clip is not an owl baby but in reality this is a species whose main characteristic is its diminutive size and is considered one of the smallest in the world; that is why they cause so much attraction and awakens so much interest among humans ... they are so adorable that they look like a soft plush stuffed animal. Although it is not common or popular to find a Doll Owl as a pet or companion bird, it is also known that these birds have a fairly acceptable tolerance for people, so they do not run away, they can interact easily, they are allowed to touch and they allow until you give it a pleasant scratch on its little head while taking a few minutes of total relaxation . So if you are a lover of nature and you are one of those who enjoys being outdoors, it is possible that sometimes and with great luck you may get to run into one of these friendly friends, remember to treat them with great respect (as well as all the fauna) and with extreme delicacy, you must keep in mind that they are small and fragile and taking them by force would not be a good idea, finally do not forget to give them an extra dose of affection and caresses, surely they will be very pleased that yes, try not fill you with so much tenderness. It's almost impossible! And if something so adorable deserves to be taken to many more people, do not forget to give a Like and click to share this video and thus continue giving too many "Overloads of Tenderness"!

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Ecuador Is Home To A Stunningly Beautiful Treehopper 1m43s

Ecuador Is Home To A Stunningly Beautiful Treehopper

Nature is so beautiful and so are all the living creatures in it! If you are someone who is frightened by insects or bugs this might not be the one for you! If you do like insects and how beautiful they can be, then you will definitely enjoy this short video showing off an Ecuadorian insect! They can look kind of creepy but they also look very elegant at the same time! Hope you enjoy this little video showing of this little treehopper ! The Amazon Rainforest is actually located in 9 different countries, mainly in Brazil but it also located in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Venezuela. It is the largest rainforest on Earth and actually has one of the largest river systems with the main one being the Amazon River. The Amazon is home to some of the most unique, scary, beautiful, and strange creatures. Some of the most dangerous creatures reside in this giant forest such as Poison Dart Frogs, Anaconda, Jaguars, and all sorts of insects and spiders! Definitely not somewhere to explore alone and with no professional help! Always have to remember to be careful in the habitat of wild animals and remember that you are invading their space now. The treehopper in this video definitely looks very unique. It can be found in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador and it has such vibrant colors! Actually, it can be mistaken for a butterfly that has its wings closed ready to fly! Treehoppers are insects related to leafhoppers and cicadas. Leafhoppers are very similar to grasshoppers but are much smaller and do not jump as far as a grasshopper. I imagine most people have seen a grasshopper maybe in their garden or in the grass but definitely haven’t seen one like the Amazon has to offer! A cicada is a family of insects that usually jump and are small and round. They have wings to fly and are usually pretty frightening. They have been around since ancient times and you can see they have an old mythological look to them! Wide eyes and small wings and they can be pretty noisy! They usually appear at night to avoid predators and mostly live in trees and feed off sap. Since this treehopper is a member of the cicada family it shares similar traits! This colorful treehopper has a very pronounced pronotum. It is the colorful part of its body and its seen like a big hump on its back. In fact, this is what makes it look like a butterfly with closed wings! Even though these are actually not its wings but part of its body. The treehopper has 6 legs and feed off plant sap to get a high sugar intake! This is quite an amazing insect. One of the more pleasant insects to look at with its butterfly like appearance. Maybe if it was flying towards you it might be a different story, but in this video, it looks very elegant. There is many more surprising and strange creatures in the Amazon !

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner1m07s

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner

Having a pet owl could possibly be the coolest sidekick on the planet, but having a singing owl that will belt out duets with you while you do your kitchen housework it priceless! Listening to these two sing together will surely make your day and make you want to go out and get a singing owl of your own! Check out this dynamic duo sing a tune together. Every time the lady sings a melodic tune, the owl chirps in, singing the same part every time over and over again. At first, you just hear the beautiful melody of a lady singing a nice little song as her pet owl is perched on the windowsill, looking out at the world. As soon as she starts singing, the owl looks right at her as if to say "I love this song!" He patiently waits for his part, and comes in with a "ooowww ooowww" perfectly on time! Every time, right before it is his turn to sing, he looks at her for approval to make sure it is time to shine! As the song continues, the beautiful owl starts to walk toward his singing owner and nibble on her fingers and continue singing this amazing duet! The owl finally jumps up on her laid out hand and enjoys a nice petting while being sang to. The bond between these two is so obviously special. The owl's owner starts singing "I love you" and the owl just stares into her eyes lovingly while enjoying being pet and sang to. The singing owl you see in this video is a horned owl, with its large puffy ears and big yellow eyes . The best way to identify a horned owl is by the large, thick bodies and the two feathered tufts on the top of its head. Usually, great horned owls are nocturnal and sleep all day. But this owl has been domesticated and as you can see here is not only away during the lights hours, but has enough energy to pull off a singing duet with his owner. The great horned owl is also commonly called the tiger owl because of their beautiful and unique markings. Their color changes with the season, as well as by the area that each individual owl resides in. This species of owl lives primarily in America and Canada and can be seen throughout the entire year. The call of a great horned owl is usually a deep stuttering series of four or five hoots, but in this song, he is clearly and consistently singing two hoots each time he joins his owner. This shows that singing this song may be a trick that the owner has taught him or something he just learned on his own, trying to mimic his owner when she sings. We could listen to this beautiful and incredibly unique duet all day long and would love to hear more than just this one song! Have you ever seen an animal that could sing? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Magical color explosion: Alaskan Aurora Corona1m49s

Magical color explosion: Alaskan Aurora Corona

The aurora borealis, or northern lights, dazzled on the evening of August 25, 2018 in Alaska. Even experienced night sky watchers were anxiously awaiting darkness so that they could witness this amazing display. The beautiful night sky in remote Alaska, unimpeded by any light pollution, makes this display a wonderful treat. You will see many stars, as small satellite trails come into view and appear to zip across the screen. The aurora looks as if it’s raining down on the tall Alaskan Spruce trees which are seen in most parts of bush Alaska. Northern Alaska is fortunate in that the aurora is seen many days out of the week during the winter months, when it is dark. But what is the aurora? The Aurora Borealis (and Aurora Australis in the southern polar regions) is a natural light display in the earth’s night sky. Auroras occur when magnetically charged particles from the sun, carried by solar winds, interact (ionize) with the earth’s atmosphere. The reason they are seen in the northernmost parts of the world is because they are drawn to the magnetic north and south poles. That is why they are not often seen outside northern regions like Alaska, Canada, Norway, and Iceland. But there have been events strong enough where aurora were seen, even in some of the most southern parts of the United States. These events are extremely rare, however. Because these energized particles are interacting with our atmosphere, they sometimes appear to “dance,” as they do in this video time lapse. It’s a myth that aurora can only be seen in winter. These particles are interacting with our atmosphere at all times during the year, but because northern areas experience little to no daylight in the summer months (the midnight sun), the aurora is not able to viewed. It can be viewed from about August through winter into April. Aurora colors and formations can vary, and what you see in most of this video is what’s called a corona. A corona is an aurora that appears to “burst” from a central point. In this video, you will see aurora corona pulsating as it dances in the night sky above Delta Junction, Alaska, near Fairbanks.

Crab spider mimics flower to attract prey1m33s

Crab spider mimics flower to attract prey

Flower Crab Spiders do not build webs to catch their prey. Instead, they are ambush predators. They usually sit motionless in flowers and grab visiting insects such as bees, flies or butterflies with their crab-like front legs. Some species can even change color to match the flower they are on. But this species from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador can be found on green leaves and mimics itself a flower by reflecting ultraviolet (UV) light, just as flowers do, in order to attract pollinating insects. Even its movements are jerky, like a flower swaying in the wind. It produces silk for safety lines. As most spiders it has four pairs of eyes.

Hygiene-Loving Monkey Enjoys His Time Under The Shower1m00s

Hygiene-Loving Monkey Enjoys His Time Under The Shower

Check out how happy and relaxed this monkey is as he sits through a lovely shower. He even rubs some lotion on its tiny body! Cuteness overload! Watch this adorable video that you will surely love, where this little monkey enjoys his bath. It's the most adorable thing you'll see! This beautiful little monkey loves to bathe and be clean, something not very common in monkeys of his type. How nice is this little monkey, who with his little hands wipes his hairy body with the help of his owner, who holds the shower so he can bathe comfortably. Although the bathroom is supposed to be something private, it is obvious that this adorable monkey isn’t bothers being watched as it takes shower. It is an overload of tenderness! It is evident that bath time is very special for this furry friend who enjoys his bath in the best way, because for him hygiene is first, and he wants to be very clean so that everyone wants to hug him and give him love. How adorable! While the charismatic monkey takes his bath, owner takes away the shower and it seems that the monkey does not like to stop feeling the refreshing spray of water on him, because he takes the shower back with his tiny hands and puts the running water back under him; as if he was saying, I am not finished yet! Apparently he takes the necessary time in each bathing session, with all the patience in the world and loving owner must wait for him. This monkey has adorable little eyes and shows us that he is a big boy and knows how to take a bath , as it were very usual thing to do by its own. The monkey does not want to get away from the refreshing shower and lets his owner know that he does not want to remove the shower on repeated occasions because he wants to continue bathing and rubbing his body in the tub. It's amazing to see this monkey bathing, and learn the fact that he loves water! As he takes his bath, cleaning his ears and body, he seems to be enjoying it so much. Wow how he loves to get his neck wet! After sitting under the running water for a long time, the monkey starts looking around for something, and we assume that he is looking for the soap or shampoo to get even cleaner and finish bathing. Monkeys are such incredible animals that can easily adapt to most human customs, thanks to their great intelligence and the surprising percentage of DNA they share with humans. No doubt that monkeys can create a close relationship with people, to the point of putting them in your shower and lending them your soap like in this video. If you liked this cute video of a monkey taking a bath, we encourage you to "Like" and share it on your social networks, so that your friends, family and acquaintances can also enjoy it. Do you have something to say about this clip? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Enjoy it!

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Aussie Shepherd Interrupts Owner's Yoga Session42s

Aussie Shepherd Interrupts Owner's Yoga Session

Kowski makes it extremely difficult for her owner to do her yoga. Cuteness overload! Needless to say, choosing a dog breed for you to raise is a bit difficult for every person out there, especially those who are first-timers. Well, it is actually normal since there are a lot of things that you should take into account before getting your own pet dog. You also need to make sure that you are more than willing to raise a pet dog because if you are not, you might just be losing your adorable pet dog along the way. Keep in mind that a pet dog needs great attention from its owner. And if you cannot provide it, then do not dare to raise your own adorable canine. All over the world, people vary in their own preference as far as dog breed is concerned. Your choice may not be the most preferred one of the other people. And also, their choice might also be not the best option for you. If you are still thinking about what breed of dog you should have, then it might be advantageous on your part to consider having an Aussie Shepherd. Yes, you read it right! The Aussie Shepherd or the formally known as Australian Shepherd. This dog also has its cute nickname just like other dogs out there, and it is Aussie. Watch this and you will definitely be convinced how cute this canine is. Here you can see that the owner is doing her daily yoga routine. She so focused in doing her thing, but her Aussie pet is constantly distracting her. This pet dog is just like a clingy person. The dog makes sure that it finds a space while its master is doing the yoga . It lies down on the back portion of its master and even in front. Isn't that lovely for you to watch? Its master has even nothing to say but laugh in the end. Watching it will definitely make you decide to have your own Australian Shepherd. In case you are looking for a medium sized pet dog, then an Aussie is the perfect one for you. Talking about its lifespan, it can live around 13 to 15 years. With that being said, you can be sure that you can be with this adorable canine for longer years. Historically speaking, it was during the 19th century when an Aussie Shepherd was first developed and introduced. As its name suggests, you might think that this dog breed originated in Australia. But the truth is, its origin can be traced back to the Western United States. Just like any other dogs out there, you can also have several options with this dog when it comes to color. Some of its beautiful colors are red, brown, white, and black. Sometimes, it even comes with beautiful mix colors. Originally, Australian Shepherd is a stock dog or a herding dog. Meaning to say, it was mainly used in competing in herding trials. It was used in moving the sheep faster and accordingly, along with the command of their master.

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Kid Steals Mom's Phone To Record A Personalized Love Song2m36s

Kid Steals Mom's Phone To Record A Personalized Love Song

This talented little boy recorded a video of himself secretly singing a song on his mom's phone inspired by Bruno Mars’ 'Lazy'. Check it out! This young artist has some real talent as we can see! Regardless of his verse, which is pretty adorable all on its own, this little guy has a personality that is made for stardom! Not to mention, he’s a charmer! Mom, get ready, we think it is safe to say that you have a future heartbreaker on your hands! Besides this little charmer’s adorable looks and obvious swag and style, for such a young performer, he has some pretty impressive verse that he is dropping here! We are sure he had no idea that his video would eventually make it onto the internet, racking up views and ratings, but hopefully this has gotten someone to take notice of this little player! He is just so cute! Seriously, you know it is impossible to watch this video and listen to him without being impressed and without smiling! His sweet little song that he has recorded with his mother’s phone is obviously original, but what is more interesting than that is the actual words. Apparently, he has met a girl that he seems to really like, according to the lyrics of this original song. He goes on to say that she is very pretty and that she kissed him on the lips! Slow your roll playa! He says the following statement in his first verse. If these words were coming from an adult in the actual music scene, it wouldn’t be quite as cute, but since it is coming from a child that has to be under ten years old, it is adorable! Referring to when this girl kissed him on the lips, our young blood pimp says the following sentence: “I told her not to do it but she like me/ she couldn’t help it cause she so proud of me.” Oh how adorable is that! After that, he talks about how she has a new boyfriend, and he has “got her back”! More lyrics from this show stopper: “I don’t feel like getting a new girlfriend because she might be ugly/ if she is I will not blame her/” “She will dump me/ cause today I swear I’m not getting a new girlfriend/ not today/ hoo hoo hooo hoooo hooo” “Not today! When she said not today, I can say nay” “I went to snack bar, and she told me that I can’t do anything but she said wrong!” From there, he continues on, but he changes his delivery! Now he has turned into a little rapper! Even though some of the lyrics are a little difficult to decipher, we have to admit that he definitely has a pretty decent beat here! The art of freestyling is one that is actually quite difficult to master, but this little guy seems to have a natural talent for the art! Hopefully, he will continue on his adventure of writing some adorable lyrics so that we can hear more from him in the future!

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Cheerful Cockatiel Annoys Family Dog With Its Singing1m21s

Cheerful Cockatiel Annoys Family Dog With Its Singing

Watch as a beautiful bird named Yuzu wants his friend Teko, the dog, to hear him sing, then annoys him by following him everywhere. However, it seems like Teko doesn’t like the idea of being followed and tries to escape Yuzu. The more Teko tries to stay away from Yuzu, the more the bird is tagging along. Adorable! Heartwarming footage shows the playful bird trying to impress its canine companion by singing. It is adorable to watch Yuzu flaunt its angelic voice, much to our amusement but not to Teko’s delight. Listen to Yuzu’s singing, and decide for yourself whether you’ll fall for its charm! The funny thing is that the more Yuzu follows Teko’s move, the more the dog tries to get away from the annoying bird that won’t stop cheering! Hilarious! Teko seems to be a very bitter dog, since he does not like to be disturbed while doing some of his daily activities, but Yuzu is an enthusiastic bird that likes to sing and has the hope that Teko will be a good singing partner. We can see how Teko tries to get as far away as possible from Yuzu, he even tries to hide under the table, but Yuzu is an intelligent bird and does not give up, he wants to fulfill his dream of being a famous singer. Teko, do not be bitter, dance to Yuzu’s melody! Birds have always been quite enthusiastic animals that love to sing and share their joy with other animals or people. The truth is that they take every opportunity to demonstrate their singing talent. There is no doubt that birds seem to be very happy when the weather is fine. In this case, Yuzu has found the perfect moment to have a fun singing session near its favorite canine. All animals are curious regardless of their species, they always want to discover new things and maybe make new friendships, they can understand emotions and feel them, they are usually very happy when they have another pet as a companion. In this case Teko does not like the idea of having a friend bothering him with singing, but it seems that deep down inside he just wants to annoy Yuzu. What a show! It is likely that dogs are characterized as being hunters and try to get inferior to other animals, but we are certain that this behavior depends on the training they get from their owners. Pets can certainly feel when they are threatened by another pet, or get competitive and jealous when they are not the only pet in the household, especially when that other pet is from an inferior kind of species. We can see how Teko regards Yuzu as his rival, and tries to pretend that the bird is bothering him, but he actually enjoys the attention he is getting. Superior pets often have difficulty accepting the fact that another pet will join the family. However, it is nice having various pets in the household that will help owners forget about their problems. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Energetic Dog Loves Running Around In Heavy Storm24s

Energetic Dog Loves Running Around In Heavy Storm

Draxx's humans are flabbergasted every time there is a powerful storm going on, and who wouldn't be!? I do not know of any other animals, much less K-9’s who enjoy storms or voluntarily run outside to enjoy the weather when it is at its worst! You cannot help but smile and giggle watching this pup loving life. Watching this sweet boy running around will bring a smile to your face, that’s for sure! Even though it is pouring with rain, Draxx does not seem to mind the added moisture that is undoubtedly coating his beautiful, black fur. Not to mention, there is also some viscous lightning happening as well! It really makes you wonder, what is it about storms that this silly dog is so excited about? What would you think if your dog suddenly started doing this? I think I would be a bit speechless for a while definitely! As owner of three dogs, we know what it is like having scared fur babies in the house trying to find a hiding place to feel safe from all the rain, thunder, and lightning. As a pet owner, it is actually probably a major relief to not have that problem! Some dogs even howl or bark continuously during storms of this nature! Can’t you almost hear Draxx in his head singing that song we all knew and loved as kids? Oh yes, you know the one: “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be!” Now, you know you cannot help but smile when you add that little gem of a flashback to this pup’s disposition! The only drawback we can see here is that “wet dog” smell they get after getting wet! Now, if you are not familiar with why that smell shows up, let us explain it to you the best way that we can (By the way, we do not claim to be a scientist or veterinarian, so we are not an expert; we are just a fellow pet owners of 3 dogs that has had to smell a lot of yucky dog stenches!). Basically as it has been described to us in the past, dogs have a specific oil coating in their undercoat that is excreted at the skin. The purpose of this oil is to help with water resistance, skin ph levels, etc. When your dog gets wet, the skin excretes more of this oil, which produces the smell. The only way to combat this smell is to be sure to fully scrub your dog’s coat during bathing; however, it is not entirely healthy for the dog to have all of their natural excreted oils washed away with each bath, so exercise your judgement on what you feel is right and best for your fur bestie! Because of the odor though that dogs are naturally going to produce, we have to wonder if Draxx’s parents have ever tried lightly spritzing him with a little “pet shampoo” before he goes and runs around in all that rain—maybe they could get their dog bathed at the same time, and Draxx wouldn’t be any the wiser! If his owner’s have not tried that little trick yet but decide to, hopefully they will video that as well so that we can see our ole’ buddy Draxx again!

Beautiful Pictures Show Pod Of Orcas Breaching Close To Kayakers1m09s

Beautiful Pictures Show Pod Of Orcas Breaching Close To Kayakers

By Jamie Smith This dramatic footage shows one kayaker’s close encounter with one of nature’s most remarkable animals – killer whales. Kayaker Mia Constanse Gylseth, came across the incredible pod of orcas whilst paddling through the crystal clear waters of the Lofoten islands in Norway. Mia, 30, was on a late night kayak when she came across the pod. She said: "The sight of these enormous mammals is the most incredible experience - and such a joy to capture! "They're giant and gentle at the same time, and perfectly fits the dramatic scenery in the Lofoten islands. "A pod of orcas with babies were close and I was sitting silently in the kayak for hours while they were swimming around. "I feel so grateful to have experienced such a close encounter with the orcas . "Knowing that the oceans are home to half the world's biodiversity at the same time that human interference presents the biggest threat to them is tragic and a huge reminder to do what we can do for the oceans. "Kayaking with orcas was amazing and they will always have a place in my heart." Whales are one of the most majestic creatures that God placed in the sea. He truly put so much time and detail in these beautiful animals that they are amazing just to watch. That is one reason the activity of whale watching has become so popular recently. People will board boats or take cruises just to watch these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. 30-year-old Mia Constanse Gylseth was lucky enough to have her own close encounter and every amazing second was captured on camera. As she was out on a late night kayaking through the waters of the Lofoten islands in Norway, she had the opportunity to experience the unimaginable. All of a sudden, an entire pod of orcas surrounded her kayak and she was delighted. Nothing can be more beautiful than the sight of orcas swimming in the ocean and partly revealing their bodies to make the sight even more magnificent. We are so happy that Mia was able to have this amazing experience and capture it all on footage. Seeing something like this it is only a reminder that God’s creatures never cease to amaze us. He truly knew what he was doing when He decided to place whales in the ocean and it is incredible to witness. We bet this kayaker had no clue she were going to have a whale-watching experience like this. Now, she’s got an awesome story to share with everyone and the film to back it up. Who else wishes that they could have been there in person? We certainly do. Orcas are incredibly popular as they are the most widely distributed of all whales and dolphins, found in every single ocean! They are very familiar with their black and white coloring. Whales make a wide variety of communicative sounds , and each pod has distinctive noises that its members will recognize even at a distance. They use echolocation to communicate and hunt, making sounds that travel underwater until they encounter objects, then bounce back, revealing their location, size, and shape.



Bedford said the anonymous leaker has created a witch hunt against him or herself, increasing the chances of being discovered and removed from Trump’s orbit. “Whoever this person is doesn’t even do themselves any credit by publishing this. Because now there’s a witch hunt,” he concluded. “If they actually had this really grandiose plan to resist the president, then why would they out it? Why would they let the whole world know and have these people being sniffed out?”

Baby Chimp Play Wrestles With Puppy Best Friend44s

Baby Chimp Play Wrestles With Puppy Best Friend

Check out this incredibly heartwarming moment as a puppy and chimp preciously wrestle with each other. Cuteness overload! Sometimes the phrase “opposites attract” can be so true, and this video is the perfect proof of that. Just because two friends come from completely different worlds , doesn’t mean they cannot be the best of buds. Even if they are completely different species, that doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy a little wrestling match on a warm summer day! Check out this incredibly heartwarming and entertaining moment as an energetic puppy preciously wrestles with his best friend, a chimp! Cuteness overload! Just when you think a puppy rolling around in the grass just isn’t cute enough, throw in a small and adorable chimp and you may have the cutest video in the world! They roll around and tackle each other on the grass, nibbling on each other lovingly. The chimp uses his incredibly long arms to his advantage, wrapping them around puppy’s neck and trying to hold him down. But no long monkey arms can keep the wiggling dog down, and he bounces right back up for round two. When the long arm hold doesn’t work on the puppy, the chimp does something so hilarious, even his best friend doesn’t see it coming! The chimp jumps up and sits right directly on the puppy’s furry head before putting him into a complete head lock! When the chimp doesn’t succeed with his fancy attack moves, he just attaches himself to the dog’s legs and just holds on! If the puppy can’t move, the chimp is sure to run! We think that maybe the chimp had been taking wrestling lessons possibly! He definitely has the upper hand in this match! The two best friends seem to go back and forth, battling for win! After a good close match, the chimp concludes that he is the winner and dashed out of the ring excitedly and celebrates his big win by popping a giant purple balloon over his head in victory! Chimps, or chimpanzees are an extremely intelligent part of the hominidae family. Chimps can currently be found in the Congo Jungle and ate also on the list of endangered animals. In 2017, the Convention on Migratory Species selected the common chimp for special protection. Being such an intelligent species, chimps can be highly influenced by the presence of humans. They quickly pick up on the habits of humans they interact with and will alter their actions and personalities to match that of their caretakers. In the wild, chimps live in large social colonies and spend much of their lives constantly interacting and communicating with others. They are inbred in everything they do, needing to be in the company of others. This explains why the chimp in this video takes such a liking to the puppy, making him his best friend and not going far from his side! These two are just like kids, wrestling in the grass! We seriously could watch them all day long! There should be more videos like this one to warm you up on a cold day!

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