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Polite deer bows head to receive treats15s

Polite deer bows head to receive treats

This deer is so gentle and polite! He has been taught to bow his head to ask for food. This video was taken in Nara Deer Park in Japan. In this 1600 acre park, over a thousand friendly deer have all learned to bow like this. It has become a popular tourist attraction and many vendors around the park sell “deer cookies” which are healthy for the deer. Feeding them other food is discouraged. It is free to enter and explore the park. Must visit!

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The 5 Most Important Dog Training Skills4m35s

The 5 Most Important Dog Training Skills

Dog training is a lifelong process, but some skills are more important than others. Think of mastering these essential dog training skills as laying the foundation, and preparing your dog for a lifetime of good behavior and companionship. Whether you just brought home a puppy, adopted a shelter dog, or want to brush up your old dog’s training, these are the absolute most important skills to teach your dog (and yourself). Before you start, it’s a good idea to review the basics of dog training: be patient, be positive, mind your body language, work in bursts (10-15 minute training sessions at a time), and add variety to help your dog respond reliably in any situation.

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Tiny bear cub scrambles to keep up with mom and brother29s

Tiny bear cub scrambles to keep up with mom and brother

Seeing a wild animals is always a possibility on a country drive, especially in cottage country. This motorist was driving home from the cottage when he made the decision to turn onto a quieter road instead of the main route. Immediately after making the corner, he knew that his decision had been a good one. In the distance, a large, black bear ambled across the road with a tiny cub in tow. They wasted no time getting across the road and into the forest. The motorist decided to pull over and have a cautious look to see if he could see where the bears were. Perhaps he could even get a picture of them if they hadn't gone deep into the bushes. He pulled over on the shoulder and got out of the car. A mama bear is a formidable animal and not one to approach, especially in the early summer when they are likely to be protective of their cubs. The motorist knew not to venture past the back of the car, for safety's sake. He could hear the two bears in the woods, walking slowly, just inside the treeline. He decided to turn the car around and wait on the far shoulder with the engine off, to see if they peeked out of the trees. With the dash cam running and the car now facing the other way where the bears had crossed, our driver saw a pair of little black ears appear in the grass in front of him. A second furry little cub had been with the mother bear but it had not kept up as they crossed the road. Now it cautiously stuck its face out of the long grass and looked around. It ran out to the edge of the road, looked around, sniffed the air and then finally decided that it could run across the road to join its family. Black bears are highly intelligent and very cautious. Even young black bears have a healthy amount of reluctance to spend time out in the open. They generally avoid humans whenever possible and they are almost always harmless if we keep a safe distance and don't surprise them or threaten them. It was a treat to see this little family making their way along, but several things are obvious from this experience. Had the motorist made the mistake of wandering far from the car, he could have unknowingly been between the mother bear and her cub. Her reason for staying at the edge of the woods was obviously that she was waiting for him. Standing out in the open, or making noise of any kind could have complicated their attempts to meet up on the other side of the road and could possibly have resulted in the bear being defensive. When watching wildlife it is always best to be still and quiet and to remain in your vehicle.

Puppy has epic meltdown over slice of lemon1m09s

Puppy has epic meltdown over slice of lemon

Bunsen the Berner puppy has a unique, adorable and hilarious reaction to a sliced lemon. Watch him valiantly attack the citrus fruit and find that lemons cannot see you... if you do barrel rolls!

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Work hard, neigh hard: pony play hobbyists ‘live for the weekend’ to indulge in equine dream, dressing up as horses and competing in bizarre human show jumping events3m28s

Work hard, neigh hard: pony play hobbyists ‘live for the weekend’ to indulge in equine dream, dressing up as horses and competing in bizarre human show jumping events

By Luke Kenton These pony play hobbyists work hard so they can neigh hard on the weekend, when they compete in show jumping events dressed from head to toe in horse gear. Though this group of individuals in New Orleans, Louisiana, claim to be your ‘average taxpaying citizens’ between Monday and Friday, on the weekends […]

Husband won't pick up shovel to help wife in the garden. Here's why.1m43s

Husband won't pick up shovel to help wife in the garden. Here's why.

It's a hot day in Millbrook, Ontario. In fact it's a heat wave and the temperature today is the hottest on record this year. That doesn't stop Kristy from going out to her garden to weed, plant, and mulch though. Her husband Dave really appreciates her effort and her dedication. He also appreciates the piles of fresh vegetables that she gets from her garden every day. Most of all, Dave appreciates that Kristy has planted more than 20 hot pepper plants. There are ghost peppers, trinidad scorpions, and even Carolina reapers. Kristy even filmed Dave and made a video of him trying to eat a whole Trinidad scorpion right off the vine. Dave knows how good he's got it and he decides that he better do something to help Kristy on such a hot day. You'd think he would get out there with a shovel and join her in her war on the weeds. Or maybe he should pick up the pitch fork and help her spread some mulch around. But Dave is convinced that there is something that will put a smile on Kristy's face more than any amount of typical garden work. Dave gets his drone, a length of string, and a Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar. With the thermometer at its highest, Kristy deserves a cool treat. She also likes to laugh and Dave thinks that flying in a frozen snack will make her chuckle. To record her reaction, Dave first clamps a hidden camera on the low hanging branch of a little crabapple tree right beside her pepper patch. The drone lifts off and the camera shows the ice cream bar dangling twenty feet below. With a little effort, Dave gets the drone above Kristy and she looks up to see what's coming. She knows right away that it's something good and she waves at it to come closer. Dave isn't impressing her with his flying ability though and his drone drifts all over before he finally gets it right. He almost lowers it into a wheelbarrow full of cow manure. Kristy unclips the treat and waves appreciatively. The camera in the tree captures the loud buzzing of the drone as it approaches but you can still hear Kristy laughing at Dave's unique idea of how to help her with her work. Dave and Kristy refuse to grow up. She has put him up to such things as eating the hot pepper, eating spaghetti on a wake board, and even shaving while riding a wake board. She's likely not really surprised to see something like this. After putting away the drone, Dave actually did get to work and he helped her finish the weeding and the mulching.