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Insatiable Pooch Demands Endless Playtime From Owner45s

Insatiable Pooch Demands Endless Playtime From Owner

This is the heartwarming moment when owner has to go to work and needy pet whines in protest and doesn’t want to let go. Footage shows adorable pooch Sora sticking her head through the doggy door and having a mouthful argument with owner. Apparently, Sora had a long and tiresome walk and engaged in productive playtime, but when it was time to nap in her shelter, this dog decided to howl in protest instead. It is adorable how the pooch engaged in an endless whines and howls at owner like there is no tomorrow. Trying to win an argument with Sora isn't going to work! What an adorable temper tantrum! They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but one adorable canine has tried every trick in the book to get his owner to play with him. Hilarious footage showing a persistent pooch desperately trying to make its owner play with her, and this adorable pooch is sure to warm the hearts of even the most reluctant animal lover. Footage shows the determined dog going so far as to place its head through the doggy door and whine in protest, engaging them puppy eyes to the fullest. Sadly, his performance falls on owner’s deaf ears, but to no avail. Owner has to go to work and run some errands, so this impatient pooch will have to wait in its house, until owner is free to play again! Credit to @sora_the_adventurer

Saint Bernard Gets Excited Over A Balloon1m00s

Saint Bernard Gets Excited Over A Balloon

Never enough of dogs and their never-ending longing for games and funny little things they can do in their homes with their owners. Every dog has its own way of entertaining itself. Their game is different every time. What it makes it even more comic is the things they find at home to play with. They can range from pillows to socks, from balloons to sponges. And every time, their play is unique and this Saint Bernard is a true example of fun-loving dog. Saint Bernards are well known for their rescue capabilities. Their sacrificing nature and true souls makes them even more likeable. These proud owners of a dog of this breed simply couldn’t feel less entertained having this big and cuddly dog dashing in the rooms with a balloon tied around his neck. Sully loves the balloon and gets over-excited with it. He knows exactly that the balloon is so precious since it is a birthday present from the people he loves and cares about, so he wants to show a little appreciation and how much it means to him. No wonder he walks all perky around the rooms, racing from one to another. Sully does not mind the darkness in the bedroom, he pops on the bed anyways. Until the balloon gets stuck in the ceiling fan. But with the help of his owners he unwinds himself and goes on with this important march. Luckily, the balloon is untacked, it didn’t burst-way to go. Hooray! Another short walk around the table and he peacefully sits down to show that he has accomplished his gratifying mission.

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UPS Driver Stops By To Give Treats To Waiting Dogs40s

UPS Driver Stops By To Give Treats To Waiting Dogs

Snacking is serious business, and you should never be expected to share or allow another to take a snack from you without permission. Check out as Sandy, the three legged dog, and her buddy, Clancy, patiently wait for treats from Pam their favorite UPS driver. Adorable! Footage shows two sweet looking canines sitting quietly on the pavement, but clearly in expectation of something. Moments later, they start barking with joy and wagging their tails at a car that drives by and pulls over on the pavement. They patiently wait for the human to get out of the vehicle, and we soon find out why. The lady from the UPS truck has stopped by just to give them a treat. These two very well-behaved doggies got a special surprise when the woman rewarded them for their obedience in the form of the delicious doggie treat. Dogs are so smart and obedient. If trained well, they can do just about anything! Footage shows two doggies patiently waiting on the pavement for the UPS driver to present them with fine treats. It is adorable how these two obedient pooches patiently wait for van’s car to open while barking for joy and wagging their tails with excitement. When the woman from the UPS van finally gets out of the vehicle and approaches the dogs with treats in her hands, the cuties go nuts and rejoice to the delight! What a precious moment! This simple kind of kindness from a passing stranger has brightened our day!

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The Cutest Face-To-Face Parrot Talk54s

The Cutest Face-To-Face Parrot Talk

Luna and Jade are two cousin parrots and though they belong to the same family of parrots they are strikingly different. They are both exotic birds with vibrant colors and they might be the most unique ornament in your home. Luna is an Indian Ringneck Parakeet and Jade is an Alexandrine Parakeet. Luna is smart and thus gets easily bored often displaying destructive behavior but once handled properly she has sweet and charming personality and can become an affectionate pet. As opposed to her, Jade is kindhearted and devoted to the family it raises him. He seeks more attention and needs a person who is able to give him a great deal of time out of the cage. Sometimes to break the social ice is not that simple, even for parrots! No matter how hard you try to strike off a conversation, it can prove to be a total failure. It is just like that for this energetic ring-neck parrot Luna. Her high-pitched, sweet voice is so comic at times but it does not the effort to just get through to her cousin. She just wants a part of his time and a little attention. Is it that so difficult to ask for?! Though she is an exceptional talker and asks with amazing clarity ‘What are you doing?’, it seems Jade does not want to be bothered with whatever she is trying to say to him. Jade is so stubbornly and intensely chewing on the bottle cap, that he ignores her constantly. Stepping back from her, he even tries to bite his beautiful sky-blue cousin. Nothing can save him from Luna, so he decides to busy himself with the cap and nothing more. For this parrot, ignorance is bliss!

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Affectionate Cat Is Completely Obsessed With Doggy Best Friend4m17s

Affectionate Cat Is Completely Obsessed With Doggy Best Friend

This is the adorable moment when one overly-affectionate cat cuddles with her Malamute best friend and engages in a long, friendly hug! It is hilarious how the kitty refuses to let go of the dog for even a second! What a special bond these two share. Amazing! We know that you might not find this video anything out of the ordinary, but it is still very adorable to see. Check out this overly-affectionate cat throwing herself at a very patient dog. Footage shows a cat and a dog who are definitely best friends and share a special bond. Watch how the needy cat acts like a tick and won’t let go of the dog. The cat has her paws wrapped around dog’s fur, hugging her best friend from behind! What a loving bond these two share, it is simply incredible! These interspecies friendships is what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of videos with all sorts of different animals cuddling and playing in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such pets around. Seeing how even sworn natural enemies can learn to love and respect each other really makes you put a finger to your forehead and think some things through. If you were ever fortunate to witness the friendship between two animals of different species, you should consider yourself lucky. Those relationships prove that anything is possible if you are taught that there are no differences among us. You've seen dogs living peacefully with cats, cats with birds, even more unusual combinations, like puppies and emus. If you too want to bring two different animals together, the best way to do this is to pair them at a very young age. Just like human babies, this is when they develop their cognitive skills as well as their communication skills, so when they learn that this other animal is a friend, they will accept it as such!

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How to Actually Remember Someone's Name3m01s

How to Actually Remember Someone's Name

When you meet new people and you're bombarded with new names, two things happen: you're too worried about yourself to pay attention to each name, and you don't even have time to process the first name you hear before you hear the second. Hence, the "next-in-line effect." Fortunately,'s Cody Gough is here to explain how to overcome this and other obstacles that make it hard to remember a person's name. Visit to learn more memory tricks to help you remember what matters: Download Curiosity's free five-star app for Android or iOS: And check out the award-winning Curiosity Podcast:

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Energetic Great Danes Get Playful With A Pile Of Balloons2m40s

Energetic Great Danes Get Playful With A Pile Of Balloons

A hilarious footage has emerged of two massive dogs engaging in play mode with helium filled balloons. Max and Katie are almost eight years old but still love to play together. Watch and laugh as they have fun with some Great Dane-sized balloons. Max takes off with the bundle of balloons and Katie likes to pop them open! When we think of balloons, we often think of birthday parties and celebrations, but balloons can also serve a different purpose. If you don’t believe it, watch how these Great Dane dogs entertain their owners by putting on a show while chasing on several proposal balloon. They go with the flow! It is so adorable to see these gentle giants putting a lot of effort into the game of chasing and popping big floating balloons in the shape of hearts and diamond rings. Mom is recording the entire performance between these balloon buddies and is enjoying their company. Owners loosely attacked the balloons around Max’s neck while Katie was trying to eat them. Moments later, Max is seen running around the yard with the balloons following his every move, like a shadow lurking from behind. Next, Katie approaches her silly brother and tries to eat the balloons away and free her brother from the inconvenient predicament. Footage shows how satisfied Katie is when she pops the big-sized balloons open. She starts with the balloon shaped as a diamond ring, and rips it apart, squeezing every atom of air from it. Next, she tackles the heart-shaped balloon and massacres it on the grass!

Motherly Dog Immediately Falls In Love With Ducklings Upon Introduction 2m15s

Motherly Dog Immediately Falls In Love With Ducklings Upon Introduction

The first ducks have hatched in this home and motherly German Shepherd has been waiting patiently to meet them. Check out their first encounter! This is the adorable moment when a gentle dog meets little ducklings for the first time. Watch the German Shepherd by the name of Thorin preciously watching over four little ducklings in this heartwarming clip. What an unusual animal friendship! Unfortunately these newborn quails don't have their mother around. But it looks like they don't have to worry about any enemies with Thorin the German Shepherd looking after them! These cute little guys have grown quite fond of Thorin, as he has to them. Watch how motherly Thorin watches over them! These unlikely friends are enjoying their glorious time with one another. So cute! You can only imagine what could happen when these little newborn quails grow up. Picture a bunch of full born quails just playing and following Thorin around the house. Now that would be something! Pets tend to form an amazing bond with not just their owner, but the other pets in the family as well. Here is the proof of that. What a cute pairing. You can tell that they're all going to be best friends forever. Check out this motherly dog lovingly embracing the new members of the family. Cuteness overload! Thorin the German Shepherd has been introduced to several different species of baby birds, and has formed instant friendships with all of them. This bird-loving dog has warmed our hearts! Thorin is actually very well versed with little baby birds. On this channel you will find videos of Thorin taking care of several different species of birds, like ducklings, chicks, even goslings! It is like he’s the Mary Poppins of baby birds! Good boy!

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'Early Bird' Parrot Makes Hilarious Demands For Breakfast41s

'Early Bird' Parrot Makes Hilarious Demands For Breakfast

You often hear the expression, "Early bird gets the worm". When you live with a parrot, that saying takes on a whole different meaning! This particular morning Einstein wakes up with an appetite, he is also very talkative. Requesting grapes and cantaloupe as his owner tries to get coffee made is like being in a diner placing an order. He watches every move his owner makes. Finally the coffee is ready and Einstein imitates the sound of it being poured and the slurping sounds as his owner takes a sip. (Please, never feed your parrot coffee. It is toxic.) All in all it is a good morning when your parrot tells you, "You're a good parrot sweetie!" Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. Watch him sing and dance in his video compilations! With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website ( is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. They require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive. It is often said, Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!

Questions We're Afraid to Ask2m04s

Questions We're Afraid to Ask

Questions, even more than answers, have immense power, because they can supply us with an endless amount of answers, while an answer only gives us one.

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How Nature is a Reflection of God1m36s

How Nature is a Reflection of God

"To enjoy nature, is to enjoy God, they are one in the same." I am always drawn to this quote, because it pretty much sums up what creation is all about. Personally, I love nothing more than being amid nature, walking on the grass with my bare feet, while breathing in the fresh air and the fragrant smell of the flowers and trees... In moments like these, I cannot help but feel that I am walking hand in hand with God. Feeling inspired by nature and its creator, I've prepared this presentation for you to enjoy.

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Courteous Cat Says 'Hello' To Everyone Who Visits Her12s

Courteous Cat Says 'Hello' To Everyone Who Visits Her

An elderly black cat is all about courtesy, when a shelter worker recorded the feline meowing what is a very discernible “hello”. She is 16-year-old Ruby, a black cat that has been the resident of Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Edenfield, Lancashire, for six weeks. She shocked volunteers at the shelter one day, when she gave them a greeting no other cat has been heard to give. The volunteer whipped out her phone just in time to record the quirky cat’s greeting and later posted it on the shelter’s Facebook page. In the clip, the volunteer can be heard gently tapping on the glass door of Ruby’s enclosure, to which the cat gives a faint meow. But when the woman says “hello”, the cat lifts her head, faces the camera and repeats the woman’s greeting with a very distinctive “hello” back! What? The volunteer teases the cat further, repeating her “hello” and surely enough, Ruby follows suit. Even when the woman says “hiya”, the feline maintains her courteous disposition. Mind your manner, young woman! The shelter’s manager Karen Weed says Ruby is truly one of a kind. She says the resident is very friendly and loves having a conversation with the staff. She stunned volunteers at the shelter after appearing to say “hello” when they would talk to her. “It was a bit of shock really. We've had talking cats before, but not one like Ruby.” On a similar note, you just have to see what this puppy tell his owner. Bosley makes it very clear how he feels about his owner. So sweet!

MSNBC’s Reid4m43s

MSNBC’s Reid

‘Fox News Has Decided the Grist for the Ratings Mill is Black People’

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