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Woman Finds Maggots In Her Beef Burger10s

Woman Finds Maggots In Her Beef Burger

This was the revolting sight that greeted a woman who went to put cheese on her beef burger and found dozens of maggots wriggling around after she bought it from a food stall in Singapore. *** For full copy and to licence the clip visit viralpress (dot) uk

Published: February 22, 20172,687 plays$5.94 earned
Aerial Drone Footage Of Amsterdam45s

Aerial Drone Footage Of Amsterdam

Stunning aerial drone footage of Amsterdam as the sun sets over the city. Taken from the top of the former Shell Tower building and showing the beautiful river Amstel.

Published: June 14, 20173,284 plays$8.06 earned
Ghost Of Thai Woman Caught On Camera36s

Ghost Of Thai Woman Caught On Camera

A spooky apparition of a Thai woman looks straight at the camera as a motorbike gang rides by on a dirt track in Chonburi, Thailand. To license this clip and for full copy contact stories at

Published: March 3, 20172,665 plays$7.12 earned
Melo, el cachorrito que fue abandonado con su cartilla de vacunas en Murcia1m37s

Melo, el cachorrito que fue abandonado con su cartilla de vacunas en Murcia

La fotografía de este cachorrito abandonado en la zona de Los Garres en Murcia, España, conmocionó a miles de personas porque estaba en plena calle y con su cartilla de vacunas atada al cuello. ¡Qué tristeza! Poco tiempo después el perrito fue trasladado a un refugio de animales en La Albatalia y trataron de localizar a alguien que pudiera hacerse cargo de este pobre cachorro. Más información:

Orangutan Asks Zoo Visitor For Banana Then Throws Back The Peel1m56s

Orangutan Asks Zoo Visitor For Banana Then Throws Back The Peel

One of the first things we learn in school is that man has developed from ancient apes through the process of evolution. Basically, some apes decided they should climb down from the treetops and look for food on the ground and those who stayed evolved into the monkeys and apes we know today. One of those apes in the colorful orangutan, an ape so similar to man, they can really surprise us sometimes! Orangutans, especially those that have lived their entire lives in ZOOs, have learned how to interact with the distant relatives that come to visit and learn about them on the other side of the enclosure. There are parks that sell food approved for the animals so that the visitors may interact with them by feeding them. When these animals see someone carrying a banana or something, they know they are here for a brunch date! Knowing how to get the most out of humans, this old guy simply puts his hand out whenever he wants a treat. He is the boss around here, so he gets what he wants. Catching it with one hand, the primate carefully peels the fruit before shoving the whole thing in his mouth. Clearly a strong opposer against littering, the orangutan then tosses the peel back to his visitor so he can dispose of it properly. Unfortunately, the human seems to be stingy this time around and refuses to give up his second banana. That's fine with him though, because that just means he can go on about other business!

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Una perrita moribunda salva su vida al romper el cristal de la caravana donde estaba encerrada2m07s

Una perrita moribunda salva su vida al romper el cristal de la caravana donde estaba encerrada

Una perrita llamada Ace y su hijo Mooch sobrevivían en condiciones extremas encerrados en una caravana sin dueño. Esta valiente Pit bull vio la oportunidad de escapar y salvar su vida al escuchar las voces de unos vecinos, por lo que saltó por la ventana de la caravana rompiendo el cristal. Los vecinos que se encontraban cerca contribuyeron al rescate. Más información:

Boy’s Quick Reaction Helps Baby From Going Deeper Underwater1m06s

Boy’s Quick Reaction Helps Baby From Going Deeper Underwater

A baby boy left to his own devices runs out of a living room and goes straight to the backyard where the pool lies open. After a few minutes hesitating and exploring the surroundings, he decides to take a free dive into the pool. His summer fun is almost cut short, when he pushes his ambition a little too far. As he kneels over to check out the water, all of a sudden he slips and falls into the pool. The child disappears from our sight and we can’t see him anywhere in the pool. A few seconds after the unfortunate fall, we can catch a glimpse of the boy floating next to one of the inflatables. This is the moment when a scary situation in this family home turns into a reason to celebrate because another boy jumps into action saving the child. He grabs him in his hands and gets him out of the pool. Luckily, the baby boy is perfectly fine, alive and kicking. "My seven-year-old nephew was drawing and heard the noise in the pool. He had the most incredible reaction for a child of seven years. Neither I nor my sister heard the noise just the desperate cries of my nephew." But thanks to this little hero, the baby is OK. Saved by this seven-year-old-boy, we are left in awe, knowing that without his quick thinking things may have ended differently. Children have incredible ways of sneaking out and doing exactly what they are not supposed to do. Bad things can happen in a second and that’s why it is important to stay within feet of them.

Published: April 13, 20184,692 plays$1.23 earned
Goalkeeper's Penalty Blunder As Ball Bounces Back Into The Goal47s

Goalkeeper's Penalty Blunder As Ball Bounces Back Into The Goal

This is the hilarious moment a goalkeeper bungles a penalty shootout after celebrating a save - only for the ball to BOUNCE back into the net. The keeper ran away celebrating after the ball hit the crossbar in a tense 19-19 shootout in Bangkok, Thailand. But it turned into a freak goal and he was left devastated after losing 20-19.

Published: October 22, 20171,849 plays$5.10 earned
9 Smart Tips That Will Restore To Your Happiness1m02s

9 Smart Tips That Will Restore To Your Happiness

Falling from a state of happiness in life to a state of sadness can be quick and painful - but there are ways to bring back the positive feelings to your life!

Published: April 13, 20181,782 views
Puppy Plays Peek-A-Boo With Toddler42s

Puppy Plays Peek-A-Boo With Toddler

When you have kids, one of the things you suddenly need is a babysitter. Some parents decide to have more kids so they can watch each other for free, but this couple came up with an even cheaper solution. They’ve got a dog that will entertain their child for hours! All this little white pup has to do is stand on the other side of a window and pop his head up over and over. The boy loves it and the game never gets old! Add in “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper and you’ve got a recipe for a fun-filled afternoon.

Published: April 12, 20181,637 views
Silly Dog Makes A Ridiculous Face When Pet On The Cheeks 28s

Silly Dog Makes A Ridiculous Face When Pet On The Cheeks

We all have that one sweet spot. You know, where, when touched, sends a vibrating sensation all over your entire body and gives you the sweetest shiver. Ooh, that’s the spot… It just makes you yearn for a good scratch! Well, dogs have it too! Usually, it is right on the belly and when scratched, they stomp their foot in the air or twitch their tails. It is both adorable and hilarious to witness, forcing us to keep scratching that spot. What a bonding activity that is. But every once in a while a dog will appear that has a sweet spot elsewhere on their body and the reaction is much more different than when scratched on the belly. Just check this sweet pooch. Vega the Golden Retriever is just like any other dog. She loves her owner, especially when she is petting her! But when her owner’s hand hits that sweet, sweet spot on Vega’s cheek, it activate a reaction in the sweet dog that her owners like to call “the snaggle tooth”. It may look like vega is frowning at the gesture, but it really isn’t the case. And it isn’t the only case either! A petting session is part of Vega’s morning ritual, where she approaches her owner, lays down next to her and waits to be pet. She gets an all-over, a light pat on the tummy and then a few strokes on the face. And it activates the snaggle tooth every time!

Published: April 11, 201826,840 plays$39.41 earned
Singer Falls from Stage27s

Singer Falls from Stage

Occurred on April 7, 2018 / Salem, Oregon, USA Info from Licensor: "During an Alex Alvarado show, he fell from the stage, but recomposed with quite some dignity."

Published: April 12, 20181,172 plays$0.14 earned