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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair1m03s

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair

Learn how to prevent ingrown hairs from Completely Bare owner (and former Real Housewife of New York City) Cindy Barshop.

Published: June 22, 2017Updated: June 24, 20173,620 views
Newfoundland dog pulls off epic bear impersonation8s

Newfoundland dog pulls off epic bear impersonation

All you dog lovers out there, this video is the one for you. What a better way to brighten your day than to watch the most adorable dog doing something hilarious? Here we have Nuk the Newfie delivering a spot on impression of a bear in this funny clip. It is amazing how closely this big guy resembles a bear when his face is all scrunched up like that! Doesn't he just look like he is would be one of the best things ever to cuddle with? What an adorable doggo! Isn't Nuk just such a good boy? He definitely deserves a treat, doesn't he? He just looks like one of the happiest dogs ever. It seems like he doesn't mind having his face scrunched up like that, it looks like he's enjoying the free massage and rubs that he is getting, can we blame him? With dogs coming in all different shapes, sizes, and breeds, everyone has their preferential dog. What is yours? Let us know in the comment section! One thing that all you dog lovers can agree upon is how adorable this doggo is. Check out this adorable bear-like dog.

Owner takes shower, parrot plays with shower curtains1m34s

Owner takes shower, parrot plays with shower curtains

When you get a pet, you don't just bring an animal into your home, you bring a new member of the family. They might not fight for their share of the inheritance, but they will fight for your attention. Some more than others, animals require the attention of their human companion for a multitude of reasons; some like to be noticed, while others like to show you that they are part of the pack. While people tend to get animals they can interact with easily, say a dog or a cat, because they can pet them when they want to and can teach them basic domestic “manners”, others opt for the more exotic creatures, like big tropical birds. Parrots make great pets, the bigger ones can even have a sort-off conversation with you, but don't think that you can just keep them on their perches; they will demand your attention as much as your standard Lab! Charlie, the blue-and-yellow macaw is the best example for this. See, his owner is in the shower; showering should be respected as some alone time, right? Charlie doesn't know that; instead, she wants to play with the shower curtain, which in turn draws her owners attention! Clever bird, don't you think?

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Time lapse captures caterpillar metamorphosis into chrysalis1m40s

Time lapse captures caterpillar metamorphosis into chrysalis

Nature is awesome, isn't it? You never know what you are going to stumble upon when you are inside of it. The amazing thing is how there is different things all over the planet. You can see a Blue Whale in ocean, a Rattlesnake in the dessert, a Deer in the forest, the possibilities are endless. That is what makes our planet so special. The insane thing is that there are still a bunch of things that we don't know about nature on Earth, and we probably won't ever find out about some of those things. Here we have a one of natures beautiful transformations taking place. Watch as this monarch caterpillar prepares to become a butterfly by changing into a chrysalis. How cool is that? As this caterpillar begins the first stage of metamorphosis, it becomes one step closer to spreading its wings as a beautiful butterfly. How awesome is that? Something about the whole process is so interesting. Did you find this cool or disgusting? Let us know in the comment section. Be sure to visit for more awesome videos! Check out this awesome transformation!

Published: June 22, 20171,966 views
Two Small Sisters Argue Over Who Farted42s

Two Small Sisters Argue Over Who Farted

These two little sisters in North Carolina recently had a major debate in the back seat of the family van. It was on the subject of farting; namely, who did it?Let’s just say there were a lot of accusations thrown around between the young siblings, as shown in this hysterical video.

Published: June 20, 2017Updated: June 24, 20171,961 views
Cows listen to accordion music, absolutely love it! 2m34s

Cows listen to accordion music, absolutely love it!

A herd of cows rush over to hear accordion music played by Don Bitterlich in Garmisch, Germany. You can clearly see how much they truly enjoy the music and they are not the only ones. Have you seen the clip where a jazz bands plays for another herd of bovines? How about the one where a farmer plays Lorde's “Royals” on his trombone? Those are just too surreal to pass on. So what is it that draws these cows to music? The answer to this question is actually pretty simple – music helps them relax, just like it would any other animal (yes, humans included). Today's dairy farms are noisy and busy places, what with all the clanking of cow bells and the swooshing sound of the automated milkers. All that racket can stress a cow out and a stressed cow is not a productive cow. Dairy farmers had to become the experts on how to comfort their cows, so they would do anything from air conditioning the barns, to making them as pleasant to live in for their milk producing bovines. And this is not even a new thing. Back in 2001, psychologists from the University of Leichester in England showed that cows liked slow music so much, that it increased the production of milk by 3%. So there you have it. If your cows are a little stingy on the milk, just play them something soothing. Like R.E.M. or Simon & Garfunkel.

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Photographer turns six years of documenting storms into one timelapse3m26s

Photographer turns six years of documenting storms into one timelapse

This stunning footage of a storm timelapse consisting of clips collected over a six year period shows the awe inspiring effect that nature can have on oneself. The video shows storm footage from around the US after six years of shooting weather videos. This amazing clip was shot by Kansas based photographer Chad Cowan with the seamless transitions between the time-lapses edited by Kevin X Barth. With no storm being the same, you won't get bored of watching this. Nature truly is a stunning and mysterious thing. It's unpredictability is what makes us so fascinated by the simple and yet complicated cycles which it goes through. Chad Cowan and Kevin X Barth truly created something which intrigues the human mind and soul. With stunning visuals and colors, this video is something that shouldn't be missed. After watching this breath-taking video, we also wanted to provide a list of hardware that is normally used when creating time-lapses . Here's Amazon list of the best time-lapse camera gear. Planet earth has amazing things to offer if you open your eyes and expand your mind. Try new things, explore a little or even just take some time to sit back and admire mother nature at work.

Published: June 21, 2017Updated: June 24, 20171,735 views
Cat on leash enjoys walk with dogs19s

Cat on leash enjoys walk with dogs

Oliver the cat enjoys walking on a leash with his dog buddy Hershey to visit their friend Bear the dog at the park. Not your typical cat behavior!

Published: June 21, 2017Updated: June 23, 20171,653 views
Cherry Clafoutis1m00s

Cherry Clafoutis

Surprise guests with a summer dessert that’s not the expected crumble or pie. Make a cherry clafoutis: a rich custard studded with ripe, sweet cherries, and dusted with powdered sugar.

Published: June 22, 2017Updated: June 24, 20171,538 views
Blue Jay's Oscar-worthy performance for playing dead6s

Blue Jay's Oscar-worthy performance for playing dead

This blue jay appears to be dead, as it lies motionless upside down. But after a gentle poke, he is awakened and flies away! This is not an uncommon behavior with birds. One bird watcher wrote in their blog that they watched a pair of blue jay birds that did the exact same thing on numerous occasions, especially the male. It mostly happens when the sun in high and shining warm on the ground, because that way they absorb the heat from the sun. Think of it as a sort of spa treatment for them. Blue Jays are being called bullies of smaller birds unfairly. Yes, they are loud, fast and don't think twice when they swoop down on the bird feeders and rarely stay still. They are hyperactive, which makes the smaller birds fly away and settle on the other feeders that are blue-jay-free. The bird watcher says that when a blue jay is the loudest, that probably means that danger is near, probably a hawk. Hawks are the greatest enemies of small birds and those who feed them in their own back yards. So basically, the blue jays aren't the bullies, but rather the saviors of the smaller birds, with their loud screeching.

Published: June 21, 2017Updated: June 22, 20171,466 views
Sunken GoPro captures eerie footage and large, curious bass1m02s

Sunken GoPro captures eerie footage and large, curious bass

Most cottage owners are aware that there is an unseen world beneath the surface of their lake but they might be surprised to see what it actually looks like. This GoPro was sent down to the bottom to film what was happening. The result was that it captured an eerie underwater world full of algae covered sticks and logs. This far from the light, the world looks green and ghostly. Numerous large bass are curious about the shiny camera and they swim over to investigate. One of the biggest surprises of this adventure was just how many large bass there are lurking on the bottom.

Published: June 22, 2017Updated: June 23, 20171,438 views
Random wild fox happily sits on backyard shed20s

Random wild fox happily sits on backyard shed

Every household has their own little traditions, more specifically everyone in the house having their own seat. Well it would seem like that would hold true to outside of the house, and not even for only the humans living on the property. This person looks out the window and is extremely surprised to see a fox sitting on a shed in the back garden in broad daylight. Now that is definitely something that you don't see everyday. How insane is that? Imagine walking out into your backyard, or even looking out your window like this person, just to see a wild animal just hanging out on top of your shed. What would run through your head? Some will run out and chase them away (which you shouldn't do because who knows what that animal is capable of), and others will just wait it out safely inside the house. So, what would you do in this situation? Leave a comment and let us know! Be sure to visit for more awesome content like this, and feel free to upload any content that you might have. Check out this fox just hanging out on the roof of a shed.

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Cat not thrilled about becoming a unicorn8s

Cat not thrilled about becoming a unicorn

Remember when unicorns were just mythical beings, rumored to have existed in some distant, hidden corners of the earth and that they pack a whopping amount of magic just in their single horn? Well nowadays everyone can be a unicorn – all they have to do is buy a unicorn accessory! If unicorns were, in fact, real, we think they would have been exploited to extinction right about now. Everything has a unicorn on it today; the craze started with innocent t-shirts and moved on to phone accessories, bags, knit hats and even – wait for it – unicorn horns that you can wear on your head and pretend you are one of them too! The craze didn't stop with human, no; the humans needed their pets to look like they are unicorns too, so someone made unicorn horns that you cat put on your dog's or your cat's head. Companies even go further in the craze by advertising those accessories saying “Cats love them”. Well you can be the judge of that. Meet Leia, the gray-and-white tuxedo cat. Her owner got her a unicorn horn and put it on her head. What did Leia do? She tried to rip it off, while complaining all the way. We support you in your effort, kitty.

Published: June 21, 2017Updated: June 22, 20171,394 views
Clydesdale's emotional response to running free in meadow1m23s

Clydesdale's emotional response to running free in meadow

Belle is a very amazing horse who now lives at The Mane Intent, in Indian River, Ontario. She is a beautiful soul who has found her calling at a place where horses and humans interact and bond for a truly unique experience. People go there for many reasons, but one of Belle's many specialties is connecting with people who have suffered emotional or psychological trauma. She also helps people learn about themselves through their interaction. This gentle horse loves people and loves the rest of the herd that share this place with her. On a sunny day, Belle and the herd were let out into the meadow for some free time and the result was magical. Belle ran with the herd through the grass and up a hill, where they stopped to graze and enjoy the sunshine. Belle seemed to be overcome with joy and she lay down on the grass and rolled. This is how a horse expresses joy, freedom and contentment and Belle says it best. Her snorts and her playful antics were a breathtaking sight to behold. Belle is a massive and extremely powerful horse with hooves the size of dinner plates. To see her roll on the ground like a happy child is unforgettable.

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