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Top 10 Dealing With TV Bullies Moments10m09s

Top 10 Dealing With TV Bullies Moments

These TV bullies got what was coming to them. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 dealing with bullies TV moments. For this list, we’ll be looking at moments from TV shows that feature bullies being taken down by the bullied or their defenders. We’ll be excluding full-on tyrants, such as Khan from “Star Trek” or Ramsay Snow from “Game of Thrones,” since they’re a bit more than the average bully.

Holiday Deals on Great Beauty Treatments and Products5m53s

Holiday Deals on Great Beauty Treatments and Products

We all want radiant, luminous skin, but that's probably more true during this time of year with holiday parties and pictures on the horizon! Today we are discussing some great spa treatments and products to help your skin glow this holiday season. The Spa at Plastic Surgery Associates is inviting you to an open house with cocktails and appetizers, and great deals on their services! Registerd nurses Melissa Egan and Kami Gunderson join us with all the details. The Spa at Plastic Surgery Associates' Holiday Open House is happening Thursday, November 29 from 4pm to 7pm. For more information, visit

Traditional Holiday Stuffing with a Twist5m45s

Traditional Holiday Stuffing with a Twist

What’s better than homemade, holiday stuffing? One that uses all natural pork sausage made from an original, and secret, family recipe. Jones Dairy Farm President Philip Jones is back and joined by a familiar face to Morning Blend viewers, Chef Kate Lulloff. Philip and Kate are here to demonstrate a variation on a traditional stuffing recipe that incorporates apples and dried cranberries; it's Sourdough, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing with Sausage! For more information, to find Jones products near you, and for this recipe, visit

Precious Pet Families5m04s

Precious Pet Families

What’s cuter than a puppy or a kitty? A FAMILY of puppies or kitties! This video is full of clips of the cutest, sweetest animal families out there. They even include human members of the family sometimes! A family of pets is even CUTER when there are kids involved! You’ll love this adorable video!

Published: November 13, 2018
Aww – These Gender Reveals are TOO CUTE!5m02s

Aww – These Gender Reveals are TOO CUTE!

Woah! These gender reveals will make you LOL! These gender announcements are so creative! And we’re happy they filmed the event – because the laughs are too good to not share with the world! Do you have a favorite? Comment on which one had you laughing!

Published: November 13, 2018
Gender reveal prank ends with a bang2m02s

Gender reveal prank ends with a bang

The time had come. Ryan and Megan had chosen that they wanted to know the gender of their baby. Three months into her pregnancy and she was getting eager to know whether the new little Ferguson was going to a boy or a girl. Of course either way that little baby is going to be loved more than anything. With both sides of the family quite close this was a very exciting time. Megan's sisters had thought hard and done all the planning of the type of reveal this was going to be. Ryan and Megan wanted this to be a big surprise for them. Kelly and Dana got very creative and even had rules. Upon the game commencing the noise and anxiety rose for almost everyone in attendance. Ryan had friends from elementary school, yes his kindergarten class, and Megan had many of her close friends as well. Elsa, Ryan's step mom had prepared an incredible meal for all the guests making this a wonderful evening of friends and family. Working their way through the first stage of the reveal was fun. Soon everyone was seeing the balloons showing this was going to be a girl.... but then there was a twist. You will see the expression on Megan's face when Ryan and her are down to the last two balloons. One boy and one girl balloon. Which will have the surprise inside? One, Two, Three... Now you will have to watch the video to see the outcome. Keep an eye on the picture in picture inset and catch the SUPER EXCITEMENT of Ryan's step mom, it is classic. What a great evening this was. Many were surprised which gender the little surprise was, all because many had the same "feeling" as to the gender. Very joyful outcome with tears of joy and many hugs for the soon to be new mom and dad. Ryan and Megan, here comes the most exciting time of your lives. Bella the family dog is sure to make for a great "big sister".

Street performer in Ecuador displays unbelievable talent1m02s

Street performer in Ecuador displays unbelievable talent

Anyone visiting larger cities in Ecuador, such as Quito or Guayaquil can’t help but notice that the streets are alive with vendors and buskers, displaying impressive talents or offering a wide variety of products for sale. The products range from food and water to lottery tickets. The street performers engage in amazing displays of juggling, ball spinning, and balancing tricks. These performers set up their shows in the intersections and on crosswalks at red lights, giving stopped motorists a brief show in the hope that they will pass them some spare change before pulling away from the red light. Many of these vendors and performers share something in common. Almost all of them have left their homes in other countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia. They have fled poor economic situations or unsafe circumstances in order to survive, trying to make a living on the streets of Ecuador. They are a mix of refugees and immigrants, struggling with the uncertainty of earning a living through the generosity of others. Some are unable to obtain the legal documentation and status that will allow them to work officially. Others have the permits but can’t find gainful employment so they do what they can to earn a few dollars. Watching them, two things are immediately obvious. Performers such as Christian from Argentina, seen in this video, are unbelievably talented. Spinning two balls simultaneously or juggling three pins with one hand while bouncing a basketball on his head, he demonstrates almost superhuman reflexes and balance. Add to that the need to keep his eye on traffic and the traffic lights as he does everything else. When the light turns green, these buskers thread their way through the line of cars, hoping for a few coins before they drive off. Another thing is obvious. Very few drivers actually provide them with any tips for the entertainment. They repeat their shows at each red light, hundreds of times per day, often receiving little or nothing for their efforts. If you are ever fortunate enough to see these performers, consider that it may be worth the time to stop and watch. If they make you laugh, impress you, or entertain you, a coin for their trouble is a reasonable trade. In times where people are content to simply hold out their hand for a donation, these performers are willing to work hard for it. Each has a story and even more impressive than their talent is their determination and resilience.

Wednesday Forecast49s

Wednesday Forecast

Cold front arrives Thursday bringing cooler weather to SWFL late this week.

Published: November 13, 2018