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Amazing Footage of Debris Flow in Illgraben1m12s

Amazing Footage of Debris Flow in Illgraben

Pierre Zufferey spent two years trying to capture the mud flow in Illgraben. In this clip, his patience finally pays off. The violent mud flow is the result of the mud that makes up the Illhorn mountain. It breaks apart, causing the debris to flow.

Published: June 28, 2017122 views
Duck Hop23s

Duck Hop

Duck entertaining himself Info From Licensor: "It was early morning. I heard the duck from my room window. I had a look and saw the duck hopping from one car to the next on the roof. I started to record it as i thought it was pretty odd." Location: South Africa umgeni Occurrence Date: October 8, 2015

Published: January 12, 2016424 plays$0.67 earned
Adorable Baby One-Humped Camel1m08s

Adorable Baby One-Humped Camel

This one-humped camel is the first to be born in Chapultepec zoo in Mexico for 9 years! It has to be bottle-fed as it's mother unfortunately wouldn't feed it but the guys at the zoo are doing a great job for this cute animal.

Published: June 10, 2016625 views
Protein Powder Pooch2m05s

Protein Powder Pooch

This black lab's parents left him alone for just a little while and he couldn't keep himself away from the kitchen for that short time! Looks like this lab was just trying to help himself to a little protein powder to help boost his squirrel chasing workouts and games of fetch!

Published: June 15, 2017470 views
Block of Ice Falls From Sky in West London, Almost Hits Passers-By14s

Block of Ice Falls From Sky in West London, Almost Hits Passers-By

A large block of ice fell from the sky in Kew, West London, on February 9, smashing into the ground and narrowly missing passers-by. CCTV cameras captured the moment of impact and the puzzled reaction from pedestrians. According to local reporting, the council worker visible in the video is Serhiy Myeshkov. He said that the block of ice weighed maybe 10 kilograms, and that it “fell from either a plane or from the sky”. Credit: Moss Sayed, Bloomfield Executive Cars via Storyful

Peace River Wildlife: Bats3m45s

Peace River Wildlife: Bats

Robin from Peace River Wildlife brings us some cute baby Bats and talks about how you could volunteer to help care for them!

Published: June 27, 2017219 views
Runaway tumbleweeds create unique road hazard56s

Runaway tumbleweeds create unique road hazard

High winds blow countless tumbleweeds across a road in Southern California, creating obstacles for cars, trucks, and motorcycles to avoid. Look at how many there are! Have you ever seen anything like it?

Published: December 30, 201536,490 views
Cat receives eye surgery thanks to Facebook fans3m16s

Cat receives eye surgery thanks to Facebook fans

Willy, blind in one eye, was found wandering near the woods of a rural area in South Florida by Angelico Cat Rescue. His eye appeared to be infected and it needed to be removed. It was most likely punctured and infection set in. The surgery was performed by Dr. Osti at Pet Dr in Davie. Thanks to Facebook fans, he surgery costs were raised in less than two hours! The power of the share!

Woman Tries to Steal Clothes8m01s

Woman Tries to Steal Clothes

Occurred on November 15, 2017 / Keystone, Indianapolis, USA Info from Licensor: "I went to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes and was waiting in line. There was a girl with a lot of clothes getting them rung up. When it came time for her to pay for the items, she attempted run run out the door! However, the employees were quick on their feet and hit the locks. Then the girl got upset with the workers and tried fight them. The delivery man and I broke the fight up, and that's when I started to record."

Published: November 21, 2017584 plays$2.02 earned
Dad Makes The Funniest Comedian35s

Dad Makes The Funniest Comedian

It's not easy trying to think of new ways to entertain your kids on a long car ride! But it looks like this dad has no problem keeping his cute little boy entertained even while he's driving! All it takes is for dad to let out his silly growl and this kid is giggling instantly!

Published: July 27, 2017334 views
Drones capture extraordinary sights of Iceland4m14s

Drones capture extraordinary sights of Iceland

OZZO Photography takes us on a journey over some of the most stunning sights in Iceland in this short feature, titled, "The Arctic Light". Locations include: Glacier Lagoon, Blue Lagoon, Skogafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Reykjanes, Thingvellir, Ice Caves in Vatnajokull, Thorsmork, Fjadrargljufur Canyon, Svinafellsjokull, Nesjavellir, Keifarvatn, Gardskagi, and Hvitserkur. Drones used: DJI Inspired 1 / DJI Phantom 2 / TBS Discovery Pro Long rangee. Credit to 'OZZO Photography'.

Published: April 29, 201519,741 views