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A push on the swings takes a hilarious turn: kid kicks mum in face9s

A push on the swings takes a hilarious turn: kid kicks mum in face

By Charlotte Regen This hilarious video shows how an innocent push on the swings can go totally wrong. Canadian mum, Bethany McChesney, tries to take a cute video of her little girl while she’s being pushed on a swing, only to be booted in the face by the two year old, throwing her mobile phone […]

SunPass issues continue to plague the state1m53s

SunPass issues continue to plague the state

FDOT says the troubles started on June 1st when SunPass switched over to a new customer service system. They say maintenance caused glitches, and a backlog of unprocessed charges reaching the millions.

Published: July 17, 2018
Tree jump goes wrong39s

Tree jump goes wrong

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Lady Flips A Canoe15s

Lady Flips A Canoe

Would you try paddling in a canoe without any prior knowledge? I wouldn’t but this lady most certainly did! She entered a canoe and started paddling. However, after a few inches, she flipped a canoe and fell in the water! OMG! Is she okay? Yes, she is! So, it’s okay to laugh! LOL! She should have had some sort of training before trying to ride a canoe on her own! Canoes were developed over the course of thousands of years by the native peoples of North America. The word 'canoe' originates from the word 'kenu' - meaning dugout. These seagoing boats were used by the Carib Indians of the Caribbean islands, and were made of large tree trunks which were shaped and hollowed, and were strong enough to travel between the islands. Today, canoeing is a fun activity for the whole family, however, I wouldn’t recommend trying it without a previous training!

Brother And Sister Sing Happy Birthday23s

Brother And Sister Sing Happy Birthday

This hilarious video will show you that kids are naturally clumsy. Here are a brother and a sister making a video for their aunt. It’s her birthday, so they are singing “Happy Birthday” song, while their mom is filming them. The little girl is a bit older, so she is obviously in charge of things here. The little brother is following her every move. Nothing unusual, right? Just wait for it! But suddenly, in the middle of the song, the little brother slips and falls on his back! OMG! There was no one pushing him, he just fell on his own! LOL! What a clumsy little guy! The sister, of course, started laughing immediately, and the song was ruin. They will have to make another recording of a birthday song, however, I am sure this video will gain much bigger popularity! You should check it out and find out why! Spoiler alert: it’s totally hilarious!

Hungry lizard lunges for man’s lunch box1m27s

Hungry lizard lunges for man’s lunch box

By Janet Tappin Coelho in Brazil A generous farmhand in Brazil got more than he bargained for when he shared his meal with a hungry lizard only for it to suddenly shock him when it lunged at his lunch box in a brazen bid to guzzle down more. To Elias Raimundo dos Santos’s surprise, the […]

Waaaatah! Man does perfect two finger push ups!41s

Waaaatah! Man does perfect two finger push ups!

By Ben Walley This fitness fanatic packs a ‘fist of fury’ as he performs some perfect two finger push ups. Narek Hakobyan, from Armenia, exercises every day for at least two-three hours and claims he can perform 200 of these Bruce Lee style presses in one go! Narek, 29, said: “I’ve practised sports such as […]

Don’t leave bee hanging, bro!6s

Don’t leave bee hanging, bro!

By Kirstie Sutheran Making friends with bees is a great way to protect the endangered insects, and that’s exactly what Liam Brady did with this busy buzzer. Landing next to the 26-year-old while he was in his garden in Hull, the bee kept raising its leg in the air as if to signal a high […]

Hilarious pregnancy announcement for baby no7 to three boys1m38s

Hilarious pregnancy announcement for baby no7 to three boys

By Ben Walley A couple decided to record their sons’ reaction to their pregnancy announcement-for their seventh baby- and indeed their expressions were priceless.  The three boys were hilariously not happy about their parents’ news- The one in the middle who expressed his views on his parents’ news by “Oh my God, your factory is […]

Monkey Steal Pineapple Tourists In Car1m35s

Monkey Steal Pineapple Tourists In Car

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