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These Folks Turned A Family Photo Into A Pregnancy Announcement1m27s

These Folks Turned A Family Photo Into A Pregnancy Announcement

Family get-togethers are the best thing you a person can do. Everybody gathers around, no matter if it’s over a simple family dinner or just a quick coffee and they get to catch up with one another. It is also the best way to convey a message to everybody in one sitting, or perhaps some wonderful news. Like this couple did and boy, did it go swell! Erin Carmichael had some incredible news to share with her family and together with her husband they coined a perfect plan to catch everyone off-guard. At their latest family dinner, gathered with their parents and other loved ones, they decided to suggest a nice photo op with their remote controlled digital camera. You know, the ones where you have this tiny remote control that you have to press a button for the shutter, but they don’t seem to always catch the signal. Anyway, they set everything up and Erin’s husband has the remote. He gives the countdown before everyone says “cheese” but that dang remote doesn’t work. Let’s try that again. Nope, that doesn’t work. Everyone is in their good spirits, laughing how terrible he is in handling his gadget. But when he asks them for a third shot, he tells them to say “Erin’s pregnant”. Now, what really fascinates us is how well this distraction worked. First of all, we believe that only one of the relatives caught the message and actually said those two words. The others mumbled something unintelligible and stood there in confusion. “Are you serious?” says one of the moms and Erin’s answer seals the deal. So much screaming in one room should not be allowed! Congrats Erin!, on both the idea and the new addition to the family.

New Puppy Surprise Leaves Woman In Tears1m22s

New Puppy Surprise Leaves Woman In Tears

This is an adorable video when a woman called Jessica becomes so overwhelmed by her new puppy that she bursts in tears of joy. While still in the box, the dog starts yelping but don't worry, there are several 2"+ holes in the sides of the box and the dog is only in there for 30 seconds. Jessica is so overcome with emotion that she couldn’t stop crying after being introduced to an eight-week-old Golden doodle that Nicholas adopted from a stray shelter as an early Christmas present. She throws her hands up to her mouth in shock at the sight of the tiny puppy. If not for Christmas then when? Holiday celebrations are a perfect time to make someone happy. The moment the pooch shows his head out of the box, Jessica knows she has to have it. It is a love at first sight and it will be an everlasting one. This whole event was done secretly and when Jessica opens the door she is totally oblivious to what is going to see next. She asks impatiently: “What is this? Is this a puppy? What are you doing?” while the others encourage her to open the box that is decorated with a beautiful red bow. As soon as she opens the lid, the moment of truth and the answer to her question hit her - we see the lady getting more and more emotional as she couldn't catch her breath and couldn’t keep her composure. She goes totally weak, squeaking how cute the dog is and asks where they got it from. To say that Jessica is excited about her surprise gift would be a huge understatement. However, she got the most valuable Christmas present ever!

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Baby Cam Documents Little Girl's First Night In Toddler Bed3m49s

Baby Cam Documents Little Girl's First Night In Toddler Bed

Tiny babies have their own specific set of needs and wants while they are really tiny. Helpless, babies need constant attention from their mom, so they sleep in the big bed with her. But when they reach the age of two or so, babies become toddlers and they get to sleep on their own in their cots. That is, if they want to. For example, Bri here is finally at an age where she still needs her pacifier to go to sleep, but she can do that in the comfort of her own cot. Mom brings her over, sets her bed, kisses her good-night on the forehead and leaves her be, after tucking her in. But as soon as mom leaves the premises, Bri gets up from the cot and looks towards the door. Will mom come back? Should she get up, call her over? Bri doesn’t waste a second of time; she just gets up, her hold firm on the half-rail and moves over to the open side of the bed. Will she climb down? Apparently, the little girl is so used to having something to climb over instead of down, that she goes back to the rail and instead tries to climb OVER the crib! As mom and dad are watching this live feed of their baby girl performing some serious stunts, they are having a nice little laugh of their own. The girl pokes her leg out and then just sits there, on the railing, wondering how to get down. Seeing how the mission was pretty much a bust, the kid clambers right back in her bed, pulls her blankie over her head and goes to ponder over the ways this could have gone much smoother. Another time, perhaps...

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This Awkward Dog Can't Get The Hang Of His Mouth-Eye Coordination1m01s

This Awkward Dog Can't Get The Hang Of His Mouth-Eye Coordination

Everybody, meet Stryder. The fluffy dude is a Husky/Malamute mix and he has inherited the best of both worlds. Stubborn as a mule and silly as a puppy. The one thing that we can’t seem to get is how is he so clumsy? Both Huskies and Malamutes are known for their sharpness and talent to tackle difficult situations. After all, they have been living in the frozen tundra since forever. For what it is worth, we have not seen a sled dog struggle with their coordination. But we guess there is a first time for everything, and that includes Stryder. Apparently, the pup got himself stranded on the rug in the middle of his owner Dylan’s living room and absolutely refuses to walk on hardwood floors. Unable to move across, Stryder just stands there, whines and howls with all his might, until Dylan comes ‘round to see what all that fuss is about. Since he is already there, in an attempt to soothe his cranky dog, Dylan offers his big fluffy baby a treat. “You want a cookie?” asks the loving human, but Stryder protests. “How about a peanut? You want a peanut?” asks the human again, to which the dog settles on his rug, sits his butt down and awaits the toss. What happens when the peanut gets tossed? Absolute hilarity, that’s what! Either he didn’t see it coming, or he is just really that clumsy, but the treat misses his big mouth and lands on the floor. And he can’t even find it! So funny!

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Confused Puppy Tries To Make Contact With Mirror Lookalike 1m49s

Confused Puppy Tries To Make Contact With Mirror Lookalike

It only comes natural to observe and get to know your surroundings. It’s the way we manage to stay alive. If you know your environment, you can anticipate each action before it happens and manage to adjust to any possible changes. This applies to both humans and animals and it’s been our survival mechanism since the beginning of time. We don’t even know what the world around us has in store for us, but we should always be optimistic in our approach. Just take this dogster for example. This adorable little puppy notices his reflection in the mirror, sparking his curiosity. He doesn’t realize that in fact it’s himself he’s seeing in the reflection but he continues to treat it as a new potential acquaintance or dare he say, maybe a new friend? He moves this way and that, trying to understand how the other pupper would react, but it is all to no avail. He just can't understand why that other doggy won't play with him! Little baby animals are extremely adorable. They are like little sponges trying to soak up as much new information as possible. They are ever curious and always have a positive approach in life. The latter makes them extremely cute, especially when it comes to meeting new buddies. They may be goofy and have uncoordinated movement, but they would never fail to make our day.

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Little Tot Doesn't Know How To React After Tasting Lemon For The First Time13s

Little Tot Doesn't Know How To React After Tasting Lemon For The First Time

We’ve said it once and we’ll probably say it a hundred thousand times again, babies are incredible. They are a blank page waiting to be written on, a tiny sponge with the capacity to soak up all of the information available on this planet and beyond. It seems that apart from the ability to collect data, they are also mighty fearless. You’ve heard it right, they tend to go into unchartered territories without any preamble or precaution. They just dive right in expecting the worst but hoping for the best. The little daredevils would do anything and everything they have to in order to obtain knowledge and their determination would make grown men jealous. The prime example is this little baby boy who isn’t afraid to tackle the chapter in life titled “how to taste lemons and survive.” The tot happily puts that nasty slice of lemon inside his mouth, not expecting his palates to scream in agony. He wants it all to go away but he’s also hooked on the feeling of the acidity in his mouth, so he sucks on the lemon juice a bit more. His slobbery face can’t get any cuter as he’s trying to smile and act brave all the while cursing the lemon slice to the heavens and back. Do you remember your first experience with a lemon wedge? Did you like it or not? Make sure you tell us your side of the story in the comments down below.

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Take A Look As This Talented Ferret Plays The Piano33s

Take A Look As This Talented Ferret Plays The Piano

Ferrets are strange and interesting pets that make for fun companions with their own idiosyncrasies and quirks. They are also thieves. Did you know that that the word ferret is derived from the Latin word furittus, which means “little thief”. There is some thought that the name references the fact that most ferret have a penchant for stealing small, and some not small items, for themselves. What we have here is a unique case of a ferret taking special interest in playing the piano. This little guy climbs up on the chair and right away starts taking interesting in what those white little keys do. As he figures out that they make a noise once he steps on them he intentionally continues to tap on them. Watch as Clipper the ferret practices his piano skills! According to his owner, his climbed onto the chair and started playing without any encouragement. His favorite songs are 'Fur Elise' and 'Pop Goes the Weasel', but in this instance, he simply shows off an improvised piece! How cool is that? Did you know that a group of ferrets is called a “business”. Ferrets, unlike polecats, like to live in groups, and prefer to sleep in enclosed areas. Ferrets naturally like to horde things. Some research suggested that it is a leftover instinctual response. If a wild ferret, or polecat, kills something but doesn’t eat it all they are likely to hide it so something else doesn’t get it.

This Diver Gets Caught In The Middle Of Shark Feeding Frenzy1m30s

This Diver Gets Caught In The Middle Of Shark Feeding Frenzy

The dark salty waters of the oceans hold a lot of predators. Some we know, some we can’t even imagine, but they are without a doubt far deadlier than predators walking on two or four feet. It’s only natural, we are on their turf and they have been living in that environment for as long as they can remember so they would always come on top. But no matter the deadliness of the animal, there is only one animal that remains the most feared marine killer among humans, and it’s no other than the shark. Undoubtedly there are other bigger and meaner animals in the ocean’s depths, but humankind has grown to truly fear sharks because they have been the number one frequent gruesome killers in the shallow ends of the oceans. But not all sharks are the same. Admittedly every one of them is after food and will stop at nothing to get to it, but some don’t pose such a threat to humankind. One such animal is the nurse shark. Nurse sharks reach a length of over 10 feet and can weigh as much as 330lbs. Despite having powerful jaws and hundreds of sharp teeth, the nurse shark is gentle in nature and is rarely a threat to humans. Swimmers and divers often encounter them and the sharks will occasionally approach humans, looking for food, or simply due to curiosity. Despite the low level of risk, this diver’s determination to film the feeding frenzy of a group of nurse sharks is making our hairs stand on end. The sharks ignore the diver so he pets them and films them to his heart's content. What would you do in such a situation? Would you even consider entering the water while there are sharks in it? Make sure you give us your opinion in the comments down below.

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This Clever Doggy Learns How To Ring Bell For Treats25s

This Clever Doggy Learns How To Ring Bell For Treats

Pets are amazing creatures that cannot help but to brighten up our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, some might say it is almost like raising another child, but they love and memories that they give heavily out way those challenges. Dogs especially tend to create memorable moments, just like this one here! No wonder they are considered one of human-kinds greatest companions! This little guy has been put through a test of his intelligence by his owner. So basically all he need to do is to ring the bell in order to receive a treat. Pashmak is a quick-learning dog who has figured out how to ring a bell for some tasty treats. Now that's a good ! Overall this seems like one happy doggo. His owners must take the best care of him, feeding him, walking him every day, and giving him the best dog toys he could ever want! After all, you should treat your pet with the utmost respect and care! Does your pet do anything like this? What behaviors have they picked up by watching you? Let us know down in the comments below! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will sure make them smile!

Father Blows Gently On Baby's Face And The Reaction Is Priceless16s

Father Blows Gently On Baby's Face And The Reaction Is Priceless

Blowing on the face is a common trick. It triggers a reflex to hold the breath for a short moment. That stops the crying, and can also be used when washing the child's face etc. But these parents got a really different reaction from the parents blew into this toddler’s face! Watch what happens when this father blows air onto his daughter Katherine's face. Now that's absolutely precious! Her reaction is priceless when her dad starts blowing into her face! Her face says: ‘What is happening right now?’. Katherine, we can see that you will have a lot of fun with your parents! But, watching this adorable videos we must ask ourselves do babies love this? This is actuality a really great trick that parents are using for when their babies are upset, they are crying or when they are mad. Few huffs and puffs and they will forget why they were crying or why they were mad in the first place. Truly interesting trick! Also, we found out that parents have used this as a way to get their little ones to stop crying – but it’s also the path to swimming! Interesting, right? Not only did the babies hold their breath, but they seemed to enjoy the experiment. The researchers found that the diving reflex still exists in older babies. By watching this video not only that we found out that Kathrine is an amazing and cute baby having a lot of fun with her parents we also found out a few tricks for babies that we maybe need in the future!

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Hockey Fan Wins $1,000 After Scoring Almost Impossible Goal1m19s

Hockey Fan Wins $1,000 After Scoring Almost Impossible Goal

Whether you are a hockey fan or not, you just have to admit that this goal was pure perfection! It takes a lot of skill and probably a bit of luck to manage to drive that tiny little puck inside the goal from such a distance. Check out this guy nail a ridiculously tough hockey shot from the far blue line during intermission at an Air Force Falcons hockey game. It is quite a feat for this novice to achieve the shot under the watchful eyes of the audience. No one was expecting this goal to be successful, but he proved them wrong. This hockey fan managed to awe the audience all the while snagging the $1000 reward. You might want to lower the volume of your headphones because the incredulous roar of the crowd might come as a surprise. They definitely weren’t expecting him to make it. The icy surface of the hockey rink can easily change the trajectory of the puck, the contestant did a good job of not using too much force to kick the puck, he merely pointed it in the right direction, and the puck was well on it’s way to gaining him a $1000. Do you have any similar experience in any sport? Have you ever won something during a competition? The feeling must have been sublime! We would like to hear everything in detail in the comments down below!

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 This Market In Bangkok Is Set Up Right On Active Train Tracks4m28s

This Market In Bangkok Is Set Up Right On Active Train Tracks

The famous Mae Klong outdoor train market in Bangkok, Thailand is the perfect place to sell meat and produce if you don't want to pay any rent! Check out what happens when a train comes through! It is just another day at the Mae Klong market. The fresh produce is out, the stalls are all stacked to the brim and people are stopping by to pick up what they require for their kitchens. But then, in the distance a train horn can be heard. It sounds very far away, but the vendors are already busy at pushing their stalls inwards towards the walls. Like ants, each merchant gets out in between the stalls and stowes them away. When the produce is cleared we get to see just how close the train tracks are. Finally, they pull the fabric awnings inward towards the shops and the only thing left are a few shallow crates on the ground near the tracks. The camera pans out to show the train passing through the marketplace, ever so slowly. You think to yourself “No, the fruit! The veggies! The train will trample them and squash them all over, why aren’t they moving?” But as it happens, these merchants are already experienced with the art of stacking their items tall enough so as not to allow the train to damage them. This train passes through the market eight times every day. The vendors have to quickly gather up their produce and move it away to let the train pass and just like that, within seconds they are back in their original positions, trading as if nothing has happened!

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Parrot Rules  Game By Chasing Dog With Duster 2m14s

Parrot Rules Game By Chasing Dog With Duster

Pets are awesome. They teach us so much about responsibility and companionship while also providing us comfort and love. Most people have pets such as dogs, cats and fish, but there are a lot people that also have birds too. Most of us don't see birds as the most loving pet, but if you thought that before, you are sure to change your mind after seeing this clip. The umbrella cockatoo in the video is not the only pet in this family. It has a dog as its loyal friend and follower. Regardless of the size and agility, sometimes smaller means bossier - just like the parrot in question. The cockatoo must think that its friend is leaving a trail of fur and decides to follow it with a duster in its mouth. Being one of the most affectionate and affable companions, the bird shows its cleaning abilities in an extremely hilarious way. Actually, it doesn’t seem that interesting in the cleaning part. What has its undivided attention is the duster. With the duster in the beak, the parrot performs a circular walk with the dog and its owner and it looks like it either wants to threaten the dog or the dog doesn’t want to be followed around with such an object. So, whenever the parrot starts moving towards the dog, the dog stars hiding behind its owner and tries to avoid the duster. The cockatoo is so into the duster, and every attempt of getting it out of its beak fails. This exotic creature desires nothing more than to cuddle with the object of its desire, and obviously it becomes overly attached to it. However, pets can get bored easily when no longer played with just like this cockatoo. It decides it is high time to leave the duster and get on doing something else.

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Trump embarrasses ABC's John Karl; Even French President Macron laughed45s

Trump embarrasses ABC's John Karl; Even French President Macron laughed

During a brief pool spray, Trump touted his relationship with the French leader while talking about the international topics the two are likely to discuss in detail over the course of the day. At one point, Karl tried to ask Trump if he was considering a pardon for Michael Cohen, who has been under enormous legal pressure ever since the FBI raided his office to investigate him for various potential legal infractions. Trump clearly didn’t like that, because he glared at Karl, pointed in his direction and snarled that it was a “stupid question.”