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Great Dane puppy's first experience with chicken2m23s

Great Dane puppy's first experience with chicken

Mikey the Great Dane has his first lesson at how to carry chicken into the house. Mikey is going to need a lot more lessons! Watch and laugh as he is far more interested in eating what is in the bag instead of carrying it. Clever little 7-week-old Mikey shows off how well he can sit for a chicken treat!

Great Dane puppy barks at cat to play with him1m45s

Great Dane puppy barks at cat to play with him

Mikey the Great Dane puppy is quite a busy boy. Watch and laugh as he barks at Jack the cat to play with him, giving Jack a few play bows before Jack takes off running with Mikey in hot pursuit. Jack comes back for another round, while Mikey gets sidetracked with his stuffed alligator toy. At seven weeks old Mikey is still smaller than Jack, but not for long!

Jack Russell Terrier Closes Door To Hide Its Guilt27s

Jack Russell Terrier Closes Door To Hide Its Guilt

Check out what 4-years-old Ari does when her owner scolds her for being a bad doggy. Priceless! Another hilarious pup video! Everyone loves a funny pet moment, and this one takes the cake! Dogs are known to feel guilty when they know they have broken the rules in some way or failed to live up to the expectations of their owners . This probably stems from the fact that our furry friends are connected to us and intuitive in ways we do not fully understand. This little terrier just could not be any cuter! He has obviously done something that he was not supposed to do. We do not really know what that is though. Perhaps he got into the trash ? Maybe he had an “accident” on the floor? We are not quite sure. Whatever it is though, this adorable pup knows he should not have done it. When his owner comes home and finds that the dog has done whatever it is that he did, the owner scolds him a little. The part that makes this a cute moment though, is the dog’s reaction. If you happen to be a pet owner, any type or race of pet, you are well familiar that your pet or pets instantly know when they have done something they were not supposed to do. However, we bet they have never done what this little terrier had! How does he react, you ask? Wait for it…. Wait for it… He goes in the other room and closes the door behind him! Hilarious! If this dog could speak, we imagine he would be saying something along these lines: “Dad, I know I messed up, ok? I get it. But you just are not understanding what my day was like today. You got to be at the office and out of the house all day, but I was stuck here! I had to do something to keep myself occupied! So really that is your fault, isn’t it? Anyway, my point is, I know I broke the rules and all that, blah, blah, blah. But Dad, I am just really not in the mood for a scolding right now ok? Can we do this later? You know what, forget this. I am going to my room, and you are not invited! Peace Out Human!” Pet situations are always funnier when we try to imagine what the pet would be saying if they could speak! What did you think about this video? What was your initial response to the action? Did you gasp in shock? Always feel free and encouraged to comment on our videos and let us know what you think. We always want to know the reaction of our viewers here! Also, if you are a small video creator and you are looking for a platform to share your videos and actually make money on them, you are in the right place! Subscribe to Rumble and create an account and channel of your own. From there you can upload your videos and share with the world! Let us do the hard part of marketing for you, and you just focus on continuing to create high-quality content! When we all work together, we can achieve so much more than when we work alone! We are always providing top quality video product that is sure to brighten your day!

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Golden Retriever puppy super jealous of toy doggy43s

Golden Retriever puppy super jealous of toy doggy

These people bought their puppy a mini Golden Retriever sensor-activated toy that moves and barks, thinking it would be nice company for him when they aren't home. Check out his adorably humorous reaction to it!

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Silverback gorilla shows off his daily workout routine1m48s

Silverback gorilla shows off his daily workout routine

Oumbi the male gorilla from the Twycross Zoo is the most active just before lunchtime. Like everybody else, he's getting all excited for the food. They are waiting for the doors to close so the keepers can scatter the food outside. Apart from a few outburst that he has to keep his family in check, he is quite happy being mostly just sitting, eating, relaxing and sleeping, which does make you wonder how he gets all those muscles. Well now you'll find out. He's doing his daily routine of pull-ups! Just look how he manages to do them with so much ease! When he does his first pull up you’ll see his mate Ozala in the background running with baby Shufai. After he had his pull-ups he’s running through the enclosure to let everybody know he’s the boss and everybody moves quickly out of his way. Asante is resting up the top and you can see Oumbi having a little dig at her. He continues with some more gym exercise, before he has another go at the others. Oumbi is normally the first one out after lunch, that is if Lope his cheeky son doesn’t get there first! Than it’s Ozala with baby Shufai. Asante the aunt and grandma Bidi are always the last ones to go out and giving all the others the chance of feeding first, until they are getting there share.

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner1m07s

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner

Having a pet owl could possibly be the coolest sidekick on the planet, but having a singing owl that will belt out duets with you while you do your kitchen housework it priceless! Listening to these two sing together will surely make your day and make you want to go out and get a singing owl of your own! Check out this dynamic duo sing a tune together. Every time the lady sings a melodic tune, the owl chirps in, singing the same part every time over and over again. At first, you just hear the beautiful melody of a lady singing a nice little song as her pet owl is perched on the windowsill, looking out at the world. As soon as she starts singing, the owl looks right at her as if to say "I love this song!" He patiently waits for his part, and comes in with a "ooowww ooowww" perfectly on time! Every time, right before it is his turn to sing, he looks at her for approval to make sure it is time to shine! As the song continues, the beautiful owl starts to walk toward his singing owner and nibble on her fingers and continue singing this amazing duet! The owl finally jumps up on her laid out hand and enjoys a nice petting while being sang to. The bond between these two is so obviously special. The owl's owner starts singing "I love you" and the owl just stares into her eyes lovingly while enjoying being pet and sang to. The singing owl you see in this video is a horned owl, with its large puffy ears and big yellow eyes . The best way to identify a horned owl is by the large, thick bodies and the two feathered tufts on the top of its head. Usually, great horned owls are nocturnal and sleep all day. But this owl has been domesticated and as you can see here is not only away during the lights hours, but has enough energy to pull off a singing duet with his owner. The great horned owl is also commonly called the tiger owl because of their beautiful and unique markings. Their color changes with the season, as well as by the area that each individual owl resides in. This species of owl lives primarily in America and Canada and can be seen throughout the entire year. The call of a great horned owl is usually a deep stuttering series of four or five hoots, but in this song, he is clearly and consistently singing two hoots each time he joins his owner. This shows that singing this song may be a trick that the owner has taught him or something he just learned on his own, trying to mimic his owner when she sings. We could listen to this beautiful and incredibly unique duet all day long and would love to hear more than just this one song! Have you ever seen an animal that could sing? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Baby Can't Stop Laughing At Dog's New Trick59s

Baby Can't Stop Laughing At Dog's New Trick

Have you ever got a case of the giggles so bad that there was no way you could stop? And the harder you tried to stop the harder you laughed? Well this baby boy has a serious case of the giggles and the most the Golden Retriever dog does his new trick to the baby chair, the more the boy laughs. His laugh is unbelievable, somewhere between a scream, a screech, a cry and a giggle and it is completely contagious. The dog just keeps coming back for more and the puppy's new trick just doesn't tire the baby! Every time the golden dog does the trick the baby squeals with complete delight, and the laughter is contagious. We cannot help but laugh right along as we watch this video over and over again! What a cutey! One of a pair of incredibly adorable and clearly smart Golden Retrievers stand in front of the baby boy and upon command, he taps on the baby's chair with this left paw. This action just sets the baby off into a complete giggling fit that goes on and on. As the child starts to slow down his laughing, the clever dog gets a command to yet again touch the baby's chair with his paw, and the screeching starts all over again. This baby could probably do this all day! Not only does the infant find the dogs trick amusing, he also gives out an adorable belly laugh every time the puppy jumps up to get dog treat from his owner, who has been giving him the command to keep the baby laughing by touching the base of the baby chair. This dog is very smart and doesn't miss a beat. Based on the gray hairs on his muzzle, we would guess that this dog is no puppy. Whatever his age, he is clearly very smart and listens very well to his owner. Babies typically start to laugh around the age of 3 or 4 months. At this age, their laugh is so adorable, it is almost impossible not to laugh right along. Babies not only love hearing their own voice laughing, but they also love to hear other voices laugh right along. Laughing with your baby will help in social development and help create healthy interactions as the child grows up. Babies don't always need something amusing and funny to start a giggle fit. Sometimes around the age of 6-9 months, they will start laughing in their sleep, or for no particular reason. As they get older, they will start to get a better understanding of things and more and more will start to become funny to them, making them laugh more and more often. As the larynx develops, the sound of a baby's laugh will also change, becoming louder and more prominent. We wonder what other tricks this dog has up his sleeve and if maybe the parent taking this video uses those dog tricks as a way to keep the baby entertained for hours? It sure has us entertained!

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Curious Huskies Bewildered By New Robot Vacuum53s

Curious Huskies Bewildered By New Robot Vacuum

These three huskies welcome home their newest member of the pack... the Roomba! Check it out! Do you ever wish you could hire someone to keep your dog company while you are away every day at work? Someone who would keep your canine entertained throughout the day and challenge them to problem solve. It would be amazing if they even exercise them while you're away. Well look no further. We have found the perfect solution, and it will cost you the same amount whether you have one dog or three! It is a Roomba vacuum! Watch as these three huskies become completely perplexed and excited over a small circular vacuum their owner brings home and lets loose in the living room. Watching one dog loose it's mind over such a simple thing as a vacuum is funny enough, but when you multiply it by three, it is even funnier! All three of them get going, bouncing around the Roomba and barking up a storm! For anyone who is not familiar with a Roomba vacuum, it is a small, circular robot that connects to wifi and automatically travels around your home, picking up dust and debris from the carpet. It learns, maps and adapts to your home using mapping technology The newest models even have a bin where why can dispose of everything in the bag all by itself. These robots are a whole new world of house cleaning. We can totally understand by this person purchased a Roomba vacuum with three extremely furry huskies running around! The huskies all seem to have their own way of investigating the strange, alien object in the middle of the floor. One dog tries desperately to get close enough to it to get a sniff, hoping that will tell him what this thing is. Another dog bounces back and forth in the background every time the Roomba moves. The third husky attacks it vocally by letting out deep barks at the vacuum! Once the barking starts, they all get in on it, circling the vacuum and barking is in to say "what are you and what do you want?" The Roomba just keeps going though, sometimes aiming right at them like it has no fear of the three large huskies in the room! They are no match for this robot who will continue to keep vacuuming the floors no matter who or what gets in it's way. Huskies are sled pulling from the Northern regions. They are commonly known as working dogs and are used to pull large loads across the snow. Tourist companies have recently made dog sled tours very popular and let guests ride on a sled being pulled by huskies. These dogs also make wonderful pets. They are very energetic and athletic and will keep their owners on their toes! Since not everyone who owns a husky has the ability to use them a sled pullers, there are many other activities they can do to keep their dogs happy and engaged. Buying a Roomba for them to chase around the house for example. Do you have a Roomba and dogs? What was there reaction? Tell us in the comments.

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Dog treat theft gets interrupted when owner arrives home1m23s

Dog treat theft gets interrupted when owner arrives home

Coming home to an open pantry isn't always a big deal or a surprise, specially when you have children. But this day it was quite funny. After arriving home after running errands, Brent noticed the pantry open and he knew it was closed or almost closed when they left. Looking around he noticed a definite clue as to whom was lurking around while he was gone. Upon closer examination it was clear..... there was a dog treat thief in the house. Now Poncho, Brent and Elsa's rescue dog from Mexico, has a number of quite hilarious quirks. Almost ever time either Brent or Elsa returns home from being out and about, something is noticed misplaced. Many times it is a shoe moved from a shoe rack in the den to Poncho's bed, or a couch. Never chewed but always moved. Some days it may be a entry way carpet all scrunched into a ball, as Poncho is known for "making a nest" or something similar. Some days Brent wonders if Poncho was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper because his reading glasses, which were on the kitchen table, mysteriously have appeared on the living room couch. Poncho is a pretty keen pooch, so you just never know if she is reading up on "100 ways to be a better dog" in the local paper. Watch and enjoy one of Ponchos funny ways, and see just how adorable of a pet she is to Brent and Elsa. Poncho's expressions after the theft will melt your heart. What a great dog. She is definitely loved and she knows it. Just look at those eyes!

Newly Adopted Baby Can't Wait To Meet Her Brother15s

Newly Adopted Baby Can't Wait To Meet Her Brother

This beautiful baby has just received the most beautiful gift she could imagine at her young age, a new and united family that opens the doors of her home and her heart to fill her with much love. How lucky! How cute! Try to keep your heart intact and not melting so sweetly that radiates this small preciousness to try to learn the name of his new elder brother, who is on his way to meet after being adopted by his loving and loving parents. The little one is very happy and excited, the joy is such that the beautiful girl has become very talkative and expresses herself with such eloquence that in reality it seems that she is talking coherently with her new parents and not talking in the "Baby Language" In this clip you can see how the tender baby is being guided by mom to try to learn the name of her brother Isaac, which makes the little girl gets more and more excited; it shows that he can not wait longer to meet his playmate. Definitely this baby’s laughter is totally contagious and the sweetness that radiates are totally irresistible! This family is now complete after waiting for several months and enduring many procedures, they finally extended in number. It is amazing that at such a young age, this girl can get so excited and show so much affection towards people she knows very little, but the reality is that this little girl has received so much love from her new parents during the last 3 months, time that lasted procedures to make her officially a member of her family ... that could simply be said that the crush was instantaneous. And although the love between these parents and their new and desired daughter has arisen so spontaneously and have formed a bond so magical and special, missing a very important member of the family who still does not know the beautiful baby, his brother Isaac. .. who will surely be best for life! It is very likely that this beautiful princess will come to conquer the hearts of the entire family and is that possibly there is no person who can resist to such an adorable smile. What will surely be a spectacle worthy of admiration, will be the meeting between these two little brothers, will Isaac be able to understand the language of his younger sister? It is definitely unlikely, fortunately the "Language of Love" is universal. We wish the best of luck to this beautiful girl in her new life and with the family that loves her so much, just as we adore all of us who were conquered by her spectacular and sweet smile! So if you were one of those people that ended with the "Melted Heart" then share this video so you can reach many more people and leave us a like or just let us know your comments. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Puppy And Kitten Boxing Match Set To Rocky Theme Song28s

Puppy And Kitten Boxing Match Set To Rocky Theme Song

Both the Scottish kitten and the Golden Retriever puppy are 3 months old. The kitten only weighs 1.5kg but he shows off a high-speed double punch! “Yo, Adrian!” we could literally hear Sylvester Stalone in the background when we watched this hilarious, but cute video. That’s what we imagine this crazy cat is saying at the beginning of the video. Have you ever watched your pets play or pretend fight and imagine what it would seem like if it were the epic fight scene in one of Hollywood’s next action movie? We’ve all had the best moments in life, but not always are they caught on camera. Do you just love watching pets or videos of pets? Are you a dog lover, or are you a cat lover? Maybe you prefer something less gentle and prefer famous fight scenes. If you answered yes to any of the previous three questions, then this is the perfect video for you. You may ask yourself, “How can adorable dogs and cats and action scenes all be combined into one video?” This precious, adorable video is the perfect video for you if you enjoy watching cute pets being playful. In this video, you will find a precious dog and a feisty cat paw and play with each other while hearing the theme music to “Rocky” in the background. Who doesn’t love adorable cats and dogs? Even more, who doesn’t love adorable cats and dogs playing? With the Rocky theme music playing in the background, the view is able to imagine these two adorable pets in a boxing ring going at it. Thankfully, they are just playing and not really fighting. This video gives us all the feels. We could even picture these two adorable animals with bright red boxing gloves on their paws during this precious moment caught on camera. For animal lovers and animal owners, it is definitely proof that dogs and cats can live harmoniously under one roof. Although they are play fighting, it is so sweet to watch how gentle the dog is with the cat. He carefully makes sure that he is gentle enough to not harm the cat, but keeps up the banter by continuously gnawing at the annoyed cat. The best part is knowing that the cat could easily end this banter with one swift paw, or the cat could also hiss or run off, leaving the sweet, little puppy in a cloud of kitty dust. Instead, the sweet little fur ball hangs in there and enjoys the fun with this cuddly, cute canine. Imagine how empty our lives would be without pets. Some of us enjoy only cats; some of us enjoy only dogs. Then, there is the rest of society who loves all pets under the sun. These are the ones, the owners, who get to enjoy precious , heartfelt moments like this when puppies and kittens can live and love together. What do you think of this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might brighten up their boring day. We hope you enjoy!

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Super jealous dog demands cat's full attention43s

Super jealous dog demands cat's full attention

Philo the Golden Retriever is so jealous over Chilli the cat who is cuddled up next to Nandi the other Golden Retriever. Philo is licking Chilli, wanting him to get up for him to take his place! Chilli doesn't move and wins the battle!

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Duck Greets His Best Friend Everyday After School40s

Duck Greets His Best Friend Everyday After School

They say that dogs are man's best friend, but we think it might be time to consider adding ducks to the list too! When you see this adorable duck waiting at the bus stop for his eight year old best friend to arrive home from school, you will no doubt believe that ducks can be a man's best friend, too! As the young boy walks towards the patiently awaiting duck, you can see the giant smile on the boy’s face. He kneels down towards the duck, and the happy bird immediately starts quacking his hellos. The duck bows his head and waits to be pat, which the boy does lovingly. Watch as the duck wags his tail like a dog and gently nibbles at the boy’s pant leg as it wanted to say "Where have you been all day long? I have been standing here waiting for you to come back!" As soon as he gets his loving face from the boy, he turns around and starts leading him up the driveway safely back home. The boy walks and the duck waddles all the way up the driveway in a routine that they have done together for a long time. Everyday around three o'clock, the duck knows that his best friend will be arriving home from school and boogies down the driveway to where the school bus will be dropping him off. Every day the boy greets the duck with a welcoming pat on the head, and the two make their way back to the farm house for dinner. This duck is a male Mallard Duck that can be found in North America, Eurasia, North Africa and has recently been introduced to New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Brazil, South Africa and many other areas around the world. Male mallards like this one have bright, shiny green heads and are grey on the wings and belly. Unlike a lot of other species of waterfowl, the Mallard sometimes cause grave concern since they are actually considered an invasive species in some regions. They are a very adaptable species as they can live in most climates. The Mallard are omnivores and are very flexible in their food choices and can eat a very large variety of food. They typically get their food by pecking around in the water and grazing in fields. They have also been known to each frogs and small fish. There are also some reports from Romania of a flock of Mallards hunting and eating small migratory birds. Ducks of all species and sizes must deal with a wide diversity of predators such as snakes, raccoons, opossums, skunks, large fish and even turtles. The most dangerous predator to a Mallard Duck is the common fox . It is good that this lucky ducky has found such a safe and caring home to live in with a best friend that obviously loves and him will take care of him. Do you have an unusual animal as a pet and best friend? Tell us about it in the comments!

Dog Scratching An Itch Looks Like He’s Jamming On Drums27s

Dog Scratching An Itch Looks Like He’s Jamming On Drums

Thor has developed the cutest habit there is, with his tongue out when scratching an itch, he resembles a drummer jamming to music. It looks like he is rocking the stage with his silly antics! All this adorable dog needs is a full drum kit and a pair of drumsticks and he could make a lot of money! Can you even imagine how famous this dog could become if he could actually play the drums? This dog’s timing is impeccable, his moves are mesmerizing and he even keeps time with his tongue! We can watch him stick it in and out of his mouth to the music for hours! This rockin’ doggie sure has the rhythm! Thor has this most adorable habit of sticking his tongue out of his mouth while he scratches his front legs and rocking back and forth on the carpet. He can do this for hours and never seems to miss a single beat! After watching him do this rockin’ little routine for a considerable time, Thor’s owner decided to record him with music to give the impression of him getting his groove on to some beats! The music choice is perfectly matched to his dance moves! Make sure you turn your volume up high when you watch this video to get the full effect of his efforts and see how well he really does keep the time with his legs and tongue. Thor sure knows how to get his groove on! The most amazing thing is how his timing matches the music perfectly. Although he is just scratching a pestering itch on his front leg, Thor scratches in such a rhythmatic, and animated fashion that keeps in perfect timing with the music! The look on his face shows that he is really enjoying that scratch, but it just looks like he is just so happy to be rockin’ out to the music! To top off the immense amount of cuteness, we can’t help but mention that one erect ear that stands straight up on top of Thor’s head and bops away with the music. It is quite literally the icing on top of the cake! Every part of this pooch’s body seems to be keeping time to the music. Just watch his tail sway to the rhythm. We think his owner should take this cute little habit a step further and put a kick drum and kick pedal in front of him so that he can rock out and add some bottom end into the music. Thor would also benefit from a tambourine around his front leg and maybe even a cowbell attached to his paw! It has been proven that dogs can learn how to have good timing and rhythm, just like humans. It is possible to teach this talent to the canine species. They even host large, very popular competitions where dogs and their owners perform well coordinated and very well timed out dances in full costumes to music! These competitions attract very large crowds and get a lot of attention due to the fact that these dogs are able to memorize and execute amazing dance routines! Imagine if there was a band competition for dogs? Thor would definitely make the cut as a phenomenal doggie drummer!

German Shepherd Has Funny Way Of Playing In Snow21s

German Shepherd Has Funny Way Of Playing In Snow

There are a few things in life that can bring out our inner child, and one of them is the fluffy goodness that is snow. The delicate icy particles act like a time machine that takes us to a place where we forget about all of our problems, we marvel at the white beauty and just go back in time to when we were kids. Doesn’t it feel nice? It might be cold, but we forget about all of it once we smell the fresh scent of nature and winter. It reminds us of snowball fights with the kids in our neighborhood when we were six years old, screaming at the top of our lungs on the sleigh our father is pulling downhill when we were three, building the first snowman with our first love when we were twelve, seeing the look of unadulterated joy on our child’s face the first time they touch the snowy flakes. It is true, those shiny crystals hold all of our memories encapsulated in ice. There is, however, another member of our tight-knit family that equally adores the snow as it adores its food. You’ve guessed it right, we are talking about the loveable canine. Dogs have quite the history with snow . Most of them recognise it as their natural habitat. Historically speaking, this is true, since dogs descend from a long line of wolves. If anything, snow was a constant for a bigger part of the year for them. They were used to harsh winters and rough terrains, so a little bit of snow outside of their home, yeah, a real walk in the park for them. This German Shepherd is just loving the snowy playtime. It seems like it can’t get any better than this. It flips and flops on the snow, it almost looks like it might want to get all of that icy goodness on its fur, how adorable is that? The German Shepherd is known for its courage. Originally, its job was to defend sheep against wolves and those genes are largely alive and well. They make excellent guard dogs; additionally, they are a favorite with the Police. It may come as a surprise, but German Shepherds also excel at jobs at the other extreme — for example, as guide dogs for the visually impaired. The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed. Happily, they are very willing to apply this intelligence when being trained. And as a result, you should expect that they will require regular mental stimulation. The German Shepherd is a dignified dog that is loyal, aloof, and somewhat antisocial. From the moment they begin development they’re craving stimulation. Another huge aspect of the German Shepherd personality is their steadfast love and loyalty. Some owners say that there is no bond like that of a German Shepherd and their family. The hard and stoic exterior is replaced with a cuddly, downright loving fluff ball within the home. They’ll treat the children as their own and willingly participate as the protector of the home. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Pet chicken performs variety of impressive tricks1m13s

Pet chicken performs variety of impressive tricks

A new study says chicken intelligence is underestimated and they are in fact more intelligent and complex than previously thought. A lot smarter than most people think. Chickens are intelligent birds capable of learning a variety of tricks. They can be trained! They have keen eyesight and are extremely motivated by their desire to eat.

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Compilation Captures The Formation Of Frozen Wintry Bubbles1m01s

Compilation Captures The Formation Of Frozen Wintry Bubbles

Are you the kind of person who enjoys fun DIY projects that allow you to feed your creative side and have some light hearted fun at the same time? If so, this video is for you! Here you can learn the process of making what we call “Frozen Bubbles.” This is a really simple process. It does not take much time, and it takes practically no money since there really aren’t any major or significant costs to complete this project, as many times as you want to do it! This would be of particular interest for stay at home moms or nannies who might need an activity to do with young children during the day. This project requires weather well under freezing though, if you are choosing to do this outside. That could be really useful for some of you parents out there though, because when there are days like that, sometimes children who are cooped up inside the house get a bit hyperactive and need an outlet to get that energy out. This project will engage their mind, while also allowing them to be outside in nature to help work some of that built up energy out and be released. The process of creating frozen bubbles is actually quite simple. First, mix water and dish soap. For the second step, add corn syrup and sugar. Then you are ready to go! Suit up to go outside—do this on a day when the temperature is below the freezing point . Be sure to wear a scarf or earmuffs, as well as gloves to make sure that all of your extremities are not exposed to the weather and temperature. Use a straw to carefully blow a bubble onto a frozen surface. You will see the crystallization process and the bubble freezing, so get your camera ready! These bubbles make for some really incredible, unique, and interesting photographs and videos! If you want to catch a really good photo, place your bubble in an area where the sun is shining behind it in your photo. Position the bubble between you and the clouds, or between you and the sun. Preferably, try this when the sun is either just coming up, or when it is starting to set. Snap a series of photos so that you can go through them later and pick your favorite. If you share those pictures with friends, you are certain to get a pretty significant response being that most people have never even heard of making frozen bubbles, much less seen pictures of them. Have fun with it! We don’t know any young child between ages 2-10 who would not absolutely love this little project! This is definitely one that they will be telling their friends about! If you want to be that cool mom whose house all your kids’ friends want to come to, then you are going to need some cool crafts and activities that are not typical so that you can hold the attention of all of those little tasmanian devils!