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Thai Rocket Festival 201651m09s

Thai Rocket Festival 2016

Occurred on May 21-22nd / Kalasin Info: Tai Wan Kut annual rocket festival in Thailand attracts locals and tourists.

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Learn Three Basics Of Paranormal Investigations21m35s

Learn Three Basics Of Paranormal Investigations

Apparition chasing is the way toward examining areas that are accounted for to be spooky by phantoms. Regularly, a phantom chasing group will endeavor to gather proof supporting the presence of paranormal movement. Apparition seekers utilize an assortment of electronic gadgets, including EMF meters, advanced thermometers, both handheld and static computerized camcorders, including thermographic and night vision cameras, and in addition computerized sound recorders. Other more conventional procedures are likewise utilized, for example, leading meetings and inquiring about the historical backdrop of purportedly spooky destinations. Apparition seekers may likewise allude to themselves as "paranormal agents." Phantom chasing has been vigorously scrutinized for its rejection of the logical strategy. No logical examination has ever possessed the capacity to affirm the presence of ghosts . The training is viewed as a pseudoscience by a greater part of teachers, scholastics, science scholars, and cynics. Science history specialist Brian Regal portrayed apparition chasing as "a chaotic pointless activity". Paranormal research goes back to the eighteenth century, with associations, for example, the Society for Psychical Research exploring otherworldly issues. Clairvoyant scientist Harry Price distributed his Confessions of a Ghost-Hunter in 1936. Apparition chasing was promoted in the 2000s by TV arrangement, for example, Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters, joined with the expanding accessibility of cutting edge hardware. The Atlantic Paranormal Society announced a multiplying in their enrollment in the late 2000s, crediting this to the TV programs. Regardless of its absence of acknowledgment in scholarly circles, the fame of phantom chasing unscripted television indicates has impacted various people to take up the pursuit. Private companies offering apparition chasing hardware and paranormal examination administrations expanded in the mid 2000s. Many offer electromagnetic field (EMF) meters, infrared movement sensors and gadgets charged as "apparition identifiers". The paranormal blast is to such an extent that some little phantom chasing related organizations are appreciating expanded benefits through web recording and site promoting, books, DVDs, recordings and other business enterprises. One phantom chasing bunch called "A Midwest Haunting" situated in MaComb, Illinois, detailed that the quantity of individuals taking its visits had tripled, bouncing from around 600 of every 2006 to 1,800 of every 2008. Others, for example, Marie Cuff of "Idaho Spirit Seekers" indicated expanded activity on their sites and message sheets as a sign that apparition chasing was ending up more acknowledged. Members say that apparition chasing enables them to appreciate the kinship of similar individuals and effectively seek after their enthusiasm for the paranormal . As indicated by Jim Willis of "Phantoms of Ohio", his gathering's enrollment had multiplied, developing to 30 individuals since it was established in 1999 and incorporates both genuine devotees and aggregate cynics. Willis says his gathering is "searching for answers, somehow" and that wariness is an essential for the individuals who want to be "considered important in this field." Creator John Potts says that the present day quest for "novice phantom chasing" can be followed back to the Spiritualist time and early associations established to examine paranormal wonders, similar to London's The Ghost Club and the Society for Psychical Research, yet that advanced examinations are random to scholarly parapsychology. Potts composes that advanced phantom chasing bunches disregard the logical technique and rather pursue a type of "techno-mysticism". The prevalence of phantom chasing has prompted a few wounds. Ignorant that a "spooky home" in Worthington, Ohio was involved, a gathering of young people ventured on the edge of the property to investigate. The mortgage holder let go on the adolescents' vehicle as they were leaving, truly harming one. A lady chasing for apparitions was executed in a tumble from a University of Toronto building. A branch of phantom chasing is the business apparition visit led by a nearby guide or visit administrator who is regularly an individual from a neighborhood phantom chasing or paranormal examination gathering. Since both the visit administrators and proprietors of the purportedly spooky properties share benefits of such undertakings (confirmations regularly go somewhere in the range of $50 and $100 per individual), some trust the cases of hauntings are misrepresented or created with the end goal to increment attendance. The city of Savannah, Georgia is said to be the American city with the most apparition visits, having more than 31 starting at 2003.

Four Ways To Learn New Words That Will Make You Sound Smarter22m55s

Four Ways To Learn New Words That Will Make You Sound Smarter

We all use language to communicate with our fellow humans, but when you want to tell the world you mean business, it’s your vocabulary that can distinguish you – or extinguish you. The List spoke to Career Expert Kerry Sanderson to bring you different ways to build a working vocabulary that will help you on your next career move. Check out the video above to find out what exactly are word of the day emails; why being a good listener will come in handy for you; why you should practice new words on a notebook instead of a smartphone; and why repetition should be your best friend when it comes to learning new words . To boost your word power, variety is the key. This boosts your credibility. However, be sure not to use “big words” just for the sake of using them if you are not going to use them correctly. Sometimes this can backfire because you will alienate people. First, to become a better speaker, you need to be a better listener. This practice is also true for reading and writing. Avid readers are almost always going to also be stronger writers than those who read very seldomly. Reading on a regular basis also will undoubtedly raise your vocabulary skills immensely. Many people learn hundreds of new words a year just from reading on a daily basis, and they don’t even have to try to memorize any definitions. When a person reads, they are engaging so many parts of the brain at once, and the brain will pick up on rhetoric nuances and word meanings automatically. Another tip from this video is to carry a notebook. Putting pen to paper and handwriting will exercise your memory much stronger than putting the word into a smart phone or other technological device. Finally, try to use the word at least a few times a day. The more you use it, the better you will remember it. The next section of this video focuses on things around people every single day, all day long that are filthy. Hang tight, because you’re guaranteed to be surprised by some of the things on this list! Bacteria hides everywhere. The number one item is the all important cell phone! It is recommended that all cell phones should be disinfected at least once a day. Another common item is a purse! This can be cleaned easily with a baby wipe, which will not damage leather and other materials. Women put their purses down everywhere, including floors of restaurants and other common areas that are infested with bacteria. It is not something many people think about very often, but purses certainly need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Don’t forget the handles! The last item is game controllers. These collect germs from all over the place. Eating while playing games is one of the reasons these items get so bacteria ridden. The cleaning expert recommends using hand sanitizer placed on a cloth used to wipe down each controller and all of the buttons.

NASA video shows sun in stunning Ultra-HD30m24s

NASA video shows sun in stunning Ultra-HD

NASA has released an ultra-high definition 4K video of the sun, titled "Thermonuclear Art". The footage, captured in 10 different wavelengths by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft, is set to a soundtrack from Lars Leonhard. Credit to 'NASA Goddard'.

Makeover: Long to Short Hair, by Christopher Hopkins,The Makeover Guy®21m06s

Makeover: Long to Short Hair, by Christopher Hopkins,The Makeover Guy®

Every once in awhile someone says "Do whatever you want," and means it. When the person has the hair, face and attitude that allows that freedom it's truly magic. Christal wanted to donate her hair so I cut it short. Chelsea Baert took the white to a pale blonde and Kami Kleven freshened up the make up. A dream for all hair stylists alike. It awakens their creative nature. They finally have the opportunity to experiment with creative ideas that have been in their head for quite some time. Check out Christal's transformation! Follow me on You Tube: Follow me on Facebook: Website:

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Hippie Donates Hair to Locks Of Love22m48s

Hippie Donates Hair to Locks Of Love

So today was a big day for me! I cut off almost 3 years of hair growth to start over and was able to donate to locks of love! Let it begin! again! THANKS FOR VIEWING!!! Be sure to check out my links below and click "like" and "subscribe" above! Thanks! Keep It Casual! I have 3 youtube accounts! check 'em out! - tips for men (primarily) growing their hair out ... - second channel - my horrible guitar skills (may improve) Check out my various online profiles! - facebook fan page - twitter page For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: