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Cows listen to accordion music, absolutely love it! 2m34s

Cows listen to accordion music, absolutely love it!

A herd of cows rush over to hear accordion music played by Don Bitterlich in Garmisch, Germany. You can clearly see how much they truly enjoy the music and they are not the only ones. Have you seen the clip where a jazz bands plays for another herd of bovines? How about the one where a farmer plays Lorde's “Royals” on his trombone? Those are just too surreal to pass on. So what is it that draws these cows to music? The answer to this question is actually pretty simple – music helps them relax, just like it would any other animal (yes, humans included). Today's dairy farms are noisy and busy places, what with all the clanking of cow bells and the swooshing sound of the automated milkers. All that racket can stress a cow out and a stressed cow is not a productive cow. Dairy farmers had to become the experts on how to comfort their cows, so they would do anything from air conditioning the barns, to making them as pleasant to live in for their milk producing bovines. And this is not even a new thing. Back in 2001, psychologists from the University of Leichester in England showed that cows liked slow music so much, that it increased the production of milk by 3%. So there you have it. If your cows are a little stingy on the milk, just play them something soothing. Like R.E.M. or Simon & Garfunkel.

Kids thrilled to play with newborn baby goat1m07s

Kids thrilled to play with newborn baby goat

Rusty is a Nigerian dwarf baby goat. He was born so small, even for his breed, that he had to be hand raised, bring him to work and let him sleep in the house. He's super cute, very popular and became like a store mascot at this antique store in North Lima, Ohio.

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Rare footage of the elusive great gray owl2m02s

Rare footage of the elusive great gray owl

On a snowy February day outside Delta Junction, Alaska, this couple were fortunate enough to witness a beautiful creature, the Great Gray Owl. This Strix Nebulosa (it's scientific name) is very elusive. They are not easily called in by recorded owl calls. They also are not as easily scared by human activity and will often be still and observe humans, who many times are unaware they are close by. They are the largest owl by length in the world. You can see in the video it often looks directly at the people filming, but does not seem greatly disturbed by it. How fortunate to have this creature so close and accessible. Sit back and enjoy watching this magnificent creature as the snow gently falls all around it!

French bulldog herds pug just like sheep39s

French bulldog herds pug just like sheep

Watch Sanka ever so carefully closing in and stalking Enkei. Sanka has Enkei in his sights and slowly creeps up on Enkei so as to not make a sound. He keeps his head low and close to the ground as he approaches, then when in close enough distance, he runs and pounces! Enkei just manages to escape swiftly and lead him up the open space. Enkei's tail is hilarious as it goes straight when he runs quickly, especially if he is being chased!

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Chantel’s sister was kept secret for 45 years. Can you help her?1m00s

Chantel’s sister was kept secret for 45 years. Can you help her?

Chantel is 41 years old and for her whole life a secret had been kept from her. As her mother lay dying in an Edmonton hospital, Chantel was at her bedside. Chantel's aunt decided to finally share the news that Chantel was not an only child as she had always believed. Chantel had a sister who had been given up for adoption soon after birth, five years before Chantel herself was born. Her aunt had hoped that breaking the silence would prompt a discussion between Chantel and her mother that would reveal the details surrounding the birth of her sister. Unfortunately, it was a conversation that never happened. Chantel's mother passed away a few days later. She had already lost her father prior to that. Chantel's heart leapt at the thought that she had a 100% biological sister but she had very little information to help track her down. Chantel could not obtain contact information through the government due to privacy issues but they told her that her sister had been born Hailey Dawn Jones in July of 1971. Chantel's mother, then Shannon Florence Jones, kept her daughter for a few months before making the agonizing decision to give her up for a better life. Shannon was 17 at the time, a single mother, and she knew she couldn't provide for her daughter. It isn't known if she kept her name, but Hailey was adopted by a 43 year old Scottish farmer and his 42 year old German wife. They were Mormons and they already had 2 boys aged 9 and 11 and 2 girls aged 8 and 5. Both played the piano. Hailey was born with blond hair and blue eyes. She is 46 years of age at this time. Chantel decided to take her search to social media and ask for the internet's help. She created a video that outlines what she knows and pleads for information from anyone who can help her. Numerous media outlets have shared her story and the video has registered almost 250,000 views. Despite a heartwarming outpouring of support, Chantel is still waiting for that call that will reunite her with her long lost sister. Could Hailey also be looking for Chantel? It isn't known if she even knows that she was adopted. If you have any information that could help these sisters find each other, please email Chantel at "". And please share this video anywhere you can.

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Skiing through the streets of the University of Denver1m15s

Skiing through the streets of the University of Denver

Once these guys saw the snow start to stick to the streets on the campus of the University of Denver, they knew they had to put something together. Although TJ isn't performing any tricks, it's important to note that skiing on blades is a little harder than it looks at 15-20 miles per hour!

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Man takes savage beating from little monkey19s

Man takes savage beating from little monkey

While being filmed by a friend, this dude takes a hilarious beating from a monkey he thought was his friend. Though they have gotten along in the past, that was apparently all behind them... at least for the monkey!

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Tiny Hamster Gets Her Hair Combed With A Toothbrush22s

Tiny Hamster Gets Her Hair Combed With A Toothbrush

Having a pet is literally the best thing ever! Tiny animals are so cute, but they require special care just as all pets do. Dwarf hamsters are the most common animals that are adopted as pets. Kids love to play with them and adults are no different. Hamsters are active and energetic animals. They love to play on an exercise wheel or with toys in their cage. Dwarf hamsters originate from desert habitat so their diet should contain less fresh food. They stay much smaller than Syrian hamsters and they are more hasty. Don’t let them fool you if you see them sleeping through the day, they are very alive and ready to make a mess after they wake up. Their fur can be in many color variations. But the cutest thing about these furry animals are definitely their cheek pouches. They use them to store and carry food, which looks so adorable! Skye the Russian Dwarf hamster is 1 year and 9 months old. She is one very extraordinary girl hamster. Her owner loves to record her in many situations and that’s how she got her popularity. She even has her own Instagram profile with over 13k followers and more than 1000 posts! How cute is that! Take a look at this charming video! Skye the hamster is really enjoying a relaxing hair brushing session form her owner. It seems like she is getting a 5 star treatment all the time. And why wouldn't she? She is a celebrity now, right? If you liked this video, comment below and share it with your friends!

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