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German Shepherd's fun playtime in water fountain16s

German Shepherd's fun playtime in water fountain

Summer is awesome! The days are longer, drinks with umbrellas, add a maraschino cherry or a slice of pineapple, and you’re practically in the tropics. There is ice cream, outdoors films, and festivals, don’t forget about traveling and the best for the last beaches, lakes and water parks! It is the time of year when outdoor pools and water parks roll up the welcome mat and take a few months off. But there is always one last chance for your dogs to get in on the fun. Submerging your body completely in water to the point of weightlessness feels remedial. Plus, regardless of whether your pleasure is the sea, a stream or the city pool, there's nothing very like chilling in a substantial waterway on a hot day. Just like this playful German Shepard knows how to enjoy a hot summer day! This happy pup goes crazy when there’s water around. Anything to stay cool! He loves playing with the water and he is having so much fun! This is one summer day well spent! Pets are love and pets are life. Regardless of whether you like them or not, you can't deny the way that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, metaphorically. All pets are brilliant, however in the event that there are one animal groups that can turn up the gathering, at that point, it's certainly our canine companions.

Synchronized sneezing fits stop dogs from fighting26s

Synchronized sneezing fits stop dogs from fighting

It can be intense watching two pit bulls fight, even if they are just play fighting. But when the two pit bulls stop fighting and start sneezing at the same time, it quickly goes from intense to hilarious! Watch as these two female pit bulls go from a playful match of wrestling to a full out sneezing unison! Their hilarious sneezing is perfectly in sync, coming out of no where in the middle of their playing match. They go from bearing their teeth and playfully romping around on the blanket to suddenly sneezing at the same time, then taking turns back and forth. It is almost like there was ground pepper in those blankets. We wonder what caused the sneezing to begin with? Kya and Vegas have grown up together and are the best of friends. They are like sisters and do everything together, including sneezing apparently! When one sneezes, the other must follow suit! Now that is sisterhood if we have ever seen it! Kya is a fourteen year old tan and white pit bull and Vegas is a thirteen year old black and white. Although they are not technically sisters, they have been raised together and are inseparable. They spend most of their mornings cuddled up on their blankets until it is time for their morning wrestle. On this particular morning, the wrestling match became more then just a little fight, it became a competition in sinus evacuation! Although pit bulls tend to have a bad reputation in society, they are extremely lovable dogs and make amazing companion pets. They love to snuggle and play games with their owners just as many other breeds. As you can see here, the may look vicious when bearing their teeth, but so do any other breed of canine. Pit bulls are fun loving dogs that have a ton of personality if you get to know them! There is no doubt about the amount of personality in these two! We could watch them sneeze in sync all day!

Thrilling downhill mountain bike ride ends in inevitable crash54s

Thrilling downhill mountain bike ride ends in inevitable crash

Mountain bike riding is a unique and beautiful sport. It combines the peacefulness of the forest with the thrill of the wind in your face. Whether it is done in the pursuit of fitness or for the sheer joy of the ride, cyclists all agree that time in the forest on a bike is hard to beat. In the case of downhill mountain biking, it can be an adrenaline pumping, heavy breathing thrill ride that is as exciting as skiing or snow boarding. But downhill mountain biking can also result in a crash or two. In fact, mountain bikers will often tell you that if they are not going over the handlebars at least once on a ride, they aren’t pushing the limits and testing themselves. This mountain biker was enjoying a long stretch of single track through the beautiful Ganaraska Forest in Southern Ontario. The leaves have just started to turn and the temperatures are perfect for a ride through the trees. It’s a remote section of forest and the only sounds he hears are the birds, the scampering of the odd chipmunk, and the leaves on the low hanging branches as they brush against his helmet or bicycle. A GoPro mounted on his helmet provides us with a view of exactly what the rider sees as he barrels down the path, over logs, around sharp bends, and between tree trunks that barely allow his handlebars to pass. The trail twists and turns unpredictably and he is going as fast as he dares to, trying to avoid a collision with any of the trees around him. As the cyclist rounds a bend and ducks under a fallen tree that is angled across the path, he is about to encounter a very sudden stop. A sharp stick and a small sapling lie across the trail and he cannot miss either. The stick strikes his front tire and the sapling tangles in his rear tire one after the other. The back wheel is stopped cold and the bike begins a complete skid that pitches the rider forward. We hear a grunt as he strikes the handlebars, launches over and rolls to his left, trying to avoid landing with a thud. Fortunately the sandy and mossy ground beside the trail is forgiving and he only has the wind knocked out of him. Eager to continue the ride, he tries to get back on the bike but finds the front tire is shredded and his ride is finished. But luckily, the walk back is also a peaceful and enjoyable experience too, because time in the forest on foot is also time well spent.

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Bully cat destroys turtles' enclosure12s

Bully cat destroys turtles' enclosure

This person used wooden blocks to keep her two turtles contained while eating some fresh veggies (because putting these fresh veggies in the tank with aquatic turtles and that much water will make them rot extra fast and negatively affect your water PH). She intentionally made their enclosure much smaller this time, hoping that this would deter her bully cat Polar from attacking it... Obviously, she was wrong!

Bearded dragon shares special friendship with puppy2m03s

Bearded dragon shares special friendship with puppy

Buddy the adorable puppy met Blaze the red bearded dragon today and he was just so sweet and gentle with her. They exchanged kisses and just hung out with each other for ages! Blaze is a two year old Red Bearded Dragon Lizard. She is a female and is normally quite a shy reptile, but when she met Buddy the dog was very calm and even seemed to like him. She kept walking towards him and just hung out with him for a long time. She even gave him a few kisses! Buddy is a Welsh Collie and is now 7 months old. His owners can't believe how gentle he was around Blaze. He seemed to understand that she was fragile and kept carefully lying beside her, making sure not to hurt her. Their owners were very careful when they first introduced them since they didn't know how either would react, and they will off course always supervise them. What an unusual friendship, who would have thought it!

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Fearless squirrel calls aggressive hawk's bluff34s

Fearless squirrel calls aggressive hawk's bluff

This has to be one of the bravest squirrels ever. Hawks are extremely powerful predators and could easily crush a squirrel. But this squirrel seems to show that courage and attitude can be an even more powerful quality. Watch this hawk try to intimidate the squirrel only to find the squirrel decides to call the hawk’s bluff. We can learn a lot about life from nature. Even when the cards are stacked against you, if you have the will and determination, you can conquer what some would call the impossible. You go squirrel!

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Confused cat totally fascinated by bubbles2m50s

Confused cat totally fascinated by bubbles

Butters loves bubbles. Every time his owner grabs the bubble bottle, he gives out a trill of excitement and comes running. He watches as they float down glistening in the light. He pokes the bubbles that land without popping. He also pays no mind to bubbles that pop on him. Does you cat like bubbles too?