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Great Dane 'Motivates' Himself In The Mirror At The Gym1m55s

Great Dane 'Motivates' Himself In The Mirror At The Gym

Every dog can be hilarious in their own way. They release funny sounds, they make hilarious moves to impress their owners, and more often than not, they throw a tantrum when they can’t figure out things that seem so basic and mundane to us, humans. Taker Gozer, the big Great Dane, as a perfect example. When the great big pooch notices the other dog in the mirror, he fails to realize that it is actually himself! Gozer looks at the dog on the other side staring right back at him and starts whimpering, lowering his head and flattening his ears to his head. Dog owners might recognize Gozer’s stance as a sign of fear, but the wagging of the long, slender tail might suggest otherwise. The Great Dane is unfamiliar with the dog on the other side and seems like he is inviting him to play, but if we had anything to say in this, we think that he actually does recognize his own reflexion and he is unsatisfied with his gains. He’s probably whining because he’s been busting his butt in the gym and all he sees is some muscle in the shoulders, but nothing on his thighs and absolutely zero calves! If only Gozer knew that he is not the only bodybuilder in this world who can’t build up his tiny calves!

Published: October 6, 2017Updated: October 16, 201723 views
Dog Responds To Chips Opening In The Most Adorable Way6s

Dog Responds To Chips Opening In The Most Adorable Way

When we say that this pup is all of us when we hear the sweet, sweet rustling of a fresh bag of chips being opened, we actually mean it! We have never seen an animal respond so adorably to a bag of food being opened, because chips are life! We see the dark grey ball of fluff in the distance, playing with its ball and minding its own business. But with the camera on the floor, a tiny voice in the back of our heads is telling us that something magical is about to unfold before our very eyes and boy, our instincts have not failed us yet! When the puppy hears rustling happening behind the camera, it jumps with vigor to face the sound. The crackling continues, as if to tease the tiny pup on the other side of the room. It turns its head inquisitively, as if to asses the event that is going on out front. But when the bag of chips finally pops open, we recognize our own childlike spirit in the pup’s happiness, as it comes hopping towards its owner, hoping to get a share of the delicious treats inside that tease of a bag. If we were this puppy’s owner, we would have let it have the whole bag, because all that cuteness made us forget about food!

Published: October 10, 2017Updated: October 16, 201737 views
This 4-Year-Old Toddler Already Dances Like A Professional2m29s

This 4-Year-Old Toddler Already Dances Like A Professional

Ella Dobler, a four year old dancer whose talent outdoes her age, performed at the Rainbow National Dance competition and delivered the performance of a lifetime. Despite being so young, Ella knew that her talent would win her the first place, in the Rainbow National Dance Competition. She delivered a great performance with her dance routine on a remix of the song, ‘Heaven on Earth’, taking the stage with grace and sophistication. Good thing mom was sitting in the audience and had her camera on to record and share her daughter’s balletic performance with the world. People known to the toddler, bear witness that she was born with a musical rhythm inside her, and that she has been dancing ever since the first time she heard music. Ella followed the rhythm within her, which is why her love for dance never faltered. Ella always danced with great excitement, and every move she made was full of joy. A few years later, her skills started to develop and needed to get fine tuned. This is when her family decided that Ella was ready to compete and needed serious dance lessons. She joined the ‘New Level Dance Company’ located in Florida, one of the best in the country. The dance company believes, students must be trained to excel in the competitive world of dance.

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Heroic Kayakers Save Sheep From Drowning In River Avon2m04s

Heroic Kayakers Save Sheep From Drowning In River Avon

While these kayakers were travelling on a tour down the River Avon, they heard sounds from a distance and quickly raced to the scene to show their heroic skills in action. A poor sheep has fallen into the waters of River Avon and was pointlessly trying to get out. It was her lucky day to have these brave men come and lend her a helping hand. After noticing the sheep in distress they immediately went on a mission to save her. Two of them were guiding the sheep to swim towards the river shore. The other guy was waited for the sheep to approach and reach land. After successfully guiding the sheep in the right direction, the third man reached out to grab and pull the sheep up. Unfortunately, sheep are heavy and this one is soaking wet. Its weight is pulling down to the river, so this man struggles for a while to pick it up. The sheep is kicking with its legs, trying to get to shore, while the man is pulling it up. After the sheep reached land, it accidentaly dropped back into the water after few seconds. The poor man had to pick up the sheep from the water again, this time successfully carrying it deeper in the land so that she cannot slip into the water again. The second attempt left the sheep happily running away from water, and these men became heroes of the day.

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Baby Has A Hilarious Reaction After Trying A Pickle For The First Time56s

Baby Has A Hilarious Reaction After Trying A Pickle For The First Time

Sadly, we don’t remember what being a baby feels like, but watching babies today, we can certainly make an educated guess. As soon as they start recognizing the world around them, they want to see and touch everything and, if possible, shove it in their mouths. ‘Oral exploration’, as it is scientifically called, is a key developmental stage. Putting toys and other household objects in their mouth allows babies to discover the taste and texture of different objects. This adorably chubby little bundle is in his exploratory stage! This time on the menu is not everyone’s favorite, but still a star in so many baby videos - the almighty pickle! With a wedge of the tart veggie in its hands, the babe approaches its subject with scientific precaution. Licking it and biting in it very slowly, he understands that it tastes peculiar, yet quite refreshing. Then, the time comes for the ultimate taste test and our scientist shoves that wedge way inside his mouth. The reaction that comes after is just too much! Folds upon folds of baby fat resurface around that tiny little head and we are squealing with joy! He then looks at his mom, as if to say “what in the world is this thing, mom?”, to which the mom, obviously an expert in her baby’s talk, gives him the truth. “It’s a pickle!” It’ll grow on yah, big guy!

Published: October 9, 2017Updated: October 16, 201768 views
Toddler adorably 1m50s

Toddler adorably "curses" at slippery food

This adorable toddler was eating some Macaroni and Cheese, along with some peas, and apparently got a bit frustrated! As you can see her parents can't help but laugh! Where did she hear that from?!

Published: October 9, 2017Updated: October 16, 2017132 views
Street dog gets second chance at life 46s

Street dog gets second chance at life

This wonderful dog hasn't had any luck throughout its life living on the street alone and cold, until this rescue team comes along and give her another shot at life. Take a look at her recovery and how wonderful she looks now!

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Baby has a fit after vacuum turns on 21s

Baby has a fit after vacuum turns on

This baby thought it was a good idea to mess around with the vacuum cleaner since his mom has made it look easy. Take a look at his reaction after the vacuum actually turns on!

Published: October 9, 2017Updated: October 13, 20171,692 views
Epic balloon-popping twin gender reveal46s

Epic balloon-popping twin gender reveal

These parents have found an innovative way of revealing to their friends and family the gender of their children. They are just to charming! Take a look for yourself as to what they end up having.

Published: October 9, 2017Updated: October 13, 2017116,426 viewsVirality: 23%
Two K-9 Officers Enjoy Delightful Playtime1m37s

Two K-9 Officers Enjoy Delightful Playtime

Just like human police officers need to take a break from time to time from their burdening profession, the officers from the K-9 unit needs some down time too! A Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd, two police officers, have been granted some playtime off hours and the duo, professional as they are, took that very seriously! The two gorgeous hounds were allowed to run and roam all day on some fresh green grass, without having to take down a perp or bite an offender’s arm off. It is a good day to be a dog! Other than the obvious similarity of the two breeds when it comes to appearance, colors and size, the Malinois and GSD are far more alike. Both breeds are often used as service dogs in the police and armed forces. Both are exceptional at working tasks: detection of odors such as explosives, accelerants (for arson investigation), and narcotics; tracking humans for suspect apprehension in police work; and search and rescue missions. Families love these two as well, since they take training exceptionally well, although the Malinois dog is far less stubborn than the GSD; they are great with kids and can be very protective of their families. In a nutshell, a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois have a lot in common, but the price isn’t one. A Malinois will cost you around $600, while a GSD will set you back at least double that.

Published: October 2, 2017Updated: October 13, 20172,114 views
Dog Wears 'Cone Of Shame', Still Won't Give Up On His Toy43s

Dog Wears 'Cone Of Shame', Still Won't Give Up On His Toy

Even though this dog has gone through ear operation, it does not seem to get his playful mood down. Since he doesn’t seem to realize there is an obstacle in his way, the poor silly pooch struggles to play with his disco ball while wearing cone of shame . The flashing orb is teasing the poor pup all around the hallway, making the dog long for his toy but, for some reason, he can’t seem to catch it! What the hell is wrong with this? The ball’s right there, but he can’t grab it? What kind of witchcraft is this? Like in so many other aspects of everyday life, perseverance proves like a virtues in this case too. After a long and hard struggle with that stupid transparent cone, the pup finally grabs that ball. Success! Since the adorable Pixar movie Up was released in 2009, this cone collar, otherwise known as an ‘Elizabethan collar’, ‘Buster collar’ or ‘pet cone’, has been coined the cone of shame when the cute dog Dug was forced to wear one as a punishment from the dog pack he was apart of. While this is not really the reason dogs typically are wearing the cone collar, it’s certainly made it a lot more interesting.

Husky Gets A Weekend Treat Because He Is Such A Good Boy18s

Husky Gets A Weekend Treat Because He Is Such A Good Boy

Everyone deserves a little treat on weekends for surviving through another week. We humans tend to go out on Fridays to wind off and forget our problems at the office. Maybe even a spa or shopping therapy? That would really hit the spot. For a pup, however, every day could be the weekend for all they know. What does a dog have to do all day long, beside lounge in their favorite chair, chew their favorite toy, sleep and play? If our jobs were like that, we wouldn’t sense the weekend coming either. Unless, that is, we have an owner that is treating us with a little something special every end of the week. Jax the Siberian Husky is one lucky pooch, because he gets to ride around London with his favorite hooman in the car. Car rides are awesome, obviously, because it makes dogs feel like they are running faster, as others outside of the car seem to be standing still. But the one thing that Jax likes more than car rides are car snacks! Since Jax was such a good boy throughout the week, his owner decided to treat him to a huge, juicy burger patty, while they are enjoying their weekend ride. Jax couldn’t believe his eyes or his nose, but when his lips touch that meat, it means he found heaven on Earth, and it tastes just like beef!

Newborn Orphan Kitty Explores Its Surroundings10s

Newborn Orphan Kitty Explores Its Surroundings

When you’re growing up, you learn everything from your parents. Subconsciously and consciously, you adapt to life based on the way they tell you to, show you to, and teach you to. Everything about your future can depend on how well you’ve learned to take care of yourself in any situation that may arise. Without parents, sometimes life can become difficult and confusing. And the same goes for animals like this adorable little kitten. When you have kittens, puppies or any newborn animals that don’t get to grow up with their biological mother, it’s important to know and understand all that they’ll need to grow up fully functioning and aware of what’s expected of them. It’s important to make sure they always feel comforted. Even though you’re not their real mother, you’re their caretaker. This owner found an abandoned newborn kitten and decided to bring it home and try to raise it on his own. So, this is what the beginning of life looks like through the closed eyes of this newborn kitten. Take a look at his helpless struggle while his human is trying to comfort him. This video is incredibly heartwarming, it shows how helpless newborns are and why cat-lovers treat kittens like the babies they are. Watch this newborn little orange kitten trying to walk. It’s hard to imagine all of the food he will steal, carpets he will ruin, and curtains he will pull down in his likely future. But for now, this tiny ball of innocence is sweet and harmless.

Ambitious toddler thinks he can fly1m03s

Ambitious toddler thinks he can fly

This 2 year old wild child thinks he can fly off the table. Don't be too quick to judge as he does seem to get 2 seconds air time. We heard his practice has payed off and he is currently hovering the skies!

Published: October 8, 2017Updated: October 13, 2017395 views
Nonchalant Kitty Loves To Go On Skateboarding Adventures8s

Nonchalant Kitty Loves To Go On Skateboarding Adventures

Playing fetch or taking a leisurely walk in the park doesn't seem to be enough for clever pets. Often they enjoy activities that are normally reserved for humans, such as skateboarding. You won't be able to resist laughing as you watch this adorable cat take on the task of its owner. It is a wonderful sunny day so Trixie, the cat, decided to take a ride on his skateboard. You heard well, Trixie, the Tuxedo cat, loves his skateboard adventures. He just hops on the skateboard and enjoys the joyous ride while constantly preserving his poker face attitude. Come and join Trixie the Tuxedo Skate Cat in his little catventures! This video of Trixie the skateboarding cat shows that cats are smart and teachable. She is enjoying the ride and has a nonchalant face expression like she doesn't have a care in the world, which she doesn't because she is a cats, and cats only live their best nine lives. If you're sick of all the bad news in the media and looking for a dose of inspiration, Trixie will give you a reason to smile today! If you liked watching Trixie ride, you should see this vocal cat chat with its owner or this funny cat-minion who cannot stop playing with his banana.

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Sweet Foster Kitten Showers Dalmatian Dog With Kisses1m15s

Sweet Foster Kitten Showers Dalmatian Dog With Kisses

Sometimes, cats and dogs can be friends. In fact, they can be best friends indeed and enjoy their nap time together in the coziness of their shared mattress. These little kittens have tucked in so closely to the Dalmatians and enjoy their afternoon purr lying next to their cute, dotted friends. The handsome trio of Dalmatians that are Louie, Lady and Zoey have had the ultimate pleasure to act as foster siblings to a litter of kitten that their humans took from a local shelter. The kittens needed some tender love and care from good people, but the love and affection that these tiny furballs got to experience from these spotted hounds is far too much to bear! Zoey, the youngest, 5-month-old pup in the family became quite famous recently, when she imprinted on Calypso, one of the kittens they were fostering, and tried to teach her how to play like dog! Even though so incredibly young, it seems these kitties know exactly how lucky they are to be in this huge family, so one of them has been caught showering Louie the Dalmatian with kitty kisses! Awww! These interspecies friendships is what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of videos with all sorts of different animals cuddling and playing in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such pets around.

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Baby Girl Laughs Hysterically When Her Dad Makes Strange Noises1m06s

Baby Girl Laughs Hysterically When Her Dad Makes Strange Noises

There is almost not a single bad mood that a laughing baby cannot solve and cheer you up, so it comes as no surprise that laughing baby videos are among the most viral videos. Laughing babies are intoxicating. This adorably hilarious laughing baby will put you in a great mood just in seconds. Prepare yourself for a cute overload! This baby girl finds her father making strange noises hilarious, and she can't take it, she bursts into laughter every single time, even if he makes the same sound over and over again. Adorable! This happy baby girl sits at her daddy's lap and enjoys the sound of the crazy noises coming out of his mount, after which she laughs out loud. So cute! Whether it is their first step, first word or first dance move, babies have their way of making it look adorable and hilarious at the same time. However, one of the best things about babies is their ability to laugh at basic, everyday occurrences, say like when you drop something on the ground, when you rip paper, or even when you make some noises. There is no better mood lifter when than babies laughing hysterically, so parents you should cherish every moment with your little, lovely creatures.

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Cheeky Monkey Doesn't Want To Share His Sandwich1m17s

Cheeky Monkey Doesn't Want To Share His Sandwich

You'll never be as relaxed as this cute little monkey is while he eats a massive sandwich sitting on a tree branch. It is very amusing to watch this monkey enjoy his food so much. This footage shows a monkey sitting on a tree branch and enjoying his alone time with a gigantic sandwich. While he digs deep into his delicious treat, suddenly another monkey rushes in and wants to have a piece of the delight. However, he didn’t know that monkeys don't share food, and he is ignored as the first monkey swings away with the sandwich, where he finds a new quiet place to fill his tummy with joy. It is so adorable to see that he is constantly on alert, clutching the sandwich so tightly with his little hands, as he munches and chews on it. The poor thing is so afraid that another monkey will find his treasure and steal from him. This fellow must have stolen somebody's lunch and is now lurking from the inside of the tree, hiding in the crown while enjoying every piece of his precious prey. This cheeky little monkey is having a tasteful lunch break and doesn't want to be disturbed. Now this is one hungry monkey, watch as this Capuchin eats every bite of a giant sandwich. He even knows that the inside is softer and better, and so he eats it first! After a while, he feels like he is being watched, so he decides to make another branch-switch, and goes even deeper into the tree. He wants to be left alone and peacefully finish his food.

Stray Dog In Thailand Loves Riding On Scooters9s

Stray Dog In Thailand Loves Riding On Scooters

Now this is something you don’t hear every day, a stray dog hitchhike motorcycle rides. Have you ever seen a dog do anything like this? The best part is that this adorable dog is spreading joy and reminds people that friendship has no limits. While parked at an intersection in Koh Tao, Thailand, this brave and very persistent dog jumped onto this guy's bike. The guy then, kindly tried to remove the stray dog a few times, but the pooch immediately jumped back on the motorcycle. He must have been in a rush or late for his date, that he so desperately needed this stranger to give him a ride. What an incredible dog! Looks like he’s having a fun time riding with his new friend, who says you can’t teach new tricks to old dogs, this guy has mastered the art of getting himself a free ride and making new friends in the process, all that while enjoying the views from motorcycle's front seat. Apparently, this dog absolutely loves motorcycles and doesn't mind making new friends, every time he needs a ride he tags along. Would you mind this guy hopping in your ride? This pooch seems like he was well-trained to sits on a motorcycle, with his two front paws resting in the front while he tilts his head and keeps his eyes on the road. He looks so cool on the bike and is having the time of his life!

Published: October 4, 2017Updated: October 13, 2017425 views
Jealous Husky Is Desperate For Owner's Attention1m46s

Jealous Husky Is Desperate For Owner's Attention

Dogs can be quite needy when it comes to their owner’s attention which is no surprise. Dogs are pack animals, desperate for contact and attention. Siberian Huskies, in particular, cannot live without their owner’s love and attention, and if their owner is busy not playing or cuddling with them, they will go to surprising extents just to get their attention. Yana the husky is always jealous when her owner pays too much attention to other dogs. Check out what happens when her owner is caught watching a video of huskies talking on the phone. This Husky tries so hard to grab her owner’s attention, and her cry is so adorable. Whenever Yana is in a need for attention, she makes sure her owner is aware by being as loud and obnoxious as possible, she grunts and cries out loud. Yana keeps barking loud, shaking her head, which makes her look like she is talking and arguing with her owner. She complaints and is seemingly upset that she is not the center of attention and she is very spoiled, and wants nothing but her owner's attention. Fortunately for us her owner manages to make Yana stop crying because my ears are hurting.

Published: October 5, 2017Updated: October 13, 20176,369 views
English Bulldog Kisses Wild Manatee54s

English Bulldog Kisses Wild Manatee

While Kayaking in Florida, surrounded by 5 manatees, this English Bulldog and one of the manatees rubbed noses, kissed and played. So cool!

Published: October 5, 2017Updated: October 13, 201713,588 views
Bride's Sister Pulls Off A Hilarious Maid Of Honor Speech4m09s

Bride's Sister Pulls Off A Hilarious Maid Of Honor Speech

When giving a maid of honor speech, it seems that someone always has an opinion or request. For this speech, Melanie, the maid of honor, who also happens to be the bride’s younger sister, makes note of their mother’s requests. "My mom told me two things: don't burp and don't curse," she said. "Well mom, you get one thing, I'm not gonna burp." She went on to mention how it's hard to come up with anything else to say about her sister that her parents hadn't already said, "because she really is the favorite - I mean, ideal child.", since she has excelled both in academics and in sucking up to their mom, setting the bar really high. Then again, she is also grateful to her sister Heidi for ‘letting her be the black sheep in the family’ for her entire life. Everyone attending is rolling around laughing. As Melanie continued on with her speech and all of the sweet things that her sister has taught her over the years, she looked the groom directly in the eyes and reminded him to say those three special words every single day, "you are right." Out of all the cliche wedding speeches we have seen, this one came as a welcome refreshment! What a way to send off your sister!

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