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Cheeky Kid Upstages Juggler During Street Performance1m15s

Cheeky Kid Upstages Juggler During Street Performance

A hilarious video has emerged of a cheeky kid messing with a street performer in his act of juggling.This snarky kid was pulling the leg of this unbalanced street performer after he was chosen to volunteer. Footage shows a street performer, trying to balance his weight on a ball while he holds two clubs and waits for the volunteer to pass him the third club in order to continue with his street performance. The young kid makes a swift move but fails to pass the club to the juggler, he hits him in between his legs and leaves the audience in tears of joy. The kid makes a second attempt to pass the club, but this time the street performer teaches the kid how to throw the club in order to score and help his juggling, but the kid continues to entertain the audience by messing with the juggler. When the juggler tells the kid to raise his hand, referring to the hand in which he holds the club, the kid raises his other hand and makes the audience laugh even harder. Eventually, the kid approaches the juggler and hands him the club, but again, he holds it too low, urging the juggler to work his way and lower his body, hence working his lower core, just to get to the club. This amazing kid has worked his magic and entertained the audience, accidently upstaging the juggler! Juggling is something we often see at the circus. It is a kind of performing art which is quite difficult to perform. All amateurs start with juggling two or three balls in a “shower” or circle pattern with one hand throwing and the other catching. However, it is far easier to learn juggling if they attempt it by throwing the balls alternately with both hands in the “cascade” or the figure eight pattern. Depending on one’s skill, it may take hours or days to learn to juggle three balls. The time increases to months to move on to four balls and years to master five or more object!

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Scary moment woman finds a huge lizard under her bed1m02s

Scary moment woman finds a huge lizard under her bed

This woman kept complaining her eggs were mysteriously vanishing, and she discovered who the culprit was when she found a huge lizard under her bed in Queensland, Australia. video Licence By video Link :

Policeman performs impressive dance moves at Notting Hill Carnival39s

Policeman performs impressive dance moves at Notting Hill Carnival

An amusing video of a police officer performing some impressive dance moves at Notting Hill Carnival in London. In the clip, which was filmed on Monday (August 28), the uniformed policeman body pops brilliantly as hundreds of festival-goers look on in amazement. "You must be an undercover raver," the MC on stage jokes.

Little Girl Gives Hugs To Everyone In Her Church1m04s

Little Girl Gives Hugs To Everyone In Her Church

In case you are having a bad day today and are in terrible need of a genuine hug, then look no further, because this girl has just what you need. A tiny tot by the name of Aubrey has been recorded by her dad Tyler Hull during their communion on Sunday, as the girl shares hugs with everyone present at their church. Is that delightful or what? On November 12, Tyler Hull, his wife Michelle and their little daughter Aubrey went to their church in Purcell, Oklahoma for holy communion. After getting back in their pew, Aubrey felt so moved by what the preacher said that day, that she felt compelled to give every a tight, toddler hug! Tyler says: "On Sunday November 12, 2017 after my family and I received our blessings and holy communion we returned to our pew where my daughter stood up and began hugging everyone. It was so sweet I pulled out my phone to record. It made everyone she hugged incredibly happy. My mother in law has been going there for over 50 years, my wife also grew up in the church. I just posted it to Facebook to show friends and family and it just blew up." We have never felt this big of an urge to squeeze someone into a tight hug right now!

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Basketball Team Slips34s

Basketball Team Slips

Who polished this floor? That’s the question you’ll probably be asking yourself after watching this video, because clearly something was amiss. It looks like whoever it was spent a little too much time in one corner, because that area was definitely far too slick. Unless an entirely different perpetrator spilled some water or something, that also would make sense. Conspiracy theorists: have at it. Because something is most certainly rotten in the state of Denmark. A high school boys basketball team is completing their warm up. They finish their shots and get ready for their “rally lap” around the gym. Full disclosure: this writer was a wrestler in high school, so I’m coming from a place of slight resentment towards basketball players. Can you really blame my ire though? Their practices were a fraction as hard and they got twice the attendance at their games we did. What I’m basically saying is: it’s very possible I enjoyed what you’re about to witness a little too much.

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GoPro Hero 4 Camera Survived Being Hit by Lava From Kilauea Volcano1m36s

GoPro Hero 4 Camera Survived Being Hit by Lava From Kilauea Volcano

A Hawaii resident’s GoPro Hero 4 camera survived being hit by lava from Kilauea Volcano in Kalapana on August 10, 2016. Erik Storm, who operates Kilauea EcoGuides tours, told Storyful: “This is an interesting story as to why this is just getting attention now. My GoPro Hero 4 was hit by the lava on accident in August of 2016. Recently I took professional photographer Erez Marom out to the active lava flows, and he brought his drone, DJI Phantom 4 pro. We were outside of the National Park boundary (drones illegal in all national parks) on private land that we have legal access to. He flew his Phantom too close to the lava, and it melted the lens on his camera. We got to talking about the GoPro back in August 2016, and he wanted to feature it. This video and story are now going viral around the world. “GoPro has reached out to me in regard to this video. We work with a lot of professional photographers, and they are all amazed when they hear the story and see the footage and photos. And yes, the camera really did work afterward; remember it had the waterproof housing on it. From a scientific perspective, it most likely survived due to the Leidenfrost Effect. I thought the camera was for sure done when it was engulfed in the lava. I had a geologist rock hammer with me and that is how I was able to get it out of the now cooling rock. When I got home I hammered all the hardened rock off of the camera and was amazed to see the blue wi-fi light still blinking! The camera would turn on but the lens was slightly melted making it not really usable anymore. The SD card popped right out and the footage was intact! At the end of the video you can see me with the rock hammer, and then one of my guests on the private lava hike that day comes over to take a photo with his iPhone. “The viral nature of this story has brought many doubters and non-believers. I have been accused of doing this intentionally which is definitely not the case. The recent story about Erez’s drone brought this story back to the surface. It was an honest accident that produced an amazing story. I love GoPros and have been using them since the first version to record and document lava flows here in Hawaii. I was telling a story about the Polynesian goddess Pele to my guests when my GoPro was hit by the lava. It is VERY important to note that flowing lava in Hawaii is extremely sacred and should be respected as such. No one should ever poke the lava with anything, cook with the lava, or throw anything into or in front of the flowing lava to ‘see what happens.’ I respect the place where I work to the fullest and work hard to make sure people understand that this is a very sacred place that commands respect.” Credit: Kilauea EcoGuide via Storyful

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