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Coach driver caught dancing with both hands off wheel34s

Coach driver caught dancing with both hands off wheel

A video has emerged from China of a professional coach driver dancing with both hands off the steering wheel while driving down a motorway. The footage was filmed in Shaoguan City in southern China's Guangdong Province on November 21. An investigation has been launched, according to local reports. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

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The Mood Swings That Come With Trading Bitcoins29s

The Mood Swings That Come With Trading Bitcoins

This guy is trying to explain and depict the tension and mood swings that come when people start using Bitcoins and decide to retire to officially day-trade cryptocurrency. The fluctuations on this market often result in serious changes of attitude. We have no idea how this works! “Guess who’s in that cryptocurrency boys? I have been doing this for three weeks so I am sort of an expert!”, says the guy. He goes from saying, “I am seriously considering putting everything I got into it”, to saying “no shit, it is crushing, God damn it, I knew this was a bubble!” and perfectly explains the headaches Bitcoins give to people. Baffled by bitcoin? Confused by the concept of crypto-currencies? Is bitcoin the future of finance, a potential destroyer of the economy or is it just a silly slice of technical utopianism? Many people in the world have no clue what Bitcoin is. While Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular, people are increasingly starting to learn about the cryptocurrency. However, for the average person, it’s still quite confusing! Bitcoin cannot expect to become widely accepted without people understanding how it works or what it even is. Even after explaining Bitcoin in laymen terms, it can still be intimidating and confusing for many. Hopefully as Bitcoin continues to increase in popularity, people will become more and more interested, and as such will take greater effort in trying to understand what Bitcoin is and how it works. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. The network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly through the use of cryptography, without an intermediary. As such, bitcoin transactions are anonymous. Bitcoin transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in an immutable public distributed ledger called a blockchain. Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open-source software in 2009.

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Elf on the Shelf Receives Treatment at Children's Hospital Following Dog Attack1m03s

Elf on the Shelf Receives Treatment at Children's Hospital Following Dog Attack

An injured Elf on the Shelf got some VIP treatment after it was brought to the emergency unit of a children’s hospital in Orlando, Florida, to get patched up. Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children shared footage of the Elf on the Shelf Sam being wheeled through the hospital on a gurney, after he was brought in following a dog attack. Sam belongs to Jenn Thelan and her daughter Aubrie, who was distraught when she realized Sam had been attacked by the dog. The December 6 video had over 180,000 views at the time of writing. Credit: Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children via Storyful

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Trained Pilots Struggle To Land Planes In Strong Winds 1m32s

Trained Pilots Struggle To Land Planes In Strong Winds

This stomach-churning video shows three packed passenger jets weaving from side to side as they perform some incredibly wobbly landings in windy weather. The frightening footage of the planes swaying as they battle through 44mph winds to touchdown at Leeds Bradford Airport makes for nervous viewing for any flyers. Professional photographer Charlotte Graham captured the nauseating video of the series of shaky landings at the airport, capturing three jets make it to ground on the same afternoon. Plane landings don’t always go as smoothly as passengers would like because turbulence can often lead to the aircraft landing with a bang, or bouncing on the ground before reaching a full stop. Watch as planes are struggling to land, battling intense winds, rising up and down. It is evident that planes are trying to land, but the weather conditions are hard to handle. Dramatic footage shows as aircrafts are being buffeted heavily by the bad weather conditions, struggling to come into land. For nervous fliers, crosswind landings can be terrifying, but pilots receive thorough training on how to perform them. Footage shows a number of planes shaking in high winds as they came in to make their jittery landings. I bet passengers flying in these aircrafts have had to reach for their sick bags. While crosswinds appear dangerous, they are an everyday occurrence for trained pilots landing on windy surfaces. They say that high winds are not dangerous but can certainly be inconvenient, especially if the wind direction is across the runway. All pilots go through a training on how to land in high crosswind conditions and practice the aircraft’s limits on a simulator. When any new aircraft is certified to carry passengers it comes with a published crosswind limit, which is the maximum that has been demonstrated by a test pilot during the certification process. If the wind is outside that limit the crew will have to take the aircraft to an alternate airport where the wind is within limits, which means a runway that has less of a crosswind component. In practice, the wind is rarely aligned fully with the runway so there is always a slight crosswind to deal with, it is just the amount of it that varies.

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Dog Gets 'Sent Off' After Invading Pitch at European Soccer Clash1m05s

Dog Gets 'Sent Off' After Invading Pitch at European Soccer Clash

Some much needed excitement was injected into the 1-1 draw between Macedonian side FK Vardar and Norwegian champions Rosenborg in Skopje on December 7 by dog invading the field of play. The Europa League fixture in FK Vardar’s Philip II Arena was halted briefly as the home team lined up a free kick only for fans to turn their attention to the canine intruder. The dog wandered into the center of the field, where FK Vardar’s goalkeeper went to meet him. The keeper’s attempt to make friends with the pooch didn’t work out however and soon stadium officials arrived to run the dog — who was being cheered wildly by the crowd — off the pitch. Credit: YouTube/Aleksandar Pavlovski via Storyful

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Curious Dog Is Completely Mind-Blown By A Lemon Slice1m28s

Curious Dog Is Completely Mind-Blown By A Lemon Slice

Wanna know how to keep a dog busy? Just check out Reeses the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever completely losing it over a slice of lemon! Hilarious! The footage of this curious dog being introduced to lemons will definitely brighten your day. The adorable pooch is completely mind-blown by the lemon slice and his reaction to this new sour taste is priceless.This pooch is dancing around the lemon slice, mesmerized by its sour taste. Doggie looks puzzled by the strange taste of lemon and tries to bite it but cannot handle the strong taste. Adorable! Like cats getting scared of cucumbers, the latest viral phenomenon among some pet parents is giving their dogs or puppies a taste of a lemon. Videos capturing dogs wincing at the fruit are circling social websites, and they’re leaving a bitter taste with some concerned pet parents. While some animal advocates see the clips as cruel, others are wondering if it is unsafe for dogs to eat lemons as well. Lemon juice is likely not your dog's drink of choice, but he can look cleaner, feel healthier and may even behave better with help from this tart tonic. Of course, you should consult with your veterinarian if you are contemplating supplementing your dog's diet with lemon juice as a source of vitamin C. Just because your precious doggy shows an interest in the yummy citrus fruits you eat and use in cooking, don't immediately assume they're harmless to him. Assumptions are often a recipe for disaster. If your dog accidentally eats any type of citrus, it's smart to contact your vet. Apart from the fact that your dog may reject the sour taste, it's very important to keep your pet away from lemons. The ASPCA notes that the fruit is indeed toxic to dogs. The poisonous components are the psoralen compounds and the aromatic oils. If your doggie gets his paws on a lemon, he may experience unpleasant side effects including diarrhea, throwing up and even unusual light sensitivity.

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Little Girl Tried To Sneak Her Puppy To School38s

Little Girl Tried To Sneak Her Puppy To School

What are the things that every student needs to bring to school? Let’s see: text books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, the lunch, a puppy...Come again? You heard that right - one little girl in Praia Grande, Sao Paulo, Brazil decided that her tiny puppy is practically essential for her school day. So, she packed everything that she needed for a successful day at school and tucked the puppy in between everything else! Her dad caught little Alice right before she was about to hop on the bus for school, struggling to pick up her backpack. Not only that, but the whole bag was behaving a bit odd - something inside was moving! That’ when Flávio Leanderson started making this adorable video to show to the girl's grandmother. Trying to play it cool, Alice casually zipped up the bag like nothing is wrong here. But by then, it was already too late. "Take a look at this. No, ma'am, open your backpack," Leanderson is heard saying. "Are you taking the dog to school, Alice?" Like she is some sort of evil mastermind. Yes, papa, that is exactly what Alice’s plan was. Se might have been caught red-handed, but the attempted puppy-smuggler showed little remorse for her actions. Without missing a beat, she tossed her backpack, now puppy free, over her shoulders and continued on her way. It’s really hard to blame the adorable toddler for trying to sneak her pup to school. Why don’t schools allow them?

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Cat's Eyes Hilariously Light Up When Owner Says Magic Word23s

Cat's Eyes Hilariously Light Up When Owner Says Magic Word

We all have our favorite food. Animals have theirs too. We have seen some dogs wake up from their sweet slumber the moment they hear the familiar sound of a bag of food rustling to be opened. But we have not seen a cat’s eyes light up when the word “treat” gets mentioned. Until now. Shorty the cat plays the lead role in this hilarious video. Obviously, this black furball has been through some training on his own. Watch what happens when his owner mentions that magic word... The owner asks: “Shorty, do you want a treat?” Shorty’s reaction to this redundant question is funny to say the least. His big green eyes open wide with excitement and stare back at his human, waiting for those delicious treats that he mentioned. The man asks the kitty several times, but not once has a handful of yummy kibble been offered to him. Where are those treats, Alex? The lack of treats being presented makes Shorty think that the whole conversation is just some terrible joke at his tummy’s expense. Every time Alex mentions the word “treats”, adorable Shorty’s eyes open wider and wider in expectation of a yummy piece of kibble. At one point, his pupils are so wide, you can see the universe in them! How can anyone resist these glowing emerald marbles? “I hear the sound of treats! Yup, he is going to give me some treats” goes through Shorty’s mind. But no, it it is not the thing that Shorty was hoping for, just his brother. That’s when Kody appears on camera. “Did someone mention treats?”

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Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Captures Hikers Under The Milky Way Galaxy1m32s

Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Captures Hikers Under The Milky Way Galaxy

Watch this amazing time-lapse video composed of several hundred images showing the Milky Way Galaxy rising behind Mt. Rainier. As it zooms in, you can see the headlamps of the hikers as they ascend up Mt. Rainier in the middle of the night, under the stars. When put all together the images make one mesmerizing time-lapse video. This time-lapse was photographed in August of 2017 from around 11pm till 2am by photographer Mike Ver Sprill a.k.a. Milky Way Mike, taken during a New Moon when the sky is usually the darkest. When put all together the images make one mesmerizing time-lapse video. A local photographer captured a breathtaking view of the Milky Way galaxy descending behind Mount Rainier in the early hours. Watch the gorgeous, mash-up of earth, sky and stars and be amazed! Mount Rainier is the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, and the highest mountain in the U.S. state of Washington. It is a large active stratovolcano located 54 miles (87 km) south-southeast of Seattle, in the Mount Rainier National Park. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States and the Cascade Volcanic Arc, with a summit elevation of 14,411 ft (4,392 m). Shooting stars are visible streaking across the dark sky, but what about those glowing lights on the mountain itself? They are mountain climbers, using their flash lights as they move up on the mountain in order to see and photograph the Milky Way over Mount Rainier. Milky Way and Mount Rainier go perfectly together! In order to get a photo of the Milky Way over Mount Rainier you need to be in the right spot at the right time of year. The spot seen in the photographs is a great spot in that it isn't too far of a hike and provides an unobstructed view of the mountain and the milky way. Be sure to check weather conditions as there needs to be a clear sky in order to see the stars. As far as time of year, the Milky Way is best seen in the summer months, but late spring or early fall will work as well.

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Human Rescues Drowning Puppy And Gets A Lifelong Friend25s

Human Rescues Drowning Puppy And Gets A Lifelong Friend

A footage has emerged of a confused and crying wet puppy, trying to find his way around. A man is standing next to a wet puppy, allegedly after saving him from drowning, trying to pet the tiny pooch. This video was filmed on November 28, 2017 in Binh Dai, Ben Tre, Vietnam. This cute rescue story will melt your heart and show you that there are still kind people in the world, willing to lend a helping hand. A man was fishing when he spotted a tiny puppy drowning and immediately went on a mission to try and rescue the dog. Fortunately, he managed to reach the dog and bring him back to shore. Luckily, the canine has quickly recovered and was nursed back to health. Dogs are naturally good swimmers on short distances, but sometimes they get too far from the shore and get in trouble. In an attempt to find their way around, they get tired of swimming and their limbs start getting numb, causing them to inevitably drown. You should always remember that you need to protect yourself when trying to rescue a drowning dog. The moments of preparation can save two lives, yours and the dog's. Make sure to watch for signs of shock, which include pale or white gums, a rapid heartbeat, or rapid breathing, when rescuing a drowning dog. Even if the rescue mission isn’t captured on camera, we can see that the dog is fine, other than being soaking wet. This man found himself a friend for a lifetime, dogs never forget the good deeds humans do for them!

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Little Girl's Reaction To Meeting Baby Brother Is Too Much2m02s

Little Girl's Reaction To Meeting Baby Brother Is Too Much

If you want a cuteness overload, watch this video. A little girl, Ina, comes home and meets her baby brother for the first time after her mother comes back from the hospital. Ina’s reaction is priceless. After her mom greets her and tells her to come in, the first thing Ina says is ‘Hi mom. You’ve got cookie?’ Her brother is something sweet, a joy so she compares him with a cookie. Heart-melting. She sits next to her mom and wonders how tiny her brother is. She tries to stroke him, all the while making sure she is super gentle to the new baby brother. How adult-like of her. But her parents are also great giving her the chance to grow into this role. Although she is very young too, at this moment now, she becomes the big sister. The time comes when she will watch over her baby brother and help her mom with him. But this very first introduction is the most important and she is really into it. She radiates love, joy and gives him cuddles. Whoever had a big sister knows how precious they can be. This one is going to be one of the greatest of all times. Atta girl! This year, she’s getting the awesome sister award.

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Kitty Hears the Can23s

Kitty Hears the Can

Occurred on July 6, 2017 / Taiwan Info from Licensor: "My cat, Wang Choi, was asleep at my desk, but woke up at the dim sum."

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Starving Bear Feeding On Trash Is A Solid Proof Of Global Warming1m22s

Starving Bear Feeding On Trash Is A Solid Proof Of Global Warming

It is not something most of us think about on a day-to-day basis. But global warming is present and evident; some governments of the world are trying their very best to at least slow down the effects it causes, while other do the exact opposite, because they demand valid proof that global warming is destroying our world. It would seem that the proof everybody is talking about is finally here! A non-profit social enterprise called SeaLegacy filmed an adult male polar bear emaciated to the bone, forced to rummage through trash bins in the pursuit for food on Somerset Island in Nunavut, Canada. Paul Nicklen, 49, filmed the soul-crushing encounter for five hours. With no wounds on its body, and not old enough to die of old age, he didn’t know exactly what happened to the precious animal, but he is the face of climate change. During summer the bears can go for several months without eating while they wait for the Arctic Ice to solidify but because the ice is freezing later and melting earlier, their fasting period is prolonged. Without ice, there are no seals, the mains source of food for polar bears. Paul and the team from SeaLegacy described the moment as ‘profoundly heartbreaking’ due to not being able to save the polar bear or put him out of his misery. It’s illegal to interfere with wildlife, even by feeding them. They hope the video will awaken people to the effects of climate change and to take action to save future bears from suffering a similar fate. The global population of polar bears is at risk, with a real possibility of extinction within 100 years. For more information, visit:

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Baby Tries To Sound Evil, But We Still Find Her Adorable33s

Baby Tries To Sound Evil, But We Still Find Her Adorable

How knew such an adorable little baby with a contagious laugh could make such evil sounds! Not only does this little nugget make the craziest voices, she is doing it all to entertain her family. If I had to guess, this playful and funny toddler will grow up to be an actor, comedienne or singer. You can even here one of her family members say in the background "we have to get her an audition somewhere!" Kids run by the principle of "monkey see, monkey do". They see their elders doing or saying something and they want to feel accepted, so they will roll over backwards just to sound like their elders do! This little kid is being coerced to try and sound all evil-like, but what comes out of her tiny mouth is nothing short of adorable! Everyone knows you should definitely be mindful about what you are saying in front of your kids, because their tiny minds absorb like sponges and you never know when that little verbal indiscretion might come spilling out of innocent little mouths! However, slip ups can happen, especially if haven’t got the slightest clue that your tot is right beside you to hear that bad word that just rolled out of your mouth, so some damage control is your second best bet. Still, you have to check out what this toddler did in front of both her parents, because her lunch just would not stay still in her spoon!

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Toddler Has The Best Way Of Telling Dad To 'Have Some Fun'31s

Toddler Has The Best Way Of Telling Dad To 'Have Some Fun'

You can really tell that this adorable toddler boy looks up to his dad. Wait a second… he looks up WITH him, looks down WITH him and to the side WITH him. Check out this cute father/son moment where a good-humored toddler boy imitates his dad. If you ask us, this is his funny and clever way of saying “hey dad! Stop paying attention to your laptop and pay attention to me!” Kids brains are like sponges - they are able to pick up everything they elders do and say. They say the easiest way of teaching a kid to do the right thing is to show it how it’s done, rather than telling the kid to so it, then do the exact opposite when the kid isn’t looking. Same goes for curse words - everyone knows you should definitely be mindful about what you are saying in front of your kids, because their tiny minds absorb like sponges and you never know when that little verbal indiscretion might come spilling out of innocent little mouths! This kid might not be imitating dad in a bad way, but we really hope that it would be dad who learns something from his son. Like how to take some time off and have a nice bit of fun. Work will ways be there, but the best time to catch up with your kid is right now!

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Squirrel Steals A GoPro To Film Her Life In The Trees1m06s

Squirrel Steals A GoPro To Film Her Life In The Trees

Here’s a little fun fact for you: wild squirrels might be expert gatherers and hoarders, but they make extremely fidgety filmmakers. Thanks to some clever trickery by YouTube user Viva Frei, who attached a piece of pastry to a GoPro as bait, a hungry squirrel was convinced to make off with the lightweight action camera, where it then shot an impromptu video of its squirrelly adventures among the trees. An amusing video from the Newsflare archive of a squirrel stealing a GoPro camera and carrying it up a tree. The video, captured in Montreal, Canada on Sunday, shows the cheeky squirrel hovering apprehensively over the device before snatching it and scampering up a tree. The camera’s owner, whose real name is David Freiheit, says: “I attached a piece of bread to my GoPro to see if I could draw a squirrel to the GoPro. It ended up picking up the GoPro with the bread and bringing it up a tree.” Thankfully, after eating the bread, the speedy rodent deemed the GoPro lacking any nutrition, and Freheit was able to recover the camera after the squirrel dropped it to the ground. Good thing GoPros are made to withstand drops from a high altitude, because if it were some sort of fragile professional equipment, none of this would have been released to us, the public hungry for viral videos shot from someone else’s perspective. Filmed in Rue Notre-Dame Est, Ville-Marie

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Bored 16-Year-Old Builds His Own Roller Coaster2m50s

Bored 16-Year-Old Builds His Own Roller Coaster

Have you ever dreamed as a kid of having your own roller-coaster? Logan Moore, a teenager from Kentucky made his dream come true and built his own roller-coaster in his backyard. The story started after he took a carpentry lesson. "I took a class in carpentry class in school and I immediately fell in love with it." He was always fascinated with roller coasters, researching them and looking them up on the internet. After finding some unused wood and piping in his backyard he started building one. He had everything in his had "I didn’t write it down, on no piece of paper. I just completely thought about it in my head." He built it completely by himself and revealed that the construction was a time consuming process, taking about two months. During the summer holidays, he would get up at 8am and working till 11pm. He continued working on school days, until late in the evening. For him and his friends too, riding it was a lot of fun. "I love riding it, My friends have rode it. They think it’s unbelievable." The tallest point on the roller-coaster is 8.5ft and there is a winch connected to the seat which brings you up to the top. Its top speed is 12-13 mph. He says "This is the second coaster I have built. The first one was smaller and I didn’t like it so I tore it down and started again. I like this one a lot more."

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Silly Cat Has A Really Funny Way Of Telling Her Owner She's Tired24s

Silly Cat Has A Really Funny Way Of Telling Her Owner She's Tired

Let’s be real, cats are weird. Sure, they are the lovable, fluffy balls of sass that we adore, but deep inside, our feline furbabies are probably just a robot run by a bunch of minuscule aliens. How else would you explain their erratic behavior and constant mood changes? Beside being absolutely weird little buggers, cats are also natural-born manipulators. Their innate ability to observe and learn keeps them safe, but also with well fed tummies, ultimately making them the ruler of their house. You think it is your home? Think again! If a cat figures out that some specific behavior will make her owner go “aww” and bend to her every will and whim, she will stop at nothing to achieve it, even if that means she will look like a fool. Take this cat, for example. According to her owner, this silly cat is able to tell him she’s tired by sitting up on her back legs and begging with her front paws. The cat looks ridiculous, but it gets her what she wants, and that is to be taken to her bed like a queen and probably covered with a warm, fluffy blanket to stay nice and cozy. No cat in the history of cats was born with this knowledge. She looks the human dead in the eye and does this weird gesture over and over, until he can no longer watch his pet behave like a looney toon. Watch and learn folks, this is how you get your way!

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Boy's Reaction To Pregnancy Reveal Is The Most Relatable Thing1m13s

Boy's Reaction To Pregnancy Reveal Is The Most Relatable Thing

Children do not often get overjoyed upon learning that their family is awaiting the arrival of another child. That is quite understandable, especially if they have long enjoyed the status and attention of an only child and the arrival of of a baby sister or brother would surely mean the end of it all. This definitely is not the case with our adorable little hero. His mom and dad have prepaid a surprise announcement of their pregnancy. On the table, they have placed a box containing a small cake in it with a ‘big brother’ frosting writing on it and turned on their camera to film his reaction. Going for the cake strait, the chubby soon-to-be-big-brother notices the writing and stops in amazement. His mind is slowly grasping the information and you can clearly see this in the change of his facial expressions: surprise, confusion, amazement to teary emotional meltdown. If you chance to possess a good imagination you can even see thought clouds forming above his head. However, despite all that surprise and heat-throb he cannot resist munching a piece of the cake! If you happen to remember how your parents first informed you of the arrival of your brother and sister, please comment in the section below this video. If you remember your reaction to it, please share it with us.

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