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Little Girl Reacts To News Toys 'R' Us Is Closing1m46s

Little Girl Reacts To News Toys 'R' Us Is Closing

This is the moment a little girl breaks down after being told Toys ‘R’ Us is closing its stores by her mischievous older brother. Adorable Cecilia Iffert, aged five, is overwhelmed with emotions at the devastating news her favorite toy store is shuttering and breaks down in floods of tears. After having the heart-breaking information broken to her by her big brother Giuseppe, aged eight, Cecilia begins crying prompting mom Jessica to enter the room to find out what’s wrong. Cecilia tells her mom it’s because she doesn’t want Toys ‘R’ Us to close and wishes it would stay forever - worried that she will no longer be able to get her favorite Barbie anymore. Jessica tells her everything will be okay and that she’ll be able to get toys in other stores, but it’s not enough to console her daughter as she comes to grips with the giant store closing. ---- T&T Creative is a user generated video licensing company. We unearth, verify, package and deliver newsworthy clips to major news organizations and brands worldwide. To license this video clip for media or brand usage, contact

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Puppy goes crazy over doorstop at veterinary hospital1m13s

Puppy goes crazy over doorstop at veterinary hospital

Finn just might be one of the cutest puppies ever. He's nine months old and he's just had a little surgery at the veterinary clinic. But five days later, he's back in for his checkup and he's as playful and energetic as usual. It's actually impressive that he seems so unaffected by his recent procedure. While his owner, Elizabeth chats with the doctor, Finn discovers the door stop on the wall. He paws at it, barks at it and jumps around as if it will play with him. Finn even discovers that he can spring it if he pulls it back and releases it. His wagging tail and his prancing show his happiness as he plays his new game. Finn loves to play more than anything. He loves stuffed toys and things to chase, but most of all, he loves all other dogs. Finn will run up to any dog without fear and he regularly plays with a German Shepherd, St. Bernard and a large hound. Finn genuinely seems to believe that he is a big dog himself. Finn was born in Michigan but found his forever home in Peterborough, Ontario where he lives with a cat that he would love to play with. The cat, however, doesn't feel quite the same way about Finn yet, but he will probably win her over eventually. When Finn isn't playing with doorstops and cats, he absolutely loves car rides. Elizabeth often takes him hiking in the woods and the two of them love exploring together. And, like most dogs, Finn's stomach dictates much of what he does. Finn loves all food, especially sausage treats. Corgis are the small dogs with the big personalities and Finn lives up the reputation. They make up for their short legs and small stature with their extra big hearts. You can't help but fall in love with a puppy as happy as Finn.

Cute Black Labrador Makes A Mess With Protein Powder2m05s

Cute Black Labrador Makes A Mess With Protein Powder

There is one thing that a dog will never stop doing and that is being loyal to you! Dogs are extremely what humans would call “faithful”. They will always give you the best of company. However, this certainly does not mean that they cannot be naughty and misbehaved. Just as this silly Labrador in the video, who made a mess and then pretended like it’s not his fault! A black Labrador gets into the protein powder and trash and now he is in a lot of trouble! The protein powder is all over its mouth and pieces of the trash are stuck to its paws. We have to say he did not do a good job at getting rid of the evidence. His human parents have noticed the mess the dog has made, and they are calling him to see what he has done, but he is trying to avoid any eye contact. After a while, knowing he has got himself into trouble, he comes to his human father and sits next to him quietly, trying to appease or even be invisible for the next few minutes. He knows that he has made a mess, and the evidence is right there on his nose and paws, so he is just sitting calmly, thinking about what comes next. However, the black Labrador is just too adorable and there is no way that anyone would get mad at him, so the humans are just laughing at the mess, and thanks to this video, now we are too.

Feisty Little Toddler Has Serious Attitude Problem34s

Feisty Little Toddler Has Serious Attitude Problem

If you thought that toddlers were just cute little people without a care in the world, think again! This adorable girl has got some serious attitudes and is not afraid to let her father know exactly what's on her mind! Can you tell that she is actually very upset? Check out this sassy toddler's adorable attitude when told to be careful standing on a footstool. The feisty girl engages in long argument with father, trying to prove her point! The angry toddler throws some serious temper tantrum at father. So precious! Although we can't understand baby babble language, we can pretty much guess what this feisty little girl is saying to her dad. The problem is, the adorable future lawyer wants to mind her own business, playing on the high footstool, but her dad doesn't let her be and warns her to be careful because she might fall down and hurt herself. Listen to the babbling argument she has as response to that! After that things pretty much turn into a full on discussion about dad's unacceptable behavior, followed by a dramatic protest! The angry girl climbs down the stool and approaches her father, making grumpy faces and pointing fingers, trying to explain her argument! Adorable! This little kid might end up being the best lawyer when she gets older! She's barely able to talk at her young age, but that doesn't stop her from trying to persuade dad to let her play on her own, without being watched! We gotta say, she makes a perfectly valid argument, waving her tiny hands in the air. How could you possibly say no to this adorable little tot?

Adorable Baby Boy Is Disappointed Because Toy Is Not Edible1m01s

Adorable Baby Boy Is Disappointed Because Toy Is Not Edible

Have you ever loved something so much that you just wanted to take a bit out of it? Well that's the case here as a little baby boy attempts to nibble on a toy. However, the six-month-old baby gets mad because this particular snail toy isn't edible. Cuteness overload! Babies love to put things in their mouths, even if they don't know what it is. This baby is looking for something to chew on. He found this toy and decided to stick it in his mouth. To his surprise, it ended up being just a chew toy, but not edible. Check out his adorable reaction when he finds out that the interesting toy is not for eating! He won't be putting this toy in his mouth again, not after finding out it's not edible! We are sure that there are many more awesome chew toys out there that can attract boy’s attention and urge him to bite on them. So funny! Make sure that you always monitor what your child is putting in their mouth. Thankfully, this chew toy was not a threat. How hilarious was his reaction though, when he found out that he cannot bite on it? Babies are always putting whatever they can find into their mouth, thankfully it wasn't a small and dangerous object! Check out the hilarious reaction this baby boy had upon finding out the delicious toy in his mouth is not for eating! Look at all that disappointment! If you're a parent, have you ever caught your child doing something like this? How was it? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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This Woman Is Her Own Twin1m53s

This Woman Is Her Own Twin

For one woman who absorbed her twin in the womb, having two sets of DNA naturally programmed to not get along has come at a steep price.

Published: March 14, 2018
This Abandoned Suburb Is The Third Largest City In California2m20s

This Abandoned Suburb Is The Third Largest City In California

Abandoned suburbs are a new phenomenon, destined to become dystopian slums, strange perturbations forming on the outermost rims of our cities. But what of suburbs that failed equally spectacularly because they were never even built in the first place? In the desert, 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, is a place called California City. Founded in 1958 by a real estate developer named Nat Mendelsohn, California City was intended to be the state’s next great metropolis. The dream faded quickly. Among the reasons why it has never become a normal city are that in clearing the area for development it lead to an increase in dust storms. Now, the "third largest" city in California is an empty mirage of suburbia in the middle of nowhere. Seen on a map, hundreds of miles of named streets cut through the desert area known as California City, ending in cul-de-sacs, and looking much like a large suburban community. It is by this metric of its geographical size, that California City can lay claim to being the third largest city in California. However, on closer inspection one quickly notices something missing: houses. There is absolutely nothing lining these streets, no houses, no electric grid, nothing. The roads form an empty ghost-grid, a mirage of suburbia still waiting to be filled. Seen from above it looks almost like the remnants of some ancient culture, ritual lines cut in the desert. California City has become something much more interesting - an optical training system for Air Force pilots and skydivers, as well as an oddly beautiful example of misguided optimism. It is now a spatial anomaly, an unintentional piece of monumental land art, perhaps destined to someday be as archaeologically mysterious as Stonehenge.

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Twin Sisters Stop Crying When They Hear Justin Timberlake Sing2m03s

Twin Sisters Stop Crying When They Hear Justin Timberlake Sing

There is something utterly magical about music. It can make us make us laugh and it can make us cry. But most of all, music has such soothing properties that can ease the pain of a long and difficult day. Who doesn’t love listening to music anyway? Mothers all around the world have been singing and playing music to their babies while still in the womb. It stimulates them and creates a bond between a mother and her child. It is to no surprise that when they come in this world, babies show certain preferences towards the type of music they like. Most probably, it is the same music their mommy used to play for them. These two, for example, love Justin Timberlake! Adaline and Evelynn Villella have a massive crush on the R&B singer, so much so that they stop their tantrums whenever they hear his sweet voice singing! It helps them get through anything, from gassy tummies to shots at the doctor’s office. Their uncle Stephen Williamson made this compilation of a few situations where the twins showed their amazing devotion to the famous singer and actor. Every time they experience a bout of anger, he plays them “Can’t Stop The Feeling” and they quickly stop their wailing. Their parents discovered this when they serenaded their daughters to help them calm down. The crafty uncle says: “Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” quickly stood out to them at only a few months old. They would become fixated and focused whenever JT’s video came on the TV.” Apparently, for a family who has never had twins before, Justin was a God-sent.

Zeus The Stubborn Husky Protests His Treat1m34s

Zeus The Stubborn Husky Protests His Treat

Do you remember the video about Zeus the stubborn and independent Siberian Husky that would not stop howling just because his owner did not let him go outside? Well, guess what, Zeus is back again with his usual sass. Actually, this time is not usual at all, he is throwing a tantrum unparalleled with anything before. This time Zeus shows that he can be the real king of all drama queens in this world. If it is not like he has imagined then get ready to stuff your ears with ear plugs because of the long, persistent and deafening cry he makes. For whatever reason, Zeus is seen here protesting a treat. His owner is not sure why he does this - she truly think he just likes hearing himself talk, just like some people we all know. After a few rounds of howling better than the wolves themselves, he eventually gives in and takes the treat. Apart from being silly and wilfully resolved to go on shouting, he walks around the room protesting for more. Looking straight at the camera with his piercing blue eyes, we can only love him for being what he is – an incredibly headstrong dog. Zeus is a 7 year-old male that appeared in the Disney Movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" when he was 8 weeks old. He and his litter mates were in the scene in the subway station where the wolves are turned into puppies. No wonder he enjoyed being filmed because he is a master of putting on unprecedented act. Do not forget to follow Zeus the husky and his adventures on Facebook and Instagram!

King Of The Jungle Winces Like A Kitten When Stepping On A Thorn33s

King Of The Jungle Winces Like A Kitten When Stepping On A Thorn

The African male lion is the single greatest wildlife draw card on the continent. He is known as the king of the beasts and an apex predator. He rules supreme by virtue of his sheer physical strength and powerful enough to bring down prey up to three times his own size. With all of this in mind, it is really hard to imagine how anything could possibly stop him dead in his tracks. This video captures the unexpected moment when a big male lion surprisingly steps on a thorn. For a brief moment the king of the jungle was in real pain! His Royal Highness trots the savanna with all his glory, soaking up the afternoon sun. He is followed closely by a younger male member of the pride, both in no hurry to get anywhere. He doesn’t look to the ground, because he doesn’t have to - what member of royal blood would ever look down to the path he walks on to check for any imperfections that might hinder his magnificent stride? Just when we thought that the lion will simply pass us by, he steps on something that made him wince like the little kitten that he is deep down and we all felt his pain. He may be big and burly, but when a thorn pricks you in a soft spot, you too will jump with agony and surprise. The sensation throws him off his track and makes him look at his afflicted paw. Since he knows that something is down there that will make him hurt again, he steps to his right to avoid it. We wonder who will take the blame for the insolence!

Kitty Is Very Displeased With An Unexpected Visitor2m01s

Kitty Is Very Displeased With An Unexpected Visitor

This is the intense moment when an extremely vocal cat starts challenging his rival to a cat fight by fiercely meowing through a glass door. The bristly cat starts begging owner to open the front door in order to go outside and fight. When Jacob sees another male cat on the other side of the glass door, staring at him urging him to surrender, he immediately gets tough and wants to pick a fight with his rival, so he cries to his owners to let him out! Listen to the incredible speaking skills this Russian feline possesses, he sounds like he is saying ‘open the door’ in Russian! This cat expands its meowing skills and almost starts speaking human just to make owner understand that he is ready to fight for his territory and masculinity! Male cats have strange ways of showing who is in charge! Footage shows the extreme vocal skills this bristly cat possesses while putting them vocal cords in practice, trying to prove a point and stand his ground in the cat fight! The tough cat is continuously begging his owner to open the door, so that he can confront the other male cat, standing on the other side of the glass door, challenging him to a duel. He's a very unique cat, not afraid of anything or anyone including the cat standing on the other side of the door, trying to pick a fight! We knew that pets can be a lot of work to raise, but who would have thought they would be this much of a challenge? Sure, you have to feed them, play with them and make sure they are happy and healthy which is already a big enough challenge, but what is even more challenging is when they argue, telling you what to do! That is just a typical cat behavior! The tough Russian cat wants to go outside, but his owners won’t allow him, after which he stubbornly meows back! We are surprised by the way he persist to beg and meow, standing in front of the door, staring back at his rival!

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Adorable Girl Refuses To Eat Her Snack Because 'It Is Too Cute'1m54s

Adorable Girl Refuses To Eat Her Snack Because 'It Is Too Cute'

We have heard kids refuse to eat stuff for multiple reasons. It is too green, too hard, too soft, too icky… But this is the first time we see a child refuse to eat a slice of ham because it is just too darn cute! Zuriya here simply refuses to eat her Billy Bear ham from her lunch box for weeks now. Her mom, Wambui, thought that the ham might have been too much for her. It turns out that the animal loving four-year-old won’t eat her snack because its teddy bear face was ‘too cute’! “It broke my heart when I realized why she wasn’t eating it. I just thought she was full so didn’t want it,” said the mom, originally from Kenya and living in Dublin. “She was so upset about it, I felt really bad. I didn’t know someone could feel that way about a piece of ham. She loves animals and anything that is cute so I think that is why she refuses to eat it.” Seeing how inconsolable her baby girl was, the mom told her she can keep it in the fridge and make sure no one eats it. But now Zuriya goes to the fridge far too often to make sure Billy Bear is still there. “It’s hard because I am going to have to throw it at some point but she is very protective over it,” says the Wambui. “Zuriya always picks it up when we go shopping but now I know it’s because she thinks it’s cute, not that she thinks it tastes nice.” After the adorable confession, the mom vowed to never buy that product again and has not packed any in her daughter's lunch box since.

Mother And Baby Engage In A Soul-Stirring ‘Conversation’1m35s

Mother And Baby Engage In A Soul-Stirring ‘Conversation’

When you are feeling under the weather and your day has not started as you have planned and there is nothing that helps you improve your mood then we suggest that you should watch this heartwarming video with the two-month-old Oliver and his mom sharing a soul-stirring ‘conversation’. This mother-infant interaction is clearly a psychological one. In other words, by exchanging soft and loving looks with her baby, the mother's affection for the child deepens. Oliver and his mother strengthen their bond through information mediated by the sense organs - the eyes, ears, nose and skin. The sensory information exchanged is diverse: visual information from their respective smiles and eye-to-eye contact; auditory information including the content of the mother's speech and effective information, such as rhythm, pitch, and intonation, the child's happy voice and babbling; This exchange will definitely create emotional bonds between the Oliver and her mother. Oliver’s adorable little face says it all, he really enjoys sharing this emotional conversation with his mom and as long as his mom goes on speaking, he is ready to follow suit. It looks like his whole face is telling a never-ending story full of love and affection that is only destined to finish if the baby falls asleep. He is so excited and he even tries to shape his mouth like his mother does as if he is going to say something back to her. His whole body dances in the rhythm of his mother’s speech and the cutest moment comes when he starts cooing. With his hands waving in the ear, Oliver is ready to give his precious mommy a little hug.

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Two Doggies On A Treadmill, Working For Their Beachbody 35s

Two Doggies On A Treadmill, Working For Their Beachbody

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start them beachbody preparations. This doesn’t apply only to humans, it applies to dogs too. Check out the video of two cute doggies working the treadmill like pros. One is running in a straight direction and the other one works the side muscles and tries to cheat. Hilarious! Dogs should most definitely work out on a daily basis. Exercises keep dogs healthy, happy and out of trouble. Plus, working out is a lot of fun and has many benefits, it reduces excessive barking, chewing, and hyperactivity, keeping dogs healthy, agile and limber. Also, it helps timid or fearful dogs build confidence and trust. These doggies should stick to their treadmill workout routine, because it’s both beneficial and entertaining. Plus, we get to see this fantastic canine duo working out the treadmill like gym stars. Hilarious! We wonder, does this dog duo use any other gym equipment, like dumbells for example, because we would love to see that! When these two doggos got on the treadmill to exercise, the task seemed like a piece of cake. However, one of them was more determined to complete the assignment with flying colors, unlike the other pooch. While one of the dogs is regularly working the machine, the other dog is seen standing on the side and figuring out how to ‘cheat’ without being noticed. We feel with this sweet little cheater because all of us have been having a hard time being motivated in the gym at some point. You won't believe how this clever pooch tries to cheat on the treadmill while posing obstacles for his buddy to fail keeping up a good pace! Seeing the side pooch pretend to be exercising tells us that dogs can be clever when it comes to skipping exercises and burning calories. Seems like this fluffy pup has found the perfect solution to working out at the gym without getting tired and sweaty.

Emotional Girl Jumps For Joy Over New Puppy Surprise1m37s

Emotional Girl Jumps For Joy Over New Puppy Surprise

Every kid loves surprises, but when the surprise is a living, breathing creature, it somehow gives more value. Watch this heartwarming video and see the heart-melting reaction of this girl when she opens the box and realizes she received a new puppy! Footage shows this kid's adorable reaction the moment she realizes she's just received a new puppy. She can't hold back the tears! This little girl's gentle reaction to a new puppy addition to the family will definitely warm up your hearts! Best friendship in the making! Prepare to get a tissue ready as this heartwarming video with make your heart melt. In this video, an emotional little girl gets overwhelmed with happiness when she opens up the cardboard box lying on the porch, only to find out that she received a canine companion. Her wish finally gets fulfilled and she cannot help holding back her emotions! Her tears of joys fill the viewers with joy as well and may even bring a tear to your eye. What a precious moment to witness! This video is one that should not be missed by anyone. We've all had that moment where we have broken down into tears out of pure happiness. This little girl will surely remember this moment forever as this was the moment she met her best friend. Watch as this little girl opens up the gift box with her baby sister, and is swept off her feet when she receives the puppy surprise! Good thing her parents captured this moment on video as this video really does bring happiness into our lives. Caring for a dog can be a lot of hard work but this little girl will do a great job at it! As soon as the girl opens the box, she meets eye-to-eye with the little doggy and realizes that something is moving inside. She is immediately overwhelmed with emotion and is obviously left for words. She picks the puppy up and bursts into tears. Her baby sister joins and they both start petting the pup and shower her with love and affection!

Runaway Horse Takes Owner On A Wild Chase3m01s

Runaway Horse Takes Owner On A Wild Chase

Depending on what part of the world you’re from, spotting a horse in-person may be nothing special — just a part of everyday life. They are smart, graceful and very fast. Horses have been raced competitively for centuries, and horse racing events remain a popular part of human culture. There are five main gaits or ways in which a horse can move; these are called walking, trotting, cantering, galloping, and backing. The average speed at which a horse gallops is approximately 48.2 kilometers (30 miles) per hour, but the top speed reported is considerably higher. This funny video shows an owner trying to catch his horse, but by the way it looks, it seems that he is having a difficult time. If you should happen to lose your horse, make friends with the nearest motor scooter rider. This man had a bad day as his horse ran away from him. But luckily for him, the man on the scooter offer him a ride and help to catch the horse together. They are going at full speed, but unfortunately, the horse is faster than them, even though the horse has 1 horsepower and the scooter has 10. Oh the irony, right! However, in the end, the owner had luck and horse decided to slow down and return to his owner! Happy end! Horses are such incredible creatures and wonderful companions. There really is no bond quite like the one between a person and their horse. Even if they try to run away from time to time!

Girl Helps Friend Cross The Finish Line After Falling At The Last Hurdle1m21s

Girl Helps Friend Cross The Finish Line After Falling At The Last Hurdle

Some play sports to win, other to be part of the team. Whatever the case, when you are among peers, it is important to remember that you are all the same - human beings brought in the same place with the same goal. While there are individual sports, where your outcome relies on your own performance, when athletes see an opponent struggling, they may choose to hinder their own result in order to help someone not feel left out. Just like this teenager did and we can’t help but feel proud of her! A 14-year-old girl from Kermit, Texas, took part in a 300 meter hurdles event with other girls, most of who she has never met before. Marissa won the race by a long shot and her mom Sadie was beaming with pride herself, watching her daughter from the bleachers. Marissa was in a tight race with one of the girls she did not know, but at the last hurdle, the girl was taken over by fatigue and she missed the hurdle, falling to the ground. Marissa finished the race and felt victorious in her result, but while the other girls crossed the finish line, she turned back to see her opponent struggling to get off the ground. So she did something we hardly ever see at big event - she went back to help the girl in the green jersey get up and finish the race. Marissa later said: “I heard her fall but I thought she got back up like other hurdlers do but I turned around I saw her crying and hurt. So I went to go help her she said thank you.” Everyone attending the event went wild at the stadium, clapping their hands and shouting with encouragement. Who said hurdles are in individual sport?

Spirited Horse Jumps In Ocean For A Swim With Dolphins2m07s

Spirited Horse Jumps In Ocean For A Swim With Dolphins

This is the amazing moment a horse encountered a few dolphins whilst going for a swim on a beach in South Australia. The footage, captured by the racehorse trainer in December 2017, shows three dolphins swimming just a few inches from the horse as it trots in shallow waters. The playful dolphins can be seen darting in and out of the water as if they were encouraging the horse to join them. The horse’s trainer, Charlotte Littlefield, currently resides in Melbourne, where she regularly takes her equestrian friend for a swim. They train on the beach on most morning to help him relax and recover after a hard workout. The dolphins seem to help as well. “The Newest Equine Training System, we take our young horses out swimming with dolphins. This particular horse Breeze is a dolphin magnet. As he swims he groans and seems to consistently attract our beautiful dolphin friends to come and play with us. “Occasionally the animals play together slashing and dancing, most of the time we are all just amazed by each other’s company. He is only a young horse but the dolphins have chosen correctly this time, his trainer believes he is that magic one in a million horse who will one day change the world.” “Everyone is very excited when the dolphins visit,' Charlotte said. “It's hard to describe in words the experience other than out of this world and breathtaking. It's a real privilege.”

Pelican Waits In Line To Be Served At Fish Store1m11s

Pelican Waits In Line To Be Served At Fish Store

There is nothing worse than waiting in line. Time is too precious to waste it doing nothing. The problem is that you know that you have to remain in that same spot for however long it takes because life might not give you another chance at this opportunity. So you wait, and wait, and wait. Waiting to be served in a store is probably one of the worst ways to spend your time. You might get angry at all the people in front of you, or even angry at the salesperson because they are not working as fast as you would like them to, but try to remember that it’s none of their fault. It’s not their fault that there is such a line, they are doing everything they can as fast as they can, and there is no magic button that can make all of the people go away as soon as you click it. What happens when you live by the beach and get hungry? You stop by the local fish and chips shop. The only problem is waiting to be served! Apparently this pelican possesses all of the patience us humans don’t, because he is calm enough to wait for the service to be done. He looks one way or another, without uttering a word, all the while nosy people love to film him. Nowadays, it gets hard to even order food. We just hope that this fella was able to get his fish in the end.

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Elephant Rescued From Mud Pit By JCB Digger2m22s

Elephant Rescued From Mud Pit By JCB Digger

This is the heartwarming moment when a stricken elephant, trapped in a mud pit, was saved by kind-hearted helpers who used a JCB to help haul it out. Faith in humanity is restored! Footage shows the elephant calf collapsing with exhaustion after desperately struggling to free itself from the deep pit in India’s Karnataka’s Hassan area. The infant male elephant became trapped in a swamp overnight, and his distressed noises drew the attention of villagers. Villagers had quickly alerted officials to the babies plight after hearing it’s cries for help as it slipped and slides while trying to scale the silt walls of the pit. The Indian Forest Department was called in to help with the rescue, in the village of Madhihalli, in Karnataka, south west India. Incredibly, the calves herd were never far away, patiently watching on in a nearby patch of forest as rescuers attempted to free the baby. They had moved away as crowds descended on the area. Forest officials were forced to wait overnight before launching their rescue mission due to poor light. During the day, they brought in an excavator to cut a path for the tired elephant to climb out through. But the exhausted pachyderm simply collapsed forcing the forest officials to try a different tack. The excavator driver gently nudged it from behind with the vehicle’s bucket. Incredibly the elephant mustered enough strength to get out of the swamp, but alarmed at the nudge from behind turned it’s anger on the JCB driver. As the elephant approached the cabin, the driver and some rescue workers were forced to flee the vehicle before the calf went on its way and was reunited with the herd in nearby forest. This was the moment a baby elephant was rescued from a muddy bog using a JCB digger and is absolutely incredible. The Good Samaritans who helped dig out the baby calf deserve to be praised for their good deed! VideoID: Rights Cleared & Verified: 03/14/2018 ---- T&T Creative is a user generated video licensing company. We unearth, verify, package and deliver newsworthy clips to major news organizations and brands worldwide. To license this video clip for media or brand usage, contact

Stubborn Puppy Refuses To Get Up For An Evening Walk1m12s

Stubborn Puppy Refuses To Get Up For An Evening Walk

An adorable footage has emerged of a lazy pooch throwing a silent temper tantrum at owners. Watch as this stubborn Shiba Inu puppy refuses to go out for the ‘mandatory’ evening walk. Too funny! While most dogs jump at the chance to go for a nice walk around the block, this pup prefers to laze around the house and hang out with his favorite humans instead! No matter how much his human prompts him to go outside, he will not budge one bit! This is one flexible dog who won't go outside no matter what! You think kids can be stubborn at bedtime, but check out the hilarious pre-walking routine this dog owner has to go through when he tries to put his Shiba Inu puppy out for a stroll around the block. Owner had to put some sweat into it because the lazy pooch wouldn’t budge a bit! Our loving dogs can sometimes be quite a handful and this spoiled dog is no exception. See all his stubbornness at his finest! Footage shows the lazy pooch lying in the middle of the corridor, ready for an evening stroll. But, is he? Owner put a leash on this dog, and is ready to go for a walk, but the stubborn pooch won’t move, he is determined that he wants to stay at home, and is ready to give a fight! He becomes stiff and doesn't move a muscle! He puts his breaks into action and refuses to leave the house! Adorable! Let's face it, dogs would much rather go on a walk with their humans than stay home alone. They want to be a part of the pack and when you leave them at home, they are going to beg you in any way possible that they can come up with. However, not this lazy pooch! He prefers the coziness of his home to the loud outside! You can’t help but laugh at dad’s struggles to take this pooch outside. Hilarious!

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Baby’s Tantrum Quickly Subsides Thanks To A French Fry45s

Baby’s Tantrum Quickly Subsides Thanks To A French Fry

Tantrums come in all shapes and sizes. When your kid's in the middle of a tantrum, it can be tough to keep yourself from having your own meltdown, too. So how can you stop these outbursts? Of course with a tasty french fry. We know that the irresistible taste of pommes frites can even calm the fiercest dog. Because here, it only takes one fried potato to silence the emotional summer storm that erupts out of this baby’s tiny mouth. The baby’s tantrum starts suddenly but no sooner the father shows her a french fry, there is an instant termination of the ear-piercing cry. Never underestimate the power of french fries because with their help, the baby one minute is whimpering, whining and screaming and the next she is enjoying the delicious taste of the potato. The spectacular explosions of anger and frustration are hushed better than all freak-out fixes that parents swear by. Baby’s blissful face is immediately lightened up like the most glorious Christmas Tree when she sees the french fry. Though her emotional skills are only just starting to develop at this age, we can see her perfectly satisfied while eating the fry. It is as if she has lost the powerful screams somewhere between the sighting and tasting of the potato. Her little world is totally changed by this great discover. Her cry sinks down into an inarticulate whine. The fuzzy murmur turns into a wonderfully peaceful face. So, next time when your baby demonstrates a sudden burst of ill temper, make sure you have french fries with you.

Dog Attempts To Engage Into Conversation By Mimicking Owner’s Movements1m04s

Dog Attempts To Engage Into Conversation By Mimicking Owner’s Movements

It seems our four-legged friends go a step further and even copy humans too. They automatically imitate hand movements with their paws and mouth movements with their muzzles. Humans are known to engage in ‘automatic imitation’, when another person’s body moving in a particular way elicits the same physical reaction in an observer. And now canines have been shown to do the same. It has often been observed that dogs resemble their owners. Dogs’ imitative abilities are shaped by the way their owners interact with them as they grow up. Samson the Newfoundland is desperately trying to learn to talk. His owner keeps bringing it up and he seems to know it has something to do with making noises and moving his mouth. He has such a desire to please her and watches attentively as he tries to do what she is doing. Hilarious and at this rate, he might get there. So, Samson listens to his owner extremely concentrated to what she is saying to him, watching her face excitedly and breathing deeply. He is trying to make a sound and shape his mouth in a way his owner does. It seems that he understands the meaning of the word ‘talk’ and when his owner mentions it, he quickly changes his sitting position and is thrilled to communicate like humans do. He is a keen observer because he knows that if you want to talk you just need to open and close your mouth in quick successions and wait for a sound to come out. Keep on talking Samson, you are a heck of a talker, the right buddy to hang out with.

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Dizzy Squirrel Keels Over While Trying To Watch Circling Crows43s

Dizzy Squirrel Keels Over While Trying To Watch Circling Crows

When Dr. Kristy Hiltz set up her back yard bird feeder, it was really her crows that she was intending to feed. But the squirrels in the yard have been her most frequent visitors. Each morning, she puts a scoop of peanuts on the platform in the tree and watches with delight as the crows sit in nearby trees and swoop in when she steps back. The squirrels seem to dominate and the greedy little creatures will sit and eat their fill while the birds wait patiently for a chance. The crows are smart enough to know that the squirrel isn't afraid of them. He might even lunge at one of them if they land beside him, but if they arrive in a group of three or four, he has gets nervous enough to scamper away and wait. These crows have called to the others and now there are at least five making an approach or circling over the squirrel's head. He knows time is running out and he stands upright to get a better look as she munches on a peanut. He will have to make sure one doesn't attack from while he's not looking. Watching the action above him suddenly makes him dizzy and he rolls backwards, into the camera and almost falls off the platform. Luckily, he catches himself on the edge of the precipice and manages to hang on. He looks right into the camera with a comical stunned look as if he's asking us what happened. His drunken roll and dazed expression are hilarious! The feeder also attracts its share of blue jays, chickadees and even a few woodpeckers. All of these beautiful birds put on a colorful performance as they fly in and out, carrying off a peanut or two with every landing. Seven years ago Dr. Kristy raised five orphaned baby crows whose nest had fallen and the parents did not return. That summer, she and her family fed them and taught them how to forage for food. The family inadvertently taught them to say "hello" and now they occasionally speak to her. They even speak to the squirrels. They were named "the Freds", but became known as Russell Crow, Crow Magnon, Baby Fred and Adventure Fred. The rehabbed crows joined a family of wild crows and became completely self sufficient, even migrating south each winter. They will always enjoy a peanut treat in the morning, but they are truly able to care for themselves now.