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Parrot Loses It While He Waits For Dad To Cross The Doorstep1m47s

Parrot Loses It While He Waits For Dad To Cross The Doorstep

Dog owners all know the joy of coming home from a long day of work and being greeted by their dog. Those initial moments when they go nuts over hearing their footsteps are unlike anything else! They wag their tails, jump around and lick you from head to toe — but do you ever think that other animals show the same insane love and excitement toward their parents? Apparently, some do. Onni is a 2 year old baby umbrella cockatoo who absolutely adores his human family. He is the center of their lives and they are his, too. Every day Onni patiently waits for his owner to come home from work. Somehow the little guy's internal clock tells him when that will be and he paces the window sill waiting for that familiar car to pull into the driveway. And every night the adorable bird absolutely freaks out when it does! Onni is definitely one of those pets who radiates happiness when Dad walks through the door. When Onni sees his dad walking up toward the front door from the window, he screeches with excitement. Incidentally, “Onni” means “luck” and “happiness” in Finnish. It makes sense why this bird is so loved and loves so much in return! As soon as Dad finally gets into the house and shuts the door behind him, Onni flies over and lands right on top of him. The two embrace, and you can immediately tell that these two are best friends. That, ultimately, is the beauty of being a pet parent: each and every pet has their own way of showing how much they love and miss you. They love us unconditionally, and have no reservations about showing their feelings to the world!

Check Out This Priceless Moment When A Little Girl Joins In On Big Sister's Cheer Solo1m22s

Check Out This Priceless Moment When A Little Girl Joins In On Big Sister's Cheer Solo

Responsibilities. Responsibilities. Responsibilities! That’s the only single word that can define being the older sister in the family. Hundreds of grueling responsibilities over the house, the family, the siblings and even the simplest things like food choices, household chores, homework and projects of the younger siblings. But, not always has to be seen the negative side of being a big sister! Having a big sister is a blessing! Many times she will act bossy and tell you what to do, but she will always be there to protect you, to teach you and be with you in good times and bad! These two amazing sisters have an incredible bond and they cheerlead together and that’s what makes their bond even stronger! This student's Senior Cheer solo is most definitely incomplete without her little sister. Awesome! The big sister starts the routine and later her little sister joins in and are so adorable to watch! We can probably say that these two girls are definitely sibling goals! They finish the choreography with the biggest hug and the shiniest smile! Cuteness overload! When you are really young, you basically have no role models outside of family members, teachers, and other kids you know. That doesn’t give you a whole lot to go on when it comes to developing character or your own opinions. And that is okay! This little girl’s role model is her big sister and she is going to grow into one amazing girl!

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Police Officer Pulls Over Five Cars For Speeding All At The Same Time50s

Police Officer Pulls Over Five Cars For Speeding All At The Same Time

Here we have a case when karma eventually catches up to you, or at least a responsible traffic officer does. We have never seen a video like this one before, but we would sure like to have been able to witness this great, great moment in person. How fulfilling would that be? These cars were all exceeding the speed limit, thus endangering all the traffic participants in their vicinity, but they were eventually pulled over by one officer. You read that right, one officer. He single-handedly gave tickets to all of the irresponsible drivers, and we are sure that next time they will stop and think for a second before speeding on the road. The speeding tickets they received should be a bitter reminder to all of us that respecting the law is very important, and being reckless on the road is a very selfish act, mostly because you are never alone – the people driving near you should not be jeopardized in any way. We're not sure how he did it, but good on him! Dash cam footage reveals five silver-colored cars driving at highly dangerous speeds, only pulled over by this single police officer, who we now consider a hero (without the cape, but still). How awesome is that? If you let us put seriousness aside, we just have to tell you about that one time (that we know of) when the police pulled over a driver not because he committed a violation or something, hut because he did something good. For example, this one man was pulled over by a police officer so that he may tell him the goo news - that he is finally going to be a daddy!

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Macaw Loves To Pick Up Conversation With Owners2m53s

Macaw Loves To Pick Up Conversation With Owners

Anyone who has ever shared their heart and home with a pet will readily tell you all about how much their animals are full of personality, life, and surprises. Each type of pet brings different qualities to the table and when it comes to birds they are oftentimes quirky to the extreme. This is especially true for cockatoos, macaws , and other types of talking parrots. These birds are super intelligent and capable of learning all sorts of neat tricks and words, some even hold conversations. The handsome blue-green and vibrant red feathered bird which goes by the name Tonka is clearly in the mood for speaking. Tonka loves to go in the car and talk up a storm. He is 2 years old here and just starting to talk! Though he has a limited vocabulary, his love to pick up a conversation with his owners or himself is stronger than anything. It is so amusing watching Tonka chorusing words and phrases learned by heart. It is either he is copying his owners’ words or the other way round. Whatever the case, we equally enjoy watching this talking parrot and with every passing second in the video, we are eager to hear some more words. Tonka never stops surprising us with whatever she utters. Part of the conversation of this chorusing bird is praising himself saying “pretty bird”, sometimes is meeting with himself all over again saying “Hi, Tonka”, and most of the conversation is repeating constantly “peek-a-boo”, “I love you”, “Come here” and “Dancin’ “. Tonka- the beautiful, brilliantly colored parrot is really loved in this family as his owner lavishes him with kisses during the whole ride. With such loving parents, this bird is undoubtedly very lucky.

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 Horse Throws Tantrum When Owner Leaves Her Alone In Field1m26s

Horse Throws Tantrum When Owner Leaves Her Alone In Field

Phoenix the Friesian horse loves nothing more but to hit the ignore button for her owner. So, when it’s time for her to leave the pasture, her owner calls her saying it’s time to go. Phoenix pretends that the call has never got to her ears and goes on grazing grass. She acts like a spoiled horse and she doesn’t suppose that her owner would ever leave her alone. Her handler keeps repeating “Are you coming? Are you coming?” but when she realizes that this stubborn horse is nowhere close to obey her nice way of asking, she changes the tactics. Reverse psychology that is - a perfect way to make obstinate and cranky children do what they are asked to do. And guess what, it works miraculously. The moment her owner says that she would leave her and says bye, the bell rings in the mind of this headstrong horse and reality hits her hard. Of course, Phoenix doesn’t want to be left alone locked in the field so she starts acting crazy. She throws the funniest horse tantrum ever. Who would have thought that horses, just like babies, can throw tantrums like this. As Phoenix gets close to the gate, she shows her displeasure and feels agitated. She starts jumping with her high and long steps which gives her a gait that is straight and forward, with a spring to her step thanks to the strength of her pushing power within the legs. Once you have established relationship with this horse, it is something that creates an emotional connection between the handler and the horse. Just like you might have an argument with your best friend, a Friesian is likely to have an argument with you from time to time. Yet at the same time, Phoenix doesn’t like conflict at all. If she experiences a stressful situation, then she will attempt to use her owner as a shield against that difficult emotion. Lesson learned, don’t you think?

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Parrots Engage In Hilarious Verbal Fight Over Shower Rights4m42s

Parrots Engage In Hilarious Verbal Fight Over Shower Rights

Most parrots love to bathe, which softens dirt on the feathers and skin and encourages preening. If you bathe your parrot regularly, you will notice that his feathers will begin to become waterproof due to his preening duties. Bathing is important for parrots, whose skin can become dry and itchy, leading to plucking. Some birds appreciate a daily misting being lightly sprayed with room-temperature water, while others prefer to bathe in a shallow dish of water. Providing a shallow bathing dish every day enables birds to bathe as they feel the need and desire to. Tonka is just too excited to wait his turn in the shower while his buddy Tiko takes his sweet time. Apparently, Tonka is so impatient to get in the shower that he is doing his best to speed up the process. Perched on his seat, Tonka doesn’t wait for long to accomplish what he has set her mind to. The moment his owner tells him to go in the shower, he doesn’t think twice but obeys. How skillfully he uses his beak to get down from the metal construction - he will do anything just to see himself inside the shower. Tonka’s beak is so powerful that can easily crack nuts and seeds, while his dry, scaly tongue has a bone inside it that makes it an effective tool for tapping into things. Once in the shower, he seems not that satisfied since he wants to take Tiko’s place and feel the full benefits of the shower. Spreading his charismatic and colorful wings, he wants to let Tiko know that he has had his share in the shower and it’s high time for him to enjoy. Tiko obviously disapproves of this and they engage into a verbal fight. Loud squawks, noisy shrieks and screams echo in the bathroom as they are trying to reach an agreement. But until the end of the video, they can’t make a reasonable solution.

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Two Guys Pose In Front Of Their BMW I8 While Stopping The Traffic, And This Guy Is Having None Of It41s

Two Guys Pose In Front Of Their BMW I8 While Stopping The Traffic, And This Guy Is Having None Of It

YouTuber Cody Persin was doing a photo shoot with friends in New York City when an angry driver approached the group. Traffic on the busy city street was moving around the car they were using for the shoot, but one driver was not happy. The man interrupted the photo shoot and smashed the windshield of the car with a baseball bat. No-one was hurt, but on-lookers were left puzzled at the drastic action. Many of us rarely witness a situation like this one on the streets during busy traffic. Nevertheless, this video will most definitely grab your attention, and you're about to see why! Namely, a famous YouTuber is in the middle of a promotional photo-shoot, as he and his crew seem to distract other drivers' attention on the road, and which is more, causes traffic jam. All of this was probably the main reason why we suddenly see an angered driver coming out of his car and heading towards the crew and their super luxurious car. What he does next will blow your mind! We definitely didn't see this coming! He's holding a baseball bat and as soon as he comes close to the car, crashes the windshield, leaving everyone else confused and shocked, to say the least! We're not quite sure how this YouTuber handles car insurance, and we can't be positive is this angry guy gets caught and fined for this, but one thing is for sure, no one out there expected this type of outrage. Judging by the looks of other people's faces, nobody seemed glad to witness this situation.

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Talented Parrot Comically Sings Children's Song For The Camera2m06s

Talented Parrot Comically Sings Children's Song For The Camera

Parrots are well known for their ability to recite what they hear, but this parrot might be the most talented one we have seen yet. Meet Max the Yellow Naped Amazon who is about to take the Internet by storm. Max sings the well-known children’s song “Old MacDonald had a farm” and is awesome. He even hits some of the higher notes with ease. The video is sure to make your day more beautiful. Max has found a way to sing his own version of the oldie but goldie nursery rhyme and is pretty cool. It is a real fun to keep a parrot pet such as Max due to its renowned talking ability and widespread availability. Max is a stout green bird with a black beak and a characteristic bright yellow patch on its nape but most of his body is shimmering green. There is one quirky moment during his singing which leaves us puzzled until the end of the video. That is his habit of bending forwards and stretching his legs as if getting ready to fly away. Why is he doing this, is hardly to tell. Maybe it is his own way to catch his breath in order to continue his almighty song or maybe he is just being silly augmenting his performance and lifting up the mood of those watching him. One thing is sure, though, even if we were not fans of the song when we were little, we are likely to become since he has added a new niche to the rhythm. Uniqueness is a perfect way to make people like you, and Max is a real epitome of being original. By repeating the song a few times in succession, there is no way one to stay ignorant. What makes him even more entertaining a parrot is the way he ends the song by getting use of a vocal effect that has a howling feel to it.

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This Video Of A Buck Shedding His Antlers Is Remarkable1m00s

This Video Of A Buck Shedding His Antlers Is Remarkable

Nature is a beautiful and wonderful thing. It is my firm opinion that we city folk don’t spend enough time communing with nature. There is so much that should be appreciated. Nature is a beautiful home to a lot of lovely creatures. From beavers to colorful insects to deer. there’s no animal as majestic as the deer: gracefully strutting through the forest, blending into the background. Deer are the only group of animals in the world to have antlers. Antlers are the fastest growing living tissue in the world! A male deer is called a buck. Let’s talk about they amazing antlers! Antlers are extensions of an animal's skull found in members of the deer family. They are true bone and are a single structure. They are generally found only on males. This amazing video was filmed in Bernville, Pennsylvania, USA on September 1st, 2016. It’s a 4-years-old Buck shedding his velvet. It looks amazing and terrifying at the same time! There’s so much more to deer antlers than fighting and impressing the ladies. But did you ever think about how they work? From late March until early fall, a buck’s budding antlers are covered with a layer of fuzzy skin called “velvet,” like soft moss covering a smooth stone. Beneath this protective coating, blood vessels and nerves lace around rapidly developing bone, as if the animal were growing a femur with no muscle to surround it. As the antlers grow, they branch into increasingly larger forks.

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Toddler Shows Impeccable Vocal Abilities While He Sings A Song4m30s

Toddler Shows Impeccable Vocal Abilities While He Sings A Song

The is the precious moment when a talented toddler gets fired up and starts singing along with the Christian song playing on the radio, while riding on the back seat of a car. This young boy named Demetrius was caught on camera sings along in his grandmother’s car. His performance is priceless! Footage shows the adorable toddler comfortably seated in his car seat carrier listening to the song on radio. First, he timidly starts humming along, and later he braves up and starts singing along. Nonetheless, he is definitely getting into the song and takes the singing role too seriously. It is adorable to witness how this young boy and his grandma spend their time together, singing along songs on the radio, enjoying their company. Not only does this little guy have a great voice, his attitude towards the performance is truly professional! Talent show recruiters beware, the new star is born! Together, these two make one adorable duo! Demetrius is deeply concentrated into the song that he knows exactly when to pause and when to lower his voice. This adorable toddler has got the talent and gives a very strong song performance, too! Singing is the single best activity you can do to stimulate your child’s musical mind during their infant and toddler years. If you’re not comfortable singing, it’s okay, but we encourage you to try. Your voice is the ideal instrument to engage your child musically: from an early age they naturally pay attention to your voice, they can respond with their own vocal sounds, and you can encourage them to sing by example.

Security Guard Makes Amazing Catch To Save Baby54s

Security Guard Makes Amazing Catch To Save Baby

When it comes to dangerous places where you should definitely make sure your child doesn’t get in, the X-Ray luggage scanning machine at airport customs is clearly one of them. Radiation aside, that is one cold, dark and creepily loud place for a child to be. We adult know that, but kids are curious and will definitely want to check it out. One parent let their child slip from their attention for a short while while at the X-Ray machine, but luckily they weren’t alone there! In this CCTV footage released by the Katowice Airport in Poland, security guard Grzegorz Paczko makes an incredible last-second catch after spotting a child slipping off of a baggage counter. The footage shows a man picking up his suitcase after being checked at security, before picking up his toddler child up and putting him on the counter. His attention is distracted from the child for what seems like second, but that is plenty of time for the toddler to lose balance and fall off the counter! That is where the sniper-like reflexes of the brave security guard kick in, as he throws himself to catch the child literally just before it’s tender head hit the floor! Kudos for Paczko and what in the world was that father thinking?! All rights to Katowice Airport.

Prince Harry's Best Man Announcement Will Melt Your Heart1m09s

Prince Harry's Best Man Announcement Will Melt Your Heart

As we were all waiting for news of the royal baby's name, Kensington Palace has opted to tide us over with an adorable announcement sharing the news that Prince William will be Prince Harry's best man. His announcement will melt your heart. After months of nail-biting anticipation, Prince Harry finally revealed who will be his best man. And that person, of course, is his brother, Prince William. In a series of tweets, Kensington Palace shared that Harry asked William to take the supporting role. It added in a second tweet that Harry had done the same for William at his 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton. Another tweet said William is “honored to have been asked”, alongside an adorable photo of the pair as kids. Harry and Williams have always been open about their close relationship. They often attribute this closeness to the loss of their mother at such young ages. “Our relationship is closer than it’s been because of the situation we have been through” - says Prince William. What remains a mystery is who will stand with Meghan as her maid of honor. Their father, the Prince of Wales, chose his brothers, Andrew and Edward, to be his supporter when he married Diana at St. Paul's Cathedral in 1981. And Prince Edward chose his brothers Charles and Andrew to be his supporters. Come May 19, William will no doubt excel in assisting his brother, whom he is "delighted" for. William has been very supportive of his brother since the 33-year-old royal and his bride-to-be announced their engagement in November. But, being his older brother, he had to get a dig in along with his congratulations last fall: “We’re very excited, delighted for them both. We’re wishing them all the happiness in this very exciting time,” he said, adding: “Personally, I hope it means he stays out of my fridge and will stop scrounging my food, which he’s done for the last few years!”

This 2 Year Old Toddler Is Smarter Than Most Adults 4m34s

This 2 Year Old Toddler Is Smarter Than Most Adults

From the moment your child is born, you just know that they are extraordinary. Each milestone reached and every developmental milestone may only serve to further reaffirm your beliefs that your little one is surely a genius. Kids seem to be getting smarter by the second, outsmarting us every step of the way. They literally know everything and they are all on their way to greatness. This little toddler knows everything! And when we say everything we mean everything! She's only 2-years-old and she knows the answers from all the questions her parents ask her! She knows who is the president of United States and also who is the vice president! Have you ever seen a toddler so smart? This cute little girl named Veronica also knows how to say a prayer! Amin to that. Do you know what is the pirate’s favorite letter? Because if you don’t Veronica will tell you. It’s the letter “R”. That’s smart and funny! Really, she knows everything! We learned a lot by watching this video like what do Homer and Borat say, and also what does Michael Jackson say! Amazing! However, our favorite part is when she fake cries and also when she fake laughs. All those information and don’t forget that she is only 2-years-old! Oh did we mentioned that she also knows how to spell her name and count to ten? This is the smartest girl we have ever seen! Credit to 'melaniew1977'.

Learned Parrot Gives Hilarious Recital Of Dr.Seuss3m27s

Learned Parrot Gives Hilarious Recital Of Dr.Seuss

Parrots can be loud or quiet, boisterous or reserved, problem-solvers or laid-back. Sound contradictory? That’s because parrots are individuals with individual personalities. Some generalities among species are recognized, but keep in mind that any bird can be the exception to a generalization. Max, the parrot in this video, is exactly that - an exception to the rule! There are tons of videos with parrots imitating owners’ speech, parrots swearing, parrots singing, but this is one of the rarest videos with a parrot that has actually learned to recite a book. Namely, Max recites his own version of the classic Dr. Seuss book “I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words” and he is incredibly impressive. This is just a small part of the recital and it goes as follows: “I’ll teach my dog 100 the first six words, I’ll teach my pup are dig a hole and fill it up. I’ll teach him walk and then catch a ball now that makes ten and then she’ll say ‘that’s great, can you teach him more?’ “ Max can recite all day long. It is his favorite thing to do and it is all he ever does without becoming bored and without a change of heart. He feels perfectly satisfied with what he has achieved and we can only salute him for this ability. At least, he doesn’t spend his days idling around the cage, sharpening his beak and flapping his wings infinitely. Max is such a learned parrot! No wonder he ends up one day at a reciting competition for parrots. No doubt, he would win the first place! We only wish the prize to be more Dr.Seuss books from where he can make interesting reading versions.

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Husky Throws Massive Temper Tantrum Over Sitting In Owner’s Chair1m38s

Husky Throws Massive Temper Tantrum Over Sitting In Owner’s Chair

This is the adorable moment when a stubborn Husky engages in a long and loud argument with owner over his favorite sitting spot. Remy is very comfortable laying in his owner's chair and refuses to give it up! What a temper tantrum! Hilarious footage shows the moment a stubborn Husky engages in a full blown discussion with owner about sitting in the chair. He lets owner know that he is not willing to give up on his spot that easily, and he is not stopping until he makes his point. And as you can see, his point is lengthy and loud. Really, really loud. Huskies are known as one of the most stubborn dog breed there is, and that fact is only supported by the countless videos of Huskies having temper tantrums. Still, no matter how vocal they get, we still love them! They make great pets, so if you're into arguing, and also want a pet, getting a Husky pet is the best choice! What a great temper-throwing canine! When mommy tells Remy to get off the chair, he won’t obey and decides to protest instead! This protesting Husky engages in a long argument with owner, whining about his spot in the cozy chair. Remy is very spoiled and picky about his seats, so giving up his favorite spot is not something he is willing to compromise on! Watch as he continues to whine and bark in protest and completely ignores his owner’s command! Hilarious! Do you still want to own a Husky pet? He won't let his mommy say anything before he is finished with his adorable temper tantrum, and we can't help but chuckle at his precious reaction. When it comes to stubborn dogs, it seems like this naughty dog breed is taking the crown as the most stubborn dog in the world! Whatever this pooch sets his doggy mind to, he will not take ‘no’ for an answer until it gets done the way he wants it! Watch how he argues with owner! This is a typical Husky behavior, headstrong and vocal! It seems he doesn’t want to give up his place and engages in a long howling argument, which gets louder and louder as the feud continues! Why is it that makes Huskies so grumpy?

Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End1m48s

Water-Loving Newfoundland Doesn't Want Pool Time To End

There is a form of silliness in every dog out there, be it big or small. Dogs never let go of their playful nature and make sure to always let it shine. Be it a squirrel, a bunch of autumn leaves, or just the sweet companionship of their owners, they will let that side of them loose and play like it is the best day ever! Smaller dogs are cute when they go loco during play time. But when you see a big pooch like Samson over here getting silly with something as mundane as a pool cover, then it is roll-on-the-ground hilarious! Apparently, sweet little Samson doesn’t want pool time to end. He really does love that pool. So when his owner went to pull out the cover over the pool, he didn’t want it to go! In fact, he has discovered he has a power to stop his owner from closing the pool. And boy, is he loving this new power! The machine that operates the tarp notices that there is an obstruction on its way and stops, beeping to notify its operator that something is amiss. She is right there though and she scolds the naughty Newfoundland to get off the rails. Samson whines in reply, asking his owner not to close the pool. Sometimes though Samson will make good use of the pool cover, even when it is in its place. He probably loves how bouncy it is and the sloshing sound it makes. He will take every opportunity he can get to get on that new toy of his, even if that means to get a stark scolding from his owner.

Five Brothers React To Meeting Sister They Dreamed Of43s

Five Brothers React To Meeting Sister They Dreamed Of

Five brothers anxiously meet their newborn sibling for the first time - just months after their pure elation at discovering they were getting the sister they dreamed of. Filmed by mom Aubrey Taylor, Kel, aged seven, Tad, 10, Troy, three, and 11-year-old twins Rogan and Ross, stand anxiously waiting to find out whether they will become older brothers to a baby boy or girl. The brothers are joined by their dad, Kimball, at home in Orem, Utah, USA, as they each hold cups containing colored powder - either blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Suddenly they launch the powder into the air and can hardly contain their excitement as reality dawns on them - they are soon to have a baby sister. These couple of guys happen to be in the hunt for a new sibling buy have high hopes that this time, in other words after the 5th time it will be a baby sister. Guess what?! Their prayers are answered as the open up the cups and only pink dust spreads through the air. After months of waiting, the brothers finally get to meet their new sister Shay, and edge into the room to meet her hardly able to contain their excitement. The video end with them actually meeting their sister in the hospital right after their mom gives birth. Quite the priceless moment! ---- Creative Media is a user generated video licensing company. We unearth, verify, package and deliver newsworthy clips to major news organizations and brands worldwide. To license this video clip for media or brand usage, contact

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Great Dane Restlessly Waits For Cat To Finally Finish Showering31s

Great Dane Restlessly Waits For Cat To Finally Finish Showering

Katie the Great Dane grows impatient as she waits her turn for the shower. It may take some time since it looks like Sid the cat is really enjoying the water experience! We've all been there before! All those cat lovers and owners out there sure know how troublesome cats can be when it comes to taking a bath. Naturally, our jaws dropped when we saw this fun-loving cat casually taking a long deserved bath! What kind of sorcery is this? How is this even possible? The truth of the matter is, this is one rare cat that really loves getting wet. He's not moving an inch, and we're sure he's having a blast, judging by the look on his face! He's taking his time under the running water, taking a sip of water every once in a while, completely ignoring his dog friend Katie who’s impatiently waiting for her turn outside the shower! We all want to be this kitty right now! Sid the cat enjoys his daily shower in an art gallery created by his owner. He is such a sophisticated little feline! This is too funny! Sid the cat is having the time of his life chilling in the shower. It is hilarious that Sid doesn't really care for the washing part, he certainly prefers to stick his tongue out and drink the water. This really bothers his friend Katie the Great Dane, who’s restlessly waiting for her turn. Katie is impatiently waiting for Sid to finish his long bath, because Sid really seems to enjoy drinking the shower water! You might say that Sid is acting like a bully, taking his precious time to drink from the spray, instead of going to his water bowl and drink from it instead. But this is a free world we live in and Sid can certainly drink water wherever he pleases, and Katie has to learn to be more understanding about it.

Labrador Patiently Waits For Stuffed Animals To Come Out Of The Drying Machine2m08s

Labrador Patiently Waits For Stuffed Animals To Come Out Of The Drying Machine

There are definitely a few things we can learn from our pets. They are loyal to a fault, they can sense our feelings and give us some love whenever they feel that we might need it. Basically, they are like our best friends, only a hundred times better. Every once in a while, we even see how some of our habits rub off on them, and it definitely makes us want to melt in a puddle of goo, it’s that cute! Some might say that dogs are very easy to please, a little scratch behind the ears, a bit of a smooch and that’s it, they’d be happy for lifetimes to come. Even if it were that easy, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your pet canine happy time and time again. This pupper’s extreme delight comes from playing with her favorite plush toys. Unfortunately her babies had to take a thorough rinse in the washing machine and the poor lab had to wait for them to dry. Her owner calls for Abby to come to the washing room and she hands her the plushies one by one. You can just see how attentive she is to each and every toy. She picks them up in her mouth and puts them all in one pile, almost as if she is counting them. Her wagging tail is a telltale sign that she is extremely happy to be reunited with them once again.

This Cat Is Probably In A Hurry, Because She Keeps Jumping Over Things1m26s

This Cat Is Probably In A Hurry, Because She Keeps Jumping Over Things

If we took a cat and transformed it into a human, we can say with utmost certainty that she will be good in one of two professions. She can definitely be a masseuse, because have you seen a cat give another cat a good, thorough knead? Like, check out this kitty. Sitting in their kitty bed, the smaller one, presumably the baby of the bigger one, gives her mama a nice, thorough back rub. The other one is obviously enjoying the treatment, seeing how she blinks slowly and doesn’t move any other muscles. So young, yet already a professional masseuse! Other cats could definitely be ninjas. Feline are inherently stealthy creatures, so naturally they would make excellent ninjas. With the tiny little beansies that are the paw pads on their feet, cats are natural born predators, no matter how domesticated they are. It is in their blood! They can sneak up on pretty much anybody, even their own kin, right from the back, never able to sense them. But if we took Leapfrog here, she would definitely be a circus performer. In this montage we get to see just how agile Leapfrog is. She seems to have a distinct liking of the doorstep between the kitchen and the living room and a very special connection to the corner right next to that door step. She will jump over anything that sits in that very spot! Be it a chair, an exercise ball, a pot, a vase, a potted plant, Leapfrog will not go around them, no siree! She will make that jump, no matter how high, just as long as it gets her on the other side faster. @makinlikeshrimp

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Toddler Gets Into Heated Debate With Daddy2m07s

Toddler Gets Into Heated Debate With Daddy

A toddler makes a powerful argument when his dad asks him why he is so angry. His reaction is torrents of vowels, consonants and some unrecognizable syllables, and everything is being expressed on such a high note. This cute toddler is not afraid to give his dad a piece of his mind, regardless of what he is trying to say. There is no way for his mom and dad to outspeak him. Every question is followed by a fierce, unintelligible answer. This over-heated debate can only be found in the British House of Commons with an exception that there, both sides can be truly winners and here, there is only one legitimate debater who will get his own way. His argument will never fail whoever turns to speak to him. As much as he loves to argue, he loves his yellow plastic toy even more. It gives him strength and self-confidence, just like the Thor’s hammer, and from time to time it serves like the gavel judges have in a court of justice, because there can be only one judge in his courtroom and that is him. This time, he will show his parents where they actually belong in this intense debate. Though so little, this strong-willed toddler is incredibly opinionated for such a young age. A real leader he is. He is likely to stand strong in his convictions, and no doubt he will grow up to be successful in the things he pursues. And please, do not ever interrupt this adorable baby when he is trying to make a point!

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Pet Cougar Interrupts Owner's Workout12s

Pet Cougar Interrupts Owner's Workout

Cats are incredible creatures. It seems that no matter how much we try to describe them, we can never do it in one word. There are so many sides to a cat and they switch between them all in the blink of an eye. They can be real angels, nudging you with their marshmello paws on your chest and looking at you with round intelligent eyes, knowing that you need some furry love. They also love to wake you up with those same paws in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. They are extremely intelligent creatures and they can weather any storm on their own. It seems like you can never truly domesticate them and it’s absolutely fine, they are perfect each way. However, at times they can be really distracting, say, right at that time when you need to workout and you need all the concentration possible. Just ask this owner, he’s got lots of experience with these cuddly and extremely needy furballs. Only, there is one twist. This isn’t a regular domestic cat we’re talking about here. No, this man has a real pet cougar. Messi the domesticated cougar makes it difficult for his owner to workout when all he wants is some affection! The lethal feline rubs her body all over his head demanding scratches. It’s a little hard to achieve that task, and the cougar realizes this, so it drops the subject and decides to wait its turn. What a life!

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Damaged Tire Of Passing Truck Blows With Loud Kaboom1m06s

Damaged Tire Of Passing Truck Blows With Loud Kaboom

When trucks are rolling down the highway at speeds of 60-70mph, the last thing you want to see is a tire blowing out or a wheel coming off. Just as this truck passes in the left lane, a tire on the right blows out with a loud boom, and the entire thing is caught on camera. Crazy! Dash cam footage shows the unexpected moment when a speeding truck passes by a car, immediately after which its tire explodes to pieces, much to driver’s disbelief. Fortunately the driver behind the truck was equipped with a dash cam and made for this incredible video to be filmed. This is the best way for law enforcement to see what exactly happened in traffic mishaps. Footage shows the third tire on the far right from the back explode with a sound resembling a gunshot. The dust and dirt on the road around the truck was sent into the air like a plume of smoke. Amazingly, the truck driver didn’t lose control over the vehicle and kept its lane and continued driving on the highway. In addition, we don’t really know whether he heard or felt what happened, because he didn’t brake and pull off the highway immediately the accident. Almost anyone who has driven on major highways has seen the large strips of rubber on the road as pieces are left like shrapnel after a blowout. These events must be fairly common, judging by the number of pieces of shredded tire that can be found on many roads, but it is not very often that a driver will actually witness it happening. Luckily, this driver had a dash cam running so that the incident could be captured on video. As the truck with the blown tire continued along the highway, the driver in the vehicle behind commented the unfortunate accident, carefully making his way on the road. This incident illustrates the importance of maintaining a safe following distance and the benefit of not driving right beside a large truck for any length of time. A car immediately adjacent to the tire when it exploded could have had serious trouble and likely damage. Have this video in mind the next time you find yourself next to a speeding truck on a highway.

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Trio Of Talented Girls Magnificently Cover 'What Is Love'3m11s

Trio Of Talented Girls Magnificently Cover 'What Is Love'

There are almost 7 and a half billion people on the planet, but it’s very hard to find an honestly good singing voice. Sure, everyone can sing somewhat good and almost everyone can learn to sing somewhat decent, but it is truly hard to find a natural talent that can sing like an angel and make you cry tears of happiness at the same time. It is also hard to find multiple voices that go together as smooth as butter. Each person has a different timbre to their voice and not all of them go together well. Some might sound too rough, some might sound as fragile as a harph and others might be somewhere in the middle of it all. With the technological innovations these days, it’s fairly easy to modify voices to sound harmoniously, but the true talent comes through once they start singing a cappella. If they can create harmonies and help each others’ voices sound their best, then you know that you’ve hit jackpot. This is what distinguishes true artists from gifted singers. Check out this cover version of Veronika Bozeman’s ‘What is Love’ sung by the BrokeWell trio. The song was featured on the soundtrack of the first season of Empire and it was written by Daniel Jones, Timbaland and Jim Beanz. This cover went viral when it was posted on YouTube, garnering more than five million views ever since.

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Snake Catcher Captures Pregnant Cobra, Minutes Later It Lays 23 Eggs2m12s

Snake Catcher Captures Pregnant Cobra, Minutes Later It Lays 23 Eggs

When Prakash Swain woke up on the morning of April 27, he found out that a cobra had crept into his family home in Bhubneswar in Odisha in eastern India. Even though they were petrified by the sight, they did the right thing and called a snake catcher to remove the cobra that was hiding in the dark but warm store room. As soon as snake catcher Purnchandra Das had captured the serpent and placed it into a bag, he found out that she has already laid three eggs inside. So the professional called Snake Helpline, an NGO dedicated to rescue and conservation of snakes. Their General Secretary Shubhendu Malik asked Das to bring the snake to them immediately and so it was done. The pregnant mama was placed in a ventilated basket lined with newspaper, where she continued to lay the rest of her 23 eggs. Mr Malik said: “It is not a typical sight when we see a cobra laying eggs. For any snake enthusiast and conversationalist, it is an exciting moment so we filmed it in mobile camera. The cobra was found coiled around at the store room of Mr Swain’s house at around 5:30 am. They called Das for help who later brought the snake to our office. By 1 pm, the snake had welcomed all her eggs.” Malik released the cobra into the wild that same day, while keeping the eggs for artificial incubation. “We will keep the eggs in artificial incubation for upto 60 days, that is how long snake eggs typically take to hatch. After that, the hatchlings will be released back into the wild,” he said.