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Real Life Ariel From 'The Little Mermaid' Makes A Bride Happy At Wedding4m28s

Real Life Ariel From 'The Little Mermaid' Makes A Bride Happy At Wedding

How incredible. If you loved Disney as a little girl and this video doesn't make you tear up we aren’t sure what will. Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in Disney's “The Little Mermaid” surprised a bride at her wedding and performed the original “Part of your World” masterpiece. The bride was so surprised and knew exactly who the woman was as soon as she laid eyes on her. Even we didn't know at first, did you? The woman's voice is just beautiful and creates such a magic atmosphere for this bride and groom on their special day. This video is an absolute tear jerker the way they edit in clips from The Little Mermaid with the pure expressions of joy on the brides face. Often overlooked on the big day, it is important to pay attention to the groom. The way he looks over and smiles at his new wife is just unbelievable. You can tell how pleased he is for his wife. He is sharing in her joy although it has nothing to do with him, the way a true partnership should operate. The presence of the true Little Mermaid on the bride’s wedding day is sure to make it much more unforgettable! We've heard of couples incorporating Disney music scores and the like into wedding days, but absolutely nothing like this! I wonder how they got such a fabulous situation to arise! Did a family friend write into Jodi Benson of the Little Mermaid, or is she a family friend? Could we make this happen at our own wedding we must all be wondering! Who would you have? We personally would choose Jasmine from Aladdin. Who is your favorite Disney princess and would you have the voice actor present at your wedding? Some people even go so far to have their entire day themed under the Disney design. We wonder what a Little Mermaid wedding would actually look like. Did you know that you can actually get married at Disneyland? There is a package with pricing available to host your wedding and/or honeymoon at the luxurious resort. This would appeal to some of the biggest fans! There are so many ways to make your big day special, and we have a feeling this couple is absolutely not disappointed. This video exemplifies such a special moment between the and the groom and their parents. Truly enjoying an experience they will never forget. Our heartstrings were plucked when Jodi Benson's voice went high to perfectly mimic Ariel. Wow. It is simply an outstanding performance. We think Jodi Benson could recharge her career by offering this service to new couples. We know we would be more than interested! The big day always revolves around the woman, but in this case, it seems to more than spark joy in the groom's eyes and heart. Again, we are witnessing a truly special moment shared between this bride and groom. Who knows what the relevance of this song represents for not only the bride but also the bride and groom in their relationship. I'm sure it is something special.

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Dog totally mocks teenager's broken leg 14s

Dog totally mocks teenager's broken leg "walk"

Check out how the Sawyer the dog walks into the room after a kid hobbles in before him on crutches with a broken leg. Super insensitive dog or insane coincidence? Let us know!

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Epic bridal party flash mob dance performance4m06s

Epic bridal party flash mob dance performance

The groom was listening to Queen one day and thought "Don't Stop Me Now" would perfectly capture how he was going to feel on his wedding day. So, obviously he couldn't help himself and decided he and his groomsmen needed to do a special dance on that special day. Enjoy!

Green Jumper Crosses Eyes as it sees its Mirror Image1m17s

Green Jumper Crosses Eyes as it sees its Mirror Image

This little Green Jumping Spider named Lyssomanes lives in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Jumping spiders, Salticidae are the largest family of spiders. They do not build a web to trap insects, but jump on their prey and grab it with the jaws. Jumping spiders still produce silk for safety lines while jumping and also to build a tent as shelter from bad weather and to sleep at night. As most spiders they have four pairs of eyes, which give them a 360-degree view of the world. Their large frontal eyes are build like telescopes and provide them with very sharp vision. A mobile retina allows them to scan the object they are looking at, which is why the frontal eyes turn black as the retina gets into focus.

Insane high speed car chase caught on bystander's dash cam!1m25s

Insane high speed car chase caught on bystander's dash cam!

This crazy car chase happened on the I-94 exit ramp to county road 75 in St. Cloud, Minnesota at approximately 2:39pm on 10/23/2018. These witnesses noticed several police vehicles staging in the median of the freeway and removing what looked like spike strips from there vehicles. They decided to exit with several other vehicles and maybe see the possible pursuit go by on the freeway. Instead, the perpetrator surprisingly took the exit they were pulling over on. Luckily they were pulled over all the way and had both their dashcam and camcorder running. The cops handled this perfectly and nobody was injured!

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Thirsty mockingbird follows man to beg for drink of water38s

Thirsty mockingbird follows man to beg for drink of water

On a small island, near the equator, animals have adapted to life with almost no access to water. They are able to drink when there is enough rain to form small pools, but they may go weeks without the opportunity. This mockingbird was thirsty enough and smart enough to follow a backpacker on his tour of the island. Having no apparent fear of humans, he hopped along on the ground beside the man. When the man stopped walking, the tiny bird looked up at him hopefully. This continued for several minutes until the man realized that the bird was actually asking for help. The man bent down slowly and the bird stood staring. It is highly recommended that humans don't interfere with animals on these islands and it is important to not feed them, but the pleading eyes of the little bird were hard to resist. As he began to understand that the bird was looking for help, he guessed that it may be struggling to find water during what was a particularly long dry spell. With a video camera running, the man poured water onto a rock with a small depression. He recorded the bird's reaction. At first, the thirsty little fellow pecked at the drops on the edge of the bottle. Then he slurped some of the water from the rock. But lava rocks are porous and this dark rock was very hot. The water did not remain in the hole very long and the bird didn't get much of a drink. As the man started to pour more, the bird had figured out that the water in the bottle was good to drink and he stuck his little beak right in to get it. Standing taller to reach the bottle, he took several slurps and swallowed. He stood within two feet of the man the entire time. After the bird had sipped on the water for a few minutes, he stood looking at the man quietly. The man continued on his way and the bird stood on the trail and stared after him. Obviously content, he no longer followed the man. This mockingbird is a rare species that exists only on two small islands. Typically, they eat insects, small crustaceans and eggs of other birds. It is a difficult thing to see an animal asking for help but to not respond. It is especially difficult when the animal seems to be suffering from thirst.

Bunny Harvestman preparing for a new day2m50s

Bunny Harvestman preparing for a new day

Here is another video of the Bunny Harvestman from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Its scientific name is Metagryne bicolumnata, from the family of Cosmetidae, in the order of Opiliones, also known as Harvestmen or daddy longlegs. They are not spiders, but belong to the same class of Arachnida. Contrary to a common belief Harvestmen do not have venom glands and are absolutely harmless. Harvestmen have been around for at least 400 million years and lived even before the dinosaurs. watch my previous video of the Bunny Harvestman:

Beautiful ruby gold target tortoise beetle from Ecuador55s

Beautiful ruby gold target tortoise beetle from Ecuador

Tortoise beetles own their name to the carapace under which they can find shelter like a tortoise, with the difference that their carapace can open for flight. This species with a ruby ring on gold ground that looks like a target is from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.

Howling Dog Leads Its Owner To The Treat Drawer2m04s

Howling Dog Leads Its Owner To The Treat Drawer

Are you feeling stressed and worn out? Do you need something that can relieve you from this unwanted stress? Do you know something that can help you clear this stress away? Well, just in case you do not know, one extremely effective therapeutic thing that can make wonders in order to shake those stress away is raising an adorable pet dog. If you are thinking that it is only effective for those dog lovers out there, then think again. Even though you are not that into dogs, you will still enjoy the therapy a pet dog can give, for sure. The question is, do you know what is the best dog breed that you can have these days? Why not consider having a Siberian Husky then? If you are not well-acquainted about this particular breed of dog, then it would be very helpful for you to watch this video. Here, you can witness a very cute stubborn Siberian Husky dog that is seemingly arguing with his owner. This dog was already given some treats from his master, but it seems that he still wants more. Wondering why the husky is acting that way, the owner lets the husky lead her to where this dog wants to go. And then suddenly, the husky has led her to the kitchen, where the treats are kept. Without hesitation, the owner gets some treats and then gives them to the husky and its adorable companion dog. The name of this stubborn yet intelligent Siberian Husky dog is Zeus . If you want to know more about Zeus and its breed, then let us dig deeper. Siberian Husky is a medium size dog breed that you can choose to raise if you want to. Yes, some people are not choosing this one because of its medium size. Even so, this does not make Siberian Husky a less of a pet dog. It is as incredible as smaller sized pet dogs out there are. If you are not really ready for a dog this size, then consider raising a Husky and you will surely not regret it. When it comes to names, some countries may differ. In some other parts of the world, it is known as Chukcha and Chuksha. However, it is also popularly called Sibe in some other parts of the globe. For your additional information, Siberian Husky originated from the beautiful and progressive country of Russia. In fact, it belongs to the Spitz family. Yes, you read it right! This is one reason why Husky has thick fur or hair just like the Spitz dog breed. If you are not well-acquainted about the appearance of this dog, then make an image of a wolf in your mind and there you go. This is how many people in the world describe this adorable breed of dogs. Its ears are erect, and its hair is double coated. It goes without saying that Husky is one of the most sophisticated-looking dogs one can ever have. With a sufficient amount of time for training, this pet dog can certainly be your best pet dog ever that you can ever raise in your life.

Marriage Proposal Is Followed By An Emotional Military Homecoming1m18s

Marriage Proposal Is Followed By An Emotional Military Homecoming

Don't miss this touching video that begins just as this woman's fiance surprises her with a beautiful ring, but when she looks up there's another surprise. Her brother, whom she hasn't seen in a long time, has returned home from the Navy. What a comforting moment captured on camera! The fiancé planned everything with the help of the other relatives to give this girl the surprise of her life. An ordinary day, in a common place, was the perfect setting for this girl to experience a handful of emotions in a matter of seconds. You have to see her face, she is very happy, and cries with happiness for being able to share with the beings she loves, while she receives a beautiful ring from her boyfriend. Incredible! In the video you will witness how the fiancé gets down on his knees and gives an engagement ring to his girl. The girl did not expect such a thing, let alone her boyfriend asking her to marry him on such a common day in front of his mother. The bride is very moved and excited, her happiness is paramount, she is speechless, but it is obvious that she wants to marry this boy who loves her so much. There is a lot of love emanating from these lovebirds and their whole family. The surprise does not end yet, and at the moment the girl has an overflow of emotions, she raises her face to see her brother, whom she hasn’t seen for a long time. Her beloved brother returned home from the navy. The girl cries with happiness at receiving these two news, she feels very happy to have her family reunited, and to see the brother who she missed so much, and who shared such an important moment with her. This family reunion is worth admiring, to see a family being happy together is really comforting. We can only imagine how much her brother missed his family , too judging by the emotions he show in the video - at last he will be able to embrace his family again. This girl received two presents on a same day, two things that she longed for the most. She will be the happiest bride in the world, and this day will be hard to forget for her and for the whole family. Reunions are always beautiful, we all love to see that feeling of affection between siblings and family. Isn't it great? To be separated from a sibling after having spent all your childhood with them, is something very difficult. Although the distance is not forever, it is well known that the military of the navy can keep one’s sibling a long time away from home. It is the price of exercising the vocation they have, the love for what they do, however the love of their families is what gives them strength to fulfill their purpose, and to be reunited with them at the end. The brother will be honored to take his sister to the altar, and that will be another even more exciting and important moment in both their lives.

Red Postman Butterfly shows off stunning colors in rainforest1m53s

Red Postman Butterfly shows off stunning colors in rainforest

This is a subspecies of the Red Postman butterfly from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Its bright colors warn predators such as birds that it is unpalatable. There are close to 4,000 species of butterflies and some 10,000 moths in Ecuador, one of the countries with the highest biodiversity on earth!