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Hippie Donates Hair to Locks Of Love22m48s

Hippie Donates Hair to Locks Of Love

So today was a big day for me! I cut off almost 3 years of hair growth to start over and was able to donate to locks of love! Let it begin! again! THANKS FOR VIEWING!!! Be sure to check out my links below and click "like" and "subscribe" above! Thanks! Keep It Casual! I have 3 youtube accounts! check 'em out! - tips for men (primarily) growing their hair out - second channel - my horrible guitar skills (may improve) Check out my various online profiles! - facebook fan page - twitter page For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages:

Published: November 26, 2016Updated: November 28, 201669,935 views
Makeover: Long to Short Hair, by Christopher Hopkins,The Makeover Guy®21m06s

Makeover: Long to Short Hair, by Christopher Hopkins,The Makeover Guy®

Every once in awhile someone says "Do whatever you want," and means it. When the person has the hair, face and attitude that allows that freedom it's truly magic. Christal wanted to donate her hair so I cut it short. Chelsea Baert took the white to a pale blonde and Kami Kleven freshened up the make up. A dream for all hair stylists alike. It awakens their creative nature. They finally have the opportunity to experiment with creative ideas that have been in their head for quite some time. Check out Christal's transformation! Follow me on You Tube: Follow me on Facebook: Website:

Published: February 7, 2017Updated: February 8, 201785,494 viewsVirality: 9%
NASA video shows sun in stunning Ultra-HD30m24s

NASA video shows sun in stunning Ultra-HD

NASA has released an ultra-high definition 4K video of the sun, titled "Thermonuclear Art". The footage, captured in 10 different wavelengths by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft, is set to a soundtrack from Lars Leonhard. Credit to 'NASA Goddard'.

Published: November 3, 201538,283 viewsVirality: 1%
EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS 20 OBJECTS! Crayons Orbeez School Supplies Toys! SATISFYING26m32s

EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS 20 OBJECTS! Crayons Orbeez School Supplies Toys! SATISFYING

A lot of trends on the internet are started because of one person's curiosity. Eventually they will start spreading like wildfire, sort of like the 1000 degree knife challenge. Now that this trend has come into fruition, you might ask yourself the question, 'what might happen if you do the thousand degree knife challenge with a bunch of crayons. Well look no further, your answer is right in front of you. It is important that if you attempt any of these challenges that you do so with the proper safety precautions. If you are looking for some crayons, here are a bunch that you can choose from. You can get them sent right to the front door of your house within a few days instead of going out to the store and buying them. How awesome is that? Which object was your favorite to watch as the glowing knife went right through it? Which other ones would you have like to have seen? Let us know in the comment section below! JOIN THE FAMILY ? ? Join the VLOG Squad: ? GET THIS VIDEO TO AS MANY LIKES AS WE CAN!!!!!!! WATCH: DIY Edible School Supplies:" EXTRA GIVEAWAY ENTRIES: Knife vs Coca Cola?? Knife vs Dry

Published: January 5, 2017283 viewsVirality: 2%
These Are Some Of The Funniest Pets And People On Pettube22m03s

These Are Some Of The Funniest Pets And People On Pettube

There are moments in life when you wonder ‘why on Earth didn’t I have my phone camera on’, because the stuff that happens in the blink of an eye is the best! Overconfidence and general foolishness make the best companions of funny home videos and we love watching them. Pettube has graced us with yet another compilation of clips where pets and people show off their clumsy and silly sides. Pets are usually more susceptible to ridiculousness and are easier to take videos of than your human friends. But whenever you give your dog a tennis ball, a balloon or a water hose, things are bound to get very interesting, very fast. Then there are those days of snow and ice, when the child in us awakens and we just want to plow through the powder and have loads of fun. But nature doesn’t seem to always agree with us, so the occasional surprise slip and fall can make you laugh so hard you might pee yourself, while holding your bruised backside. And last, but not least, our favorite - the overconfidence fails! Doesn’t matter if you are human, feline or canine; when you are 100% certain you can accomplish something and you go at it, not calculating the possible outcome, the end result can be too hilarious to catch your breath! We are just grateful that these folks were brave enough to share their clips with us! Check out more funny pet videos at Funniest Pets & People brings you hilarious moments caught on home video. From the producers of television's "Planet's Funniest Animals" and "Funniest Pets and People" comes PetTube, a channel and website dedicated to pets

How To Build LEGO Bowser23m08s

How To Build LEGO Bowser

See how to build the character Bowser from the Super Mario games by Nintendo using LEGO pieces.

Published: January 29, 2017Updated: January 31, 201734 views
'Next Stop' Vacation Travel Guide: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico22m21s

'Next Stop' Vacation Travel Guide: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Welcome to Los Cabos, home of Cabo San Lucas, world renowned for it’s good times, which of course we will dive into on this episode. We’ll also take you to San Jose Del Cabo and dive into the area’s rich traditions, history, culture and art. More local music, more great friends, and more surprises await you on this episode of Next Stop from Los Cabos. The fun starts now! Get to know the Mexican outback by going on hikes or riding dromedaries. Learn about all that nature provides to those you want to be eco friendly, like cacti flowers that can be boiled into soup, or the sap of a tree that can be the best replaced for you forgotten chap stick. It is also important to know about one of the most deadliest snakes, called taipan. A single drop of the taipan’s poison can kill up to 60 people! If you are more into the water sports, you can visit Ocean Riders, where you can go snorkeling and whale watching. Visit the ambiguously named Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach, the latter of which is famous as a filming location for some of Hollywood’s blockbusters, like Planet of the Apes and the epic Troy. Watch the video for some other incredible travel destinations in Cabo!

Cenușăreasa (basm)21m50s

Cenușăreasa (basm)

Unul dintre basmele de referință ale fraților Grimm, după care s-au făcut numeroase ecranizări dar filmul de desene animate al lui Walt Disney rămâne cel mai bun.

LIVE World's Largest Snake?!44m47s

LIVE World's Largest Snake?! SUBSCRIBE for more Prehistoric Pets! - ------------------------------------------------------------- Check out and follow us on our socials! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: http:/

Published: February 27, 2017Updated: February 28, 20172,134 viewsVirality: 17%


New Puppy Gatsby the Pembroke Welsh Corgi recounts the Top 100 Happiest Moments In His Life. This Time Lapse Compilation Video covers nearly two years of Puppyhood from coming home, puppy training, snow, beach, hikes, travel, friends, and more! SUBSCRIBE TO MAIN CHANNEL (vlogaftercollege): http://w

St. Mary's Academy Crusaders vs. Midway Denton Eagles (2002)38m56s

St. Mary's Academy Crusaders vs. Midway Denton Eagles (2002)

"Quite simply, the Eagles have treated state titles like some people treat Lays potato chips. Once they get one, they're ready to have another. And another. And another. ... Midway was so dominating last year that in many games the reserves were hitting the field in the second quarter." (The Capital-Journal | Friday, August 31, 2001) Then we showed up...

Mateiaș gâscarul20m33s

Mateiaș gâscarul

Un minunat basm scris de autorul de proză maghiar Fezakas Mihály Döbrögi.

Published: September 24, 2017Updated: September 25, 201711 views
Man Lets his Phone be Stolen and Tracks the Thief Using Spyware21m29s

Man Lets his Phone be Stolen and Tracks the Thief Using Spyware

When Anthony van der Meer had his phone stolen, he realized how much personal information the thief had instantly obtained. So, he allowed another phone be stolen, but first he installed spyware on the device, enabling him to track it. The spyware allowed him to remotely control and monitor use of the phone, and learn intimate details about the thief. The filmmaker turned the entire process in a short film called Find My Phone. In the film, van der Meer follows the man who stole his phone from Amsterdam to Berlin and France, reading his messages and watching his conversations in real-time. Van der Meer installed an app called Cerberus on his phone, which allowed him to track its location, create backups of texts and phone logs and remotely control the camera on the stolen device. Van der Meer told Storyful that after liaising with Cerberus, he was able to install a version of the app on the stolen phone that would make the app undetectable to users of the device. Van der Meer began to feel sympathy for the man, and even topped up the call credit in the phone during the night. However, after seeing him in person, the film graduate quickly lost all sympathy for the man and realized he didn’t know him at all. Eventually, he ended his surveillance of the thief. Van der Meer’s film has quickly gone viral on social media, amassing over one millions since it was posted on December 13.

Published: January 13, 2017Updated: January 14, 201796 views
Fata pădurarului24m17s

Fata pădurarului

Minunat basm scris de Călin Gruia. Călin Gruia este pseudonimul literar al lui Chiril Gurduz, un scriitor român, poet și prozator, cunoscut mai ales prin volumele sale de povești pentru copii.(Wikipedia)

Published: September 24, 2017Updated: September 25, 2017
Muc cel mic36m16s

Muc cel mic

O poveste fascinantă scrisă de poetul și prozatorul german Wilhelm Hauff.

Published: September 30, 2017Updated: October 2, 2017
Hänsel și Gretel20m05s

Hänsel și Gretel

O altă poveste celebră a fraților Grimm, a cărei acțiune captivează copiii de pe întreg mapamondul.

Published: September 30, 2017Updated: October 2, 2017