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Plastic pollution ruins tourist's diving trip in Indonesia49s

Plastic pollution ruins tourist's diving trip in Indonesia

Disheartening footage shows how a tourist went scuba diving and found a shocking amount of plastic pollution in the water. Lauren Jubb, 23, arrived at the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan which is described as ''clean and peaceful'' and away from the ''hassle of hectic pace'' of nearby Bali. The holiday destination is becoming one of the most popular in the region - but Lauren was horrified by the amount of plastic floating in the water. Underwater video taken on February 8 shows hundreds of pieces of plastic including bags and scraps of packets and wrappers in the water as marine life swims by. Lauren said: ''We stopped at Manta Point and it was stunning, on the surface of the water that is. We saw huge Manta Rays swimming underneath the boat and it all seemed so magical. ''But then we went underneath the oceans surface .I honestly could have just burst into tears then and there. I have never been so horrified and heartbroken as I was when I saw the amount of plastic and rubbish in the bay. ''These beautiful creatures swimming amongst the mess that we as humans have created. The Manta’s had plastic bags around their mouths and on their bodies whilst swimming around the rubbish in search for food. ''This rubbish is brought in from various parts of the globe from currents and tides which means we are all to blame. Everything goes back into the ocean.''

Workers Remove Freight Train After Michigan Derailment41s

Workers Remove Freight Train After Michigan Derailment

Workers were called to remove the wreckage of a freight train after it derailed in Wyoming, Michigan on Tuesday, February 20. This video of the derailed train was taken by WOOD TV reporter Barton Deiters after the incident. The derailment forced the closure of parts of 28th and 32nd streets, local television reported. There were no injuries and the cause of the accident was under investigation, the report said. Credit: Barton Deiters via Storyful

Ceramic Artist Uses Mesmerizing Painting Method1m00s

Ceramic Artist Uses Mesmerizing Painting Method

Jonathon decided to take a unique approach to painting his pottery at his studio in Brooklyn, New York. After masking, glazing and removing the tape which he had placed in a unique design on the vase, Jonathon revealed the incredible work of art he’d created to his Instagram followers. Credit: jvp_wares via Storyful

6-Year-Old Junior Golf is as Good as the Pros1m00s

6-Year-Old Junior Golf is as Good as the Pros

Pro golfers have nothing on six-year-old Ellianna. The adorable tike proves she is a force to be reckoned with on the golf course. In this clip, Ellianna shows off her grace and technique while practicing. Credit: Davie MacRae via Storyful

Cheeky dog squats on baby crawling44s

Cheeky dog squats on baby crawling

This is the amusing moment a dog squats on its owner’s baby and stops her from crawling. The footage, captured at a home in Atlanta, shows little Jolee happily crawling around the living-room when suddenly the dog sits on top of her. Jolee then falls over - unable to bear the weight on her back. ''Cooper get out of her,'' the dog's owner can be heard shouting in the background. The clip was filmed on October 16, 2017. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Boulder considers assault weapons ban2m28s

Boulder considers assault weapons ban

In the wake of a Florida high school shooting that left 17 dead, the city of Boulder is considering a ban on so-called assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks.

Published: February 21, 2018