The train in Spain ought ride under the lane3m49s

The train in Spain ought ride under the lane

Catalonia has become a hotbed of violent insurgence since the independence vote. But tensions are high in other areas of Spain as the government plans to separate a city just to pinch a few pennies.

Published: October 18, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017
Empowering women with a Slut Walk3m04s

Empowering women with a Slut Walk

This year's Slut Walk, with Amber Rose as the Master of ceremony, provided an opportunity for women and men to spread an empowering message of unity, feminism, and acceptance.

What The News Gets Wrong About The Las Vegas Shooter3m05s

What The News Gets Wrong About The Las Vegas Shooter

Stephen Paddock’s image has saturated all of our news broadcasters. He is responsible for the worst shooting in US history but why does the media refuse to call him a terrorist? This is a bigger issue and it needs to be stopped. Someone needs to stop this it is getting out of control, citizens call. Stephen Paddock killed over 50 people and injured another 500, but is his white privilege stopping the press from calling him a terrorist? Maybe he did it out of hatred and was not a terrorist attack. Maybe he just went crazy and started doing what he needed to do. It seems like every time there's a massive killing and there is a white person behind it, somehow they get history that he or she is mentally ill or they have some kind of problem. However, if it's someone of color or of a different religion, all of a sudden they are terrorists or they are certain attackers. If there is a white person behind it they're never exactly punished how a colored person or someone of another religion would be punished. They always do this even if it is clear terrorism officials are always slow to react. At the end of the day it is still an act of violence, regardless of their skin color or their religion. The issue does matter because innocent lives were taken away. Guns don't necessarily need to be banned, but there should be more precautions and steps to take when they give someone a gun in order to ensure everyone's safety. This attack replaces last year's homophobic attack in Orlando as USA's deadliest shooting. Find out what was really going on about the shooting in Las Vegas

How Kenya rid itself of plastic bags1m55s

How Kenya rid itself of plastic bags

Filling landfills, showing up in cattle’s intestines, choking residents when burnt; it’s clear that plastic bags needed to go. Kenya’s government has made an impressive commitment to the environment.