Who is Matteo Salvini?1m29s

Who is Matteo Salvini?

Salvini is a far-right candidate in Italy's general election. Why is there a Salvini double touring the country with three accusatory billboards?

Recycling Russia's evergreens2m16s

Recycling Russia's evergreens

In the months following the new year, Russians often discard their Christmas trees to the sidewalk. A local initiative in St. Petersburg is being noticed for its innovative ways for getting those trees back to nature.

The Tuk Tuk Library2m31s

The Tuk Tuk Library

Sutino faced great difficulties providing an education to his children. The modest shared taxi driver resolved to convert his taxi into a mobile library for all the children of Jakarta.

Drinking up controversy: The EscoBAR2m22s

Drinking up controversy: The EscoBAR

In Barcelona, the EscoBAR has just opened boasting a vast array of Medellín themed drinks and food. However, to Colombians, the memories of Pablo Escobar are not ones to treat so lightly.