Own the Trend: Metallic Lips1m07s

Own the Trend: Metallic Lips

We're well into festival season, which is an excuse to be a little extra when it comes to make-up. Here are three girls showing three different ways to do a DIY metallic lip.

Office Yoga: Abs aka 1m05s

Office Yoga: Abs aka "the Dorito"

If you've been sitting at your desk for over an hour with no break - click play! Here are 3 great stretches for your core strength you can *just* get away with in an office environment.

Own the Trend: LA Lips1m08s

Own the Trend: LA Lips

Three different girls show how to pull off the latest runway trend: LA lips. Forget the lipstick, its all about liner.

Published: June 23, 2017Updated: June 24, 20171 views
Eat the Season: Watermelon fruit salad1m04s

Eat the Season: Watermelon fruit salad

June's the best time for watermelons. Here's one beautiful way to make the most of the fruit, starring coconut yogurt. (For people who have waaaay too much time on their hands)

Published: June 19, 2017Updated: June 24, 201723 views
Own the trend: Back to 2000s1m13s

Own the trend: Back to 2000s

The 2000s are making a comeback with make-up, that means metallics. With festival season approaching - this is one to pin. Here's a silver eye how-to on three different girls.