Uncut: Shayna Hubers talks upcoming trial, marriage request48m50s

Uncut: Shayna Hubers talks upcoming trial, marriage request

WCPO anchor Craig McKee spoke to Shayna Hubers, who awaits retrial in connection to the shooting death of boyfriend Ryan Poston, in her first such interview since her initial arrest. Hubers said she had filed for a marriage license with another inmate and was afraid they might be unfairly denied because of her notoriety in Campbell County.

Published: May 23, 201891 views
Lawrenceburg, Indiana tiki bar sinks into the Ohio River23m44s

Lawrenceburg, Indiana tiki bar sinks into the Ohio River

The fate of a tiki bar is no more: It looks like it was sent to Davy Jones' Locker. RiverWatch, a floating restaurant on the Ohio River, used to have the bar attached on a separate barge. But dashcam footage from Sunday appears to show the barge sinking into the river's murky depths.

Published: April 9, 2018
University of Louisville introduces Chris Mack as new basketball coach42m50s

University of Louisville introduces Chris Mack as new basketball coach

Former Xavier coach Chris Mack made a great first impression as new Louisville coach Wednesday, calling it "an opportunity of a lifetime" and promising that he would never leave for another coaching job. "I will work my ass off every single day to make you proud of Louisville basketball," Mack said. Mack, who stands to make $28 million on a seven-year deal, acknowledged the FBI investigation and the dark clouds over the program following the sex and payoff scandals under previous coach Rick Pitino, but he said he wasn't afraid of possible NCAA sanctions or the challenge of restoring the program to its honor. "I wouldn't have come here if I didn’t believe this place can shine again," Mack said. Speaking directly to the Louisville fans, Mack said: "I know these past few months have been unbelievably difficult. They say the darkest clouds elicit the brightest lightning bolt. That lightning bolt is coming. That's not me, that's these guys (Louisville players). I urge you to fill the Yum. Let’s give these guys a chance. Let's get this place rocking," Mack said. "It's time to turn the page and start building something special."

Published: March 28, 2018
Butler County officials discuss county's state of health25m14s

Butler County officials discuss county's state of health

For a fourth consecutive year, Butler County saw a rise in fatal drug overdoses, according to Butler County Coroner Lisa Mattix. Her office investigated a total of 232 overdoses in 2017, which was a 21 percent increase over 2016's total of 192. "The coroner's office is the last stop on a very sad journey for somebody addicted to drugs," Mattix said, noting that overdose deaths accounted for nearly half of the cases they investigated in 2017. While Mattix said the grim figures sadden her, she holds out hope for this year because of the number of community organizations implementing initiatives to help conquer addiction. "What I'm encouraged with is that we do have programs in place. We are trying things. But we do need time to see results. There's no quick fix," Mattix said. Eighty-two percent of Butler County's drug overdoses in 2017 were related to fentanyl, fentanyl analogs like carfentanil or heroin, according to Mattix's office. She also noted a fourfold increase in methamphetamine use seen in all overdoses, particularly those that tested positive for fentanyl analogs. Cocaine-related deaths stayed about the same and were also predominantly connected to cases with fentanyl. Butler County Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer and Scott Rasmus, executive director of the Butler County Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services Board, also spoke at Tuesday morning's news conference.

Published: March 6, 2018
9 great Valentine's Day gifts under $2026m43s

9 great Valentine's Day gifts under $20

Valentine's Day is Wednesday Feb. 14. But if you, like a lot of people, have no idea what to get your special someone, there's hope. We went to Target with a shopping blogger to find 9 great gifts that are also great deals. Shopping blogger Megan Fenno, of Fenno Fashion, helped us find great affordable gifts, starting with the classic: flowers. "Most women like flowers, I think that's something you can't go wrong with," she said. A dozen roses always work, but those $17 prices tend so soar a couple of days before Valentine's Day. So Fenno says consider flowers that will last all spring,. "Tulips or Calla lilies for $6.99, that's a great deal, and they are beautiful plants," she said.

Published: February 9, 2018
Academy announces nominations for 2018 Oscars26m54s

Academy announces nominations for 2018 Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its nominations for the 90th annual Academy Awards on Tuesday morning. The awards show will be broadcast live on WCPO on March 4. Jimmy Kimmel will host this year's ceremony.

Published: January 23, 2018
Fiona: The Story So Far41m11s

Fiona: The Story So Far

This is the complete 9 On Your Side special, "Fiona: The Story So Far" about baby hippo Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Published: December 21, 201724 views
Do deer whistles prevent deer-car accidents?27m45s

Do deer whistles prevent deer-car accidents?

This is peak deer season in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, and no doubt you have seen dead deer laying on the side of the highway at some point. One Warren County, Ohio man, whose wife was in an accident with a deer, is wondering if deer whistles might prevent it from happening again. Jim McHugh says his wife recently hit a deer, causing more than $12,000 damage to her car. "A deer came out nowhere, hit the front of her Lexus," he said. "One minute she was driving, the next there was a deer looking at her through the windshield." So he decided to pick up a set of deer whistles, sold at hardware and auto parts stores for as little as $10 a pair.

Published: December 5, 2017
Hear Cincinnati Podcast: FC Cincinnati, bullying laws and high speed police chases48m47s

Hear Cincinnati Podcast: FC Cincinnati, bullying laws and high speed police chases

This week on Hear Cincinnati, host Maxim Alter, digital reporter Lucy May, digital editor Meghan Wesley and web editor Austin Fast talk about the debate over whether FC Cincinnati should have its own soccer stadium in Hamilton County, Fiona's latest videos, the state of Cincinnati's public housing, Nelson Peltz's victory in his quest for a Procter & Gamble board seat, "digital" medication approved by the FDA and more.  Maxim then talks with investigative reporter Hillary Lake about how the laws that dictate how schools handle and report bullying cases could soon change. Later on the podcast, investigative reporter Craig Cheatham and transportation reporter Pat LaFleur explain why not all officers in our communities are following the same rules when it comes to high speed police pursuits.

Published: November 17, 2017
Mayor Cranley: Cincinnati 'can win the Amazon.com bid'21m46s

Mayor Cranley: Cincinnati 'can win the Amazon.com bid'

Cincinnati is one of at least one hundred U.S. cities vying for Amazon's second headquarters location, or "HQ2." Mayor John Cranley said he thinks the Queen City has a "legitimate shot." "We can win the Amazon.com bid," Cranley said, before listing off 10 reasons that Cincinnati is the ideal location for Amazon HQ2.

Published: October 20, 2017
Cincinnati mayoral debate1h28m24s

Cincinnati mayoral debate

Incumbent Mayor John Cranley and City Council Member Yvette Simpson, both democratic candidates for mayor, debated the issues Tuesday night.

Published: October 10, 2017
Wendell Young will fully recover from heart emergency, family says24m14s

Wendell Young will fully recover from heart emergency, family says

City Council Member Wendell Young is expected to make a full recovery from an acute aortic dissection, a life-threatening emergency, his family said Wednesday. His wife, Kathy Young, told a morning news conference that he is cracking jokes, doing well and would make a full return to council duties. "He needs your prayers ... and also your vote," Kathy Young said, referring to the November election. Young's family said they were caught off guard when he was rushed into emergency surgery last Thursday. He had the same condition that killed actor John Ritter in 2003.

Published: September 13, 2017