Delicious vegan Caesar salad recipe2m07s

Delicious vegan Caesar salad recipe

Vegan Caesar salad is great as a side dish or even works as the main component of your meal. The dressing is so simple to make and lasts for about a week in your fridge. If you are gluten-free, your croutons can be made with gluten-free bread. Check out The Vegetarian Baker's deliciously easy recipe in this tutorial video.

How to make red velvet cake ice cream2m49s

How to make red velvet cake ice cream

Valentine's Day is a day to spend with your loved ones, filled with wine, chocolates, and roses - even if you don't have a significant other. The Vegetarian Baker shares a fun recipe that can help you celebrate Valentine's Day, but also one you can enjoy year around. This absolutely delicious recipe isn't vegan, but it is vegetarian. Try it out and let us know what you think!

How to make sweet roasted chickpeas2m14s

How to make sweet roasted chickpeas

Sweet roasted chickpeas are the perfect snack for times when you are on the go, and are also an amazingly healthy alternative to fatty potato chips. Learn how you can make your very own in this quick and simple tutorial delivered by The Vegetarian Baker.

How to make homemade coffee liqueur2m34s

How to make homemade coffee liqueur

Homemade Kahlua (coffee liqueur) is so simple to make and equally, if not more delicious. The best thing about doing it at home is that you are saving yourself over a third of the cost. Kahlua is great in your coffee, on top of ice cream, and a great base for an after dinner cocktail. Enjoy!

How to make roasted pumpkin soup2m49s

How to make roasted pumpkin soup

This roasted pumpkin soup is sure to warm you up during these cold winter months. Don't be afraid to use a whole pumpkin because it's actually very simple to work with. However, make sure you get a sugar or pie pumpkin. You can't use your Jack-O-Lantern's from Halloween to make this soup because it just wouldn't taste the same. Enjoy!

How To Make Caramel Using Only One Ingredient2m02s

How To Make Caramel Using Only One Ingredient

Making caramel is sometimes is a difficult process to understand. You have to get the right temperature, color, and ingredients in order to make the perfect tasting caramel. However, I'm here to let you know that you can make caramel with only one ingredient. It is very easy to do and also delcious. In order to make One Ingredient Caramel, all you need is sweetened condensed milk, a mason jar, a pot of boiling water, and a spoon. It does take longer to make than traditional caramel, but you can just walk away and come back every 30 minutes.