Santa Helps Sister Pull Off Epic Military Homecoming3m00s

Santa Helps Sister Pull Off Epic Military Homecoming

This video is surely one that will give every viewer warm and fuzzy feelings just in time for Christmas! Every child should have at least one experience of a true Christmas miracle, and this is an example of one of those beautiful moments happening. Be sure you have tissues ready before starting this video! When the video begins, the setting seems to be a children’s play at a school. The teacher is standing at the front of the stage with the microphone, and it seems like she may be speaking at the end of the Christmas children’s play. However, she only gets out a few words when she is suddenly interrupted by the one and only Santa Claus! Santa walks into the room and toward the stage. He announces his presence, and he reminds the audience that Santa is always full of Christmas miracles. After his entrance, Santa asks the woman on the stage if there is a little girl on the stage by the name of Natalie Stroud. Sweet, little Natalie is one of the adorable children who have been singing on the stage all night before Santa came into the theater. The teacher at the front of the stage answers Santa and tells him that they indeed do have a Natalie Stroud in attendance today. Santa then states to the entire room that he has a big surprise for this precious child, Natalie. These third graders had no idea that Santa would come to their Christmas program. All of the children look around and start chattering in anticipation, wondering just what the surprise could possibly be. Natalie is the adorable little girl in the front in a red sparkling dress. Little did she know that her mother made sure that she would be in the front row so that she would be at the perfect place to see her Christmas miracle. Natalie’s mother states that she worked with both the principal and the music teacher. Both of them were immediately in support of pulling off this incredible moment for such a deserving child. Natalie’s older sister is in the military, and it had been months since they had seen each other. Her sister’s name is Kylee, and they are extremely close. Airman Kylee has been stationed hundreds of miles away in the Air Force. Just then, the teacher wheels out a one of a kind present . Inside the box is Kylee’s young daughter. Natalie has never actually met this child in person. It took a few times of Natalie looking at the little baby for her to realize who it was. As soon as Natalie recognizes that the baby is her niece, whom she has only seen through Skype and in pictures, she begins immediately to cry. Her older sister watches all of this unfold from behind her. The most beautiful moment is when Kylee and Natalie embrace. Natalie cannot stop crying when she finds out that her sister is home for Christmas. What a beautiful moment this is for this adorable little family, and it is truly an example of one child’s perfect Christmas miracle !