Football players help coach propose marriage1m15s

Football players help coach propose marriage

A Georgia assistant high school football coach pulled off his personal ultimate proposal thanks to a hands-on assist from his players. Nafis Pickett proposed to his girlfriend on November 2, enlisting the help of each of the team’s seniors.

Custodian Teacher Gets Emotional By Kindergarteners’ Birthday Gift 42s

Custodian Teacher Gets Emotional By Kindergarteners’ Birthday Gift

We have the pleasure to present you a very cute and heartwarming video today! It is about an adorable class of toddlers that surprised their favorite teacher with a special kind of gift. Their teacher has a hearing impairment and in order to be able to wish him a happy birthday, the kids decided to sing a song to them using sign language. These kindergarteners are just learning to read, but managed to learn how to sing something very special for their school’s custodian using his own language. The footage starts as the teacher walks into the classroom and finds his class of little children ready to throw him the big surprise. The kids are standing in the middle of the class, the tables and chairs are pushed aside so that they can stand in rows just like a children’s choir. Two other teachers are present in the footage, they are both guiding the kids with the song and the lyrics of the song . We don’t think that they need guidance that much since they must have rehearsed the song before, we are more thinking that it is for them to be able to catch up if they mess up or get confused. This is due to the fact that they are really young. They did not want to let down their favorite teacher and we are sure that he will remember this moment all his life. We can see his reaction once he is in the classroom as the toddlers are waiting for him to get closer. They caught him totally unprepared for such a surprise and as soon as he enters the room his reaction indicates that he has no idea about the surprise. The person recording the video films the kids singing in the class but also goes back to the teacher to be able to catch his reaction on camera. The cameraman does not move from where he has initially started recording, but he rotates his standing position and adjusts it in the direction of the teacher. The camera is a bit further away from him so we can’t be sure whether tears trickled down his face due to the surge of emotions these kids provoke in him. However, we can clearly tell that he appreciates the effort. He puts one of his hand in front of his face and that is the moment where we believe his eyes got watery! This footage brings good feelings to whoever watches it. The kids are also not so sure if they are doing the right thing as there are a lot of things going on in this room, they have the other two teachers that are helping with the signs and the lyrics, the cameraman recording the scene and the teacher surprised by the kindness of the this act. Even though the kids are seen looking in every direction, they are smiling and we get a genuine feeling of kindness watching all of this. Who knows, maybe it was the kids’ idea to sing to their favorite teacher using a sign language in the process. What an adorable moment!

Athlete Steps In To Help A Homeless Man3m00s

Athlete Steps In To Help A Homeless Man

An athlete walks by a homeless man on his way to eat at a restaurant. He walks up to him and they exchange words. Garret concludes that the man needs help. He recognized that he could not walk which struck a chord with Garret because he is an athlete and has all of his body movements. The homeless man is in need of shoes which contributes to his sore and torn up feet. Garrett was unprepared to help the man but promised to return to see him later. The homeless man took refuge on the side of a busy highway, one can only imagine whether or not he would be able to find a peaceful place in the city to sleep. Garrett is a student at the University of Tennessee. He was able to get on the football team by walking on as a stand out at tryouts. A hardworking young man and posed to be great at football as well as a person of society as he tries to help the homeless man. He is known for various acts of kindness that have not been caught on camera. Fifteen minutes after Garrett met the homeless man he came back as he had promised. Garrett surprised the man with a pair of shoes. The most touching aspect of the shoes is that they are Garrett’s shoes. He selflessly gave the man a pair of his own shoes. In presenting the shoes to the homeless, Garrett learned his name was Lala. Garrett is a caring young man and simply wanted to help him. Garrett went as far as to make sure that the man liked the shoes. Garrett goes the extra mile to also ensure that the shoes are comfortable for the man. Lala will surely put a lot of miles on the shoes as he no doubt walks a lot when he can. They speak about the shoes being comfortable and even recognizing the brand of the shoes. Sweetly but heartbreakingly, Lala asked how much the shoes were. Garrett graciously replies that the shoes are free. Garrett comforts the man in knowing that he has another pair of shoes and he can take the shoes, no problem. Garrett insists on the man putting the shoes on to which Lala does. Lala expresses his love for the shoes by saying, “Oh yeah” to the shoes feeling good on his feet. After making sure the shoes fit comfortably, Garrett surprises the man with a second pair of shoes. Garrett treated the man with the utmost respect by shaking his hand before leaving him with the shoes. Garrett has pledged to continue his acts of kindness in the future. He encourages others to show kindness and spread joy to those around him. For this homeless man, humanity is not dead and people do care about each other, selflessly. For Garrett, it was a simple act of kindness but for the homeless man, it meant the world. Try showing more love and care for the people around you, you never know whose life you could be positively affecting.

Brothers Give Their Bride Sister Special Wedding Day Tribute3m00s

Brothers Give Their Bride Sister Special Wedding Day Tribute

Unfortunately, Kaley did not have her dad available for the father-daughter dance at her wedding. In 2015, he passed away suddenly from heart disease. Her brothers made sure that Kaley felt loved and adored on her special day by dancing with her. One brother makes it clear that each brother wants to dance with Kaley on her special day. Each of Kaley’s brother took turns dancing with her that day. Kaley is the youngest of all the siblings. They put audio clips together of their late father into Michael Bolton’s song “Fathers and Daughters”. Kaley and her father were close as most fathers and daughters become. The brothers put together the clips with Kaley’s dad speaking which was one of the most emotional moments for Kaley. Kaley begins to cry as she dances with one of her brothers and listens to the love her dad expresses through the audio clips. His voice clearly shows the love he had for his little girl. Kaley was noticeably struggling to stand up on the dance floor. It is amazing how a voice can transcend a moment in time to when you felt a hug from a loved one. Kaley expressed later on that when she heard her father’s voice, she felt a movement behind her almost like a hug from her dad. What a wonderful yet heartbreaking moment to experience. Kaley and her dad shared a special way to say they loved each other by saying “I love you 18 times”. While the number 18 was extremely random, it was what they shared and it meant the world to them to hear the other say it. It is great that Kaley has home videos of her dad. Her dad was clearly smitten over her. Her dad would ask Kaley to sing songs to him and he thought an angel was singing to him. He always made sure she felt like an angel and constantly reminded her that she find someone that thought she was too. Even for Halloween, Kaley dressed up as an angel. Her dad also loved her to dance. All little girls love to hear the encouraging applause from their dads as Kaley did from hers. The brothers truly found a heartfelt way of showing Kaley that they would be there for her and never leave her. That they would take care of her in times of need, just like her dad would have loved to do for her. While she would have loved for her dad to be there, her brothers went the extra mile to make sure she knew he loved her and so did they. The brothers quickly reminded her that life is not over and there are many more amazing memories to be made. Kaley will always be able to remember that even though her dad was not at her wedding physically, he was their spiritually through her brothers’ act of kindness. Love is the greatest gift in this life that we can ever have.

Teacher Leaves Notes On Students’ Desks For Encouragement3m00s

Teacher Leaves Notes On Students’ Desks For Encouragement

He’ll always remember the handwritten notes in his lunchbox as a kid. He’s recreating that feeling by writing 600 notes to the kids in his school. Check out this amazing story! This video is truly heartwarming. If you need a “feel good” moment in your day, watch this video! This teacher has started a remarkable tradition that he is doing at his school that really makes a difference in a child’s day. Everyone loves to receive a handwritten note from a friend, parent, teacher, etc. Students especially thrive on things like this because it reminds them that they are important and that someone out there in the world cares about them. The younger generations in our society often deal with new problems that older generations did not necessarily have to deal with, so a special note like these from a teacher they respect and like could really make a difference in a child’s day. These generations have much more media pressure than kids used to deal with now that so much technology has become mainstream and common, so there seems to be quite a bit more attention paid to looking a certain way, acting a certain way, wearing specific clothes or other material things, etc. This teacher has taken hand writing notes to an entirely new level. He writes handwritten letters of encouragement for every student at his elementary school. Imagine the dedication it takes for someone to take this much time out of their life to do this. It is truly remarkable. In this video you will see a few examples of these notes. He states that he started doing this for a specific group, but he realized that he could make an even bigger positive impact by doing these for every single child in the school. Kevin is a licensed social worker, and he is also the school’s counselor. He gets to school a little early each day to write a few letters. Kevin makes sure to know every student by name and to personalize each letter. Many teachers have been inspired by this and would like to do something similar for their kids. It is important then to remember that being sure to make these notes personal will make them much more powerful and effective to the students. The counselor explains that he was lucky enough to have parents who did this same thing for him. This has encouraged him to create a note for students, particularly when he knows a student may be having a rough time. He keeps his letters focused on their achievements and attendance. He also sometimes focuses on behavior. This could be especially helpful with a student who may exhibit some behavioral problems. When the student starts to improve what they are doing, they should be encouraged to keep going. Often times, a student will act out when they want attention. If they then begin to improve their behavior, but they do not get attention for this new positive change, it is common for that student to revert back to their prior habits. Something as simple as a note with kind words from a teacher or counselor could make that child feel as if they are being seen, noticed, and cared for. Great job!

The Moment That Changed Women’s Running3m41s

The Moment That Changed Women’s Running

“Run like hell!” We can envision the passion in Kathrine Switzer’s coach’s voice when he screamed this to her as the angry, unprovoked official attacked Kathrine during her run. In this time during the “Me Too” movement, so much attention is focused on the inequalities women face in the workforce. Women like Kathrine Switzer are examples of the legends who have made powerful gains in the world of women’s equality. It’s hard to believe that less than 100 years ago, women were not even allowed to vote. Think about how much progress has been made since then. This video serves as a reminder of the mindset that so many men in our history have had. Is it necessarily their fault? Not really! They grew up during a time when households were taught that women belonged at home, doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kiddos. Now, in today’s society, it is almost impossible for only one of the adults to work in the household . It takes two most of the time. While we can rejoice over the remarkable strides that have been made in the workplace and in society, we can still remember that we still have work to do. Our work never ends. While we don’t have to worry about getting attacked for entering into a marathon, we do have to continue to strive for equal pay. We also have to show equality in the professions chosen by women. Women are excellent mathematicians and scientists; yet, the balance of men and women in these fields is not a good example of equality in America. So many times, women aren’t choosing these fields to major in when entering college. More often than not, women are not encouraged to become mathematicians or scientists. This has to change. We need more women like Kathrine Switzer who are not afraid to step out of the safety net. We need more Kathrine Switzers who are not afraid to take risks, who see their worth and know they are just as capable if not more capable of being phenomenal scholars in their field. Just like Kathrine challenged her coach during practice by saying, “Five more miles,” women need to prove that not only can they keep up with men, they can outperform them on the field and in the workplace. We have yet to have a woman president. Will that day every come? Will women continue to hang back in the background, proving only to be the work hand behind the great man? We know that day will come. It will come, however, when we have a woman who has the same intellect, determination, and drive as Kathrine Switzer. It will come when that woman who is constantly told she can’t but keeps going, stands up for herself and for the rest of the women in the world whose voices are not heard. The most important message to remember here is that we can all make a difference. You don’t have to become president to prove women are equal. You can do something as simple as run a marathon. So, what’s stopping you? Be a Kathrine Switzer and make the world a better place.

Bride Meets Her Hero Flower Girl5m14s

Bride Meets Her Hero Flower Girl

On the night before her wedding, she met her flower girl. Someone she had never met before, but already deeply loved. Hayden met her flower girl the night before her wedding. She had dreamed of meeting the three-year-old for over a year. “Getting to have Skye and her family there mad everything magical. It was already perfect but they made it special,” says Hayden. Hayden and Skye share an incredible bond. Hayden’s bone marrow saved Skye’s life. Skye as not even a year o9ld when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Around four months of age, she started developing little spots on her body, very similar to little pinpoint bruises. Just before her first birthday, Talia and Todd learned that their baby had juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia . “One in a million children get JMML a year. o, it is just very, very rare. we were wondering how this can happen to our kid,” says Talia, Skye’s mother. Skye needed a bone marrow transplant. Even with the procedure, her chances of surviving were about 50 percent. Hayden was a college student searching for her purpose in life. “During the time that I registered to be on the registry, I was at a super low. I was feeling like my life did not have meaning or purpose. I did not know what I wanted to do as far as a career, and at that point in time, I thought that defined me. When I was walking to class, I saw a Be The Match sign, and then when I saw bone marrow I was compelled to walk up and just start asking questions,” remembers Hayden. Hayden’s purpose came in a phone call from the registry. A 1-year-old girl needed bone marrow to live, and Hayden was a match. “I never once thought about what I would have to undergo, any of the procedures, no fear, nothing. I was just like, ‘Yes’! And it was then that I really felt like, that was what I was supposed to do,” Hayden adds. Hayden had the procedure knowing very little about the 1-year-old girl. Privacy rules protect both the donor and the recipient’s identities. Hayden asked the registry to deliver a pearl necklace and an anonymous letter to the family. “I wanted them to know that I was on their team and that they can count on me, “ Hayden says. Families and donors can’t share contact information for at least a year and both sides must consent. As soon as the year was up, Skye’s mom contacted Hayden. “I was ecstatic that I finally got to know her name, and I got to know where they were. They were in California and I was all the way in Alabama,” Hayden says. Hayden and Skye’s family talked and emailed regularly. Hayden sent Skye gifts for her third birthday. Inside the birthday card was a wedding invitation. Even though they were all the way in California, Hayden wanted them to know they were wanted there. That they were special to her. The idea seemed impossible. Skye was still on oxygen, and her parents didn’t know if she could travel, but Talia and Todd kept the invitation on the fridge. Skye’s health improved and her doctor said she could go. The rest is history. Watch the beautiful moments that ensued in the video at the top of the page. And do not forget to share the love! .

Cute Baby Girl Breaks A Sweat While Exercising With Dad24s

Cute Baby Girl Breaks A Sweat While Exercising With Dad

Unless you've never spent a lot of time around children, you probably know very well that children adopt and copy behaviors they see in people, like a small game of copycat. Of course, this is an essential part of the development process of infants, and it helps them learn how to interact with the world around them. Take learning how to speak for example. Before a baby begins speaking its first words, it has to carefully observe their parents as well as other people while they're talking, and then they try to mimic the sounds as best they can until they can form complete words. It's just a wonder how babies can learn the necessary skills for life just by paying attention to other people; the term "monkey see, monkey do," seems to apply very well here, but you might be more convinced of this phrase once you see what's happening in this video. While the example we used above seems exceedingly simple, it doesn't mean that you should close your mind to the many things babies can become capable of by watching those around them. For instance, in this video, the power of a baby's ability to mimic others is demonstrated at a very incredible level! At just one year of age, baby Jaymari can be seen on a green fitness court, sporting some white and grey baby gym shoes and a small blue tee. On the court, he watches as his very fit father goes through a workout routine, and then, as you may have guessed, he attempts to go through with it on his own--with encouragement from his dear old dad of course! Some of you probably moan and groan at the thought of exercising (well, we do anyway... Don't judge!), but this toddler starts up without a second thought! "And... Go!" Jaymari's father shouts from off-screen, and soon enough the little toddler gets going, speeding up as he progresses. While his form may not be perfect (yet), you can't deny how adorable Jaymari's determination is. It must be embarrassing that someone that young has a lot more motivation that most of us, but let's not get too negative about it! Let's take this opportunity to be inspired by this workout baby, especially when you see what he does when he's done jogging. Towards the end of the jogging mat, Jaymari's dad starts a set of squats. Here's where a really interesting part comes in. If you watch closely, you will see that as the toddler's father does a squat, Jaymari looks intently with very observing eyes , taking in the process and form. Then, once he's seen how to squat, he turns to face forward just like his dad and does a little squat of his own. We just could not stop aww-ing at this, not only from how cute it was but also how amazing babies are. The entire ending of the video is the greatest example of "monkey see, monkey do," and it shows just how capable mere infants are when learning from observation. Perhaps this video may improve your opinion of babies and children, or maybe will motivate you to be a good role model around them, because just as these little ones can inherit good behaviors, they can just as well inherit bad ones. Even if you do, or do not have any children of your own, let's all do our part in instilling good character, knowledge, and behaviors in the generation of the near future.