Woman Rescues A Dog From A Mountaintop4m26s

Woman Rescues A Dog From A Mountaintop

Prepare yourself for an amazingly sweet video that will bring you to tears. As the video begins, we see Boomer napping in his circular blue chair. He is so comfortable and content, and it seems like nothing short of a nuclear explosion could disturb this dog from his restful slumber. The woman to his left is Tia, and she is our hero in this story. Tia found Boomer on a top of a mountain, eleven thousand feet above sea level. He was lost and badly injured. This remarkable story does not stop or end there. Thirteen seconds of the video, we get to hear Tia’s voice and hear her story straight from her mouth. She says, “I went to go on that hike because my son was at a wellness camp . He was there because he tried to commit suicide. At the wellness camp, all of the kids in attendance are asked to do some really hard things.” Tia explains that while her son was at this wellness camp, she was also given some “assignments.” All of the nation’s leading youth camps such as this one that her son attended also assigned “homework” to the families of the kids. The children are not the only ones that have to do the work. The issues in a child’s life do not affect just them obviously, so the entire family has to be involved every step of the way to ensure that the child is successful in the program and can function properly when they leave the camp and return home. Tia says, “At home the parents are supposed to be learning things as well. One of the things I was asked to do was to figure out how far I could walk and double it. If that was not hard enough, then I needed to carry a forty-pound backpack on my back.” Tia and her father decided to do one of their favorite climbs on the Table Rock Mountain in Wyoming. To show solidarity to her son, Tia wanted to make her hike extra challenging. She states, “I would go up the mountain a mile after a mile and a half. Then I would come back down to meet my dad, and then I would go up a mile and a half, and then come back down again.” She did this so that she would be doubling her miles going up the mountain. On one of the trips, she ran into a family that asked her if a dog they had found belonged to her. The lost dog , Boomer, was too hurt to make it back down the mountain himself. Tia was already exhausted, but she lifted the fifty-pound dog onto her shoulders. Traveling while carrying the dog allowed her to really connect with what her son was going through. Tia was determined to get down the mountain with Boomer to honor her son. They headed down the back trails. These are usually easier than the face of the mountain. However, parts of the trail were missing from avalanches, and Tia and her dad got lost multiple times. They eventually made it down the mountain. She found the owners of the dog, and they instantly asked if he was alive or dead. The day before, Boomer had fallen 100 feet down a snow crevasse. His devastated family was searching for him until midnight with no luck. The family was moving and unable to keep the dog, so of course Tia wanted to keep him.To find out how this beautiful story ends, watch the rest of the video and let us know what you think!

Poodle Becomes A Mommy To Tiny Kittens3m03s

Poodle Becomes A Mommy To Tiny Kittens

Loving is an innate feeling – one of the most mysterious phenomenon; mysterious but most of the time, in a marvelous way. Watching this video will make someone feel that love in this world is abundant, not only by this mother poodle but also to the tiny kittens and the humans surrounding them who care and provide for their welfare. Of course, the central figure in the video is the poodle who, at perhaps one of the most difficult times in her life, unselfishly nurtures and gives maternal care to the young kittens. She is hurting not only physically but also psychologically. Perhaps, if she can orally express her inner thoughts, she would be talking about how she had lost her own puppies as such lost may be haunting her – the pain of the loss hurts her more than the physical pain she is suffering from her fracture. Perhaps, her healing would be facilitated with the contentment and satisfaction she reaps from taking care of the little kittens who desperately need a mother. When one is hurt both physically and psychologically, each lesion will worsen the other so that if psychologically one is not healing, the physical aspect may take longer to heal too. Aside from the realization of how love begets love and how it is proliferated across species, is the realization of how to deal with stressful and traumatic condition. This poodle is hurt with something that will affect her locomotion for life but no one among those who is loving her knows what are the surrounding circumstances of the event that resulted to her getting hurt. She is lactating – which leads to the inevitable conclusion that she was nursing her own litters but was, by stroke of unfortunate incident, separated from her puppy or puppies. Where are her puppies and are they still alive? This question may be the same question that she has in her mind – a question that a mother could take it almost unbearable. Nonetheless, instead of throwing herself into depression, she found a way to divert her love and found recipients of such love. On top of all these discussions, one reflection stands out: Love is unconditional. It had been said that dogs and cats tend to fight. Some may say that they are born with the tendency of repelling each other. None of these is supported by what is shown in the video – in fact, it is the opposite: mother poodle loves these little kittens as if they are her own. Living by the motto of unconditional love must be one of the most challenging things to do. Can we love without any conditions? This is one of those kinds of questions that one may easily jump in and say yes but when confronted with a situation that calls for it, the challenge could be overwhelming. Loving someone else’s offspring when ones maternal heart is beaten by the thought that her own may be out there needing her care and love, would be complicatedly difficult. However, this poodle did it and she is radiating the love she can offer to the needy kittens – any heart will melt witnessing her unconditional love for these kittens . Spread love.

Man Combines Paragliding With Flying Next To A Trained Bird  3m00s

Man Combines Paragliding With Flying Next To A Trained Bird

This is how it feels like to fly with a bird. And what makes this flight even more special? The co-pilot is a falcon! The flight doesn’t take off until the Lanner Falcon is ready to go. And it sometimes chooses which direction to fly when it senses the winds are better in another direction. David combines paragliding with flying next to a trained bird of prey. He’s one of the few who knows what it’s like to fly with falcons, and the views are breathtaking. “I had the opportunity growing up to spend time very close to a lot of animals. And I found out that it gave me- it broadened my horizons. It gave me a real intimate experience with those animals that made me recognize that they all have their own personalities and their own set of skills.” David explains how he got this idea. Have you always wanted to soar like a bird? David Metzgar will show you how. "We’ve trained these birds to fly with us next to our paraglider so that people can have the experience of flying with a bird,” says the owner of Fly With a Bird, which operates at Torrey Pines State Reserve in San Diego. It’s a sport called parahawking, an epic excursion that involves tandem paragliding with a well-trained raptor tagging along. It’s also a memorable way to get a bird’s-eye view of San Diego’s gorgeous coastal cliffs. “I think people that live in an urban environment don’t get that connection to nature very often,” he says. “It’s very difficult to get that connection with a bird of prey because they’re very elusive.” San Diego is known for having some of the most epic and consistent flying conditions on the planet. David thinks that people who live in an urban environment don’t get that connection to nature very often. This sport allows David to fly close to animals that he has a particular connection with because he soars as they do. Also, it gives him the opportunity to bring other people close enough to wild animals that gives them a unique connection to nature. Paragliding can be such an amazing and exciting experience. But parahawking can be even more exciting! Parahawking is an activity that combines paragliding with falconry. Birds of prey are trained to fly with paragliders, guiding them to thermals. This boy also had the chance to experience the amazing experience of parahawlking! He was so excited when a vulture joined their father and son paragliding adventure ! Talo finally got a chance to join the birds in the air and he absolutely loved it. He and his dad went paragliding and Talo wore a falconry glove throughout the entire flight. The Hawks would come to the paraglider and stand on his glove midst flight. How awesome is that? The birds seem to be enjoying this fun ride as well. Would you try this parahawking? Tell us below in our comment section what do you think about this experience!

Baby Bears Stuck In Trash Bin Saved By A Firefighter 1m00s

Baby Bears Stuck In Trash Bin Saved By A Firefighter

The firefighters are trying to free what’s inside this garbage bin. Without getting too close. Inside were three bears. The bears were babies and small, so probably after looking for some food, they got stuck in trash cans. And thanks to the firefighters they were saved and they were once again back into the wild! We’re not sure how these baby bears got in there… but we’re sure glad some nice humans helped them out! Three bear cubs near Reno, Nevada had their lucky escape after getting stuck in a toppled garbage bin on Sunday. The Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District, who shared the video on Facebook, said they helped the bear cubs get out of their trap after they were woken by the sound of the bin tipping over the previous night. Saturday night, those working at the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District Station 39 in Reno, Nevada, were woken to the sound of a tipped over garbage canister, they wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. Toward the beginning of the day, a "disturbed momma" bear was seen viewing over the canister. Ed Martin is the hero of the day! He is a firefighter and a paramedic. We can see in the video that Ed is opening and overturning the garbage bin with a long stick or pole. After the bin was overturned the three little bears right away knew that they were saved. They scampered out, one by one, and ran into the woods. While Martin was liberating the little bears, Patrick Walsh was stopping the mother bear. The mission went off easily. These baby bears - and their careful mother - deserve a major pot of honey after that late night experience. We are glad that this story had a happy ending! If there are bears near your house, they will go after your trash like the mega-sized raccoons that they are. So, you're going to want to test your garbage cans to make sure they can withstand a hungry bear. If you do leave where is a chance that bear may be going through your trash cans or if there is a chance that they may get stuck in the cans, please make sure that you keep the cans where they can not reach them, especially if they are babies. We as humans need to take care of nature and also of the animals. Imagine what could have happened with those bears if Ed Martin didn’t react on time. Amazing! Sometimes baby bears come to some backyards for food, and sometimes they just to play or have some fun! This black bear cub borrows a lawn chair to play and he is so adorable! A woman by the name of Susan Kehoe had the pleasure to entertain small, uninvited guests in her backyard, someone who comes there real often and she knows it pretty well. They live in the area near the woods so the cub comes really often to play in their backyard. Cuteness overload!

Bunch Of Baby Sloths Cuddle Together In A Basket45s

Bunch Of Baby Sloths Cuddle Together In A Basket

Basket of baby sloths? Yes please. We could just stare at this basket all day. With five baby sloths cuddled together, that is five times the cuteness! Watch as they wiggle around at super slow speeds, gazing around at their environment and taking in the scenery. They stare into the sky, to the left, to the right, but they never move too fast as sloths are known to be one of the world’s slowest animal! These baby sloths seem quite content to be snuggled into the basket together. They have grown up at each other’s sides until now and have been by each other's side since birth. You can see the people huddled around them soaking in the cuteness. This scene is so adorable, we could honestly watch it all day long! When one of the tiny furry sloths stick their arm out of the basket, you can see the hook claw that all sloths possess. They help them climb trees more effectively, but in this case, they help to move their brothers and sister sloths out of the way and to cuddle them even closer inside the basket. Sloths are known to be extremely slow in nature and spends most of their lives hanging upside down in trees. They are found primarily in the tropical rainforests of South America and Central America. There are six different species of sloths broken into two sloth categories: two - toed species and three - toed species. Despite the categorization, all sloths actually do have three toes. The sloth gets is name from being slow. They are slow due to their low energy diets of leaves and they purposely move at a slow pace to help avoid any detection from predators in the forest. Their biggest enemies are hawks and big cats who hunt based on sight. The color and texture of the sloths coat helps them camouflage into the trees and not been seen. They are pretty much completely helpless on the ground since they move so slow, however, sloths are able to swim! Sloths are believed to have evolved over 60 million years ago. They belong to the Xenarthra species, along with anteater and the armadillo. Sloths are one of the earliest Xenarthra herbivores and have fused pelvises, very stubby and small teeth and small brains. Sloths can be up to 31 inches long and weigh as much as 17 pounds, making them smaller than most people think. You don't often get the chance to get close to a sloth, with them often residing at the very top of trees. Chances are you would walk right underneath one and not even notice it. Their limbs have adapted to hanging and grasping. They do not have a very high body muscle rate. They have special hands and feet with curved claws that help them to hang upside down on a branch without much effort. They also use their long claws to pull themselves along the ground since they are actually unable to walk.

Neighbors Found A Bear Stuck In The Driver Seat In A Van 2m09s

Neighbors Found A Bear Stuck In The Driver Seat In A Van

Karen heard lots of honking coming her neighbor’s van. So she and her husband went to help. What they found in the van was not something that they were expecting. They came across a bizarre situation. They found a bear stuck in a van! They were shocked and didn’t know how to react to this situation! "We were up at my parents' house on Beaverdam Road — they were out of town — and the (van) doors were closed but unlocked. All the doors were closed," Lissenden said of her 2008 Honda Odyssey. "I went up and looked and I was like, 'Oh, that's embarrassing." “We see the van rocking back and forth. The condensation is in the window and we are saying ‘What is our plan?’. So they’d thought that they would just open the door and the bear will run out. But, the van was on such an angle that the door would slam on its own, so that was not going to help. I never thought it was a bear. So I saw big watermarks on the floor and things like that and then I went my husband went around to the mudroom in the garage just doing what he does look for food and all of our housing developments going on here. Nashville. So much is happening that bears have nowhere to go”. Says Karen. Alex went back in for one last attempt. He tried to help the bear one last time to get out, when he went to the car , the bear smashed the window and started going out of the car. However, it wasn’t the end of the run-ins with the bear. When Karen got back into the kitchen she saw three banks of drawers open and the top one pulled down. She was perplexed. It was so odd, she never thought it was a bear. The only thing more shocking than what's in this van is how it got out! She saw big watermarks on the floor and things like that, and at that moment she realized it was the bear and that the bear is still there. Her husband went around into the mudroom and also into the garage and then he saw the bear munching on the muffin mix. The same black bear that was stuck in the van was now an intruder in Karen’s house. At that point, she thought that the whole situation was sad and she really felt sorry for him. He was just being a bear and that he was just doing what he does, looking for food. And all of the housing development going on there in Asheville, so much is happing out there, that bear has nowhere to go. The bear eventually went back into the woods. The bear and the neighbors have now a wild story to tell. Thank God nobody got hurt and this will so amazing to tell other people about the bear! So incredible!

Kind-Hearted People Rescue Baby Skunk Trapped In A Soccer Net3m04s

Kind-Hearted People Rescue Baby Skunk Trapped In A Soccer Net

No one walks away from a skunk rescue smelling the same way they walked in. A baby skunk was tangled in a soccer net, fighting to get free. A kind human decided to help the creature despite of the horrible stench. Of course, during the rescue operation, the skunk sprayed its rescuer over a dozen times out of fear, but the kind-hearted people proceeded anyways. Faith in humanity restored! Footage shows a kind-hearted man going out of his way to rescue a trapped skunk. The net was wrapped around the skunk’s neck and feet. Karleigh, his rescuer, spotted the skunk stuck in her son’s soccer net early one morning, and wildlife services didn’t open for a few hours, so the lady decided to take the matter in her own hands, because she couldn’t just watch the baby animal struggle. Karleigh took to social media for help. Her friend Brian grabbed his gloves as soon as he saw the post. He jumped in the car and drove half an hour to Karleigh’s house. Using scissors, Brian cut the net around the skunk while keeping the skunk calm with the sound of his voice. Brian said the skunk’s smell stayed with him for a while, but this successful mission was well worth it! Talking about helping skunks who are trapped, take a look at this video when a police officer stops to help a skunk in distress . Skunks are pretty scary creatures, known for their fierceness but namely their power to omit one of the most rancid smells known. This skunk was seen moving in circular motion in the middle of the street, being caught in quite the predicament. This furry little guy had gotten its head stuck in a plastic cup. Luckily this kind officer was brave enough to rescue it at the cost of getting sprayed. Great job! Not many people would do what this Good Samaritan did. No one wants to be attacked with the smell of a skunk. The smell is so strong that showers and bathing can't help you get rid of it. What would have you done in that situation? Footage shows a police car driving down the street and stopping the car upon noticing a skunk moving in circles in the middle of the street, struggling to get its head out of the yogurt container. One police officer is seen exiting the vehicle and slowly approaching the trapped animal, attempting to rescue the unfortunate skunk and free his head from the cup. Rochester Police Department captures hilarious footage of a skunk with a cup stuck on his head being rescued by an officer. Namely, this officer came upon a skunk with its head stuck inside a cup while on street patrol and he decided to help despite the high risk of a stinky outcome. When he found the animal wandering in the street with a yogurt cup onto its head he tried to gently remove the cup with his hand. However, the moment he removed the cup, the skunk lifted its tail and sprayed the officer away! Not a nice way to treat someone who saved your life, buddy! Another funny video has emerged featuring a hilarious footage of a skunk with a cup stuck on his head being rescued by officer David McKinnon from the Maine Police Department. This kind cup was on patrol when he spotted the helpless critter and decided to help despite the high risk of a stinky outcome. David was working the night shift as a motorcycle cop. He found the animal wandering in the street with a McFlurry cup onto its head which is not exactly a typical call. The cup’s lid was still attached to the cup. He recorded this video with his smartphone in one hand and by gently tugging on the paper cup with the other hand while speaking reassuringly to the skunk. This skunk was a little too eager to get the last drop of milkshake from the bottom of the cup, what a greedy soul! Skunks are pretty scary creatures. Not for their fierceness but namely their power to omit one of the most rancid smells known. In another video, a skunk was being caught in the same predicament at a skatepark. This furry little guy had gotten its head stuck in a plastic cup. Luckily this kind person was brave enough to rescue it. Great job! Not many people would do what this person did. No one wants to be attacked with the smell of a skunk. The smell is so strong that showers and bathing can't get rid of it. What would have you done in that situation?

Bears Take Over Family’s Backyard For 10 Years1m35s

Bears Take Over Family’s Backyard For 10 Years

Every summer for the past ten Christine Downs and her family have had summer guests. And not any guests: 400 pound, hairy, hungry, brazen summer guests. They do not have great manners. They make huge mess. And each year they bring more and more friends and family. Christine and her family have gotten used to watching their bear visitors each day during the summer. The bears have been seen frolicking in the hot tub, cooling off in the sprinklers, and teasing the family dogs. Bears are extraordinarily intelligent animals. They have far superior navigation skills to humans; excellent memories; large brain to body ratio; and use tools in various contexts from play to hunting. Bears were often honored in the cultures of many early civilizations. They were seen as a symbol of power, strength, and love. “It is one thing when you go out of town and your kids have a party, it is a different thing when you go out of town and your bears have a party,” says Christine. The family always keeps safe distance, never forgetting that their guests are wild animals. If you love bears as much as we do, you would just love the next video of bear taking a pleasure dip in the backyard pool . It is not every day you see a brown bear casually dipping into the perfectly cleaned and ready to use the swimming pool in the backyard. But, well, here we are! This big guy just wanted to take a chilling dip in one of your expensive household amenities just because it was on the map of the deforested part of his former neighborhood. From what we can see in the video, this bear seems to enjoy and marvel at the invention of fake clean ponds. Why haven’t bears think of swimming pools first? But, there is a completely different psychological profile of a bear featuring in this video> a true bon viveur! A brown bear is caught on camera wandering into the backyard of a manor in Pasadena. The dog, Jackson, started barking as he did when someone or some animal comes into the immaculately kept backyard! The owner went to the balcony outside of the bedroom and saw the bear wandering around the pool. He climbed in the pool and swam for a few minutes. He then climbed over the back fence into the neighbor's yard and climbed into a tree and hung out there for about 30 minutes. Who wouldn’t after such a chilling dip! Bears are known even historically to approach remote houses surrounded by forests and steal food. They are depicted in children’s books as cute fluffy chubby creatures typically sitting next to a beehive and having dipped one front paw in the sweet substance while the bees around are protesting. There are examples of black bears caught on camera targeting bird feeder. There are other sightings of black bears frequenting in civilization. And this mustn’t be considered unusual because we the people share our habitat with bears, especially in forested areas where black bears live. They have no other place to call home, with the exception of places like zoos and circuses which are not and cannot ever be called home to any wildlife species.