Pink Hugs Grieving Fan In The Middle Of Her Concert43s

Pink Hugs Grieving Fan In The Middle Of Her Concert

Pink took a moment during her concert to comfort a 14-year-old whose mother died just two months before they were supposed to attend the concert together. Pink is a rock and roll mama with a heart of gold. At a show at Brisbane, Australia, she proved herself to be the reigning queen of compassion. She left the stage in the middle of the show to hug a teen girl who held a sign saying that her mom recently died . The sign said: "My name is Lean. I am 14 years old. I lost my beautiful Mum last month. I would LOVE a hug... Please!" "You are gonna be okay," said P!nk. "Thank you. My mom loved you," said the teen girl through tearing eyes. The girl was supposed to attend the concert with her mom, but she passed away two months earlier. Instead of mum, her aunt took little Leane to the concert. She also took a selfie with Pink as well as her autograph, written in a black marker on her arm. After the event, Pink got back on the stage and asked everybody to call their moms, regardless if they are tired, drunk, or it is too late. She said that after this she will definitely call hers. Pink is a popular American pop-rock singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, one of the most sought-after and sold singers of the world. Virtually her every album becomes platinum, and the style of her music often dictates music trends on the world stage. The singer is renowned not only for her music but also for her bright and daring image. Her shows are always accompanied by complex dance performances and acrobatic stunts, in which Pink takes part herself. Pink (real name: Alisha Beth Moore) was born on September 8, 1979, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The mother of the singer is a nurse of the emergency department, and her father works in the field of insurance. He is a Catholic of Irish and German descent, and her mother has a Jewish background with Lithuanian and German roots. When Pink was 10 years old, her parents divorced. Pink had a good and strong voice since childhood. In high school, the girl began to sing in the band "Middleground", which quickly fell apart after losing the competition for the title of best band. As a teenager, Pink wrote poetry, which her mother called "introspective, gloomy and very deep, almost nervous." She started singing in clubs when she was about 14 years old. Around this time, she took the official pseudonym Pink, as her friends had long called her. The singer explained that she received an unusual name in honor of Mr. Pink's character in Quentin Tarantino's film "Mad Dogs" (1992), played by Steve Buscemi. Later, the singer admitted that her youth was "very extreme": the girl was fond of skateboarding, hip-hop, she was interested in the rave culture - she was never afraid to take risks. In October 2017, Pink released the album "Beautiful Trauma", which can be characterized by the final departure of the singer in dance-pop. The video for the title track of the album was directed by Channing Tatum, whom they exchanged clothes with Pink. A frame from the clip for the song "Beautiful Trauma" In early March 2018 Pink went to her seventh concert tour Beautiful Trauma World Tour. It was expected that it will last until September 2018.

Single Mom Finishes Up Harvard Coursework While In Labor1m14s

Single Mom Finishes Up Harvard Coursework While In Labor

Ambition is a person's inner driving force and desire to achieve the set goal. As a rule, ambitious people do not stop at any obstacle, they always manage to find the motivation to soldier through any difficulty and go ahead, becoming successful in the end. Driven and ambitious people can be seen holding up most important positions, always assuming the position of leaders; they have a clear and focused mind and always know what they want. Unfortunately, this quality is not inherent in all people, but it is possible and even necessary to develop ambitiousness within yourself. Besides perhaps Madonna, we haven’t seen any strong and public single-mother role models we can identify with. We haven’t, all until we came across this video of a truly devoted and focused new mom who is diligently working on a task even during her labor. This 24-year-old ambitious and focused single mom shares how she graduated from Harvard Law School last month. Hats off mom! It this video we can see the number one patient doing her paper while in labor. Briana, the mom soon to be, had this video made for Evelyn, the daughter daughter then waiting to be born in any moment, to find out and know what commitment and responsibility really mean, perhaps, in the hope to pick up these traits herself one day. There cannot be any excuses as to why someone did not get their paper done, when Briana got it done during labor. And not any paper, she was attending her final lessons at Harvard and graduated only a few months after. “If I become a teacher, I am going to tell my students that they have no reason to get things done, to get their schoolwork done because I did it in labor,” Briana says assuredly. “But I might be an easy going teacher as well, I may give them all A’s,” she adds. “I did have an epidural to facilitate the process,” she says as if to lessen her accomplishment. This video was made for Evy, the baby waiting to get born while Brian is finishing her papers. As all ambitious and accomplished people, Brian is always two steps ahead: she is not only living in the moment but investing the moment of the day in the accomplishment of the bright tomorrow. The video shows Evy, but also other kids, students and people in general, that there is no situation, no hindrance or reason why we should procrastinate what we are set to accomplish as a goal. And she does it in such a modest way that it makes people think this is easily achievable, makes them take her example and follow her lead. Brian is a really inspirational young woman and we wish her all the best. Way to go, mom! What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

These Simple Tips Make Parenting A Walk In The Park1m27s

These Simple Tips Make Parenting A Walk In The Park

Kids are awesome, but when they start to do stuff on their own, it can get pretty rough. Imagine having two kids around the same age! That is why parents have to stick together, so when someone comes up with a cool little cheat that makes parenting easier, they can share it with the rest of the parenting world! With these 5 simple tricks , parenting becomes just another walk in the park! When you have emptied your favorite lotion bottle, don’t toss it in the trash. With a few snips here and there, you can allow the bottle to help your kiddos wash their hands all on their own! Cut off the top half and make a hole in the bottom to fit your tap. It will bring the water closer to the tiny hands. If you got a tool box that collects dust in the garage, you can put it to good use by cleaning it out and store toys and snacks inside for when you are on the go. Kids will love the finger food that comes out of that neat tool box! Kiddos still miss which shoes goes on which foot? Take the insoles out and draw a half shape on each side, so that they form a whole when placed together. Learning left from right has never been more fun. Make putting a coat on super fun by letting your kid put it on like a cape! Place the unzipped coat on a flat surface, with the neckline closer to the kid. Rather than putting left, then right arm in, they can put both in and toss the coat up and over, like a cape. So cool! Still struggling with the bunny around the tree? Tying the shoelaces is that much easier when the bunny ears are prepped. Tuck the end of each lace back in the top hole, so that the kid will have no problem the knot them together. Keep the circle going by sharing these tips with other parents!

Big Brother Knows The Best Way To Calm Down Baby Sister26s

Big Brother Knows The Best Way To Calm Down Baby Sister

Every girl would be lucky to have a brother; younger or older, it doesn’t matter. The support you get from a sibling cannot be compared with anything in the whole white world and this little girl has felt it first hand. When mom and dad took her to the doctor’s office for her regular check up, she felt uneasy. Lucky for her she had someone very close to keep her calm. Some experts say that siblings born close to each other's age develop the strongest bond. Some also say that having a big brother is the greatest thing for a baby girl. This video shows just how much this big brother already loves his little sister as he makes an effort to stop her crying. He even does it in the most adorable way. With the baby girl in his lap and her thumb in her mouth, the boy rocks her back and forth, just like mommy would in the same situation. The girl looks blissfully calm in her big brother’s arms. And why wouldn’t she? Even though she is so young, she feels the bond between them run deep and strong. Nothing will ever stand between these two and we are glad it is so. Big brothers are always there to show moral support to their baby siblings, just like one brave little guy did. When four-year-old Declan and one-year-old Raleigh went through the automatic car wash with their mom, the baby girl felt strongly about the whooshing noise that happened in there. Luckily, the kind brother was there to calm her down.

Multitasking Mother Films Makeup Tutorial While Holding Her Baby1m04s

Multitasking Mother Films Makeup Tutorial While Holding Her Baby

Getting ready when you have little ones can sometimes be a challenge for moms. This mother had to become creative and learn how to apply makeup with just one hand, since she is obviously using the other hand to hold her baby. Easier said than done! We have all seen makeup tutorials on the internet given by women who have a lot of free time to presented to perfection. However, this woman shows the reality of moms who have a handful of baby and still manage to look adorable. Watch as this mom shows what it really looks like getting ready in the morning, using only one hand for that matter. It is adorable to see this woman, holding her baby in one hand and using her other hand to apply makeup and fix a quick tutorial for busy women. Getting ready in the morning can indeed be challenging and this video is the proof of that. The lady shows how to do a one-handed, easy makeup tutorial. She advises on using a beauty blender by Mary Kay and apply it on your face. Then, mid-tutorial, the baby, being cute and all, tries to sabotage its mother’s video by putting its fingers where it shouldn’t. Cute! Undisturbed by the unfortunate incident of baby sticking its fingers in the makeup kit, the mother continues with her tutorial. Moments later, the baby makes another mess by throwing mommy’s makeup stuff on the floor. In the second part of the video, the mother is no longer holding the baby in her arms but we can hear it crying in the background. The mother is ignoring his cry and continues applying makeup!

Baby Girl Hears Mom's Voice For The First Time, Thanks To Cochlear Implants1m07s

Baby Girl Hears Mom's Voice For The First Time, Thanks To Cochlear Implants

There is so much we take for granted in our lives, things we never think we could be left without. We take for granted the colors we see and the sounds we hear everyday, we complain about bright lights or harsh noises. But little Lexi Daniella doesn’t have that luxury; the baby was born deaf, due to fluid buildup in her ears, which doctors say was caused by the C-section. Luckily for Daniella, she was born in a time when technology can help children like her to hear sounds, just like any normal person would, thanks to little devices called cochlear implants. They are small hearing devices fitted under the skin behind the ear during surgery to help people understand speech. They also allow people to recognize warning signals, understand their environment and enjoy conversations with people. Her mom, Franciska fits her with her bright red gadgets behind the baby’s ears and even though the squeaking sounds they made confused her, Dani was able to adapt to the new capabilities quickly and beamed when mom called her “beautiful girl”. She is nothing less than gorgeous! Cochlear implants can also help babies born with the Usher syndrome, a very common condition that affects both hearing and vision. Little Rebecca was born completely deaf and she would soon start to lose her vision, so her parents decided to give the baby cochlear implants as well. Her initial reaction was nothing short of confusion, but she, too, will eventually learn to live with this brand new capability.

Garth Brooks Surprises Couple With Mid-Concert Gender Reveal1m40s

Garth Brooks Surprises Couple With Mid-Concert Gender Reveal

Wes and Katy Hansen are your typical married couple, but after this <a href=" " target="_blank">gender reveal</a>, their life will never be the same again! Wes, 33, a pool construction company owner, and Katy, 30, a saleswoman, have been expecting their first child in December and wanted to enjoy the simple things before they become a family of three. So they bought a couple of tickets to a Garth Brooks concert in LA. The day before the show, Katy had a gender ultrasound to determine the baby’s sex. The couple then joked at home awesome it would be if they could get Garth to reveal the gender at the show, but were certain that it could never happen. Only it did. One yellow envelope and a big homemade sign later, Garth noticed the first-time-parents in the first row during “housekeeping" with their sign saying “Working on a full house - Girl? Boy?". The country star known for his generosity during concerts took the envelope from Katy’s hand, read it and then turned to the couple with the words: “I’m so excited for you because I have three of these … and they mean everything to me", while all the lights in the venue turned pink! How’s that for a <a href=" " target="_blank">gender reveal</a>!