This Destination Is Set to Replace The U.S. As The Second Most Popular Country For Tourists51s

This Destination Is Set to Replace The U.S. As The Second Most Popular Country For Tourists

While we are all very well aware that France will never be taken down from her throne as the most visited country in the world. What surprises us is that the U.S. of A. were the second choice for tourists. But not anymore! Each year, the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization publishes an analysis of international tourism growth in destinations around the world. In 2016, there was a total growth of 7% in global tourism, with France and Spain taking the lead. In Europe, is was the destinations around the Mediterranean that helped the continent record the most gains in tourism so far at an 8% increase for its international arrivals in 2016, matching directly with Africa, which also saw an 8% increase. Asia and the pacific destinations saw a 6% growth, while it was 5% increase for the Middle East. Meanwhile, North America’s part in the overall growth was just 2%, with the United States seeing a decrease in international visitors. UNWTO head Zurab Pololikashvili said the organization expects that Spain will take the second place slot with 82 million visitors when the final numbers come in this spring. France will still remain number 1. This comes as a complete surprise, given the terrorist attacks in Spain last year, in addition to the secession crisis in Catalonia. What has sparked the increases and decreases is yet to be determined.

The Little-Known Type Of Airline Ticket That Can Take You Around The World On A Budget1m28s

The Little-Known Type Of Airline Ticket That Can Take You Around The World On A Budget

There’s a little-known type of airline ticket that could help travelers on a budget circumnavigate the globe. It regards the RTW ticket! A-round-the-world ticket is typically offered by an alliance of airlines. Using partnerships like the Oneworld Alliance or SkyTeam, you can travel the world at a discount. In 2010, Ian Paterson, travel consultant and blogger behind Resfeber Travel, booked just such a trip. He travelled from the U.K. to South America through Australia and Asia, finally returning back to the U.K. He since has been advising fellow travellers on how to do the same. Paterson’s first piece of advice is to link up with a travel agent who has similar priorities, travel styles and ideas. “It’s not like booking a normal flight. You can’t go online and book it yourself. Find someone you can work with”. Round the world flights operate like any other multi-leg travel. If, for any reason, a traveller misses one leg the ticket, it could cancel out the rest of the trip. A-round-the-world ticket starts as low as $2000, but prices increase based on seasonality and route. Travelers prone to missing flights should proceed with caution. When Paterson embarked on his adventure around the globe he did more than book his flights. He got in touch with his agent, a former backpacker himself, who advised him on the route, length of the stay, and gave him tips for each destination. It is important to know that agents remain the point of contact between the airline and the passenger. The best thing about RTW tickets is the flexibility they afford. However, travel dates are almost impossible to predict a year in advance, the travel agent is here to lend a helping hand and simply change flights whenever linked passengers send an email.

What To Do When Your Flight Is Canceled Or Diverted1m13s

What To Do When Your Flight Is Canceled Or Diverted

Temperatures drop rapidly throughout the East Coast. People still need to be places, but the dropping temperatures mean that travelers have been stranded by their airlines of choice. Some of these people are stranded in airports around the country, while others have found themselves diverted to out of the way airports, miles from their intended destinations. This brings frustration at least, but did you know that it all can be avoided by knowing these simple tips? First of all, and perhaps the most important thing to do is be prepared even before you set foot in the plane. Make sure you leave enough time in your itinerary if you need to catch a connecting flight or be at your destination for an important event. Next, you really need to brush up on your rights as a passenger. This comes down to understanding your “contract of carriage”, meaning what each carrier will or will not do if your flight is canceled, delayed, or diverted, as each and every carrier says something different. One company might book you a hotel stay for the night, while other might do everything they can to rebook your flight to make sure they deliver you to your destination. We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to remain calm if you do find out that your flight has been cancelled or diverted. Yelling at staff will literally get you nowhere. Instead, start by contacting the people who might be waiting for you at your destination. Then, contact your airline via phone or through their rapid response teams on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, do not leave your gate, in case agents share crucial information. Once you do get where you were going in the first place, make sure to contact your airline again to follow up on your experience. Depending on their contract, they may owe you money; but even if they don’t they might reimburse you with travel vouchers just to keep you happy. In the end, it might not be that bad!