The Surprising Reason Why It's Always So Cold On Airplanes54s

The Surprising Reason Why It's Always So Cold On Airplanes

Have you ever found your self to feel as if when you are on a plane the temperatures are colder then usual or maybe then you are use to. Well, this isn't just a myth or your body going through changes when your up there. This actually has a specific reason why its done and also a scientific one. According to a study conducted by the American Society for Testing and Materials, as reported by Business Insider, passengers are more likely to faint on board an aircraft versus on the ground. This is generally due to hypoxia, a medical condition that occurs when the body tissue does not receive enough oxygen — and it can happen a lot more than you think in plane passengers. Another thing that can trigger hypoxia is an overheated cabin, so that’s why temperatures are kept below average. While people can experience their environments differently, airlines can’t really adapt for everyone’s internal temperature specifications, so they regulate based on the average population and keep the cabin just a little on the cold side. Always remember to bring at least a sweater or even a blanket for going over seas or even a longer flight. It is important that you get some sleep while up there so that you can be fresh and ready once you get off. Take a look at this video as it truly shows all you need to know concerning this issue.

Paris Is Flooding And The Sights Are Intense1m21s

Paris Is Flooding And The Sights Are Intense

Paris has been reported flooding and this video provides actual pictures of the incident. This great coverage of the situation on the ground is remarkable. Stores, malls and all roads and walkways along the river have been closed until further notice. If you have a weak stomach for disasters this video might actually be disturbing. Flooding may occur as an overflow of water from water bodies, such as a river, lake, or ocean, in which the water over-tops or breaks levees, resulting in some of that water escaping its usual boundaries, or it may occur due to an accumulation of rainwater on saturated ground in an areal flood. While the size of a lake or other body of water will vary with seasonal changes in precipitation and snow melt, these changes in size are unlikely to be considered significant unless they flood property or drown domestic animals. Floods can also occur in rivers when the flow rate exceeds the capacity of the river channel, particularly at bends or meanders in the waterway. Floods often cause damage to homes and businesses if they are in the natural flood plains of rivers. While riverine flood damage can be eliminated by moving away from rivers and other bodies of water, people have traditionally lived and worked by rivers because the land is usually flat and fertile and because rivers provide easy travel and access to commerce and industry.

This Dog Hitchhiked 932 Miles Because His Family Went On Vacation Without Him54s

This Dog Hitchhiked 932 Miles Because His Family Went On Vacation Without Him

As any dog would feel sad when its owners would go away for a while and leave it behind, so did this one. The only difference was, Rusty took matters in his own paws and tracked them down! The Australian terrier demonstrated incredible ingenuity and strength of spirit, when he made his way across 932 miles of Australia to find his family that went on vacation without him. The dog, owned by Linda, Stuart Scudamore, and their kids, Eliza and Sam from Goondiwindi, Queensland, managed to become a stowaway on a truck that was apparently headed for Snowtown in South Australia. The only problem was the family were vacationing in Caloundra in Queensland, so Rusty was about 1,200 miles off. Luckily for silly old Rusty, the driver of the truck found him and managed to take him back home, after finding the number of Scudamore’s in-laws on it. It isn’t quite the synopsis for “Homeward Bound”, but clearly Rusty was missing his folks. And it wasn’t his first time either. "Last time we went away he hitched a ride to Chinchilla. He’s really upped the ante this time making it all the way to South Australia," Linda told Australian News. The family said that next time they will probably bring their loyal pooch on vacation with them. We bet that is what Rusty was hoping for all along!

This Is The First Thing You Should Do If You Miss Your Flight1m23s

This Is The First Thing You Should Do If You Miss Your Flight

We all know how hectic travelling by plane can sometimes get. Remembering the times of liftoff, the times of landing, all the people at the airport, all the lines in which one has to wait to check their ticket, and many other little things that happen in meanwhile. Even getting to the airport can sometimes be a hustle. Planing on how you are gonna get there, whether it is a bus, a cab, maybe ask a friend for a ride to the busy airport and sometimes you might even consider taking your own car, parking it at the expensive airport parings and leaving it there. It might even be more practical due to the fact that you will have a certain ride back to your house once you get back, since your car will be there waiting for you. However, do consider the parking fee you will have once you return to pick up your car. If we start off with even preparing for a trip and all the hustle of constantly going through your list of things you have to bring and being anxious if you remembered everything is not enough, then you got a whole new hustle and stress following right up as you step onto your local airport . Never the less, we understand your struggle and are here to help. This video contains all that you need to know in order something as bad as missing your plane happens. Not to worry there is always an alternative. All you got to do is keep a cool head and follow the instruction of this video. And remember, it can happen to even the best-prepared travelers. 

The World’s Largest Underwater Cave Has Been Discovered57s

The World’s Largest Underwater Cave Has Been Discovered

Humans have gone above and beyond out of there way find out very interesting facts and places on our Earth. We Have flown great heights and dived deep waters and yet still seem to find more and more about our precious Earth. Man has gone great lengths into the Earths crust to figure what we stand on and how it has effect on us on our daily lives. Although there will always be more to discover and more to see as we have yet to uncover all the secrets this world has to offer. In this video we have a couple of brave divers that have gone diving in Mexico just to discover the worlds largest underwater cave as we know so far. There is lots of detail in the video where you can learn more about this miraculous discovery. There will always be brave people such as these divers that will go out of there way to find out about all this Earth has to offer. We like to think of them as heroes as they do risk their lives in order to go beyond what any man has gone to discover yet unknown locations. Divers in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula say they have discovered the world’s largest underwater cave. This video is quite interesting, it is definitely worth giving it a watch!

This Pilot Flew The Fastest Flight From New York To London Since The Concorde54s

This Pilot Flew The Fastest Flight From New York To London Since The Concorde

January 15 was a day to break records and we have just the one. A flight that usually takes five hours and 45 minutes non stop from New York to London was flown in just five hours and 13 minutes! A Norwegian flight had the honors to be named the fastest flight since the Concorde. Captain Harold van Dam flew his Boeing 787 Dreamliner, reaching speeds of 776 miles per hours on the 3,458-mile flight. Surprisingly, the captain also admits that the plane could have gone even faster, if they didn’t encounter turbulence. “'The 787 Dreamliner is a pleasure to fly and it’s a great feeling to know that we have set a new record in this aircraft,” van Dam said in an interview with the Daily Mail. With the allotted time being six hours and 30 minutes to get from New York to London, passengers had more than an hour to spare when they reached their destination. Flights from the US to Europe are usually shorter during the winter, since the jet winds are more intense. This happens when the temperatures on the northern hemisphere are significantly different from those around the equator, causing strong winds to push across the Atlantic. In turn, this makes flights from Europe making them slower. The previous record for fastest subsonic flight from New York City to London was set by British Airways in January 2015, when it managed to complete the journey in five hours and 16 minutes.