Couple Sold Everything To Sail Around The World On Boat That Sank After Two Days1m09s

Couple Sold Everything To Sail Around The World On Boat That Sank After Two Days

A Colorado native couple did what most of us only dream of. They quit their job and sold everything in their possession in order to take a stroll around the world by boat. There is just one little problem with their happy story and you are about to find out! 26-year old Tanner Broadwell and his 245-year-old wife Nikki Walsh quit their jobs, sold everything, and bought a boat to sail around the world. They spent years planning and saving for the trip. But two days after they set sail from Key West, Florida, their 28-foot sailboat capsized and sank, taking their dreams along with it. They spent $10,000 to purchase and upgrade the boat that was already 49-years-old and learned to sail with it along the Gulf Coast from Alabama to Florida. But the still inexperienced sailors hit a glitch on their trip and their boat snagged on something underwater, right as they were about to dock at a small fishing village. The boat began taking on water immediately. The rescue team reached them after an hour, but the waters they were in were too shallow for the ship to get close and the couple had to abandon the only possession they had. The only thing they could save was their pet pug, Remy. According to a news outlet, amateur sailors are not the only ones who have problems sailing the particular channel. A local charter boat captain Kenny Keen and “several experienced captains” have been known to hit the sandbars, especially after a storm. To make matters worse, they will help responsible for cleaning up the wreckage. Out of insurance, it will cost them as much as they paid for the boat they wrecked. Still, the couple said that their dreams didn’t sink with the boat, as they plan to start saving for a new one soon.

This Is Why You'll Never See Kate Middleton Take Off Her Coat42s

This Is Why You'll Never See Kate Middleton Take Off Her Coat

The gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge is well known for her distinct, polished, and truly regal fashion sense. Though it turns out, some of her looks may not be by choice. Apparently, there is an old-fashioned rule that states if the women of the royal family wear a coat in public, they may not take it off! According to Harper’s Bazaar, this is royal protocol. “When Kate turns up to an event wearing a coat (or a coat-dress, as she so often does), she won’t ever take it off while she's there. Even though she is most definitely wearing a chic dress underneath, taking off a coat is apparently an unladylike action and probably disrupts her outfit choice,” the magazine states. When she was traveling to Sweden and Norway, Kate showed off the chich she is so well known for with her buttoned-up array of coats. She wore a same black belted trench coat when she played hockey in Sweden, and a red and white houndstooth piece later on. Another thing that is on the royal protocol is nail polish, or rather specifically, no one of the royal ladies can be seen in public wearing a brightly-colored nail polish, as it is considered ungraceful. The same goes for wearing sheer pantyhose! Apparently, the Queen insists on the ladies being covered up! So it doesn’t matter if Kate becomes a sweaty mess underneath her coat. She certainly looks used to these guidelines, graceful as ever.

These Six Countries Are Competing In The Winter Olympics For The Very First Time1m09s

These Six Countries Are Competing In The Winter Olympics For The Very First Time

The Olympic Games have always been the place where the strongest and most talented people have gathered to show their excessive skills in a certain field. Even back in Ancient Greece, the whole focus of the world turned towards the Games. It is believed that they first started in 776 BC in the valley of Olympia as a part of a religious ritual for Zeus, the king of all gods, and took place every 4 years. They were so popular that they had the power to cause cease-fire throughout the Hellenic world. The games in Ancient times lasted for about eight centuries, ending in the 4th century AD, but they were recreated once more in 1896. The modern Olympics didn’t have the same sports as its predecessor, but they were still highly influenced by it. Nowadays there are two editions of the Olympics, one in winter and one in summer. Following tradition, the Olympic Games in PyeongChang of 2018 opened on February 9, four years after the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The Games would last until February 25 and they will consist of 102 events in fifteen sports disciplines, and a total of 2,952 athletes from 92 National Olympic Committees. What makes these Games different is that there are six countries that are competing for the very first time, such as Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore. Best of luck and may the best ones win!

The iPhone Calculator Is Hiding A Secret Function We Weren't Aware Of47s

The iPhone Calculator Is Hiding A Secret Function We Weren't Aware Of

Technology has come a long way since its inception. Everyday we’re witnessing the creation of even tinier devices that hold even more information inside themselves, and it’s mind boggling! How do you really feel knowing that somewhere in the world there is a chip the size of the nail on your little finger that can store your whole life’s worth of documentation and then some? It seems so incredible that it feels as though it can not get any smaller, but science beats us to the punch. The first phone call was placed on March 10, 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell called his assistant, Thomas Watson and told him to come over. Fast forward a century and a half, and the ‘caller’ option on the phone is probably the least used out of all. Nowadays, we use our phones for everything. There are apps that can remind you to drink water and even apps that regulate the warmth of your house and the security system in your office. Everything is digital, and society seems to thrive in these conditions. However, we may use our phones 99% of our waking hours, but do we really know everything there is to know about them? Just when you thought you knew every in and out of your iPhone, a new "secret" function makes itself known. Apparently, the calculator app on the iPhone comes with one handy function to help you not get lost in the middle of doing your math. This means that if you mess up your numbers in the middle of a big mathematical operation, you can easily swipe left or right to delete the unnecessary digits. Thank you, iPhone Calculator!

The Most Relaxing And Affordable Vacation Destination Is Closer Than We Might Think1m51s

The Most Relaxing And Affordable Vacation Destination Is Closer Than We Might Think

Get away from it all without getting away, at all - we all want some of that in life. The idea of having the perfect vacation to wind down usually turns sour when you have to think about the travel fatigue and the hard blow to your wallet. We would all like to travel to Bora Bora, but unfortunately, not all of us have the option of owning a private jet to take us there faster. Well, here are some good news for all of you in need of a bit of winding down. Apparently, you can get the same satisfying feeling staying at home as well as traveling to an exotic location. The only thing you need to worry about is to create the most relaxing environment you can get. This concept of vacationing at home is funnily named staycationing and it is gaining attention fast. You can either do it at home or you can go visit new unexplored places in your vicinity, like a museum you always said you’d visit but never had the time, or have a picnic. Best thing about it, it’s all up to you. There are a few key points about this way of winding down, and the most important one is to stay virtually offline. All of the information bombarding us on social media is enough to raise our levels of anxiety, so it’s most important to block it for a period of time. This way you’ll have the time and the strength to focus solely on yourself and properly relax. After all, a little bit of pampering never hurt anybody.

This City Has The Worst Traffic Congestion In The U.S.1m17s

This City Has The Worst Traffic Congestion In The U.S.

Don’t you just hate busy traffic? Sitting in endless rows of cars that look like they are going nowhere soon can really ruin your day, especially if it’s the morning commute. What if we told that there is a city in the continental United States that takes such a beating day in and out. The city came out on top for the sixth year in a row. There are a lot of U.S. cities that that rank high on this list, the city of Los Angeles comes up as number one for six years in a row! The stats in Los Angeles found that drivers spent 102 hours in congestion last year during peak hours, according to a traffic study conducted by Inrix, a company that specializes in connected car services and transportation analytics. The traffic in Los Angeles also cost almost $3000 per driver in 2017. Not everything is so dark though, because according to this survey, the traffic in Los Angeles also went down 2%, compared to the year before. Moscow and New York City trail close by with 91 hours. The Cross Bronx Expressway alone marked the worst corridor in the United States for the third year in a row. The Inrix study found that drivers spend 118 hours on this expressway each year. Overall, the U.S. had 10 of the top 25 cities for traffic and was found to be the most congested developed nation. However, a few spots were able to improve their traffic levels. South Bend, Ind., had a 25% reduction in peak hour traffic over the past year. El Paso, Austin, and Dallas also reduced their traffic levels. LA might not be such a great city to live in after all.

The 'Crocodile Dundee' Super Bowl Ad Is The Best Film That Never Was1m12s

The 'Crocodile Dundee' Super Bowl Ad Is The Best Film That Never Was

If you were wondering what the fuss was about the new ‘Dundee’ movie, now you know. As for all of you wondering who this Dundee character even is, sit back, and let us tell you a story. Back in 1986, western audiences got to know a different side to Australia, than the one they knew before. That year marked the release of the Australian-American film “Crocodile Dundee”, an action comedy set in the Australian outback. The adventures of Mick Dundee, marked a new era for Australia, also known as the land down under. Now, three decades later, the Aussies are striking again. Earlier in 2018, a trailer was released about a new Crocodile Dundee movie, this time focusing on Mick’s sun, played by Danny McBride. The trailer was shared on all social platforms, with famous Australian actors sharing and praising the creation of this masterpiece. However, it was all a lie. Yes, you’ve heard it, it is a lie, there is no film. Announced during the Super Bowl, the new Crocodile Dundee movie is actually an extremely successful ad about Australia. The marketing aspect of the trailer was focusing on the natural beauties of the Australian land, from the picturesque outback, to the magnificent coasts with blue waters and sandy beaches. However, this trick wouldn’t have worked if it wasn’t for the slew of famous Aussie actors backing up the project. The trailer gave us a glimpse of the Hemsworth brothers, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and Isla Fisher, among a few. What do you think? Do you wish it were an actual movie? Tell us more in the comments down below.

Six Things Pilots Always Notice When They Travel As Passengers That You Don’t1m52s

Six Things Pilots Always Notice When They Travel As Passengers That You Don’t

For most of us, air travel is an opportunity to sleep, work, read, or watch a movie with fewer distractions than you'd find on the ground. However, for pilots and aviation experts this experience can be different. We talked to airline pilots to find out what they notice when they are flying in the main cabin. First thing that they notice is Ice accumulating. Planes are coated in materials to prevent ice from building up, but it lasts a limited amount of time. As weird as it may sound, they have an eye for detail. Next, they notice suspicious scents, because they can quickly hint at problems with the engine or fuel-storage systems. In addition, the angle from which light comes in from the window is also something aviation experts would notice. A sudden change in the angle of the light can be a sign that the pilot is changing course. When communication about delays occur many travelers don’t expect clear explanations, but aviation experts do and they should. Also, pilots can predict the timing of the plane’s landing routine before the announcement comes, and often put tray tables back in place first. Last but not least, they notice where emergency exits are located. Pilots know that in the event of a crash landing, you may not have the time to figure out where the exits are. While you’re struggling to find which seat is closest to that hatch, pilot passengers can find them in seconds, especially during a disaster. If you have such a person on board in the event of a crisis, make sure you follow that person. Unless you’re specially trained in a particular field, you won’t notice the little things that an expert would, that is why this input from experts who revealed their professional secrets is very handy. Some air travelers worry about the turbulence, jet lag, queasiness, and pure nerves. Others just want to relax, nap, or cruise through a peaceful flight free of peculiar smells, sounds, sights, or problems. This insider info won’t prevent every mishap, but it is sure helpful to have some things in mind.

This Pilot's 3-Second Safety Advice Might Just Come In Handy55s

This Pilot's 3-Second Safety Advice Might Just Come In Handy

Flying in an aircraft can be a terrifying experience for anybody. Even seasoned travelers might get the spook of their lives at one point in time. The reality is that the aircrafts carry too many people at one time, and just one tiny mistake can lead to their doom But the odds are in your favor. Although we hear so many reports about plane crashes or malfunctions on the news, there is probably an equal amount if not more of car, bus or even train accidents every day. The reason why we fear air travel so much is because it’s fairly new. You might wonder how that might be, but just imagine that people were walking the earth and swimming in the seas long before they soared the sky. If it puts your mind at ease, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you out with the whole ordeal. As you might know, flying in such altitudes can wreak havoc on your body, so you should always try to alleviate the side-effects. The first thing you need to do is stay hydrated, but try not to overdo it because the altitude can make your limbs swell up. You can always chew a gum right during take off, to ease the pressure on your ears. Another thing is keep your skin from drying by applying a moisturizing cream and lip balm. When it comes to being psychologically prepared for a flight, this pilot gives you a few tips. These 3-second steps might come in handy during the flight because they prepare you for worst case scenarios and can significantly calm you down knowing that you know everything there is to know to be prepared. Basically, what you need to do is look for the nearest emergency exit, read the instructions on how to open the door, and look for the second or third closest exits in case the first one is blocked. You might want to count the seats to the closest exit and then just carry on enjoying the flight. Seriously, don’t worry to much, it’s all going to be okay.