Great Tips About When Exactly To Buy Your Next International Flight1m15s

Great Tips About When Exactly To Buy Your Next International Flight

When it comes to airfare, it’s all about the timing. identified a “Prime Booking Window” for 8 popular regions abroad. suggest booking flights to the Caribbean should be 207 days prior to departure. Generally, the most inexpensive tickets are available in January after the holidays. Canadian-bound travelers should book 66 days before departure and consider going in October. Also pinpointed 70 days out as the best time to book flights to Mexico and Central America. And for trips to South America, however, travelers should be prepared to book flights 110 days in advance. In addition to avoiding travel during June and July, trips to Europe should be booked 160 days prior to departure. And those going to Asia, the Middle East, Africa or maybe the South Pacific should be prepared to plan far in advance. The best deals are typically found 120 to 199 days ahead of departure. So what is your best destination? It’s hardly a secret that airfares fluctuate a lot. Knowing the best time to purchase a flight has turned into something like Russian roulette for travelers – if you don’t “win” a low fare, you can lose big and be left with a sense that there has to be a better way. With frequent fluctuations in airfare prices, it’s no wonder that buying a reasonably priced ticket can often feel like trying to hit a moving target. We hope that these tips helped you!

Kate Middleton Just Went Grocery Shopping And Acted Like It Was Totally Normal58s

Kate Middleton Just Went Grocery Shopping And Acted Like It Was Totally Normal

Imagine going to your local grocery store to pick up a carton of eggs and milk for your breakfast, then you turn the aisle and you spot a member of the Royal family, casually going about her business. That is exactly what happened to shoppers at Waitrose a grocery store in the UK, when they spotted the Duchess of Cambridge in the fruit aisle. Kate Middleton might be one very busy woman, being a Duchess, helping her future sister-in-law plan her wedding and prepare for the upcoming birth of her third child. But we can’t seem to see her kicking her feet up, while her assistants run her errands. Apparently, it is not the Middleton way. Shoppers at Waitrose have spotted the Duchess picking up fresh fruits and veggies. Of course, she wasn’t dressed in sweatpants. Kate was all glammed up in black booties, black pants and one of her favorite Joseph coats. Still, she was very civil and kind to others in the store, offering kind “hello’s” to everyone who greeted the future Queen. Kate then used the self-checkout aisle to bag and pay for her goods, then went to her Range Rover with her security guard in tow and drove off. Shoppers have commented how seeing her do such mundane things was such a surreal experience. Knowing that Kate is on maternity leave from her official duties, we might actually see her do more of these “mundane things”. Though she may not have plenty of time to relax, since she will be back on official duty on May 19 to see her brother-in-law Prince Harry wed Meghan Markle .

Mediterranean Mallorca1m00s

Mediterranean Mallorca

Mallorca is on of the Balearic Islands of Spain that is situated on Mediterranean Sea. It's known for beach resorts, sheltered coves, limestone mountains and Roman and Moorish remains.

Washington in the Spring58s

Washington in the Spring

Spring is arguably one of the best seasons to visit Washington D.C. As the cold weather starts to wind down, the beautiful cherry blossom trees start to bud and add a pop of color the city.

Discover Pyeongchang54s

Discover Pyeongchang

Pyeongchang has lots to offer nature lovers with its beautiful mountains and hills. It has activities for any season. It is a ski lovers haven in the winter.

You've Probably Never Heard Of These Stunning Places Worthy Of A Visit52s

You've Probably Never Heard Of These Stunning Places Worthy Of A Visit

They say that travel is the only thing money can buy that actually makes you righter. Going to places is always an exciting experience, but nothing really compares to discovering new stuff. Social media may have ruined this for us, what with all those bloggers going everywhere and snapping these photos that make us drool. Still, the planet is a big place and luckily, there are still corners that have been left uncharted. If you really like to be one of the first few to see someplace, one woman has your back. After all, Mar Pages has been to 100 world countries and we think she has a few aces up her sleeve. In a Quora thread asking, "What is your favorite place to visit that no one has heard of?", Pages answered: “I have visited 100 countries, travel 40–50% of the time for the last 12 years and specialize in places nobody visits so here are a couple of ideas.” The first place she mentions is the tiny African nation of Djibouti. She advises people to “forget the Dead Sea ,” and instead head to Lake Abbe and Lake Assal, a salt lake, which both happened to be filming locations for "Planet of the Apes." Then, she recommends visiting Aitutaki Lagoon in the Cook islands and spending some time there. According to her, it is “one of the most stunning lagoons you will ever see, the waters are incredible.” Next on your bucket list should be the Chuuk Lagoon, where 70 ships from the Japanese fleet sunk in World War II, making it "a wreck diver's paradise. She says to stick around the North Pacific to visit an island known as Yap, which she described as “another tiny island part of the Micronesia group where women still walk topless, you can find out more about stone money and dive with mantas.” Lastly, Pages suggested any American looking to go somewhere unique without a passport should check out American Samoa, which “is the last place where the sun sets every day and a US territory south of Hawaii, a very beautifully rugged island.” What are you waiting for? Get packing !

Inside The Most Expensive Suite On The World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship58s

Inside The Most Expensive Suite On The World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship

The biggest and most expensive cruise ship ever made, cashing in at $1.35 billion is called Symphony of the Seas and will set sail from Barcelona on April 6. After the Royal Caribbean accepted their flagship last week, the company revealed to the public what passengers that will be cruising this ship will be able to expect. Now, maybe not everyone will be able to afford the cruise ship ’s most expensive room, but those who do will be treated with a superb experience. It is called the Ultimate Family Suite, spread across two levels of the Symphony and taking up an impressive 1,346 square feet. Don’t get us wrong, there is plenty of stuff to do on the rest of the ship, but the guests in the Ultimate Family Suite will never have to leave their accommodation. The suite features a ping-pong table, an air hockey table, and a slide to get from the top floor to the bottom. Guests will also be able to enjoy a full-size whirlpool hot tub on the balcony — complete with unobstructed views of the ocean. For the little ones, there is 3D cinema room, a Lego wall, and a popcorn machine. The Ultimate Family Suite can sleep up to eight people, all of whom have access to a personal butler. The Symphony of the Seas will sail across the Mediterranean, making stops in Spain, France, and Italy. In mid-autumn, she will take her way towards Miami, from where she will take cruisers on trips around the Caribbean . If you would like to take your partner, the in-laws, and your kids, you will have to start saving right this minute. A seven-day cruise for the entire family starts at $50,000.

Fly away to Albuquerque58s

Fly away to Albuquerque

Rising above its associations with the annual hot-air-balloon festival, Albuquerque will this year set out to prove itself as a fully-fledged destination.

Dive into Ibiza57s

Dive into Ibiza

Although Ibiza has a big reputation for its parties, there is way more to experience than just the night life. Ibiza is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Our Capital, Washington D.C.1m30s

Our Capital, Washington D.C.

There are lots to see and do in our capital city, Washington D.C. It's also home to iconic museums, national monuments, and performing-arts venues such as the Kennedy Center.

Discover the Safari of Zambia51s

Discover the Safari of Zambia

In South Luangwa National Park, visitors can expect to see more animals than baobab trees, while Liuwa Plain National Park is the setting for the world’s second-largest wildebeest migration.