Experience Our Beautiful Planet Through This List Of 12 Once-In-A-Lifetime Camping Sites2m12s

Experience Our Beautiful Planet Through This List Of 12 Once-In-A-Lifetime Camping Sites

We know that not everyone is passionate about camping, but sometimes in life, you just have to get a bit of dirt under your fingernails if you want to have the experience of your lifetime. Seeing the beauty our planet has to offer on a picture is like watching a game on TV, sure, you admire the view, but you just know that nothing can compare to the real thing. There is just something about spending your nights somewhere in the unbridled nature, watching the stars and the Milky Way twinkle on the dark night sky and seeing those first rays of sun light up on the east side, turning the starry sky into the most beautiful shades of purple, orange and ultimately the clearest blue you’ve ever seen. Sometimes it just hits you that this is what your ancestors have been doing years and centuries ago, and the experience takes on another tone as well. You become one with the earth you’re standing on and the different sounds and smells from the vast nature around you. We’ve compiled a list of a dozen campsite locations that would give you that once in a lifetime experience. Travel through the volcanic rocks of Iceland, to the gigantic palm trees of Colombia. Visit the Canyonlands in Utah and the autumn wonderland of Acadia, Maine. Reach the Tierra Del Fuego and then hop on a plane to Hawaii. Make sure you enjoy this video and tell us which destination made their way to your travel bucket list.

The Best Seat On An Airplane, According To Anthony Bourdain39s

The Best Seat On An Airplane, According To Anthony Bourdain

The Best seat on the airplane according to Anthony Bourdain, is the one right next to the window. This is actually something that comes to our attention and it is also something we all ponder upon booking airfare. So the question comes down to whether the aisle or the window seat is better. Keep reading to find out more. As for some people it differs but right now we are focused on one person individually and their feedback. As for chef and celebrity Anthony Bourdain, he’s more of a window seat traveler. Why you ask, it might not be for the reasons you might think. He says, “Aisle if you’ve got a weak bladder. Window, if you just want to sleep undisturbed. I’m a sleep,” Bourdain said. “I can wedge my head between the seat and the window during takeoff and fall asleep very nicely”. As for all of us this just can be a simple little guide if it were the case that we have never travelled by an airplane or we just can’t seem to find the perfect position. The aisle might be a far bit from the window there for excluding the view but it comes to be more convinient if you like walking around and seem to get bored easly. It is something interesting to think about and also find the kind of person you are. It's something we all ponder upon booking airfare or stepping foot on an airplane: window or aisle?

Richard Branson Is Hiring Someone To Live On His Private Caribbean Island1m15s

Richard Branson Is Hiring Someone To Live On His Private Caribbean Island

Richard Branson is hiring someone to live on his private Caribbean island i.e. he is hiring a personal assistant, and you're going to want to brush up your resume, stat. Hurry up, submit your resume, cross your fingers and hope for the best! The billionaire Virgin Group founder seems like a pretty great guy to work for. He believes in bubble baths for brainstorming, regularly hosts celebrities and owns properties all over the world. There is not a person in this world who hasn’t heard of this man! However this job comes with one major perk, you get to live on Necker island. Even Michelle Obama couldn’t keep her cool when she first stepped onto Necker island, it’s that beautiful! But, unlike the Obama’s you won’t get the kitesurf in the Caribbean all day. According to the job listing on Linkedin ‘this is an administrative role, covering two busy offices’. If you want to take on the responsibility and sun, you can apply by sending in a resume and a video of yourself. Submissions are due by March 10th and should be sent to Could you believe this dream job is available? Would you dare submitting your CV to this company, and hope to have the chance to babysit Richard Benson’s crib? Sir Richard Branson is an English business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records in 1972. The Virgin brand grew rapidly during the 1980s, as Branson set up Virgin Atlantic airline and expanded the Virgin Records music label.

Spectacular Reason Why You Should Stop Taking Selfies1m08s

Spectacular Reason Why You Should Stop Taking Selfies

Taking selfies can be fun and that was the idea behind the developers of the selfie camera but little did the technovators realize that latent narcissism among people, especially the youth will develop an obsession. So what’s driving people to this craze and why is the youth so obsessed to capture that one moment, irrespective of their surroundings? So sit back, and enjoy these tips why you should enjoy the momentum and not take selfies. It turns out selfies- the go- to photo style of travelers everywhere- may not be as flattering as you think. Selfies taken from 1ft away may make your nose look larger than that is. Photos taken from 5 feet away, by contract lead to no such distortions. And the findings aren’t just about vanity. In one poll, 42 % of the surgeons said they’ve seen patients seeking procedure to improve their selfies. Well, that’s not right. Others say that those who frequently post their selfies on social websites, become conscious about likes and comments and if they do not receive desired likes, their self-esteem is damaged and self-confidence is shattered. So, it is not a healthy activity. It is necessary to control selfie addiction. Instead of taking hundreds of selfies, we should enjoy those moments that would never come again. The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy- it’s all that matters. So next time you want to capture a moment or you are traveling, ask a kind stranger to snap a photo of your vacation memories.

This Is How You Can Get More Free Food On Your Next Flight52s

This Is How You Can Get More Free Food On Your Next Flight

Something happens to a person at an altitude of 35 000 ft. We can easily become cranky, claustrophobic and agitated by the slightest higher tone of voice. We can become incredibly hungry or thirsty, sleepier than ever. You might be wondering why it happens but there’s a perfectly good explanation for this. Most of these unpleasant symptoms have a lot to do with air pressure and lack of oxygen. Basically, the changes in air pressure can affect your ears and the lack of oxygen can make you feel dizzy and headachy. Also, low humidity levels on the airplane can dehydrate your body making you very thirsty, while the fluids in your body gravitate towards the lower parts of your body. If the swelling in your feet isn’t enough, you are more than likely to get a bloated stomach, because the air pressure likes to play tricks on the gases in your body. But don’t worry, flying on a plane isn’t all that bad and you’ll probably experience just a tiny amount of all of these symptoms which is absolutely normal. You might not be able to control how the air pressure, lack of oxygen and humidity affects your body, but you can actually do something to satiate your hunger. If by some miraculous reason you get extremely hungry on a flight, you can actually ask for another free meal. While it’s not very common, it is possible for the staff to give you an extra meal, only if there is one left at the end of the food service. Smaller portions of snacks are more readily available, so you are more than likely to get another helping of those if you ask. And don’t forget to drink a lot of water because our body can easily mistake thirst for hunger. Have a safe flight!

Khloé Kardashian's Baby Bump Was Safe On Her Trip To Tokyo1m13s

Khloé Kardashian's Baby Bump Was Safe On Her Trip To Tokyo

Her family has been in the spotlight for so long now, it seems that they are we hear about. Many of you have probably tried to keep up with the Kardashian clan, so much so that most have even went the extra mile, buying their products and making the same choices. That being said, it is really inspiring how many people felt concerned that the youngest of the famous trio of Kardashian sisters decided that flying to Tokyo while 8 months pregnant is a good idea. Social media queen Khloé Kardashian took her two besties Kim and Kourtney to a sort-of babymoon trip to Tokyo, sharing pictures all along the way, while hugging her baby bump. The internet went wild, not only for Khloé cradling her baby bump so much, but for apparently insane decision to risk flying across an ocean for 17 hours with only so few weeks until her due date? In all fairness, she has not disclose her due date just yet, but she did reveal that she is in her third trimester, making her about 28 week pregnant. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises that the duration of the flight be taken into consideration when planning your trip. If you are pregnant and planning a distant flight, be sure to consult with your OB/GYN to get a personalized and informed professional opinion regarding your own pregnancy. Khloé has not responded yet to the backlash over her decision to fly as far as Japan, but then again, she is no stranger to criticism on social media. Last year she had to defend her knowledge of geography whe she caption a photo of her on Costa Rica with “Island Vibes”. “Please stop reading so deep into everything,” said the queen. But really, can you not?

Airlines Could Soon Start Charging Different Fares For Different People1m06s

Airlines Could Soon Start Charging Different Fares For Different People

You thought that flying cars were a thing of the future? Well, guess what, for now you only get to be charged for your airplane fare based on your travel habits. Welcome to the future. It is common knowledge that passengers pay different prices for their seats. If you plan your trip in advance, you are most likely to pay less for your airplane seat than those who purchased at the last minute. If you set up an alert, you could land a great deal too. But according to one software company, airlines may soon begin charging passengers different prices based on who they are. Revenue management software company PROS says that airlines might be implementing “dynamic pricing” structures on their websites. John McBride, director of product management for PROS said in an interview: “2018 will be a very phenomenal year in terms of traction. Based on our backlog of projects, there will be a handful of large carriers that move toward dynamic pricing science.” Dynamic (or “surge”) pricing is an economic strategy where companies price services based on demand. Think Uber charging more for rides in the rain or at rush hour. Airlines have already implemented fares like these, making flights for the holidays more expensive, using new technology that tailors fares to specific passengers. The technology is able to identify passengers based on their IP address and can mine data for their history as a flyer. Loyal customers and leisure travelers would likely pay less, while those who are willing to pay more, like business travelers with a company credit card, would likely see higher prices.