Apparently Taking A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk53s

Apparently Taking A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk

Yes people, you’ve heard it right, doing no physical activity can actually burn some calories. You don’t have to worry about indulging yourself with a bit of “me” time, because apparently it crunches those calories as much as a 30-minute walk would. The new study actually showed that taking that much needed break and soaking up the warmth of the water is beneficial not only for your calorie count, but also for your mental health. Researchers have found that both the hot bath and the walk burn about 130 calories each, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to do it. If you want to sweat it out in the sun, breathing in fresh air and working on leg definition, than it’s totally fine. But there is something so incredibly good about spending some time in a warm bubble bath, that you just feel like you’ve been born again. Our alone time is much needed when living in this hectic world. Sometimes time flies so fast, you don’t even notice it before it’s gone so it’s imperative to stop for a moment, regroup and get ready to start again. You might do it with a book or just by lazing in a bathtub, but make sure you get it. If the normal warm bath doesn’t relax you, try going to a sauna or a sensory deprivation tank, it might just do wonders for you. You’re welcome!

The Oldest Message In A Bottle Ever Discovered Washed Up On An Australian Beach1m14s

The Oldest Message In A Bottle Ever Discovered Washed Up On An Australian Beach

There is something so fascinating about messages in bottles thrown into the ocean. It’s as if they are timeless. A tiny piece of paper laying suspended in a glass bottle, floating with no aim whatsoever. It doesn’t have a direction nor is it bound by time. It is solely left on luck and destiny alone to reach someone, somewhere who might not even understand it. It’s like a hidden keyhole leading to a magical place. Historically speaking, messages in bottles aren’t that romantic. Sure, there were some that were written as a way to keep love everlasting, and even some that portrayed the anguish of living this life and not being with your soulmate. There is something so exciting about finding one and getting a glimpse of a past that we’ll never know but are privy to informations about it firsthand. But more often than not, those messages contain the dying words of a sailor lost at sea, farewells to loved ones and sometimes if we’re lucky enough, we might read instructions to finding a hidden treasure. Most of the messages were actually of scientific origin. That is the case with the letter found in Australia. Back in the day when there were no satellites and you only had a compass to guide you through the dark blue waters of the ocean, sailors threw bottles with messages that contained the name of the ship and the year it was thrown on. These bottles served to track the currents and where they lead. This last find is actually the oldest message ever recorded, checking out at 132 years of age. Imagine that!

This 26-Year-Old Traveler Put Herself In Debt To Become Instagram Celebrity1m24s

This 26-Year-Old Traveler Put Herself In Debt To Become Instagram Celebrity

This is the real story of a girl who spent thousands of dollars just to live her dream and become an Instagram celebrity. However, she soon realized that it was all a waste of time, and the money could have been spent otherwise, to serve a better purpose! Becoming an Instagram celebrity has put Lissette Calveiro in serious debt. Calveiro said her clothing and travel budget to get those ‘gram-worthy photos and 25.7K followers was $10,000! “I was living above my means, I was living a lie and debt was looming over my head’, Calveiro confessed. While in debt she has a $200 monthly budget, so her followers never saw the same outfit twice. She’d often spend up to $1000 on designer goods and traveling to new locations to snap her pics. ‘If you break it down, a lot of the travel I was doing in 2016 was strictly for Instagram’, she said. After landing a public relations job in NYC, she curbed her Instagram habits so she could pay for rent and food. ‘I had a lot of opportunities to save, I could have invested that money in something’, she said. Though Calveiro’s story may seem extreme, it’s not as rare as one may think. Social media has many potential positives, but Instagram isn’t an accurate representation of reality. So when you see a perfect picture post, remember it probably took hours and hundreds of dollars to create! Are you familiar with Calveiro’s story? Have you ever sacrificed your time and money just to look good on social media? Let us know in the comments below!

Experience Our Beautiful Planet Through This List Of 12 Once-In-A-Lifetime Camping Sites2m12s

Experience Our Beautiful Planet Through This List Of 12 Once-In-A-Lifetime Camping Sites

We know that not everyone is passionate about camping, but sometimes in life, you just have to get a bit of dirt under your fingernails if you want to have the experience of your lifetime. Seeing the beauty our planet has to offer on a picture is like watching a game on TV, sure, you admire the view, but you just know that nothing can compare to the real thing. There is just something about spending your nights somewhere in the unbridled nature, watching the stars and the Milky Way twinkle on the dark night sky and seeing those first rays of sun light up on the east side, turning the starry sky into the most beautiful shades of purple, orange and ultimately the clearest blue you’ve ever seen. Sometimes it just hits you that this is what your ancestors have been doing years and centuries ago, and the experience takes on another tone as well. You become one with the earth you’re standing on and the different sounds and smells from the vast nature around you. We’ve compiled a list of a dozen campsite locations that would give you that once in a lifetime experience. Travel through the volcanic rocks of Iceland, to the gigantic palm trees of Colombia. Visit the Canyonlands in Utah and the autumn wonderland of Acadia, Maine. Reach the Tierra Del Fuego and then hop on a plane to Hawaii. Make sure you enjoy this video and tell us which destination made their way to your travel bucket list.