You Should Do These 11 Things Before You Leave For Vacation1m22s

You Should Do These 11 Things Before You Leave For Vacation

It is one of those things we look forward to in a year - going on a nice, relaxing vacation. But before you close the door of your home behind you, there are some steps you might want to take before you leave. To ensure your credit card works abroad, you need to alert your credit card company. But if it’s on the eve of your departure, don’t submit an online form, just call instead. Also, make sure you have enough available credit. Don’t forget about your call plan either, especially if you are leaving for another country. Call your service provider to set up the best plan for you to make calls, send texts and access the Internet from your smartphone. If you have a home security system, alert the operator or your local police, especially if you will be gone for two weeks or more. If you ask, they might even do extra runs by your house just in case. This should come as a no-brainer, but make sure to double check all your reservations for the flight, the accommodation, any car rentals, restaurant or attraction you might plan on visiting. No one wants a sour surprise on their trip. If you have access to a printer, it might not be a bad idea to have everything printed out, just to be safe. Make sure your bills are all paid for before you leave, in case your trip falls on the date when they are due. Be sure your weather will be as good as you want it. If not, this will help you pack better, bring warmer or looser clothes. Also, check the weather for your home city as well, in case the temperature drops significantly. When you are done with the big stuff, take care of a few smaller details, like getting rid of the perishables in your kitchen, leave an emergency contact with a friend or family member, remove all the unnecessary stuff from your wallet and by all means, bring home any outdoor furniture inside, where it is nice and safe. All you are left to do is have a very nice time on your trip!

Here's How The Windy City Turns Its River Green For St. Patrick's Day1m01s

Here's How The Windy City Turns Its River Green For St. Patrick's Day

Nothing says Happy St. Patrick’s Day like people all dressed in green! The people of Chicago love it the most, for obvious reasons, so much so that they even dye their river in the familiar hue! But how exactly do they do it? Let’s start with a bit of history. The dying of the river water tradition started somewhere in 1962, although its origins go even further back. A former Mayor of Chicago, Mr. Richard J. Daley was on a mission to make the riverfront part of the city a pleasant site. The problem was it was a terrible eyesore, with sewage draining in the river. The solution was to pour green dye into the water, so that they might discover where exactly does the sewage is being dumped. The, in 1961, a childhood friend of mr. Daley and a member of the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local, Mr. Stephen Bailey had an idea - why not dye the entire thing green? Three months later Chicagoans had the privilege to witness their emerald-colored river, when the city poured 100 pounds of chemicals into it. The river remained green for the entire week! The practise was repeated annually by the Plumbers Local, with the only difference being the amount. Today, the magical recipe calls for 25 pound of dye for the river to remain green for one day. The dyeing process starts at 9 a.m. on St. Paddy’s Day, when six members of the famed Plumbers Union get on two boats and using flour sifters, they spread the dye into the river. Some 45 minutes later and the Chicago River is the epitome os the patron saint of Ireland.

A Real Life Nirvana Is Placed On Turtle Island In Fiji 1m30s

A Real Life Nirvana Is Placed On Turtle Island In Fiji

Turtle Island, located in the center of Fiji’s Yasawa archipelago, has become known as one of the country’s most exclusive retreats for honeymooners. There are only 14 villas on the island, which is a max occupancy of 28 people. This private island in Fiji can open its door to only 14 couples at the same time. Nothing can ruin a honeymoon like other people. Luckily, there are private islands. Turtle island, located in the center of Fiji’s Yasawa archipelago, has become known as one of the country’s most exclusive retreats for honeymooners. There are only fourteen villas on the island, rented out to couples, meaning only a maximum of 28 guests across the 500 acres. Each villa has a unique design and beachfront location, complete with hot tub, outdoor shower and a bed in the sun. The luxury all-inclusive resort includes all meals and drinks, as well as several other treats. The waters of Fiji brag with 5 of the 7 living species of sea turtles and with one of the most archetypal tropical island locations for the making of the cult Colombia Pictures release “The Blue Lagoon”. The movie drew the world's attention to Turtle Island, one of Fiji's first luxury resorts, whose opening was rushed by the filming. After the film's premiere, stars flocked there to experience the real-life nirvana. The place is still affordable only for the rich and the famous. Would you like to visit this island? Tag the person you want to go here with!

This Island Leaves Travelers More Satisfied Than Any Other Destination1m00s

This Island Leaves Travelers More Satisfied Than Any Other Destination

Maybe that is why Mick Jagger could not get any satisfaction! He has never been to Barbados! If you are one of those travelers who are in the pursuit of easy to reach destinations that will leave a lasting impression on all fronts, then plan your next trip to Barbados! A data collection agency called Norstat announced that the island is a top-rated destination by travelers, according to their annual Destination Satisfaction Index. This destination scored an 8 out of 10, through a comprehensive evaluation that takes 10 different elements into consideration. Travelers evaluated a total of 144 destinations from around the world on factors such as weather, beaches, service and hospitality, accommodations, sightseeing, culture, as well as the food! Plenty of gifted chefs have opened up their restaurants on Barbados, in an effort to make it the most delicious destination in the Caribbean! If you do plan on visiting, do not leave until you have tried the grilled lobster, a plate of flying fish with plantains with a serving of a local Banks lager, or maybe the pan-fried fish sandwich that even chef Marcus Samuelsson loves. Travelers also had to evaluate the destination based on more serious subjects, such as safety, landscape, and the overall value of the trip. The agency calculated the scores that over 70,000 tourists gave for each category and they gave Barbados the best overall score, as well as the top spot in the accommodations category. Don’t worry, though as other destinations also scored pretty high, such as the Seychelles in Africa and the Maldives in Asia, which also scored top marks for its beaches.

Apparently Taking A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk53s

Apparently Taking A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk

Yes people, you’ve heard it right, doing no physical activity can actually burn some calories. You don’t have to worry about indulging yourself with a bit of “me” time, because apparently it crunches those calories as much as a 30-minute walk would. The new study actually showed that taking that much needed break and soaking up the warmth of the water is beneficial not only for your calorie count, but also for your mental health. Researchers have found that both the hot bath and the walk burn about 130 calories each, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to do it. If you want to sweat it out in the sun, breathing in fresh air and working on leg definition, than it’s totally fine. But there is something so incredibly good about spending some time in a warm bubble bath, that you just feel like you’ve been born again. Our alone time is much needed when living in this hectic world. Sometimes time flies so fast, you don’t even notice it before it’s gone so it’s imperative to stop for a moment, regroup and get ready to start again. You might do it with a book or just by lazing in a bathtub, but make sure you get it. If the normal warm bath doesn’t relax you, try going to a sauna or a sensory deprivation tank, it might just do wonders for you. You’re welcome!