The History of Beer Pong5m00s

The History of Beer Pong

They'll kick your ass for lots of things in Hanover, New Hampshire, but never more swiftly than if you throw a ping-pong ball at a cup of beer. This video, " The History of Beer Pong ", first appeared on .

World’s First Giant Human Catapult Swing Is Here52s

World’s First Giant Human Catapult Swing Is Here

Ever wondered what a human catapult would be like? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore, this is the world’s first giant human catapult. Perfect for any person trying to satisfy their itch for thrilling and daring excitement. It is actually called the Nevis Swing and it is located in Nevis Valley, New Zealand. If you love the adrenaline inducing activities such as skydiving and bungee jumping then this might be for you. The station is hoisted in the middle of the Nevis Valley, and it looks like some sort of skybase. It is connected on one end of the valley and makes it seem that the base is floating. It acts as a sort of swing where you can imagine what it felt like when you were once a kid and your parents would swing you at the park. You would want them to pull you back as high as they could so when you were released you could obtain maximum speed. With this device you are hooked to what looks like a bungee cord and you are harnessed in and pulled all the way till it looks like you’re parallel with level of the ground. You would start at one end of the valley and finish at the other. The device is said to propel you almost 500 up and across the valley. Hopefully the riders are not scared of heights! If you are not afraid of heights then this might be for you, but there is still one more thing to cover. How do you feel about speed? This is no paddle boat in the water. This catapult gets some serious speed. Apparently the giant swing can clock in at over 60 miles per hour. This is the speed of most cars while traveling on the highway! If you were to swing on the highway you would be able to momentarily keep up with the vehicle beside you. It travels those 500 feet in mere seconds and gives you a big rush while you’re speeding through the valley with wind against your face. Now that you are comfortable with the height and speed, then we think this is definitely the type of fun for you. What is even better is that if you have a friend or partner that is equally as thrilling, daring, and adrenaline-filled as you, then they have a sort of 2 seater harness where you can enjoy the giant catapult together. Perfect first date material! This video will satisfy the urge of all those people out there that live for the rush and excitement of doing something daring. The video is definitely a great way to show off the fun of the device and it is also accompanied by some great music that just adds to the fun the people in the video seem to be having. How often do you get to say you were in some sort of sky base smack dab in the middle of a valley and got the chance to be harness into a big swing /catapult type device and ride across a valley? Not to mention the height and speed you will reach, perfect for those people seeking some fun!

Iceland's Ring Road Is The World's Most Beautiful Road Trip1m11s

Iceland's Ring Road Is The World's Most Beautiful Road Trip

Iceland's Ringroad is a 1,000-mile journey around a country full of volcanos and glaciers, making it the most beautiful road trip. If you are not in a situation to travel there soon, you can click on the video at the top of the page and see short selected snippets out of it and, hopefully, this will give you the incentive to go there and see for yourself. Vatnajokull is Iceland's biggest ice cap which you can even see from space! Askja is full of craters and geothermal lakes. It is used to train astronauts and get them prepared for lunar missions. Svartifoss, also known as Dark Fall, is surrounded by dark lava. Cruise through the serene mountains of Landmannalaguar. Reynisfjara Beach's dramatic cliff and basalt columns make this black beach a real crown jewel. Stand behind Seljalandsfoss to see miles of lush landscape and likely a few rainbows. Reykjavik is the home of the famous Hallgrimskirkja designed to resemble flowing lava. Mount Kirkjufell is your best bet at seeing the northern lights. So, folks, pack your bags and if your reaction to the video is at least a bit similar to ours - it looks like you are heading to Iceland! This video, " Proof That Iceland's Ring Road Is the World's Most Beautiful Road Trip ", first appeared on . And, if you think that summertime is over and you need to wait for an entire year to travel - you are badly mistaken. Didn't you know that off-season is a great time to plan your vacation destination ? This video is great for everyone that answered “Yes” to the first question. This video will give you some great tips on the best times to travel and the most affordable times! It isn’t always easy to find the best opportunity to travel. Many people have to align their vacations with other people from their family, work or friends. They also have to adjust the school or work schedule which is an important factor when arranging your holidays. This can be a pretty daunting task but thankfully this video can lend some helpful tips! Price is also a big factor when people make travel decisions, so it is great that this video decides to give a little information about that as well! Definitely watch this video if you are planning to travel soon or just want some tips for any trip you might want to do in the future. You can never be too prepared! The video begins by claiming that it is well known that many people aren’t trying to travel to European locations during the winter. This claim refers to a lots of places since people avoid winters in cold locations and maybe they avoid traveling to a certain hot location in the summer. This is one of the factors in deciding when to travel. You should look into the location you want to travel to and try to find the off-season for that location. Maybe a certain period of the year that it isn’t known for much. This obviously only works if you get to decide the time to go. A time when you aren’t restricted to like a holiday, such as a family Christmas trip, or don’t have to work around your work or school schedule!

Private Greek Villa With Endless Sea Views Is The Place To Be This Summer3m01s

Private Greek Villa With Endless Sea Views Is The Place To Be This Summer

Most people have witnessed the majestic surroundings of being in a Greek villa through movies or posters. One thing is for certain though, people yearn to be in such a beautiful place. What is even more amazing is that people can now rent a villa in Greece and travel the countryside. This video shows you the beautiful county and explains what to do if you want to rent a villa. Rent this beautiful private Greek villa with an endless ocean view all to yourself. The sea is so blue that it makes you dream of floating in it. Located in the highest spot in Oia village of Perivolos, it is a perfect place for a couple in love as they can sit on a terrace and enjoy looking out into the beautiful sea and mountains. It is quite possible to even see boats or yachts cruise by. The bright and vibrant greenery is something you only wish for to have at home. The spectacular villa is called “White House” because of the all-white décor. Everything is white, which is one of the best backdrops to any color décor. Enjoy the magnificent sunset view, the caldera, and the Aegean Sea all from your private villa in Oia. Oh, and it’s pronounced “ee-yah”. Villas in this region are spread on the shores of the sea along with the sun rays softly touching the orange-yellow rocks. What a beautiful site! The villa has three bedrooms, three baths, and it can accommodate six people. Each floor is like a different apartment with its own bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. With the white walls and the white furniture, beautiful lamps and candles making the villa as romantic as you can get in any part of the world. The truly unique “white loft” that includes skylights can be found on the third floor. The skylights cause the room to shine and glow. At nighttime, the skylights allow you to stargaze right from the bed. It is certainly a room that people will want to call dibs on as soon as possible. Another wonderful feature that travelers will appreciate is the concierge services. Services include a personal chef, babysitting, and luxury transportation. Luxury transportation includes helicopters and jets to view the beautiful country in style. In the morning, as you breeze past the white couches, step outside and into the shaded infinity jacuzzi plunge pool because Santorini sun is no joke. But if you must take in those rays, slather on the SPF and hit the balcony or chill at the table overlooking the volcano with a glass of wine. When in Santorini , you will want to dine out. Thankfully you are only one kilometer to the main center of Oia with plenty of delicious restaurants. People in Greece tend to eat dinner late, so why not plan some pre-dinner fun? If you need help finding cool stuff to do, the concierge is all over it. Take a private day cruise on a catamaran while the captain makes you souvlaki or tour Santo Wines in Pyrgos- the largest winery on the island. Once you choose your adventure, gather your crew and book this Grecian dream. This villa will cost you about $160 per person per night during the low season. Book this place today.